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Oct 12, 2017

See you at 2!

Hello, friends! We're starting now, but alas, we'll be talking only for a few minutes. I'm on a deadline and have to run to a last-minute meeting. Talk fast!

How will I know if my co-workers are monsters who put their costume on early?

Trick question: the worst monsters already dress like humans all the time.

...but victim Rose McGowan is the one gets shut down by Twitter? Yet the President is allowed to keep tweeting factually false claims with no repercussions? I hope people start abandoning Twitter in droves, in protest.

There's quite a surge of McGowan supporters demanding explanations (If Twitter's given one, I haven't seen it). There doesn't seem to be a way for them to make this look good.

What gives? I feel it's especially tone-deaf/ironic on their part in light of the subject matter.

You and a hundred thousand other people have come to the same conclusion! 

Oh, heavens to Betsy, this was literally the shortest chat in recorded history. My meeting just got pushed up. LET'S TALK NEXT WEEK. I've been doing a thing where I put the link up for the chat a week in advance, so you can presubmit questions all week long. Do this! And I'll talk to you again next Thursday.

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