'Very Mary-Kate' blogger chats with readers

Dec 12, 2011

There is real Mary-Kate. And there is the Very Mary-Kate.

Chat live with 29-year-old comedian Elaine Carroll, creator of "Very Mary-Kate" - a Web series based on Mary-Kate Olsen that she writes with her husband, Sam Reich. She'll be on Monday, December 12, at 12:30 ET to answer your questions. Ask about anything, from how she came up with the idea to what other projects are next. Submit your questions and comments now!

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answering questions today.  here we go!! WEEEEE!!!

Do you think Ashley is jealous that she is not the focus of this web series?

I sometimes wonder that.  I think if my sister has a web series about her, I'd be jealous.  

Why doesn't Mary Kate reference Full House more often?

Mary-Kate sometimes says things like "you got it dude" and "this is nuts I'm out of here", but as far as talking specifically about Full House, I've left that subject alone.  Hopefully to be explored with the actual cast!  C'mon John, Bob, Dave, Candice, and Jodie.  Be in my web series already!!

In your show, Ashley seems to be portrayed as the brighter, more sensible twin. Is this based on a real life observation?

Yep, Ashley's got it together a little more.  50% of the show is based on 13% percent real life observations.  I don't know what that means either! 

We just purchased a new juicer. Which smoothie for the woozies should we make first?

HA!  I want a apple, ginger, beet, carrot, and anything you have laying around that's expired, please.

At 2mins per episode, VMK is way too short! Would you ever consider making a feature length episode(s)?

Yes, I would.  I want to do a long-form... something or other at some point this year.  TV SHOW PLEEZE!

Has the real Mary-Kate reached out to you? What does she think? :)

No, MK has not reached out.  I have no idea what she thinks about it.  

I've never seen the Real Mary Kate put her hands up like paws, like you do in the show. Where'd you get that idea?

In the Cheating episode, I made "the Raptor hands" for a split second as I was walking to the front of the classroom.  Ever since then fans have been emailing me pictures of themselves doing the hands themselves.  So I'm pretty sure the thing I do with my hands is me doing an impression of the people doing an impression of my impression.  

Has there been any backlash for impersonating Mary-Kate?

Nope.  Not yet at least.  I walk around the city wondering when I'm gonna get my cease and desist in the form of a diamond- encrusted brick thrown out of a blimp.

What kind of sources do you use to research the real MK and derive inspiration for the show?

sources: the internet, my brain, and 20 + years of watching and adoring MK and A .

How many hats do you think you've worn throughout the show?

Oh jeez.  You know, I don't know!  9?  Someone go count!

Do you know how the Real Mary Kate feels about the series?

I dont know. I like to think that there are days when she stays up late drinking wine and rewatching VMK episodes with her friends.  

You are so awesome!


Is the actor who plays the bodyguard single?

The actor who plays bodyguard is the lovely and talented Luke Sholl and to my knowledge he is not single.  SORRY BOYS AND GIRLS!

What is your favorite thing about Richmond, VA.?I am from Richmond too! I also went to Godwin High School too!

Whoa!  You went to Godwin?!?!  I graduated in 2001.   

My favorite thing about Richmond Virginia is how big and spacious the grocery stores are.  And good produce sections.  I miss that.  (also... mom and dad)

When did you start acting?

when i was seven years old in a production of "The King and I".  I played the role of "Most Irish Looking Daughter of King".

Are there are significant differences between your portrayal of Mary-Kate and Ashley?

The most significant difference is the wig.  

What are you usually actually drinking when you're "drunk"?

Nope, the drunk tweets are an act.  When I'm actually drunk I'm usually just watching old episodes of Bizarre Foods and falling asleep on the couch, cat on arm.

Can we expect new characters in the upcoming episodes? I mean, I love bodyguard and fat professor, but, like, yeah. :)

Whoa... A love affair between Fat Professor and Bodyguard would be insane.  Maybe in a good way? maybe not.  

Only one way to find out!!

Could you autograph a picture of a Christmas dinner for my friend?

yes.  find me on facebook, send me a message. 

Have you ever met the real Mary Kate Olsen?

only in my dreams.  she's usually chasing me through the halls of my elementary school.



What sparked your inspiration for the series?

I really loved doing the impression and I wanted an excuse to do it more, so I started writing, then I started filming, then people liked it so I kept doing it.

I've heard tweeting is a good workout, do you burn a lot of calories by tweeting?

Yep!  You burn 20 calories a character, and since you get 140 characters, that's like a whole meal.

My question is for Evil Dragon. Why are you so evil? Did you have a bad childhood?

GGGGGRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLL (that's Dragonese for "No, I'm a classically trained method actor.")  

You are beautiful!


What do you want for Christmas?

