April showers and warmer weather ahead?: The Weather Gang Lab

Apr 21, 2011

Capital Weather Gang's Jason Samenow digs into this week's big weather story. Join the chat to find out what will happen -- and why.

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The Rundown

Active Tornado Season

Pollen Spiking

Friday-Sunday Forecast

Bottom Line

As a former tornado alley resident, the lack of tornado sirens never fails to freak me out when there is a bad thunderstorm. Any idea why we don't have them? Also, what's the best way to get good warnings -- without having to keep my tv or radio on all the time?

Now that the tree pollen levels have spiked to the annual high level we need a good, long soaking rain to wash the pollen away. Please tell me a day or two of rain are in the forecast!

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Jason Samenow is chief meteorologist with the Capital Weather Gang.
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