U.S.A. vs Slovenia 2010 World Cup

Jun 18, 2010

Former D.C. United star Ben Olsen will take your questions about the United States national team's World Cup face off against Slovenia and what he expects from the rest of the World Cup.

What do you think the reason is that the US consistently falls behind early in big games?

Any explanation for that dubious call in the 86th minute? Foul somewhere? Offsides?

Hey Ben - any team or matchup you've been excited to watch besides the US team?

Benny, Four years ago when you were selected to the final World Cup roster do you remember where you were? What your reaction was? Do the players get called in individually? Who was the first person you called after the fact?

Thanks for all the hard work over the years and here is to a long coaching career!

P.S. Any thoughts on bringing back the beard? Ha!

How many yellow cards did you receive while watching the Germany-Serbia game this morning?

Does FIFA provide answers or admit mistakes like the NFL often does over here. It's hard to become invested in a game when it seems like the outcome is rigged against you.

Hi, My simple observation is that they wake up in the second half. They did it with England and now Slovenia. What's your assessment of Howard? I heard that he looked hurt. Thanks.

Do you think that Dempsey or Donovan will end up at a big club next year?

Did it seem to you like there was something wrong with Gooch today?

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Ben Olsen
Ben Olsen was a star at D.C. United and amassed 37 appearances with the U.S. National Team. He is now an assistant coach at D.C. United.
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