Vegan Black Metal Chef discusses extreme cooking

Jun 07, 2011

Vegan Black Metal Chef combined his love of vegan cooking and heavy metal to thrash his way into the hearts of YouTube fans everywhere. With over a million hits on his first extreme cooking video, Vegan Black Metal Chef chatted about extreme cooking.

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Hail from the infernal dungeon of the Vegan Black Metal Chef!  Although its freezing cold here on the Icy Peaks of Orlando I can shrug off the biting winds for a moment to take some questions from you heathens.

As a black chef, do you have any thoughts on increasing the roles of minorities in the kitchen? It seems that while a great many minorities work in restaurants, at all levels, there is a disproportionate lack of minorities in executive chef positions.

Hahahahah, this is awesome

When can we see the next episode? Can you tell us what it will be?  Thanks.

Very, very soon... and how many movies do you watch over again once you know what happens?

Dear Vegan chef, I really love your awesome knives you cook with but can I use my regular less-awesome knife to cook these recipes?

This is explained in the first video...

Black Metal Ideology itself is nihilistic and misanthropic. Veganism is based on the belief in equality of the living creatures on the earth.  How do you think about these sides in yourself, or do you take these two seriously? Or only as a joke?

While this is true that this does apply to some/a lot of black metal... its definatly not all of it.  One does not have to believe in each and every thing a band or a person creates art about.  Yet you can appreciate that the art is true for that person or creator/some of thier audience.  So next time you see or hear something that you dont believe in... insted of judging it right away... see the truth in it from that persons point of view.  I take them both very seriously and as a joke.  The two are not mutally exclusive.

Will you take requests for dishes to prepare?

Throw a message on the facebook fan wall and I will take it into consideration.  

Do you ever actually use that knife in your kitchen? I'm scared for your fingers!

Of course... What is the point of having epic knives if you never use them?

Where did you get those awesome knives?

From the finest artisans in hell

Hail Seitan! What advice would you give to someone who is interested in transitioning to a more plant-based diet?

The main thing is that it can not be a struggle.  Just keep brining consciousness to your actions as you eat.  When it reaches the point that it hurts more to participate than not to, you are ready for an easier transition.  The main step is bringing consciousness to your actions.  After that,  buy a wide variety of non animal based foods and just ask your body "what do you want to eat" your body will pick out your meals for you.  Of course there is about a month or so of a big transition time when you are discovering a whole other set of foods to eat.  Then it feels just like normal.

My kids are vegan and Heavy metal enthusiasts. When are you going to have your own cooking show? MTV or VH1 should be tripping over each other to grab you! I've never been so entertained while learning to cook vegan! -Metal Mama

MTV has been in contact with me.  Nothing is worked out yet but feel free to send them emails of encouragement.

VBMC: You are awesome!!! Can't wait for the next recipe - the pad thai was delicious. Question: Are you single? ;-)

Hah many thanks but nay there is a woman in my life

What inspired you to become a vegan?

Your pad thai recipe was pretty complex and intimidating. Can you post something easier? Or do I have to go find Vegan Doom Metal Chef for that?

I am going to alternate back and foruth between a more complex recipe like the pad thai and a set of easier meal ideas (hint hint).  So both will be covered.

I am sure you play in a band or have a favorite band, who are they and can where we listen to them?

I play in two bands.  My main project where I write all of the music/have other musicians to play live is called Forever Dawn.  It can be described as Industrial Symphonic Black Metal.  Old crappy recordings are easily avalable on the web/myspace. New album coming with that band.  


I also play keys in an ecletic 8 piece metal band called Fields of Glass.  Both bands are in writing/recording mode at the moment. 


My favorite bands at the moment are Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Immortal, and Naglfar .... but there are too many to list

Do you create all the music, or do you have a band? if you do, what's your band's name?

Yes I create all of the music for this.  See a previous post for your other question.

What sort of spirituality do you practice?

I call it non denominational mysticism.  Really it is just the practice of having a direction connection with God/The all/The infinate/Infinate innerself etc.  All mystic sects of every religion I have ever seen are the same in this way.  Love oneself and ultimately nothing else matters.  It becomes far more interesting once you discover what "yourself" really is.  I will post more about this on the website in the future.

As a vegan do you find it tough to get non-leather gauntlets and armor?

Yes they have to be made out of rubber. Look for people in the fetish scene to do this.

I made your Pad Thai, and it was good, but I went overboard with the vinegar. I get that you don't want to give strict recipes, but will you make more effort to show quantities in the future? It's hard to judge "about that much" when we can't judge the size of the bowl you're pouring things into.

hahahah you are learning concepts now.  A bit of experience at least has shown you where you think you went too much.  You may have to make it twice or so to get everything just right, but the fact that you even attempted is good.  I will stay away from strict recipes, but I will be conscious of making things as clear as possible.

What order did you put the video together in? Did you shoot the cooking then write the music to fit, were both elements created at the same time, or what? Was it difficult to match the elements up? What would you do differently next time?

shoot the video, edit the video, make the music to fit, redit with subtitles.  That is pretty much the same course I did for the 2nd. 

