It's hot, hot, hot in D.C.: The Weather Gang Lab with Jason Samenow (Video)

Jul 21, 2011

Capital Weather Gang's Jason Samenow digs into this week's big weather story. Join the chat to find out what will happen -- and why.

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With the NOAA prediction of a heat index of 116 F I wanted to ask what is highest ever recorded Heat Index for the DC area? Im 28 years old and have lived in the DMV my entire life and cannot remember a HI that high. Thanks-Vick

when is it coming????

Jason, I seem to remember a handful of triple-digit days last summer (which, incidentally, was my first summer in DC--guess the warnings were justified!). However, I don't believe the humidity was anywhere near the levels we're seeing now. Do you have any numbers to make the comparison? Thanks, John D.

I am nearly 6 months pregnant and, even though I have been staying in air conditioned rooms, still feel a little dizzy and extremely tired this week, making it very difficult to work. Is there anything else I can do?

Hello, I've read a number of warnings against turning the portable fans "toward yourself when the room temperature is over 90 degrees" can you tell me why that is? I'm sure there's a ridiculously simple explanation for this and I'll feel like an idiot when you tell me but for the life of me I can't figure out why being in the direction of the fan would be a problem. Thanks!

My girlfriend is visiting DC for the first time next weekend and I'm hoping to show her around the city on Friday. Will it be less hot by that point?

Is going to the swimming pool a good idea in this heat, especially considering the Code Orange air quality?

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