Nov 29, 2010

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I am only 25 and I am just old enough to barely remember the last Super Bowl. The names of players like Monk, Green, Riggs, Rypien & Mann are just a fleeting memory. I really have to have my dad tell me about the "glory years" of the "Hogs", the "Pearl Harbor Crew", the "Fun Bunch", the"Smurfs" and "Joe Gibbs I". All I get when I display anything Redskins is anything from smirks to down and outright laughter. I am afraid that with the way things are now and under the direction of who we have in management (head coach, off coord, def coord, and ownership) I dare say that I will live the rest of my life without seeing the 4th Lombardi Trophy hoisted before I die. I never thought that the Redskins would be the laughing stock of the NFL. I apologize to one and all. I just had to get it off my chest.

Give Mike Shanahan some time. He's only 11 games into his first season. With the way things used to be run around here, I figured it would take Shanahan at least two seasons to get the program turned around. Will he definitely win a Super Bowl? Obviously, I don't know the answer to that one. But the guy is a proven winner.

The good: Steelers won (but an ugly win), Pitt men's bb team blasted Penn 82-58, Caps won Friday & Sunday. The bad: Skins lost, Pitt's football team lost BIG to WV. To me it's bad that the Ravens won, but that's not horrendous. So basically this weekend was 66 2/3% good.

Well, that's not a bad percentage. I'm about the same. Chiefs won, KU men's team won, football team got hammered. So I'm exactly the same, I guess. And I'm satisfied.

And good morning, everyone! Jason Reid is joining us this morning so fire away! Let's get started.

If it weren't for some totally sloppy play Banks should be well on his way to winning the Rookie of the Year because he would have at least 3 return TDs. Devin Heaster got nutin' on him. Tell me I am wrong but did not #71 T Phil Loadholt block Adam Carriker in the back on Brett "Boo Hoo I want to Retire" Favre game clinching 10yd run? It shows up plain as day on Sports Center. Again, why are we always called for the penalties and the other team gets to skate!

Riley blocked the guy in the back. It was clear on the play. I don't the league is out to get the Redskins. Trust me, the Redskins should have been penalized more often than they have been. The officials can't catch everything. That's just the way it is. As for Banks, the little guy is incredible. In my opinion, he's the Redskins' top playmaker. As for rookie of the year, I haven't reviewed all of the rookies yet. But he's up there with the best of them. Even with the penalties that have nullified touchdown returns.

I love the subject of your chat FTF and the description given "Every morning, Post columnist Tracee Hamilton discusses the most amazing and outrageous news from the world of sports." Yet there is an inordinate number of posts have nothing to do with the subject at hand. I thought that I would look into some of the other chats and see if there was a same amount of questions which had nothing to do with the subject matter. No real surprise here, there were exactly zero. Sorry just had to vent.

I answer what's asked of me. Some days -- like Mondays -- we talk a lot of Skins and nothing else. Other days, we're all over the map. Let's face it, some days there isn't anything amazing in the world of sports.

O-line, RBs and receivers. That about covers the needs to improve the offense. All those millions spent on Albert, D-Hall, Dockery and Portis would have gotten us a lot of decent players at most all those positions rather than for a player who doesn't start. another who was inactive and then when he starts he gets hurt and another who has been hurt for most of the last 16 games.

Well, yeah. I think most Redskins fans know where I stand on how this organization used to make its football decisions. There's a lot of work to do here. The good news for Redskins fans is that the upcomiong free agent class is considered the best ever. I expect the Redskins to be very active in this market. I don't think Mike Shanahan can be fairly judged until the 2012 season. Of course, that's just me. I tend to try to accentuate the positive.  

Surely we will miss him. The Airless Cubicle.

Yes, J-Reid and I were just discussing him. He had a good run, though.

I wonder what Dan Snyder's thoughts have been the last couple of weeks... and until season's end. Sure would like to be a fly on the wall in his office these days. Does he really bleed Burgundy & Gold like the rest of us? I think not. The only thing he bleeds is the green in greenbacks. I hope that he is bled dry like the rest of us.

We don't talk much, so I really couldn't say.

Which do you think is more telling: that the 'skins lost yesterday, or that they were home underdogs to a 3-7 team coming off of a 30 point blowout AND was -13 in turnovers for the year AND was 0 for their last 8 road games AND had just fired its head coach? It seems nobody has faith in this team to beat anybody under any circumstances.

I think all of that is pretty telling. The Vikings appeared to be a complete mess and they played the final 45 minutes without the league's best running back. Clearly, Mike Shanahan has a lot of work to do.

