Rating the Washington Wizards' New Look

May 10, 2011

The Washington Wizards plan to debut a new look Tuesday morning. Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog will offer his reaction and take your questions on the new look in today's video chat.

The Washington Wizards unveiled their new look today, and we're here to talk about it. I'll answer your questions and post some of the more interesting reactions in this quick video chat. Let's go. 

I really love the new uniforms. It really brings the fans together from the past and the present. I think it will bring new fans to DC. What was your reaction when you saw it? Also did anyone told you beforehand how it look like?

From your producer: Now that the Wizards have updated their look, rank the local pro teams from best to worst uniforms. Choose from: 







At first glance, the jersey looks like a bad ABA jersey with all of the stripes and the attempt of using the old Bullets motif. It just doesn't work unless you use the Bullets name. Do you think they will go back to the Bullets name within the next 10 years?

Do you think they should change the Wizards logo, too? It doesn't look right with the red, white and blue

Is there anything else they could have done (besides a name change) to improve these? I say no, they look awesome.

Any word on a third or alternate jersey? Likely blue I would assume? There was a blue jersey T on the store.

When can we order them online? I'm a Wizards fan who lives in LA, I just went to order, and it says it would ship on 10/1/11!

From Bog commenter Gunga2009: Not bad. A little retro. Does anyone else think the jerseys would work better WITHOUT the horizontal stripe in the middle?

From our friend @MissChatter: "I don't get it. Basketball players don't wear hats during games, right?"

would the road jersey look better with blue shorts? Less garish?

Do you think they'll go with a throwback to the terrible teal unis?

Not related to Wizards uniforms: There was a fun Philly media fight on twitter last month. And there was a nerdy Chicago twitter media fight today. Do you find these things are exciting as I do? - Jason McIntyre

That's all for now. Thanks for watching and submitting questions.

If not Bullets or Wizards then what should their name be if they could change it? (Love the new uniforms!)

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