Rivalry renewed: Maryland vs. Georgetown basketball chat

Nov 17, 2015

Roman Stubbs and Gene Wang answered questions about the Maryland vs. Georgetown basketball game.

Welcome to The Post's chat previewing tonight's game between Maryland at Georgetown at Xfinity Center. Terps beat reporter Roman Stubbs and Hoyas beat reporter Gene Wang are set to answer your questions, so let's get to it.

Now that this game is being played, do you see this matchup happening more often?

The teams are playing again next season at Verizon Center. Beyond that is up in air, but JTIII and Turgeon are friends and would like to continue the rivalry beyond just this upcoming home-and-home.

Obviosuly the contract only runs through next year for the Gavitt Games, but judging off Turgeon and JT3's comments, I can see it extending past that. Hopefully both schools will see the type of exposure tonight's game and next season's game will bring.

Embarrassing does little to describe the lame effort against Radford today. IMO another example of the Georgetown coach being underprepared as in the FGC game. It leaves little hope for a competitive effort against Maryland.

Hoyas are a difficult team to blow out because of how they play. They might have a bad loss every now and again, but rarely do you see them losing big.

I agree with this. I think Georgetown will be able to win in a variety of ways this year. They can play small ball and have an intriguing front court. I think one thing that will be important tonight is how Smith-Rivera plays early...he came out flat against Radford and didn't score in the first half. He said he thought it kind of carried over to the rest of the team.

I know this chat relates to Hoyas v. Terps but can I just say, as a voter in the Post's Atlantic 11, that I'm loving all of these early upsets! Can the Hoyas bounce back after a tough loss to Radford? If they can't beat the Highlanders, how can they run with the Terps?

Because college sports, and sports in general sometimes, can be weird. Upsets happen all the time. Just look college football this season. Ole Miss beats Bama, Memphis beats Ole Miss, Navy beats Memphis, etc.

Hey everyone, thanks for joining us for the chat. Looking forward to tonight's game! On to the questions...

...plays GW, right?

Ha, now that would be a great local tournament if Terps, Hoyas, GW and a rotation of AU, Howard, Navy, etc., played every year. It could be the DMV version of the Big 5 in Philly.

How big of an upset would this be if Georgetown won?

I'd call it a mild upset. With the way college basketball is these days, you see underdogs winning regularly. Just look at GW last night against Virginia. Or Monmouth beating UCLA. Or Wisconsin losing to Western Illinois.

It would be a pretty big upset, probably accentuated by the fact Georgetown lost to Radford the other day. But this is probably the best time to catch Maryland...it's still feeling out the chemistry and rotation, so anything is possible.  

How surprised are you that Georgetown lost to Radford? Are they just not a good team this year or were the players looking ahead to the Maryland game?

Nothing really surprises me about the Hoyas. They can beat a top-5 team (like Villanova, for example) or lose to Radford. I suspect players were peeking ahead, if only a bit, to Maryland. D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera even said yesterday the Hoyas' energy level during the Radford game wasn't where it needed to be.

Can Testudo ride a skateboard? (Don't you dare lie to me ... )

I know Jack the Bulldog can, obviously. I'll leave it to Roman about whether Testudo is as skilled.

How has Turgeon improved as a coach? How did Maryland become a team where players couldn't wait to leave to a destination program?

For one, I think Turgeon has improved his system - he's in the second year of running an NBA system that is modeled after the San Antonio Spurs - and I think he's just found the right pieces to play within his philosophy. Obviously 2013 was a disaster with five players leaving, but i think they finally found stability last year and during the offseason. 

Who will have the biggest impact in this match-up? Stone or Govan?

I think both are going to have an impact, honestly. It will be interesting to see how Stone matches up against Hayes early, too, and if he can stay out of foul trouble. I thought Govan looked really good against Radford. Had the three fouls, but was assertive and had 11 points in 15 minutes. 

What should a hoya fan expect in his first trip to Xfinity center? Should I be afraid?

It'll be loud, and you might get a jeer or two, so be prepared, but don't be afraid. My hunch is there will be pockets of Hoyas fans in the house too.

Great questions today. Let's hope the game lives up to the hype. Roman will answer the rest of your questions, as I am headed to another assignment. Until next time everyone.

Why have the Terps lost out on top recruits such as Mario Kegler, recently?

It was going to be tough to lure Kegler away from Mississippi State. That's home. That Maryland made his final 3 again showed Turgeon and the staff recruiting at a high-level. Maryland has had an uptick in recruiting over the past several years too; Melo, Diamond, now they bring in Cowan and Huerter. So I think that kind of talent has set them up to attract more for the classes in 2016 and 2017.

How will the loss of Dion Wiley impact the Terps going forward? Will their lack of depth at guard and lack of ball handlers come back to bite them, similar to in the West Virginia game last year?

The loss of Wiley hurts. He was going to be their starting 2 to begin the year. But the lack of depth at guard is something the prioritized and addressed during the offseason. They brought in Sulaimon, who is probably their best facilitator, and junior college transfer Jaylen Brantley, who is a true point guard that can handle it. I think Nickens is even an improved ball-handler, but we'll see how much time he logs at shooting guard. So Trimble has plenty of help. 

How do you see tonight's game playing out?

I'm terrible with predictions, but I have a gut feeling that Maryland will run away with it and win by 15 or so. 

Were the tickets for tonight's game controlled by Maryland or is it a split gate?

The tickets are controlled by Maryland, I believe. 

Do you think Turgeon got unfairly criticized two years ago when five players transferred? My read on it at the time was they saw reduced playing time with the new bumper crop of recruits arriving and the 28 win season proved Turg picked the right players. Pe'Shon Howard did little at UCLA and Seth Allen would be sitting behind Melo and now he is on a last place team at VA. Tech.

I obviously wasn't on the beat at that point, but I think everyone understood that anytime you lose five players in a matter of weeks, there's going to be criticism. That's just the nature of the business. Turgeon has admitted that he was in a bad place at that point, but I think ultimately he dealt with the heat and understood that he had a really promising team coming with Melo, Wiley, Nickens, Pack. It was addition by subtraction. Those guys obviously helped set the foundation for what is happening now.

Who are your top 11 local teams?

I'll take my best stab at this: 1. Maryland 2. GWU 3. Virginia 4. VCU 5. Georgetown 6. Radford 7. William and Mary 8. Virginia Tech 9. ODU 10. JMU 11. Richmond 

I've gotta roll guys, but thanks again for all the questions. Enjoy the game tonight and feel free to email me anytime at roman.stubbs@washpost.com. Cheers. 

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