'True Blood' Season 3

Jun 14, 2010

The Post's Hank Stuever takes your questions about "True Blood's" Season 3 premiere, his review of the show and his thoughts about the current popularity of vampires and werewolves in American culture.

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Read Hank's review: Season 3 of 'True Blood' adds a power struggle and many new characters

WARNING: There will be spoilers.

Hi, I'm Washington Post producer Paul Williams joined by staff writer Hank Stuever. We're going to discuss the start of True Blood season 3 -- so there will be spoilers -- and take your questions.

Hank, in your review you wrote about the show's unrelenting momentum and its turn to vampire politics. What do you like most about the series, and what do you think has made it so popular?

There were a lot of new characters and plots thrown at us in the first episode -- how can we keep them all straight and is there a method to Alan Ball's madness?

It's been noted that Eric takes on a larger role in the series of books the show is based on -- are we seeing the same switch of focus from Bill to Eric this season?

You mentioned your affection for Eric's assistant Pam. I agree -- I could watch a Pam/Lafayette buddy spin-off. Why is she your favorite secondary character?

It looks like we're going to get vampires vs. werewolves -- why can't these two just get along? And what else should we expect this season?

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