Dec 13, 2010

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Last week I wrote in about the 'Skins perhaps just forfeiting the rest of the season, to instead have big parties at FedEx. You pooh-poohed it - how's the idea looking NOW?! They are just finding new and inventive ways to lose. Stop the madness!

Did I really pooh-pooh it? Because I think it's BRILLIANT! Gold, Jerry, gold!

And good morning, everyone. I'm going to get started and then Jason Reid will chime in at some point. Here we go.

What a happy day! The Hoyas crushed mighty Appalachian State, and ... oh, I give up. I tried to be chipper but it's too bleak. I wasn't going to grouse about the football team, but the Caps' slide has me mighty worried. I just want to crawl back in bed. Got any beverage talk to keep me going, Trac? Thanks. Your pal, Rico

Rico, for just a second there I was worried you were, in fact, high, or just smelling the fumes on the Blue and Orange lines, maybe. But I see you are like the rest of DC, ready to jump off a monument, except it's too cold to go out. I've got nothing to keep you going, my friend. I'm out of happy talk. I'm going to need at least two weeks in KS to regenerate, I think.

You gotta agree the Pats are the best team in the NFL, right? And Tom Brady? Is there a better QB right now?

Yes. Yes. No.

J-Reid will be on about 9:50 and he'll stay about an hour. I'll have to leave about 10:25. It's a world gone mad.

please tell me Washington sports hit rock bottom yesterday. This is just absolutely miserable. Redskins? Caps? The Wiz? This has to turn around somewhere

That was a bad weekend, that's for sure. I can't think of a good spin for it.

I can hear all the griping about coaches who need to be canned in Washington after losing so many winnable games. But these loudmouths don't go beyond the quick fix and offer actual solutions to the team's woes. Here's a message for them: since you want to fire the coach so badly, why don't you take his spot? You obviously know so much more than he does, having designed game plans, coordinated with the assistant coaches, gotten to know the players in practice and on the road trips, and certainly you can handle the intense scrutiny from the press and from the fans (like you).

It's the easy response and sometimes it's the right response. In the case of our two main culprits (Caps and Skins) I don't think it's the right response. Knee-jerk, they call it.

Ms. H: Let's see, the LOSING team has nearly 200 yards rushing, wins the turnover battle, and wins time of possession - I'd love to find out how many times that happens. BUT, just as good teams find ways to win when not at their best, bad teams find ways to lose when they should win. The Skins might as well use the final games as tryouts for next year, including starting Grossman (let him get destroyed by Dallas's pass rush). Hope the snow has eased up enough back on the plains for you to get home this week. Merry Xmas (Bah, humbug!). AHG

Yes, they improved in all those areas in which they stank earlier and still lost. They truly are amazing. Just not in a good way. Snow shouldn't be a problem for my travels; Kansas is having a bad drought, or at least my area of it is. They are very jealous of all our "snowfall" here.

Say, we haven't heard from Montgomery Village in awhile, now that I think of it. You out there, MVMd?

Do you think DC should send a team of experts to help Minnesota dig out from the snow? Because they don't seem to be handling it any better than DC. Maybe all those Midwesterners can keep their snow advice to themselves this winter.

Ha! Well, in general that's far from true, but in this case I'll give it to you. My friend Bonnie the Bears fan wonders why the Vikings can't play outside like the Bears and Packers do. Fair question.

Is it time for a change as in right now? As a positive, it would boost the ratings on the 24/7 show. As things are going now, we'll lose 11-1 in the Winter Classic.

No, I wouldn't chuck Boudreau at this juncture.


Seriously. What's the deal with the Caps these days? Why can't they score at all? I know it's "only" December and all, but this can't bode well for anything, right? Is it too soon to panic, and do you have any sense about how they plan to get themselves out of this mess? Since I don't care about the Redskins anymore, this is all I have (sports-related) right now, and their play didn't make for a very enjoyable (sports) weekend.

It is too soon to panic. It's not too soon to begin wondering what's up with them. But remember, they've been a force in the regular season and it's gotten them, basically, nothing. I'm not so sure some struggles aren't better for them right now. Not for the fans, certainly. But for the players.

