Nov 22, 2010

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Hi, Tracee. I live in Anne Arundel Co. and recently switched to Verizon FIOS -- huge mistake, but that's another matter. When both the Nationals and Senators are on, one would be on Channel 76 and the other on Channel 1. However, when the Caps and Wizards are on, one is on 76 and the other is on ???? My brother, who lives in Montgomery Co., still has the 76/1 combo, but the other night when the Caps were on 76 I had ESPNU on 1. Can anyone help me? Thanks much.

This is my favorite post-Redskins question ever! I'm throwing it out first in case someone can help because I have no earthly idea.

And good morning, everyone! Our guest this morning is one of your favorites -- that's right, Dan Steinberg is with me! Or at least I think he is. Dan?

If you have questions, comments or love poems specifically for Dan, be sure to address them to him. Otherwise, we'll both just plow right in on the Skins questions. Here we go!

Tracee I admit that rather than sit in front of the tube all day, I was out and about enjoying the good weather. When I did turn on the Redcoats' game they were tied with the Tennessee Tinies in the 4th quarter. It was an enjoyable finished in which our Redcoats were saved by the Hessians, I mean the refs. A squeaker victory against a 500 team is not exactly cause for optimism. So do you think the crazed populace of DC will start dreaming of the playoffs now? (Even if they make it they won't last but a quarter against a legitimate playoff team.)

Do I think people are talking about the playoffs? My inbox would suggest ... yes! Read on.

I know it's just a bit early. But going into these last weeks, what are the Redskins' chances of playoffs. How many more will they have to win, and who do we need to look at for the wild card race?

I want you to take deep breaths and put your head between your knees until this passes.

Did the 'Skins really win, or did they just "not lose"? It seemed a lot of the time that the defense was not in the stadium, and the offense just got lucky. A few outstanding plays were the exception. If not for Gano, they'd be hanging their heads low yet again.

Well, did they win, of course they did. Were the Titans impressive? I thought not. But remember -- these are the games this team has to win, and has not always won. Baby steps. I wouldn't be thumping my chest today, but you can crack a smile. How's that?

Q: What do Troy, Georgia State (not Georgia, or Georgia Tech, or even Georgia Southern, the pride of Valdosta), Appalachian State, Florida Atlantic, and Weber State have in common? A: They were the only out-of-conference opponents this week for BCS teams from the Automatic Qualifying conferences. In November. Now tell me why Boise State shouldn't be in the championship game.

I can't, because I agree with you. So there!

Tracee, "happy" monday to you! In your illustrious career, have you ever been injured whilst writing a column, and gotten subsequently yanked for poor writing, only to be replaced by a 3rd string journalist who nobody's ever heard of, and then, in a fit of rage, hurled your typewriter (cause that's what seasoned vets use, after all), your ball cap, and your note pad into the stands at WAPO, a la Vince Young? I know this is extraordinarily unlikely, but just need to know. Thanks!

I am really surprised about all this throwing stuff into the stands nonsense. New one on me. I liked the fan who wouldn't give the guy's helmet back. Was that Brandon Jacobs? My memory, as you know, is dreadful. I've never thrown anything into the stands, but one of my colleagues knocked a water bottle over the edge of the table in St. Louis and it probably clocked some poor fan. But it was an accident so I'm not saying which one.

Morning T-Ham - Seemed to me watching in overtime that the Redskins and Titans were practically handing the win to each other instead of seizing opportunities for themselves. Granted I was in a bar and split-screening my attention to the Pats game :) What was your take on the overtime play? I really thought they were headed to the first tied game since 2002. Thank you!!

The Titans self-destructed in almost unbelievable fashion. I was stunned at the stupid penalties. They certainly didn't seem like one of the top teams in the AFC yesterday, to me. And yes, I had doubts about Gano being able to make that kick in OT but he proved me wrong.

Tracee, I have to go to a doctor's appointment in a bit, and thus it would be a thrill to return to see that you've responded to this after my return! If you deem it worthy, thanks in advance!!

How can I resist? And the answer to your question is... oh, there isn't a question. Oh, well, what the heck.