Would it be too much to ask for some equal time concerning Michael Wilbon? I was for a long time a loyal reader of Mr. Wilbon. There were his highs & lows in what he had to say in his column and on his PTI. But I have to draw the line when he maliciously attacked Redskins Nation concerning his comments that Fedex Field could not be sold out by selling only to Redskins fans when such teams as the Steelers, Cowboys, Eagles, Ravens Bears etc., came to town. He stated to the effect that we didn't hold a candle to the aforementioned teams. These were the teams that had real pedigree. They would not let so many fans of the opposition get tickets to "their" games. When in fact the "only" reason that the fans of the opposition were able gain entrance into Fedex Field was because of the ownership of the Redskins allowed (maybe even directed by) Mr Snyder himself to sell large blocks of tickets (to lower bowl seating) to ticket brokers so that the more expensive seating would be sold to these same brokers. This was brought to light since Mr. Wilbon's comments yet there has been no further comment by him on this matter. There are no more loyal fans in the NFL than Redskin fans. When Rice and Smith were inducted into the HOF there may have been 40% each 49ers and Cowboy fans and 20% others. Yet when Monk and Green went in 2 years prior the fans showing up for that induction ceremony was easily 90% Redskin Nation. I know I was there. So to you Mr. Wilbon I say to you goodbye but more importantly... GOOD RIDDANCE.

I'm not sure what you mean by equal time, as there were both positive and negative remarks made last week as well. But I'll let you get it off your chest.

For those of you who don't agree, Wilbon is doing the Chat House later today. One of his last ones, I think...

So, did you have a happy Thanksgiving? And precisely how happy was it?

We had a nice Thanksgiving. Houseguests are always ... interesting, especially for someone who's lived alone for more than a quarter-century. And that's all I'll say about that! :)

I am serious, and don't call me Shirley. These kids today with their parodies of every genre don't realize how groundbreaking "Airplane" and "Animal House" were.

Very true. Both classics, although I don't quote Airplane and I do quote Animal House.

So will Danny trade three 1st round draft picks for Cutler in the off-season? Because he had one good game, so we must get him now.

I do not think the Redskins will trade three first-round picks for Cutler.

Earlier this morning, they didn't have your chat listed for this morning. I got all worried--what if something terrible happened to Tracee? How would we be able to get through our day without our morning Tracee chat? Glad to see that everything is okay. I know we tend to talk Redskins on Monday morning, but they had their own chat yesterday after the game! There was a 6-0 win by the Caps on Friday night and then a game that went to a shoot-out (that we won this time), both started by Varlamov in net. What does this mean for the goalie situation? Even bigger news, BSU loses in overtime after their kicker twice missed chip shots that could have won the game. Just a bad day or is BSU not able to hang with the big boys (I say the former and I have dog in that fight). Auburn looked very vulnerable. What happens if Auburn and Oregon lose their final games (like TCU and Stanford--not nearly as cool as the thought of TCU v. BSU in the title game). The Wizards, minus Wall, fought hard and almost pulled out the victory on Saturday night. Is Arenas back? Do they want to keep him or is his improved playing just a bit of luck as they try to trade him? How crucial is McGee's playing to victory v. loss? See, we have plenty to discuss without having to rehash everything single thing from yesterday's referee aided loss by the Redskins (I watched. The calls were horrible. They handed the game to the Vikings. But that is for another chat. I hope.)

Well, you have a lot on your mind; thank God I'm here! Those were both great wins for the Caps, in different ways. I was at Friday's game; loved seeing them kill a 5-on-3. The Boise loss surprised me. I'd still like to see them play one of the big boys, then we could just for ourselves. Auburn did look vulnerable but they find a way to win. Arenas does appear to be back to his old self, playing wise. I'm sure they'd like to trade him but that's not going to happen. McGee is crucial to this team because they don't have a ton of weapons. But that was a gutsy performance against the Magic, no question.


Can't talk about the Redskins after watching yesterday. Just. Can't. But hey, since WaPo is reporting in the hard copy edition that Ted Lerner has lost a court case and now owes Virginia $5.1 million that they overpaid him for some Tyson's property, does that mean that the Nats' already pathetic payroll will drop, oh say, about $5.1 million?

One would hope not. But one never knows ...

Your prognostication skills must be improving. You're .500 prediction for the Skins is looking really good. And, of course, you've correctly predicted that the Pats would win the last couple of weeks. So if you need to change careers, I see fortune teller in your future. As an aside - what's up with that fight between AJ and the Titan's guy? I love hockey as much as the next person who grew up in Boston in the 70's but I don't want to see that aspect of it spread to the NFL. Hope your meatloaf dinner and fixins turned out well.