Another good win by the Steelers yesterday! I'm in my black & gold today. Too bad about Pitt--my husband watched a couple minutes of the game, unfortunately (if I've told him once, I've told him. . .)

Why, PW Hubby, Why????????

Good Morn' Tracee, I was sad to learn that the Chiefs lost to the Chargers yesterday. Do you think that Chiefs' QB has something to do with it or was Chiefs' not on yesterday? Thanks!

I think losing Cassel was a huge blow for them. And San Diego has decided to take the game seriously in the final weeks. Bully for the Chargers. Bah humbug.

I'm just venting. CBS cut off the blowout between the Pats and the Bears to show Miami play the Jets. Apparently the game wasn't exciting enough for them. As a result, I was stuck watching some bad syfy until Sunday Night Football came on NBC. Who wants to watch a game between the Dolphins and the Jets? Who wants to watch a game between the Dolphins and anybody? I preferred to watch the Pats' blowout, thank you very much.

I like watching football in the snow. Not sure why, but I'll watch any game played in the snow. I'm just fascinated by  how they can do it. So I agree with you there.

Nice entrance for Moses Ayegba yesterday in the Hoyas game. Cracked the stat sheet well and showed some moves. They need all the size they can get with Big East play around the corner. I have a good feeling about this team.

Need to get out to see them after the first of the year. New Year's Resolution.

Tracie: Is there anyway we "fans" can organize and pull off a successful Banana Republic style coup of Dan Snyder's regime as "Skins owner. While there were supposedly positive steps made this year in terms of a new coach and an actual General Manager, instead of progress, all the wheels are coming off. I am convinced that no matter what changes occur, either in the organization or the player level, the Washington area fans will not see a winning team until the Danny is deposed.

The only power fans have, as far as I can tell, is withholding the almighty dollar.

Have you ever stepped out from behind a cube at the Post's headquarters to trip Svrulga or Cheese Boy as they walked through the halls? Maybe you should save this particular move for Kilgore when he returns.


I'm told Kilgore has volunteered for not one but TWO shifts as my replacement while I'm on vacation. Apparently he's too good to chat WITH me but  not to chat FOR me. Well, I never! Huff huff.

Tracee, Sunday is my birthday... is there any chance the 'Skins could pull through for me and give me a win? That is truly all I want for my birthday. If not that, what are the odds the Texans will fall to the Ravens tonight? And the Titans on Sunday? If the Redskins are going to lose, it would be a mild consolation prize if both have the same record.

It seems like an easy birthday present to promise you, but I wouldn't bet the farm on anyof it. I have no idea what to expect from the Skins at Dallas; after yesterday, how in the world can we tell? But let me wish you an early happy birthday nonetheless.

That's the sound, if you will, that it seems characterizes the Redskins' fans attitude toward the team once it bacame clear that they were going to stumble toward the finish line in yet another tragicomic season. Can we perhaps nominate this sound as the unofficial sound of the 2010 Redskins? What thinketh thou, T-Ham?

That's a pretty good sound. Hats off to those who sat in yesterday's weather to watch that debacle. You'll get a star in your crown in heaven, as my grandma used to say.

Have you ever watched Curb Your Enthusiasm? With all due respect to Jerry Seinfeld, watching Curb makes me think that it was really Larry David that was the genius behind Jerry's show, especially considering how the show went downhill after L.D. left. What say you?

Oh, no question Larry David was the reason Seinfeld was so good. I like "Curb" but it's a little like "The Social Network" -- I have trouble watching people who are so unlikeable. On "Seinfeld", Larry David was sort of unleavened. On "Curb," he's not.

On Gano's second missed FG, don't you agree the Skinnies should have run the swinging gate play from last year?

Yes, exactly what was missing yesterday -- the Swinging Gate.

Now I understand why the Twins didn't build Target Field with a roof. Imagine all the folks hurt on Opening Day (or during a playoff game) by all the snow falling in.


How about that tripping by the Jets coach on the Dolphins player running down the sideline. What fine (if any) do you think the NFL will impose?

