Tropical storm Katia: The Weather Gang Lab with Gregory Postel (Video)

Sep 01, 2011

Join Dr. Gregory Postel, Capital Weather Gang's tropical storm expert, as he chats about tropical storm Katia and its potential to be a hurricane. Plus -- ask about what to expect in September as Atlantic hurricane season has yet to peak.


Capital Weather Gang's Jason Samenow digs into this week's big weather story. Join the chat to find out what will happen -- and why.

Greg Postel here to answer your questions on Katia and what's forming in the Gulf of Mexico.

Why is Katia predicted to turn north and then east sooner than Irene did?

Is there any chance Florida just may get this hurricane? What about Puerto Rico? And if so, when do you think, we will get it? And thanks!

How concerned should New Orleans be?

Hi Dr. Greg -- I know you're not a mind reader, unlike the folks over at TWC, but what (do YOU think) the odds are the East Coast will experience another Irene by the time this hurricane season's over (just like FL back in '05, I think it was, when it was struck twice)?


Hi Greg. Devon Lucie here, hello again sir. Hope you're holding down the fort well in Lawrence... stop by and say hi the next time you're around DC too! I'd heard that Kerry had made a few mistakes in his research that concluded Atlantic tropical systems have increased in inensity due to global temperature impacts by humankind. What's the validity in that information? Has any more research been conducted with the corrections in place if it is true that mistakes were made? Also, Hi

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Greg Postel
Dr. Gregory Postel currently serves as a meteorologist for 6News in Lawrence, Kansas. Prior to joining 6News, Greg was the lead meteorologist for a weather-risk management firm in Overland Park, KS. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he specialized in the dynamics of quasi-balanced interactions between the tropics and extratropics. His post-doctoral research investigated factors leading to the development of tropical cyclones, and in particular the dynamical transition of easterly waves into precursor vortices. He's an avid hurricane chaser and has driven many thousands of miles to intercept land-falling hurricanes.
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