And don't forget I picked Jennifer Grey in "Dancing with the Stars." I'm on fire! There had been bad blood between those guys but that was something else. I've never seen helmets flying like that. I would expect major fines and suspensions.

Check Cilizza's chats. Can regularly get coffee options, new music recommendations and updates on the CU field hockey team. None of those are particularly related to politics. And Weingarten is all over the map as well. If there's something interesting in sports it usually gets discussed but otherwise the chat meanders off into unexplored terrain. I for one enjoy that aspect of it.

I like to let the chatters shape the discussion. And I like the unpredictable nature of it. But not everyone does, and that's fine. We're an acquired taste here at Hamiltime.

I spent Friday night at a neighborhood party explaining to a friend that Boise State deserved to be in the championship game because--unlike teams in The Overrated SEC (TM) and the irrelevant Big 10+1+1--they actually play top teams out of conference, and beat them. Imagine my pride in a job well done when I got up Saturday morning and checked the scores...

I've been tooting the Broncos' horn as well. I was sorry to see them lose because I'd like to see them force the issue and I'd like to see them play a really good team. Then, if they lose, fair enough. Just want to see them have a chance. And now that's done.

When I saw the Vikings on the schedule I thought great, this is a bad team in turmoil -- and then I thought, but that's exactly the kind of team that the Redskins fail to handle. But you know what? After a five-day weekend I don't feel so bad. And Hamiltime started early! How awesome is that? (Now only if we could get rid of the photo of Cheese Boy.)

Hamiltime is awesome! Glad you had a good, long weekend.

Let me interrupt the hand-wringing about the Redskins to celebrate the one winning pro team in town -- the Caps! Three straight wins and most points in the NHL. Semin is on fire, and he's not even on the All-Star ballot! Ovechkin isn't scoring many goals, but he's blossomed into a great set-up man with multiple assists in every game. The team is really gelling. So let's throw off the maroon and black sack cloth and ashes and Rock the Red!

Great weekend for the Caps; good to see Varly back in goal. And Semin is hot hot hot.

Is there a more erratic QB in the NFL than Jay Cutler? Glad the Redskins hit him on a (very) off-day. I'm also glad I'm retired and no longer participate in office pools as today's parity makes any sensible strategy for picking winners fly right out the window.

I've never been a big fan of office pools. People should stay focused on work in the office.

He once said if he had a more attractive nose, he'd have been a leading man (which he was in Forbidden Planet). I'll never forget Frank Drebin, my favorite funny cop (and I saw all 6 of the Police Squad television shows!). Surely I'll miss you (Don't call me Shirley!).

He was a very funny guy.

If the range of questions answered is not to your liking, then simply skip over those you find irrelevant! Even on days that veer toward discussions of Kansas, beverages, and pomegranates, there are still plenty of sports questions addressed. Like this one: Tracee, who do you like in the Big 8, er, Big 12 Championship this weekend?

In a word, Nebraska. That should make AHG and RHG happy.

Meanwhile, I'm pretty steamed about this. Followers of the old Big 8 will understand...


Someone had the nerve to complain about the non-sports related topics we discuss here? Some of us enjoy the mix. And if they went through all the trouble to research other sports chats, why didn't they just stick with one that didn't irritate them so much? You were very polite, Tracee.

I try to be polite. There is enough incivility on the web and in the world without me adding to it. If you don't like the chat, don't join us. If you don't like my column, don't read it. Such simple solutions to life's problems! :)

Aren't you looking forward to Sunday? Both teams have been "in" every one of their games. Winner should get a first-round bye; loser a wild card. Great match-up for the Sunday evening slot. ... What... oh, you only discuss the Redskins here.

Unfair. We don't only discuss the Redskins. In fact, we barely have any Redskins questions or comments today. Has everyone just given up? I mean, I get that, but is that the problem? Or is everyone (shudder) actually working this morning?

I really feel for young Redskins fans like your first commenter today. I've been around long enough to have strong memories of the three Super Bowl wins, especially Riggins's 4th down td against Miami and that astounding 2nd quarted against Denver. I just hope that Snyder finally realizes that the only way it'll happen again during his ownership is if he does what Jack Kent Cooke did- hire the right people for the job, and let them do the job. Anyway, if it's any consolation, I believe that this might be the year for the Caps, and I'm optimistic about the future of the Wiz.

Yeah, it has been really hard for Redskins fans. But I think Snyder finally does "get it." He hired Shanahan. Give the guy some time. But even if Shanahan wins, there are no guarantees he will produce three Super Bowl titles as Gibbs did.

Are you talking to me (the woman in a black jumper & a gold blouse)?

Must be!

Neutrino - a massless, chargeless, nearly undetectable particle traveling at the speed of light = Brandon Banks! Hi Tracee, ugly game last night but at least none of the receivers can make fun of Carlos' hands again!