I'm still in shock that Andre Johnson didn't get suspended at all. So as always, take my predictions with a grain of salt. But I'm going to go with "firing squad."

So it'll be Orleans versus England in the Super Bowl, eh? Wow, dominant.

Certainly possible. Even probable.

Just asking ... has Thunder Dan bought a controlling stake in Kool Aid and asked Redskins fans if they'd like to enjoy an offseason party in Guyana?


So it turns out Donovan is good for only one more win than Jason. That said, an amalgamation of Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas would look bad behind the Redskins offensive line.

I watched a little of the Raiders game yesterday and saw Jason get sacked. The announcer said, "He held on to the ball too long" and we all remember those days. That said, yes, I was wrong that  Donovan would get us two more wins than Jason. And yes, all of those guys combined would be in trouble with the Skins. Although George Blanda would be a possibility, because then he could do the kicking.

Wonder what # the Skins will assign to Cam Newton?

Can they put dollar signs on jerseys? Guess not, or Ochocinco would have done it by now.

Um, what does Andre Johnson have to do with the Jets/Dolphins game where Dolphins cornerback Nolan Carroll was tripped by the New York Jets' strength and conditioning coach on the sideline while covering a punt during the third quarter of Miami's 10-6 victory Sunday.

I was asked what the penalty would be. I said that after my Andre Johnson prediction, I hated to say. I predicted Andre Johnson would be suspended for punching what's his name and he was barely fined. So I give up on trying to predict what the NFL is going to do. I think their system of fines and suspensions is very uneven. Hope that is clearer.

Dave Johnson on WTOP said it best: If the Caps had to lose 7-0, they picked the right day given the way the Redskin game ended, as it assured the Caps' story would be largely overlooked. (With that said, I am taking comfort in the fact that officially, per the NHL, it is a three-game losing streak, not a six-game losing streak as the Post reported. OT losses don't count towards a "losing streak" under NHL rules. I know, the lament of a fan whose team is stinking it up.....)

Wow, did you get that straw you were grasping at? :)

Looks like you are not concerned with real Redskins questions today seeing how we are getting all of these garbage questions!

Sorry, I'm saving the Skins questions for Jason Reid. That's why he comes on the chat. Not trying to ignore them, but he was at the game and I was not.

Nah, they'll trade his rights for a couple of receivers and maybe a 35-year-old running back.


Three things really stood out for me this weekend - my favorite team Navy, about to lose the momentum to Army, get's a 98 yard return of a fumble - never seen a play like that in my 50 years of watching football; then the 'skins really screw up what was a pretty good game by not going for two; what would have been the point of an overtime game and the kicking game was obviously not doing well; finally, watching Mr. Brady play in a blizzard like it was sunny and clear was just, well, astonishing.

The Army-Navy game was clearly the weekend highlight, at least for me. Started slow but some great plays and always a great show.

I believe an article in last night's WaPo online said that a missed extra point made the Redskins lose. Wasn't there an awful lot of football before then? Such as missed opportunities to score 3 or 6 points? And even if the kick had been good, the game would just have been tied. No telling what woud have happened.

Well, of course there was a lot of football before that point. The botched point-after attempt was just the capper. Obviously, the Redskins played poorly, again, in many facets of the game. Coach Mike Shanahan has a lot of work to do to accomplish his goal of returning this franchise to elite status. 

I think its hilarious that some fans, including those writing into this chat, think that a coach that is 18-11 should be fired. There are plenty of losing streaks to go for this team...on the way to the playoffs. Its an 82 game season.

I'm surprised they are 18-11 but I don't think it's time to panic, agreed.

So how much is Donovan McNabb missing having Lesean Jackson as a receiver. He must be sick. Does he ever confide this stuff, or does he always stick to the party line?

I've said it before: Donovan McNabb has an E-Z Pass to the high road. He'd never say anything like that, although I expect it must be true.

As I watched the game on Sunday with my two young sons, I worried I might be arrested for child abuse by leaving the game on. The more I think about this team, the more I wonder if they are truly any better than they were last year? The offense is as inept as it was last year, albeit under a HOF coach and his supposedly genuis son. The defense is just atrocious and has been the point of my anger all season. Now way it should be this poor this season. Coaching was supposedly improved yet the product on the field is mostly casuing me to become nauseous. Is this team really better than it was last year? I don't think so.....