My main hope this morning is that a bunch of posters will be all excited about the Redskins making the playoffs. Please post their delusions. I need a good laugh this Monday morning!

Now, now, we all need our delusions. Really, this morning's batch has been pretty realistic thus far.

Great to have the win but to me it seems like Gano is not as consistent as we would like. Do you think they will bring some other guys in for workouts? And is it time to get another RB on the roster or what?

If Torain isn't able to practice Wednesday, they'll just about have to. As for Gano, I don't know. The replay on the long miss was hard to make it but the hold didn't look great to me. He's not missing chip shots, for the most part. It's hard to find a good, automatic kicker and I'd think it'd be harder in November. But I don't have any doubt if someone's out there they'll take a look.

Half of them won't be here next year. The new players WILL adapt to the system. The Airless Cubicle.

TAC, you are of course correct. A lot of these guys are space holders. I hope a few will stick, though.

Almost everyone seemed to be writing off the game as a loss. How much of that would you think was based on the Skins' performance against Philly or based on the Titans abilities versus that of the apparent dysfunctionality of the past few weeks of the team in the eyes of everyone else following football.

I think it was all of the above. The Skins certainly appeared from the outside to be down, and while they kept insisting it was behind them that is hard, I think, for us to believe. But players, I think, handle losses far better than fans do. They see the long haul a little more clearly, I guess.

It probably won't be the final word about last Monday night but most likely best describes it from a coaches perspective. In the words of former Redskins head coach Vince Lombardi (may he rest in peace but I am not sure how) "What the hell is going on out here. When I saw that clip I just had to smile a little and wonder how he would have really reacted to Monday night's blowout.

What is that line from "Hannah and Her Sisters"?

"He would never stop vomiting."

Something like that.

Who is the Redskins' most likely opponent in the Super Bowl this year?

Chiefs! :) Couldn't resist.

And Dan is having technical difficulties. I'm hoping he'll jump on soon.

Ah, your chatters give me a chuckle. There are no consistent kickers available in November. NONE. Do you think teams put consistent kickers on waivers? Noooooo, they put INCONSISTENT kickers on waivers. Duh.

Now, we have a no mocking rule here. I think I said that, but in a nice, the holidays are approaching kind of way.

Wow....we won yesterday! UMD is the NCAA Champs in field hockey!!!!!! Go Terps! The way the area teams have been playing (e.g. Redskins, Wizzrds, Nats) and with our bad luck( e.g. Caps)...this may be our only area Champs in a long time! Thanks to the Post for giving the game some coverage.

Congrats to the Terps. That's tremendous.

good morning Tracee! What a great effort from the practice squad! My question to you is aren't they lining up Brandon Banks at WR. They did that once and he caught a tough pass across the middle at #150 lbs. He should be in there stretching the field to give other receivers more chances.

We talked about this Friday a bit. I think it's his size, really. Although he has a great vertical leap -- that was a nice catch yesterday. But crossing the middle like that, a tiny kid like he is, gave me the chills. Still, the Liddle Kiddle made the play. (And he's not 150. No. Way. He's not 5-7 either. Im. Possible.)

ESPN seemed to stress how the Titans imploded, highlighting Young's injury. The Post (especially one very pro-Redskins columnist) seemed to see yesterday's game as a victory that pointed to a bright future for the Redskins. Which game did you see?

Hey, this is Dan. 13 minutes late, but whatever.


Here's my grand conclusion about that football game: almost every team in the NFL is just a team. Maybe the Patriots and Steelers are something slightly grander, but when a friend asked me about the Titans yesterday morning, I said "they're just a team." It's what makes the NFL so stupendously awesome, but it's also why the four months of hyperventilating we all do is sort of pointless. The Arizona Cardinals seemed to be just a team that one year they went to the Super Bowl. Who knows. I sort of thought the Redskins would bounce back this week, because no pro wants to be embarrassed nationally, but what does it mean next week? Dunno. Choosing .500 as the likely outcome will always leave you with the best chance of not looking stupid, so I'll just say the Redskins are a .500 team, and so are the Titans, and so is basically every team in the NFL.

