The Truth about Chelsea Clinton's Wedding - Gene Weingarten Video Update

Aug 03, 2010

Gene offers his thoughts on Chelsea Clinton's bridal photos and how they exemplify his problem with weddings.

The truth about Chelsea's wedding day: Wherein I reveal the facts about the matrimonial industrial complex.

Baseline Chelsea: Chelsea Clinton is a lovely, accomplished, stylish woman.

Chelsea and Marc

Chelsea the bride: What happened and who is to blame.

bridal chelsea

Weddings=Evil. Don't believe me, look here.

Gene's weekly update: Aug. 3

Gene's next chat: Aug. 31

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Gene Weingarten
Gene Weingarten is the humor writer for The Washington Post. His column, Below the Beltway, has appeared weekly in the Post's Sunday magazine since July 2000 and has been distributed nationwide on The Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service. He was awarded the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing.
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