They implemented two new schemes, so it was going to take some time. That aside, however, I don't think they have displayed the type of progress that would inspire confidence. Taking into consideration the new schemes and everything, I'm not sure they're much better than last year. As far as Shanahan being a Hall of Famer, I think he needs to at least get to a Super Bowl without John Elway, arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history, before he's a lock for the hall.   

Tracee, Good morning! No reason we can't be cheerful despite the glum sports (and weather) outlook. How about the irony of the Washington Post's Sunday Magazine article on the tough life of a NFL kicker and Gano's performance on Sunday? Yikes. And, I still love, love, love the Caps, but they are making it hard right now. Tough thing about being a true sports fan, but my whole week got off to a rough spot and I'm a little down after the Caps reacted to their loss to the Avs (not a particularly strong team playing its 4th straight road game) by being shellacked by the Rangers. Yes, I know it's only sports, but it has the ability ot make me happy and sad. As a professional, are you exempt from having your mood at least partially dictated by the outcomes of games?

Yes, mostly exempt from that. We root for no overtime (for deadline purposes) and a good storyline. But I can also tell you that it's easier and more pleasant to cover a winning team than a losing one.

No, it will be Hotlanta vs. the Steel City. Tommy should be getting his transplants about that time..

Pats vs. Falcons, perhaps?

I had no idea you could have a delay-of-game penalty coming out of a timeout. I should watch the Skins more often, except I'd rather poke a sharp stick through my eyes. AW

I don't think anyone up here would recommend that, AW.

I have to admit that the non-call on the hold against Orakpo was so egregious but the Redskins have to show that they are winners. Not who they are today or any other game like today. Nothing is going to change until they do. I was watching the Sunday night game and there was a similar blown holding call and the announcers just joked about it. "Do you think there shold have been a holding call against (Eagles) and just laughed about it. There really should be a rule (the Orakpo Rule) that a challenge could be called when it is so blatant. The outcomes of games should not turn on officials calls like that. Officials are reluctant to make calls late in games because it could change the outcome. Well DUH!!!! You just changed the outcome of this game and many others, whether it was because of your incompetence (looking down field) or that you didn't think it should be called. that is what you get paid to do.

Blown calls happen to every team. If that's what the Redskins want to hang their hat on, so be it. But the Redskins came away with no points after reaching Tampa Bay's 16- and 6-yard lines, respectively, in the first half. And Tampa Bay fumbled on the Redskins' 1-yard line. Orakpo was held. No doubt about it. But good teams overcome one bad call. Know what I mean?

So......when is Shanahan going to finally realize that Graham Gano, is just not an accurate kicker? I really hope that Shanahan and Allen will decide to start auditioning kickers (or long snappers for that matter). I miss Shaun Suisham and Ethan Albright. Are the refs blind!? Brian Orakpo keeps getting held and they never call it, I hope this is addressed at the owners meetings next year and that the Redskins submit a complaint to the league. The Caps lose, the Wizards lose, the Redskins lose, a trifecta! I hope the Caps and Wizards win some games they have more season to go.

Well, the chances of finding a decent kicker now are slim and none, I'm afraid. I know the Skins will submit a complaint to the NFL, and the NFL will say "We missed it," but they seem to miss a lot of holds on Orakpo, who has got to be frustrated like crazy.

I can't, for the life of me, understand how people can blame this loss or this season on Dan Snyder. They complained that he didn't have leadership running the team, and now they not only blame his ownership for this loss and this season, but they've turned their back on Shanahan (I'm not saying he doesn't deserve blame) and there are calls for a new coach. If Mr. Snyder doesn't get rid of Shanahan; he's damned for keeping a poor coach, and if he thought of getting rid of Shanahan, he'd be damned for interfering. Place blame where it deserves: Perhaps poor coaching and clock management this game, a very adequate quarterback, and possibly rain affecting snappers, ball holders, and kickers. But don't blame Dan Snyder.