I want an xbox

What's your favorite snack to make in Photoshop?

my favorite snack is probably corn and pictures of fat professors face made to look like whales

What's your must-have gift this Christmas?

really want an xbox.  i'm 12. 

How many new episodes can we expect this season?

I'm going to keep making them until they tell me to stop.  So one a week until that happens.

can we have more shirtless bodyguard please!?

People tell me this every day.  

Any plans to bring Sundance superstar Lizzie Olsen into the series? Will the Ashley/Bodyguard/MK love triangle become... a square?

That would be great, right?  LIZZIE OLSEN, COME DO MY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

Will you do another special story arc, similar to the desert episodes?

probably yes.  but just gonna stick for one-offs for now.  they're more viral.

What do you think about the twins making the most fashionable list this year?

I think that's great!  

What do you think about me (Elaine) NOT making the most fashionable list this year?

How can I be in the show?! That would be really cool :)

Are you Candice Cameron?  If so, find me on facebook.

How long did it take to get that voice down?

The voice! Uhh!! The voice for me is the hardest part.  I'm still trying to get it down!

How long does it take, generally, to make each episode?

It doesn't take very long to film an episode.  2 to 3 hours depending on how silly or how focused we're being.

It's crazy that this show hasn't been picked up yet, is there anything fans of the show can do to help make this happen?

"Like" it on facebook, follow @verymarykate on twitter, and write a letter to your congressman requesting a TV show.

Richmooond woo! Are you a supporter of VCU or U of R?

I like princesses!

In Naked...was body guard really naked? And now does he walk around with a dick on his shoulder? I mean a dick on his shoulder?

Bodyguard was wearing shorts.  Except for one take.  I was out of the room for that one!  Luke is actually modest and shy.

A request: Can VMK meet up with the YouTube-r who parodies Chloe Sevigny?

So Meta.  The internet would implode.  I'd be down.

Any chance of getting a blooper reel sometime soon? I bet they're fantastic.

Oh yes.  Oh, oh yes!

Favorite MK and A movie from the 90s?

To Grandmothers House We Go.  FTW.

What's probably your favorite MK saying so far?

Hmmmmm.... my favorite MK saying??

1. Don't be mad at me why are you mad at me you're like my best friend.

2. Don't cry.  It's gross.

3. Some call it cheating, I call it learning late.

Who writes for the show?

The show is written by Sam Reich of College Humor and me, Elaine! Hello!

MK drops some amazing urls on your web series. Gross.com/stabmeintheheart.html is my fave. Any plans to buy it?

gross.com/whateveryoutype here redirects to Gross and Romanick, Co.  a law firm from Fairfax Virginia.  I think I might have given them a lot of free business!

Why does Jeremy only have a speaking role in one of the episodes so far??!

Because Jeremy is so special and great that I'm waiting for the perfect moment to give him his own musical number or something.

What's your favorite alcoholic beverage? What do you think VMK's is? What do you think RMK's is?

EMC likes red wine.  VMK likes smoothiez. And I'm guessing RMK's favorite drink what they call the "The Dualstar" (vodka tonic)

Any silly spoilers from the upcoming episodes?

VMK wears a santa hat in a couple weeks!  SPOILER!

Can you do a summersault?

Yes!  backwards and forwards!

If you were any mixture of animals put together what would you be?

I think I'm probably some sort of unicorn house-cat hybrid.

Thank you for bringing me so much happiness!

Ditto, stranger!

Would you marry Bodyguard?

Nah, he intimidates me.  

Are we ever going to see MK's diary? Ashley's was hilar!

MK's diary-

Dear Diary,

Today I remembered I had a diary!  I haven't written in it ever!  Okay, that's enough soul searching for today.  Time for a nap.

The real MK is reading this chat RIGHT NOW? What if she's even asking you questions? Omg.

I've thought about that 3 times in the course of answering questions today!

You should come shoot on location in Ireland...MK can go searching for leprechaun gold! Actually now that I think about it, she kinda looks like a leprechaun, and has plenty of gold...

I've never been to Ireland!  I'd love to shoot there!   I bet VMK would own a castle or two.

Have you ever thought or been approached about making Very MK a TV series? Its soo funny

Yes I have.  Would you promise to watch it?  

How far ahead of each episodes air date, do you make them?

It varies.  Right now I've got 2 months worth of episodes filmed.

Have you returned your Louisiana purchase yet? We saw the evil dragon over DC last night and was wondering.


Have you ever seen either of the Olsen twins in real life, around NYC or anything?

I never have!  

I want to meet Comet!

Comet is my actual real life cat.  He's very sweet and he's currently asleep.  Per usual.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Eating Sborro's pizza for christmas dinner at the Maryland House, a rest stop on 95N, when I was in third grade.  I had the flu.  The pizza was just was delicious.  

Has anyone recognized you on the street yet?