Wow - I worked at a hospital once and I never saw that many injuries! Can Svrluga play safety? Good game...a relief to get a win but I think we'll be chasing the Eagles for the rest of the year...they look like the real deal. At least we beat them once.

Yeah, that was really something. There were a lot of injuries last season but I don't think they all came in one game like that. Just wild. And I think Svrluga would be a wide receiver, you know, like Randy Moss. Well, bad example...

... but it seems they can only beat good teams after their starting quarterback gets pulled. That won't happen every week.

Nope. But it would be interesting if it happened again this Sunday, wouldn't it?

Both teams scored seven points in the first quarter, three in the second, three in the third, and three in the fourth. How often does it happen that both teams score the same number of points in all four quarters, none of them zero?

Roughly one in 1,728,927 games. I just made that up. We can agree it seldom happens!

It was almost like a version of the Indians in the movie 'Major League'. A group of has-beens, wanna-bes and at best marginally talented players coming together to win. Maybe the coaching staff should start those who finished the game against the Vikings. Cooley said he heard one of the asst. trainers was injured coming out of the tunnel as well so they were a trainer down as well yesterday.

Well, yeah, but Artis Hicks isn't really a prima donna. Neither is Anderson Russell, or Russell Anderson. Or Casey Rabach. Or Derrick Dockery. Or Lorenzo Alexander. I sure agree that the new offensive line looked better than the old o-line, but it's not like the old group was filled with overpaid Pro Bowlers, exactly.

"If Jesus was alive to see what was being done in His name, he would never stop vomiting."

Yes, I thought I'd leave out the part about Jesus because I would not compare Lombardi to Jesus, but I just purely love that quote.

Are we looking at superbowl potential after this unlikely win yesterday??

For the Bills? Sure, why not.


(I guess the Redskins, as 7-point dogs, were the biggest surprise winner on Sunday, though the Bills weren't all that far behind. I still say the Redskins finish 8-8)

What makes the job of offensive tackle different from the job of offensive guard? I played both on my small high school team (plus defensive tackle) and responsibilities were pretty much the same. I'm sure things are different on the pro level, but I don't know in what way.

It's all part of this zone blocking scheme they've installed. I've asked repeatedly about it and I get mysterious answers. I think it's more complicated than you think, but not as complicated as they think. :)

The Redskins have about as good a chance of making the playoffs as I have of passing biostatistics this semester. Get real...the Giants have owned us for three years and we play them twice...the Cowboys look great now and we play them down there...the Bucs are legit (sounds crazy to say that)...Jacksonville isn't an easy game on the road...we'd be lucky to go 8-8.

Of course. And most people realize it. There are always a few who get overly worked up. It's okay. They'll come back to earth. 8-8 would be a good season.

Gano stinks, yeah there was wind that knocked it down but you gotta have a leg man, lucky we had wind behind that 48 yarder. Why oh why do the skins always have a horrible kicker. You can look around the league and find so many better one's, somehow the pats always get one, just picked up grahm. Any chance we bring someone in this week?

Gano has hit two of the 8 longest field goals in high school football history, one 65 yards and the other 64 yards. His kickoffs have been excellent this year. He has a leg. The snap looked off on the one at the end of regulation. Not sure about the one at the end of the first half.

Say whatever you want about him, but the kid has a leg.

ALL Knowing Tracee! Help - I live in the Philly area - they did NOT have the game on up here for the 1pm showing - BUT since they game they did show was over early, FOX switched to the 'Skins game but after 15 miinutes they said - Due to NFL rules they had to turn the game off - IN THE MIDDLE OF OT!?!? Can you please explain the NFL rule that made them shut off coverage to the game?

No, but I know it is a rule because CBS did it the previous Sunday during an OT game. They have to go off the air at a certain time if they don't have a "live" game, I'm sure to keep from taking viewers away from the live games.

Was that the most slippery dry feel ever? Strange. Is there a hockey rink beneath the turf, or did somebody spray it with teflon? That seemed to cause some of the injuries, actually.

Yeah, I wondered about the turf and also about their spikes. By the end of the game, the problem seemed to have cleared up a little but that field was not in great shape, from the looks of things.