Damn it, if you're going to be logical, get off this chat!

Seriously, you are right, and of course I'll now be accused of being a Snyder apologist. He's guilty of many things but I will say this: The fans said over and over he should keep his mitts off the team, so he hires Allen and Shanahan and does as he's asked, and he's still getting blamed. I'm not sure I understand that. There is zero evidence he's meddling and some evidence he's not (Donovan's contract would be Exhibit A). And for the record, I've never met him, he's said hello once to me and refused all requests for interviews, so I'm hardly on the payroll.

What's bad is that if this was Jim Zorn coaching, everyone would be eating him alive. But this is a "great" head coach we're told, with a great general manager who, even though they had draft limitations, had free reign to make any and all decisions they wanted to make and this year's team isn't much better than last year's team which was inhibited by a head coach who wasn't allowed to call plays, had his play calling rights given to an outsider, and didn't have influence on players/personnel. Say what you want about limited draft options and trades, the head coach got "his quarterback" and assembled his team and was supposed to walk on water. While the players are ultimately share blame with coaches and coaching, the head coach didn't walk on the water from yesterday's rain. Not in my view.

There's a lot of truth in what you say. Jim Zorn probably should not have been hired as a coordinator, let alone a head coach, but that's on owner Daniel M. Snyder. Coach Mike Shanahan is driving the bus now. Bruce Allen does not have player-personnel control, so whatever happens, it's Mike's show. Shanahan is a proven winner, though he has only one playoff victory since John Elway retired. Shanahan definitely does not walk on water. But let's see how he does next season. 

It is easy to explain what happened yesterday. Its called the "Albert Affect." This happens when like in yesterday's game you have almost total domination (except point scoring) and one tends to become lazy and take things for granted. Just like Fat Albert. When he got his money and I mean MONEY he felt that he could do what he pleased, demand what he pleased and things were just supposed to fall into place. But really now we all know who is really at fault. First and foremost has to be the owner and his fantasy management of the team. Eleven going on 12 years of ownership of just going after the marquee players and ignoring what really is needed of building a "complete" team. So supposedly he had learned his lesson of hands off by firing Zorn and hiring Shanahan. The only real problem here is he is turning over full control to one man who was not know for his stellar personnel moves. Like here he waives/cuts the Red Snapper who had never had a bad snap to a punter or holder for FG or EP. I supposed that was done to get younger. How did that one work out? By the way Albright was cut/waived from the Chargers earlier. Hmmmm. I know I am not in the majority when it comes to canning Shanahan because he wasn't given a real chance. Well for my dollar he has shown me plenty. Plenty of the wrong stuff. Supposedly is doing what is best for the team to win. Staying with an ill-fitted 3-4 defense with the wrong people at the positions? That's what's best? Once again Snyder hired the wrong man for the job and we are stuck once again.

I don't agree with your conclusion but certainly some fans do, so I'm throwing your reasoning out there.

The hot buzz phrase about now is the "2011 Auditions." Well that should include one extra individual not normally associatied with it. That should also include the head coach. This season has been a far cry from a normal first year head coach. Shanahan even with his SB success has been too inflexible in many areas. Such as the conversion to the 3-4 defense. With the defense ranked dead last in many areas it should have been altered to a hybrid of a 3-4/4-3 depending on the situation. Maybe even Haslett should have resigned if not outright fired for staying strictly with the 3-4. Just because you have two SB trophies does not automatically give you carte blanche. Just ask Joe Gibbs.

Another vote to oust Shanahan.

53. The same number it takes to screw up a season.

Ba dum dum.

Do you think that the Redskins have been long considered a laughingstock to the rest of the NFL/nation? Or is it just fans like myself and others who are overly embarrassed that the Skins recently never really seem to be known for positive moves or smart plays? It feels like with plays such as the botched snap on the potential game tying PAT, while we as fans are frustrated at the team's penchant for crazy stuff like that happen, others who aren't fans just laugh at ineptitude.

