Joe Barton had the Worst Week in Washington -- Chris Cillizza hosts a live video discussion, Friday, June 18, 2010

Jun 18, 2010

It's an embarrassment of riches this week for nominees for the Worst Week in Washington prize. Join The Fix blogger Chris Cillizza for a live video chat in which he reveals his pick and you can offer your own by sending in a comment. He'll respond to your questions live on camera.

Drumroll please...

Joe Barton, the Congressman from Texas, is this week's "Worst Week in Washington" winner thanks to his apology to BP Exec Tony Hayward.

Who were this week's runners up?

Is Rep. Barton's "apology" really that big of a deal in the long run? He is from Texas, an oil producing state. Might his comments actually help him raise money from oil executives?

In the poll on the Worst Week in Washington that you put on The Fix blog, four candidates were mentioned and Congressman Joe Barton wasn't one of them. Congressman Bob Etheridge received the most votes in the poll. He physically attacked two calm young people that asked him a simple question about Barack Obama. How come Etheridge didn't get selected for Worst Week in Washington?

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