A few times.  Fortunately I don't look much like VMK in real life.

Can we please get to see the awkwardness/ridiculousness of VMK trying to date? I'm thinking JTT or some other 90s child star.

VMK went on a date with Zak Efron! 

One of my dreams for the series would be to get my actual childhood celeb crush Elijah Wood.  If you or someone you know is Elijah Wood, have his people call my people.

To your knowledge, has the real MK ever seen an episode of the show? Do you think she'd appreciate the humour, or be horribly offended?

I have no idea if RMK has seen VMK.  I hope she can appreciate the humor.  

Bodyguard or Fat Professor?

Working with them is so different!!  Bodyguard is super focused on set and always shows up 10x more prepared than I am!  Fat Professor (played by Will Hines) is brilliant.  Will is a hilarious improvisor and sometimes we just tell him to go off script and we sit back and watch and it's always 10x funnier than what I wrote.

What would you recommend viewers do on the internets after they have watched all VMKs multiple times? Follow -up, do you have a favorite web or real life series?

I'm pretty obsessed with Louis.  I also love Breaking Bad, Modern Family, and Community right now.  Web series - Jake and Amir is consistantly hilarious and Broad City is amazing.

What are your top three favorite "Im bored and need to waste some time/procrastination" websites?


Are the actors that play the other characters in the show like Bodygaurd & Fat Professor your friends or did you seek them out?

Yep!  The other actors in VMK are friends of mine.  They didn't have to audition, they just showed up in my life and forced me to write a web series and cast them in it.

I have no question, but you are fantastic and I am SO glad you are back! The husband and I quote you constantly. Thanks for being awesome.

You're most welcome! 

I got it: 87% of the show is based on the half you do not observe about Mary Kay. Which I believe qualifies it for satire so she can't sue you.

thank god.  phew.  

what's your favorire thing about VMK?

my favorite thing about VMK is getting to play around with my friends wearing silly clothes and wigs and basically doing whatever i want!

How did you come up with this concept?

I made a video of a fake Olsen twin talk show called the Olsen Twin minute where MK interviewed Ashley.  It got a lot of views and I thought it would be pretty easy to film a web series where I play both parts!  

what's your favorite episode?

It changes.  I really like the presentation episodes.  I also really like the vegas series.  my favies right now would probably be "photo shoot".

did you major in acting or were you planning on doing something else?

Yep, I got a BFA in acting at Marymount Manhattan College.  My original plan was to play Lady MacBeth on Broadway. 

did you have to go out and buy all of those crazy rings that you wear on the show? Or did you already own them?

Yep.  All crazy rings were purchased from costume shops or from the Forever 21 in Union Square.  All under $10.

Will VMK have a follow up to the Mary Katkins diet? New tips on how to look at food?

HA!! Maybe a recipe book available to buy for 100 MK bucks!

I think the video Mary Kate needs to be shown wearing and displaying more of my, I mean, Mary Kate's, products.


If Mary Kate were to do a series based on your life, what are some episode ideas you could provide her?

Wear lots of yoga pants and have your hair in a messy pony tail most of the time.  Also, I drink a lot of coffee but that should come easy to you.

This Q&A is super awesome, I wish more famous people would do this :P


Ever thought about having Bodyguard accidentally take one of VMK's smoothies and then he wakes up in Mexico with VMK buying better pills for a cheaper price of course? Perhaps he can get a VMK tattoo so people know he belongs to VMK?

Great idea.  AND... the episode is all in Spanish.


TELL me about it.

Besides VMK, what is your best comedic project so far? Any other shows/projects in the works?

besides VMK my best project was playing a prostitude on Mad Men.  Season 4, episode 4.  Check it out.  I love deer.

Sos, howsa hards is a it to seems (hic) drunk on tweeter?

it'sn ot 2 hard all u havta do is waitt, someone, hold my hair back for asec

What is College Humor, and aren't most of College Humor people out of college?

college humor is a web site full of hilarious videos and articles.  and yes, most of the people who work at college humor are in their 70's and 80's.

How much does your hammock cost?

8 million euro

Just wanted to say I think you're a great example of how you don't need a massive budget, or tonnes of promo to make an absolutely hilarious show. All you need is comedic talent, and you have bags of it! Keep em' coming :)


Playing Mary Kate is exactly the same as doing Shakespeare.

I agree!  And less fake blood!

Where do you find you inspiration for new shows?

I find inspiration from a lot of places - emails from fans, current events, etc 

I just wanted to say this is possibly the best web series on the internet! I'm SUPER excited for the new episodes. My friends and I reference VMK all the time!

Are you Candice Cameron?  If so, hello.

Thanks for the questions!  This was super fun.  If you have any other questions, you can email me at verymarykate@gmail. Talk to you later :)

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