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Aug 07, 2014

Hi Everyone -- This has been another nutty week in which I find myself unexpectedly out of state for work. I may have to cancel the chat, but I likely won't know until nearly 2 pm how long the event I'm attending will run, whether there is Internet access, etc. So: Please consider this a potential warning. If I haven't started by 2:15, it means I've been sucked away, and you should all save yourselves and forget about me.

I am here! Briefly, at least: I got a thing at 2:30 but thought some chatting was better than no chatting. If any of you are around, let's mingle for at least a bit.

I give up- gonna take this out of my 'look at on Thursdays' rotation. Good luck with the work and the other things keeping you so busy. Hope WaPo starts bringing new 'fun' chats in since with Weingarten only monthly for a few years now, and now you essentially monthly there's only Hax and the boring chats left. Was good while it lasted!

Lose not the faith. Keep checking in. I mean, what else are you going to be doing on Thursdays at 2? Working? Blech.

I think at one point in the chat you suggested this British show on Netflix for those who need a British Period Piece show (or something). Anywho, I watched it and loved it and it was so great and thank you. It also made Vulture's list of shows about British Women Getting It Done, which I believe we can all agree is the best tv genre to ever exist.

So many of these I haven't seen. 

You could make an American version in the same genre, but I feel like it would be all hardened Olivia-Benson-type detectives, and in the British list you have a much broader range of professions and experiences. (Is "Broadchurch" on there? It should be.)

Since Hank cancelled on us, I'll ask here: Did anyone besides me watch the final six episodes of "The Killing" this past weekend, and do any of those viewers actually think Veena Sud should ever again be allowed to be a series showrunner? She is, in the melodious words of Jean-Ralphio, "The worsssssssssssst!"

I gave up on The Killing halfway through the first season, but keep meaning to go back and give it another go. Anyone else watch and agree/disagree?


Probably the same person who owns the sound of a tree falling in the woods and one hand clapping. 


Here's the story in question, by the way.

Agree with the other posters who said they have enough to deal with in their own lives and don't need to spend a lot of energy getting upset over this. However... it feels like a lot of the outrage is that this was a selfie. If it was just a picture of her at Auschwitz would it have received the same reaction? I don't think so, and that's the weird part to me. There are literally millions of pictures online of people at somber/sacred places that nobody is getting uspet over. Why does selfie = self-involved nitwit whereas getting someone else to take your picture = more normal? If anything the selfie inconveniences less people.

(This is related to last week's conversation, for those of you who missed it)

I think this is partly true -- a selfie comes across as inherently selfish, for one thing. It's looking at a scene and deciding that the scene would be more interesting with you in it. Which makes complete sense when the purpose of the photo is to say, "Look at my new haircut," but less sense when the purpose is to announce that you are in a place of historical import and tragedy.


That being said, I don't think that it was only -- or even mostly -- the fact that it was a selfie that had people riled up. It was the caption that accompanied the photo, which included emoticons.

Has the Washington Post at least sent you someplace interesting for today's assignment? If so, where? (I have to get my jollies vicariously, alas).

I'm in Tallahassee.

I'd never been to Tallahassee before this summer, now I've been here twice for two different stories. And while it's always nice to get to know a new place, next time I come to Florida it would be nice if it was winter.

Fellow chatter, it takes like five seconds to click, check if there's a chat, and then click away if there's not - stahp with the "Alas, poor chat, we hardly knew ye" business.

Oh, but the chatter feels hurt and must protect his/her emotions and expectations. I get it.

Did you realize that one of the stars of "Bletchly Circle" is Dame Diana Rigg's daughter? Some of us are old enough to recall when Diana was the super-hottie Emma Peel on "The Avengers"!

I mean, she's still a total boss on Game of Thrones.

I mean, she's still a total boss on Game of Thrones.

Never give up on the Cupcake! Who else brings you such joyous cat memes?

Your faith in me is undeserved. But we must never give up on this community, is what it really comes down to.

Do you think social media can get Weird Al Yankovic the 2015 Super Bowl halftime gig? I sure hope so! 

Weird Al:

Hmm. I sense that's the sort of crowdsourced push that everyone thinks would be really cool in theory. But I'm wondering how it would play out in practice. (Do people really want a 30-minute live Weird Al show?) Or is he, like many things, better when it's an unexpected small dose rather than a mainstream bugaboo. It's like Psy: We all loved Gangnam Style, but does anyone really want to go to a Psy concert?

And thus ends the shortest chat in history. Now I have to go watch some American democracy in action. Which I first accidentally spelled "Democrazy," which is an appropriate type in many ways.


If you want to continue submitting posts, I'll comb through them later and look for a few more to post.

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