I think it's fair to say the team has been inept for most of Daniel M. Snyder's 12-year tenure as owner. As far as the view nationally goes, I know NFL executives privately talk about what a mess this franchise has been. But again, and I'm sure some of you are sick of reading this from me, but I think you've got to give Mike Shanahan a little time. Yeah, this has been another horrible season under Snyder. But Shanahn is a proven winner. Let's see how he does in 2011, assuming the NFL has a 2011 season.

- because all I want to do is jump up and down with my fists clenched and whine "Traceeeeeeee!" (I just did, and it only made me feel marginally better.) I'm sure I'm not the only Skins fan looking for a backup team after yesterday's debacle. Any suggestions? I'm partial to your Chiefs and maybe the Saints...

Oh, please get behind my Chiefs. They sure need it. QB has an appendectomy? Come on, human interest!

I like everything about him (except the domestic violence, of course), but if he's 5; 7", I'm 6' 4", and my teenage dream to reach 6' fell way short of the mark. We saw him at one of the Redskins open training sessions; and my wife, who's 5' 3" - 5' 4", could look him right in the eye,

So can I, and to me your wife is a giant.

Why is Gano still a member of the team? Why hasn't anyone pointed out that the Redskins need a new kicker? Shanahan benched McNabb when he felt that he did not give the team the best chance to win, but he allows Gano to go out week after week and miss easy field goals. Why?????

Because the good and even mediocre kickers all have jobs. Mamas, groom your babies to be kickers. A decent one can last a long time in this league.

How is he still on our team, i don't care about the last botched attempt it was the 34 & 24 back to back misses, pathetic. If it was belechick or Tomlin he wouldn't have been back after halftime.

Graham Gano has missed a lot of field-goal attemps this season. I get that. But the kid has a big leg and teams sometimes experience growing pains when they attempt to develop young players. The Redskins are not a playoff-caliber team. I think it makes sense to ride it out with Graham and then bring in a couple of kickers to challenge him in camp. The people who want Gano run out of town right now are the same people who will rip the Redskins if the kid develops into a Pro Bowl kicker for another team in two years. You see where I'm coming from?

Last night when Vick scored a TD in Dallas he dunked the ball over the cross bar. No penalty for excessive celebration was called. I believe a few weeks ago a Redskin did the same thing and was flagged. I guess dunking is a judgement call rather than a fixed flag call.

I can't remember the Redskins' play. Sorry.

Wilbon, in his last chat, questioned whether he wants his young son to grow up to be a Cubs fan. More importantly, he says the gameday experience at Fed Ex Field is so abyssmal, he plans to take Matty to see Ravens games instead. Of course, he has the means and wherewithal to do this. But can't the Skins spend a fraction of what they spent on Fat Albert to improve the game day experience? Sure, a winning team might help us forget we had to spend 12 hours to see a 3 hour game (I live in Fairfax); but this team needs all the goodwill it can get, and this would be a good place to start. Controlling alcohol consumption might be an even better place. Thanks for the forum.

The problem is, the Skins have spent money making improvements to the stadium, and this year on the giant scoreboards, which I will say are a HUGE improvement. But they are stuck with the location. I agree about the drinking and I agree about the time commitment. I think they do have alcohol free sections -- maybe they ought to try a few more of those. I think they might get some good response from the fans for that.

No question, just an observation to keepthings in perspective: the botched PAT wasn't for the win; it was just for the chance to delay the defeat until OT. All they did was save us wasting a few extra minutes on hope. Cruel, soul-crushing hope. . .

You must be a glass half-full person.

Hi Tracee, and fellow FTFers. Not a question here, but merely a declaration. Now that I've emotionally divested myself from this year's Redskins (as of, circa, the Minnesota game), it stingeth not when they lose, even in tragically absurd fashion! Long live psychological defense mechanisms!!

Ah, I was wondering how you were doing with it. After yesterday, I'm guessing you feel pretty justified. It's painful to watch from a non-partisan point of view; I can't imagine if this was the team I grew up loving. Well, I can -- the Chiefs have had some down years.