On the radio yesterday, he listed off the weights of the woefully undersized Titans D-line. I know the Skins O-line played well, but what exactly should we take from this game?

There aren't grand metaphysical lessons emerging from every NFL football game. The Titans had the 11th ranked rushing defense in the NFL, no? The Redskins ran the ball on them. Were they facing a QB named Rusty from Florida Atlantic? Sure they were. Did the Redskins have two Gatorade coolers and a tackling dummy on their offensive line? Absolutely? These were two seemingly middle-of-the-pack NFL teams, and one had to win, and the Redskins managed to make it them. They're 5-1 when scoring fewer than 20 points this year, which is incredible. And we can be a bit cheerful. That's all.

Can I compare Belichick to God? (Pats fan here.)

You might as well -- he does! :)

Well, the announcers always say the smartest guys play offensive line (I guess the unspoken part is "because they're, um, white"?) -- so they should be able to know the entire scheme in case they're needed to shift over one spot, right? 'Course, that doesn't account for Matt Millen...

Nothing accounts for Matt Millen.

What do you think...Eagles vs Patriots in the Super Bowl? I have a hard time seeing an NFC team that can stop the Eagles. Sure, the Skins beat them after they knocked Vick out of the game. But this team is on fire now. And the Patriots look like the best team in the AFC.

Here's my lock of the week: whatever you think is likely to happen in November probably won't happen. Heck, whatever you think is likely to happen in late December probably won't happen. When was the last time both top seeds made it to the Super Bowl?


I'll say Packers-Steelers, if we're keeping score.

There's John Fox, Mike Singletary, Marvin Lewis, Eric Mangini, Brad Childress, and Josh McDaniels; all of whom people think will be fired or not have their contracts extended. Others on shaky ground Chan Gailey, Gary Kubiak, and Jason Garrett (just because he's an interim coach). It sounds like several teams are due for a shake up. Also, I think Vince Young needs a hug and to attend anger management courses.

You are right, there will be a lot of turnover. And as for Vince Young ... just when it seems this guy is going to pull it together, he goes right off the rails again.

Is there any reason why I shouldn't be yawning? NASCAR needs to shake it up.

If Denny Hamlin or Kevin Harvick was today's champion, would hundreds of thousands of new fans show up out of the woodwork? The best thing for NASCAR, in my opinion, was a title that was undecided going into the final weekend. It made me want to pay attention. Seeing the 48 with the championship didn't make me regret paying attention. Then again, I used to get a kick out of watching Michael Jordan win titles, too.

Hi Tracee This may be more of a "Boz" thing, but you appreciate special events as well. While college football has "Rivalry weekend" and "Bracket Buster" weekend, the NFL will have "Pallindrome Thursday". Each of the three games features teams with exact opposite records e.g 8-2 vs 2-8 and 7-3 vs 3-7. Bet that has never has happened before, of course Boz would know for sure. Sorbet for between all those courses of Redskins questions. Dazzle your friends at Thursday dinner !

Hey, MV. That is pretty amazing; hadn't noticed it. I'll have to dazzle the family with something because they'll be eating my cooking.

Hi, Tracee, This was a great weekend for Pittsburgh. The Steelers managed to eke out a win (35-3), the Panthers won over South Florida 17-10, and the Panthers hoopsters won their tournament, beating Maryland 79-70 and Illinois 68-66. Some team named Red-something also won, so I heard. So did the Transplant Man (although that's not so good!).

Somebody's husband did his part!

Is there a chance that the Temp Center and rt guard will be permanent? Those were the real weak spots till yesterday.

Depends on the injury report on those guys but I wouldn't be surprised to see some of these position swaps continue this Sunday.

Tracee, I have applied some high-level mathematical formulae to the current situation and have determined that the Redskins have won exactly as many games as they have lost and, conversely, have lost exactly as many games as they have won. Applying these formulae to the remainder of the season, I believe they will continue to win exactly as many games as they lose and, conversely, lose exactly as many games as they win. Based on this conclusion, I predict they will not make the playoffs. Unless, of course, a ghost yells in my ear in a graveyard while I'm drinking warm Dr. Pepper. Then, all bets are off.