I'm not a vegan (and don't plan to become one--I come from a ranching family and we take animal husbandry very seriously; not all ranchers are evil), I don't care for heavy metal, and I don't really go in for mysticism. Having said all that, I think you have an awesome concept here and I wish you luck. You should totally have your own show. Love your phrase "epic knives."

Many thanks, Yes absolutly not all ranchers are "evil" and there should be no judgement as such to anyone.  However as a rancher you probably know that the absolute minority of food comes from... you.

What's your favorite thing to hear from someone who watches your cooking videos?

That they laughed, made the food, and either enjoyed it or learned something that they need to do the next time they make it.

What kind of schooling does it take to be a Certified Black Metal Vegan Chef? What proportions of veganism tometal do you recommend for the self-schooled beginner?

I sell printable certificates for 10,000 that will guartee you a job at any vegan black metal resturant you want to work in..


The biggest advice for beginners is liberate yourself to purchace a good number of spices.  Experiement and learn.  Cut your learning curve by learning from others... and listen to sick fucking metal that makes you bang your head in primal extacy. 

How have you gotten to be so supreme?

Soul binding oaths.

Your knives are AWESOME! Where can I get some! I feel something essential might be missing without them.

They can not be that hard to find...look around.  I will try to find out where to get them wholesale and hopefully have them semi soon on the website.

Any particular chefs and/or bands that influence your work?

As a little kid I saw a program called "Yan Can Cook".  At the end of every episode he said something like "Yan Can Cook and now so can you"  These words more than the show actually infulenced me

Any chance of raw black metal chef?

I will look into such things

Do you go out to eat very often or always cook at home? Doyou find it hard to find something to order when out? What grocery store do you visit most frequently for ingredients? Are most of them normally found easily or do you frequent specialty shops?

I visit a mixture of grocery stores.  I go to a general grocery store like publix or wal mart for "processed" things I can only get there.  I usually get vegies and a few other things at local farmers markets.  I also get a lot of things at an asian market.   I wish I had a more specialized indian one around here but they are all on the other side of town.  So I stock up when I go.

Just curious if from America? If not, do you feel America is more close minded than other countries when it comes to veganism?

I am from America and sadly have not been out of the country yet.  I have heard from many others that America is suprisingly open minded when it comes to veganism stuff compared to many places.

I am not vegan, nor have ever tried vegan food, but your video has sure got me wanting to try it.  I have made plans to try your recipes...hail \m/

Awesome, they will not dissapoint.

Does your kitchen really look that way all the time? It would be awesome if you had a tour of your unique design.

Yes... and the intro is a partial tour.  Wait till you see Episode 2

\m/ Do you prefer or favor any particular type of cuisine, such as Japanese, Italian, (Church of Satan Blackened Tempeh)? Also, do you also try to stick to an all-organic as well as true-vegan diet? \m/

I like any type of vegan cuisine that is made exceptionally well.  I see the organic path as the right one and one I will follow in the future but I do not right now.

I just wanted to say thank you for making veganism cool. There's a mis-perception that if you're a vegan, that somehow you're a PETA freak or something. Combining vegan and black metal is awesome!!

Thanks.  Its more dissapointing that the phrase "PETA Freak" has come to mean belligerant ass that no one likes.  I honestly do not follow everything that PETA does... but the movement would be in the dark ages without them. Just like everything else they have good aspects and im sure less desirable ones

Become the change you want to see in the world.  Develop yourself and you will radiate like the sun.

On the other hand, lots of other countries' cuisines are based on fresh ingredients, rather than processed foods, so it's easier to make vegan dishes there.

this is also true

Is there going to be a Vegan Black Metal Chef clothing for sale? Shirts, epic ware, etc.?

Yes that is being worked out soon.  It will be on the website.   Like the Facebook fan page for the best way to get updates.

I am the Technical Death Metal Carnivore Chef and I will destroy your soul.  My burgers are so brutal that the maggots who ate the corpses of the people who tended the wheat that made the buns of the burgers have the itis. FOREVER. The beer battered chicken tenders I fry will pierce through your vegan corpsepainted malnourished epidermis with such blunt force that the blunt force becomes PIERCING force, and that the piercing force changes its mind while in half impale mode and becomes blunt force again, inside your stomach. your etherial stomach. you will never eat a vegetable again. or at least said vegetable will be covered in cheese. rorr horr horr arrr haarr aahhh ahhh ah ah aa a a. ... ?

What influenced you to go vegan?

Read about that here.

What inspired you to be the Vegan Black Metal Chef?

It's honestly what I do with much of my day anways.  Might as well combine them.  The thing that made me really want to start the videos is the question, "What do vegans eat?"  This can not be answered with "chickpeas" and "onions" and "whatever" etc.. it has to be answered in whole meal ideas that require a different explination.

And what dishes will you cook?

There are many... I honestly can't yet see the end.  And you will have to see.  What fun would it be if you just knew everything already.

