Worst Week in Washington with Chris Cillizza -- Live video discussion, Friday, June 11, 2010

Jun 11, 2010

It's an embarrassment of riches this week for nominees for the Worst Week in Washington prize. Join The Fix blogger Chris Cillizza for a live video chat in which he reveals his pick and you can offer your own by sending in a comment. He'll respond to your questions live on camera.

12 states voted this week in special elections, primaries and runoffs. But who had the "Worst Week in Washington"?

Drumroll please...

$10 million spent to beat Blanche Lincoln in the primary in Arkansas. But, she won.

Who were this week's runners up?

I nominate this guy, even though it was in SC and not DC, his ridiculous ad saying "A christian who won't embarass you..." rather judgemental, don't you think? And how about if some candidate said he was " a Hindu..." or "a Muslim..." the Right would be out in full force condemning the pol and the ad. SC just keeps on giving...us all politicians to laugh at...

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