I'm not Tracee, but I have a question: what if it's Diet Dr. Pepper?

Also, what happened to all those people saying 8-8 might get you into the NFC playoffs this year? There are already three teams in wild-card position with seven wins, and there are six weeks remaining. You better get to 10 if you want in.

Thanks Dan for providing PT to Portis' injured groin for the rest of the week so the Skins training staff can spend Turkey day with their families. What did the wife say. How did you acquire a TSA uniform so you could play airport pat down with CP?

I have no idea what this means.

Jason Babin - 260 lbs Jason Jones - 276 lbs Tony Brown - 305 lbs Dave Ball - 255 lbs

You mean DL, but your point is valid.

Hello, I haven't watched a full game of football in at least a year (maybe two or three years) - essentially since becoming a parent. Yet I continue to obsessively read the game recaps on Mondays, follow various teams' news, and read lots of internet NFL analysis. Is this just a normal symptom of having gotten interested in fantasy football, or do you think I should seek addiction counseling? PS, Dan, I think I might have seen you at the SS pre-Thanksgiving parade on Saturday morning? I was wearing a bumblebee costume (with the Silver Spring Nursery School group) and wasn't able to cut out of the parade to say hello, assuming it was you. :-)

Wow. Yeah, I was there. Probably checking my BlackBerry at the time, which is why I didn't see the random man (woman?) in the bumblebee costume.

Tho later in the day I was in the Silver Spring Borders and someone came up and asked me if I was Cheese Boy. Was simultaneously honored and humiliated.

If you haven't watched a full game in three years, you're not addicted. You're totally fine. If you're trying to find a place online to listen to the radio stream of the North Texas-Louisiana-Monroe game, you have a problem.

In all seriousness, I follow this team regularly and I have no idea who this person is. That says something, and I'm not sure what.

When he was down, and the announcers were butchering his name, did you see Lorenzo limp by in the background? They didn't mention his injury at all and I was thinking, "hey, that's perhaps the more important injury right there!" No offense to Anderson. Or Russell. Or whatever.

No the Chiefs are not going to the Super Bowl. They are the worst division leader I have ever seen. (Except anything that happens in the NFC West ... Pweeeww!) That being said, the Chiefs are on the road to being a good team, but they aren't there yet. Let's Go Royals.

LGR, it was a joke! No, the Chiefs aren't going, and neither are the Skins. Sigh. If my fellow KC fans don't get me, what hope is there?

I watched the Michael Vick show. If he has a vulnerability, it's his tendency to get cocky and toss the slow moving bomb. It was painful to see the Giants not intercept them. During the game they threw up a stat that Andy Reid was the longest tenured coach in the NFL, at 12 years. Connie Mack had 50 MLB years, but that was because he was also the owner. Does anyone know who was the longest MLB non-owner manager? They didn't say on TV.

Don't know the answer to your question, but I think if Vick has a weakness, it's taking too many shots. He's been one of, or maybe THE, least turnover-prone NFL quarterback this year. And an intercepted bomb is a heck of a lot better than an interceted pass in the flat taken back for six. He throws bombs 57 and 63 yards; that's better than a punt in many cases.

Wow, 15 minutes late for a sports chat? Who do you think you are, Wilbon? (Sorry, couldn't resist)

My name wasn't on the approved chatters list! I was ready to go!

Now THAT's the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Two legs even!

On your analysis of Gano's missed kick. I thought I was the only one who felt like the snap was botched by Hunter the Punter. Certainly, the announcing team on TV couldn't be bothered with providing us with that kind of analysis. One of the worst punishments for being a less than good football team is getting the less than good announcing teams.

It looked to me that he placed the ball at an angle leaning toward him (Hunter, I mean) so that Gano might not have been able to hit it squarely. But it was really hard to tell with the angles. And you are right about the announcing teams this season. They've had some bad ones.

Really, Peyton, really?? Sigh.

I did my part; I picked the Pats. The rest was up to him.