That's certainly true. Lot of drops. Even my favorite AA had one get away from him. Brutal.

This is what the Caps are lacking if they want to get past the first or second round of the playoffs. Same team as last year without a goalie like him. And, yes, they guys they have now are no better than previous years. The numbers back me on this.


You picked 8-8 for the Redskins, but did you pick the right 8 wins? This season has been so chaotic. Does Vegas just lets you bet on the whole season?

Nope, I didn't even try to pick the right eight games. They felt like an 8-8, non-playoff team to me. I knew they would win games they should lose and lose games they should win; that's the Redskin Way. I have no idea what Vegas does; I am no gambler. And if you made predictions like I do, you wouldn't be, either.

You ask has everybody given up on the Redskins. Yes, we have. Also, we are cyber shopping from our desks instead of doing our work.

Well, that answers the question. We're here if you need us.

Are there any games before Monday Night's rematch between the titans of the AFC? At least , any games worth watching?

I see several. Broncos at Chiefs, especially after the spanking Denver gave them in Colorado. Pittsburgh at Baltimore. And then your clash of the titans (for those who don't know, that's Jets-Pats).

Because you have to twist your head sideways to read them! There should be a function on your keyboard to turn them 90 degrees if you feel that you must use them! Maybe I should just go and have my coffee now.....

You should have your coffee, iced coffee, Dr. Pepper, pomegranate juice, or whatever floats your boat. It's a Monday; I shouldn't have gone to the happy face.

I would argue FTF always discusses the amazing news from the world of sports... only sometimes we delve into topics that have yet to be made a sport. I'm holding out for the World Pomegranate Seeding Championships, where participants have to crack open and deseed as many pomegranates they can in 10 minutes.

It'll be televised on The Ocho.

I thought it was Steelers-Ravens?

Sorry, I thought the question mentioned Monday night. Starbucks was out of venti cups and I was stuck with a grande. Clearly, not good enough.

Sports media tend to focus on rivalries in which each team is good at that moment: Duke-UNC in basketball, Yanks-Sox in baseball, Ohio State-Michigan (most years) in football, etc. Missouri-Kansas, however, is intense no matter what the record of each team is or what particular sport is being played. Three years ago, when both Mizzou and KU were in the national championship picture, the national media "discovered" the rivalry and had plenty of stories about why it is so heated. What they did not understand, though, is the intensity of the rivalry even when each team is not good. I grew up in Kansas and went to school at Nebraska...and I have a strong, strong dislike of all things Mizzou. In terms of fan bases, they are eclipsed in vileness in the Big 12 only by Colorado. - Recent Husker Grad

RHG, you make a very good point. Very, very bitter rivals in a way that is almost strange. And not to have Fam speak to the team! Oy! Gill lost a lot of fans who were trying to hang on with him this weekend.

As opposed to, you know, chatting...

I'm up for chatting. You guys need to bring it on the questions. I mean, office pools? If you have questions about the Redskins, their season, the previous game or whatever, let's go. If not, so be it. Peace.

I know we want to return to the glory days. However, we need to look at reality: 4-12 last year with only one early draft pick. I think we need need to realize we are the very, very start of real change (i.e. experienced GM and Coach in charge now), and take a look at where we are, oh, say, sometime in 2012. Steelers and Pats didn't build their teams in one season either.

I'm totally with you. Redskins fans will have to be patient. I know you've been waiting since Snyder took control of the team, but I really think Shanahan will get it done. By that, I mean the Redskins will become consistent winners on his watch. Whether that results in a Super Bowl title or two, I don't know. But consistent success would be much better than what this franchise has experienced recently.

Obviously referring to the matchup between the former AFL New York Titans and Boston Patriots rather than NFL Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns.


Interesting that there has been little (no?) criticism of Donovan McNabb this morning, which makes sense. He hasn't been the solution but he's not the problem, either. One thing to keep in mind. If my research is correct, the Skins will have the following picks in next year's draft: a 1st, a 2nd, no 3rd or 4th, two 5ths, a 6th and a 7th. In my opinion, that would make it unlikely that they would draft a true prospect at QB; you have bigger needs at 1 and 2, and a 5th rounder won't be ready to play immediately. Unless he leaves or they trade for somebody else, McNabb is the guy for at least the next season.

I agree. So many holes to fill.

Well, the chat has been very quiet this morning. I'm going to attribute it to Cyber Monday and Long Weekend Lethargy and say adieu until tomorrow, when I'm sure things will be lively! Thanks to J-Reid for joining us. Time to gear up for the open locker room here at The Park. Later!

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