Aug 18, 2010

Post writers answered your Washington area trivia questions! Watch the video to find out if you stumped our panel.

Want to test your knowledge further? Use the Washingtology TimeSpace to answer questions on our first quiz.

Welcome to Round 2 of Washingtology. We're happy to be here to take your great D.C. trivia questions. Our panel today is John Kelly, Paul Farhi and Marty Weil. Emilio Garcia-Ruiz is your emcee.

What now-defunct DC theater played "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at midnight for many years?

What was the name of the DC power restaurant at Connecticut and L famous for its dill pickles?

Where does Darth Vader hang out (literally and figuratively) in DC?

Which area university is credited with beginning the tradition of the football huddle?

What was the nationality of the 18 black squirrels released at the National Zoo in D.C. during Theodore Roosevelt's presidency?

What local DJ called Air Florida and asked the price for a one-way ticket to the 14th street bridge?

Nixon had Checkers, Obama has Bo, and the Clintons had Socks! What animal was kept at the White House under Woodrow Wilson? (Submitted by Dan Summers)

What name was briefly used for the site of Jack Kent Cooke stadium and where did the name come from?

The statue of King Kamehameha located in the Capitol Visitor Center is dressed in a cloak, a sash, and two belt-like garments. Is the statue anatomically correct underneath?

Clarification: Eric Paff with the Office of the Curator at the Architect of the Capitol did not submit this question, but did verify the answer.

What was the first department store in DC to fully integrate restrooms and fitting rooms (in 1933)?

Thanks for joining us again and for sending your fabulous trivia questions!

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John Kelly
John Kelly writes the column "John Kelly's Washington."
Emilio Garcia-Ruiz
Emilio Garcia-Ruiz is the local editor for The Washington Post and your emcee.
Paul Farhi
Paul Farhi is the Post's pop culture writer.
Marty Weil
Marty Weil is the night cops and courts reporter.
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