What other hobbies do you have besides making great food and music? And do you do anything else with a metal twist added? P.S. - I'm not vegan and I never wanted to try vegan food... until I saw your show. I tried your recipe and It was fantastic! Keep up the good work and all hail Vbmc! ~ Kenny in Sacramento

My main other passion is mysticim/spiritual practices.  The only other thing I do with a metal twist is... make metal.  I used to play various games but not as much anymore.  I still enjoy them but they are often a serious time commitment. Thanks for the support.  

Do you compose the music for your videos?


So I tried to make your pad thai but it just looked like puke. I suspect that I didn't have the requisite fire of Satan. Can you give me any tips into summoning the heat of the dark lord? Thanks much.

Go to the forum and ask this.  Describe your situation more and I or others can help.  

How many people have requested dates because of your amazing creativeness and sense of humor? :)

I have had more marrage proposals in the last few weeks than I thought possible.

Can I still summon the Heat of Satan if I don't have long hair to flail before the open flame of my fire pit?

See Kerry King for the answer to this.

Do you find that the heat of Satan effects your makeup while cooking?

Not if you powder and seal it.

What bands have you been in and what do you think of the black metal scene today?

See previous post for your first question.  Its hard to judge the "black metal scene" today because a lot of the heavyweights seem to be carrying things.  There are several underground bands that are good and its an evolving scene.  This is good because that allows for growth.  We shall see who the next revolutionary in the genera will be.  

How long does it take to put together an episode?

About 2 ish weeks so far.  Hopefully not so much more when I put more work into the music in the future.  That takes the longest to do.

Where can heavy metal vegans find great looking non-cow "leather" clothing?

There is a ton of stuff online...but just ask the clothing stores when you are there what they have in non leather.  Hah as a metal head im not the biggest fashion expert.

Will you do a video on how to present the cooked food, for times when we have guests? Table decoration, making the food attractive, etc.

The next video has some ideas for plates/bowls for guests.

Congratulations on your truly original idea. I hope it makes you rich!


I'm a lacto ovo vegetarian. Do you have any favorite sources for recipes or do they all come out of your head?

Its honestly hard to tell where the "source" came from after doing this for a while.  It mostly comes out of experimentation and learning little tricks from others.

Did you ever expect the response you have received in such a short time?


If I were to order a meal from you, what dish or dishes would you most wish for me to request, and why those dishes?

Any dish I would make you I would be sure it was amazing.  This is not bragging....just to let people know that if you follow the various things in the videos and cooking concept articles to come... you too will eat amazing food.  I am not the only one that makes amazing food... Im sure I have much to learn from all of you as well.  Go to the forum and share

If you get a fully-fledged TV show, who would you like to guest on it, and why? What would you make with them, and why?

I have proposed an Idea to MTV... this show will have a huge twist if accepted.  Of course I would want to jam out with all of my favorite musicans that I listen to.  It does not really matter what is made as long as its made very well.  Why? Would be a mixture of things...1) purely selfish musical reasons to rock out with various people. and 2) because it's fun to share how awesome vegan food can taste with others.  

Why do I look at you and think you might want to hurt a human, but you would never hurt a human? Does that make sense?


Do you normally wear the metal performer makeup while cooking? I might imagine that doing so would inspire your cooking or give it an edge; but I could also imagine it might make you quite hot while working over a stove. But then again, even those temperatures pale before those of the fiery pits of Hell -- so maybe it doesn't faze you. Do you advise others to go for the makeup?

I walk around like that 24/7.  I am a complete caricature of a person as to not drop the suspension of disbelief with you all...

What and where are the Icy Peaks of Orlando?

They are near the hell plains of winter park, and the festival hevanlands of kississimme.

Other than the fact that you seem particularly talented at this style, is there any reason to set the soundtrack/theme to a style of music associated with slaughter, murder, brutality, etc. (not that I make these associations, but you know how popular culture can misconstrue...)

Black metal music can take you to the primal throes (is that even a word?)  of extacy.  see another post for the rest of your answer.

I assume you had a band prior to taking on the cooking gig? Can you tell us a bit about that? What are some of your favorites?

Answered in previous post.

What's one of your favorite dishes that you had to veganize?

hmmmmmmmm tacos? I honestly eat a much wider variety and much better overall food now than I ever did when I ate meat.

Did you do anything special to make your video go viral, or did you let it naturally take its course?

I am a master internet marketer.  I posted on this crazy site called "facebook".  Don't tell anybody.

Dont you think Blackmetal is kinda overrated and trendy now that The Washington Post advertises it and all the little kiddies have it on their MP3 player right after Beiber?

Yes, you should hate it so you can like it again.

Can I get a signed 8x10 pic for my kitchen? That would be epic. Thanks..hail!

Have a convention near you book me... that would be sweet.

Many thanks for all of the questions.  Your glibbed toung was answered with a channeled fury of the dark ones.  Clutch your cubicle in anticipation for the second episode and cooking concept article series.  Farewell for now mortals.

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