I just knew it in my gut that something was not going to go right after all the mishaps with the field goals throughout the day. I was thinking to myself the best way to win this game was to go for two points instead of kicking the extra point. What did they have to lose, right? Just curious to see if I was the only one thinking that way,

I can't speak from everyone else on the chat, but I wasn't thinking that way. If Shanahan had gone for two and the played failed, he would have been in a very bad position. That would have made no sense. Even in the rain and with the problems the Redskins had in the kicking game, you still kick the extra point every time in that situation.  

Tracee Do you think the Redcoats games shoul dend with Click and Clack saying "You've wasted another perfectly good afternoon watching Redskins football?" Caps lose 6 straight, the Redcoats are sad, and the Wizards are, well, the Wizards. It's the Winter solstice in Washington!

Could Sonny and Sam steal that line? It's pretty appropriate, SiMV.

The first half yesterday proved that great play coours when everyone simply works their assignment. Was that our OL making those blocks? I thought they were "terrible". Who or what was their catalyst? We'll never know because the brillant harmony of that unit was ignored the second half but the Son of the Man. I am so sick of those who bad-mouth players---pro athletes. Our culture change is 5 to 8 years away, and not via the draft, or key free agent acquisitions. Its at the doorstep of ownership and not in a 2-time title winning coach (who happened to stumble on John Elway along the way). Is it the Dan? Yes. Sorta. Until he hires a professional GM, READ: not a puppet, and duly empowers that GM with, dare I say, authority, history will repeat itself. Hey Ozzie---want to move a few miles down the road?

Very interesting take. Make sure to read On Football on Wednesday.  

The missed extra point wasn't his fault, though.

Well, but a 24-yard field goal? And not his first misses, either. Where is Ethan Albright?

Wilbon may not have a choice about what team his son likes. My 2 year old daughter knows we are supposed to be Redskins fans but if you ask her she says she likes the Eagles. I think she's trying to push our buttons by picking a team in the same division! (Or maybe she just likes birds).

This is also true; I know both Wilbons and I expect Matty will have a mind of his own. Good point.

Hi Tracee, Is the season over yet?

Yes, Germantown. Make plans for the next three Sundays. Right now. Nothing to see here.

Why did Kyle take him out of the mix?

They had two three and outs in the third quarter, so that didn't help.  

Tacee you need to provide proof Danny Boy isnt up to his old tricks. just claims he isnt do not count. And sorry w/Mikie and Brucie they aren't going to win anyhow unless they clone Elway!

I can't prove a negative. I said there is no evidence he is. I really think McNabb's contract IS evidence, though. No way it would be structured that way if Snyder and Cerrato were still running the show. Other than that, no, I can't prove he is. And if you think Allen and Shanahan are the wrong people for the job, it doesn't really matter anyway. (Cloning Elway would be nice, though.)

Do you feel offensive coordinator Kyle S. is the is the right person for the job?

Good question. Kyle did a great job with the Houston Texans last season (Houston led the league in passing yards), but he hasn't meshed well with Donovan. Kyle's father runs the show at Redskins Park, so he's staying put. I'll reserve judgment on Kyle for at least another season. But the whole offense, obviously, is off to a bad start under this regime.

Tracy: A disconnect. Why do I, who LOVED the Lord of the Rings Trilogy,.. Why do I dislike the Chronicles of Narnia series so? It would seem, given my record, that I would like those movies as much as Albert H liked a ham sandwich and a nice sit down, but I just don't. Is it me?

No, it is me as well. Same feelings. No idea why. I didn't grow up on the Narnia series so I always assumed that was why...

I sorry I can't get to more questions, but I HAVE to run. J-Reid will be here a little while longer. Let's talk tomorrow.

Granted we're not in the Zorn era, but if what happened yesterday happened under Jim Zorn, two missed field goals, a miscue snap/set, and clock management, Zorn would have been held with his feet to the fire and there'd be calls for him to be fired. Is Shanahan getting a "bye" on this?

Somewhat. It's his first year and he inherited a mess that had been years in the making. But he's not without blame as well. I hear ya.

So Shanny thought the timeout before halftime was 30 seconds? Sheesh. This is just as bad as Zorn trying to call two timeouts in a row...

Well, not that bad. But yeah, it was bad.

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