World Cup: U.S.A. vs. Algeria

Jun 23, 2010

Former D.C. United star Ben Olsen will take your questions about the United States national team's World Cup face off against Algeria and what he expects from the rest of the World Cup.

Today at 1:30: "Soccernomics" author Simon Kuper

What do you think this will do for U.S. soccer? You really can't have a more exciting game than that? How HUGE is that for U.S. soccer?

Can you remember a team being robbed of two decisive goals in the same World Cup before? Dempsey sure looked onside today. Excruciating.

But thank the LORD for that late Donovan goal. That was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had watching sports.

Do you think the U.S. team would have played better with the services of Charlie Davies? It seems Davies and Altodore had a good connection together!

Should we have played Gooch? Seems like we could have used his size on the set pieces ...

The foul on Dempsey's face, which really did bust him up, came to a player who already had a yellow. AND it was probably a straight red. AND it was in the box.

On the other hand, I wonder if I would have been quite as excited and emotional as when Landon scored that goal. Not sure if I would have been if it hadn't been such a nailbiter. So maybe I should be thanking the refs?

Bring on Germany or Ghana or Serbia? Really, who would be best for us?

Ben, How would you compare the 2010 US team to the one you played with in Germany?

The U.S. style of play even at the kid/teen level compared to other nations is very methodical. Yet, we don't have accuracy and ball skills like other nations. The U.S. approach does not seem to promote individual play.

Is this a legit concern?

What can we do to improve this? And will this become more apparent in the later rounds?

With so many matches decided by 1 goal, or tied, one blown call can change the outcome of the game. Do you think a limited instant replay should be instigated? For example, only replaying disallowed goals?

How do you feel about subs made at halftime? Love 'em, hate 'em?

Ben, how's our new DP Branko Boskovic looking?!?! I'm eager to see him in the black and red.

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