Had to watch the game in my shed. Lucky I bought that antenna operation so I can watch DC channels. I am considered to be in Baltimore so comcast puts a friggin movie on instead of the game. Baltimore stations do not even mention the Redskins. I HATE the Ravens. I Hate Baltimore. Who do call to voice my grievance?

You post here, then you call Comcast. That seems to be the pattern. Sorry about that.

Not sure which is more interesting. How many people that said yesterday, after the game, how this was one of the Redskins' great victories, an all time great win showing their grit and determination after coming from such a horrendous and embarrasing loss the week before. Or the number of callers who started with variations of "So how far do you think the Redskins will go in the playoffs?" And the inevitable "If the Redskins had all their players available, they'd have won this game in regulation..." or "If the Redskins had all their players available they'd be 8 and 2, 9 and 1."

I'm definitely not getting that vibe this morning, which is somewhat of a relief, truthfully.

Finally someone else saw what I saw (Illegal block in the back on the PR for TN lone TD) and was willing to say something publicly. How could the officials have missed it. I mean it was only a few feet from where the punt returner fielded the punt. the guy pushed him from behind all the way to the ground! Well at least it didn't cost us the game this time.

I did not see it during the return, myself. They're never going to see everything. I thought overall the calls went the Skins' way yesterday.

This is unoriginal, but I have to pass along to reinforce an earlier comment pertaining to Boise State and the hallowed SEC. I read a great article in which the "Boise State can't keep talking about victories over Oregon and Oklahoma from years past" fallacy was put side-by-side with the "SEC is the greatest conference ever because they won the National Championship... in years past." Don't worry, SEC defenders - surely your conference will avoid the ebb and flow of dominance.

Not that anyone cares about my opinion on a sport I never cover, but hey, no one cares about your opinion either, and here we are giving you space. So this is my opinion: yes, the SEC is living off past laurels. Yes, Boise State is crushing everyone. Yes, Boise State deserves a shot, because in this crummy system, they've done all they can do.

But do I honestly, in my heart of hearts, think they would go 13-0 in the SEC? Hellllllllll no. Do you? I don't care how badly Fresno State beat Ole Miss and Boise beat Fresno or whatever; I just don't think they would go 13-0 in the SEC. Does that mean I don't think they'd beat Auburn on a neutral field? It does not. As we saw with Utah-Albama, these non-BCS teams can absolutely compete.

Also, I've been meaning to email Sally Jenkins about this, but did you read her column a few weeks back demanding Congress gets involved in stripping the financial benefits from BCS-conference schools that participate in the money grab? She said their approval ratings would skyrocket. I say the opposite. When push comes to shove, if you're telling fans of Michigan and Ohio State and Penn State and Texas and Oklahoma and Tennessee and Florida that their schools are going to lose money to help out Boise State....I mean, which state has more Congressmen, Idaho or Texas/Florida?

Did you watch that game? It was pretty amazing, the crowd, the defenses, everything. I'm just really surprised A&M only moved up one spot. I realize no one in front of them lost but thats the 2nd top 10 team they beat in 3 weeks and their 3 losses were to Arkansas, Mizzou, and Oklahoma State (all ranked in the top 14)

Sorry, I missed this one. Hope AHG is okay.

The real news from yesterday's game isn't that the Redskins once again barely eked out a victory over a second-rate back-up quarterback. No, it's Vince Young's reported behavior after the game. What do you think is in store for him? I don't see how the Titans can move forward with him under center. Is he cut? Benched?

Benched, seemed to be the early indication.

But if someone had come up here two weeks ago saying "I don't see how the Redskins can move forward in 2011 with Donovan McNabb under center," you could accurately say they were jumping the gun. What are they gonna do next week if Collins is still hurt and Rusty's arm falls off?

We need to readdress this cemetery and some entity yelling "leave!" to you situation. You mean to tell me that you STILL return to that cemetery, or any other cemetery, after experiencing that??? I think I would have obeyed and left...

I thought about seeing if Dan wanted to address this one but I guess I'll have to. Oh, sure, I am in cemeteries all the time. It just happened once out of hundreds of visits so no biggie. I explained that I had traveled quite a ways to visit that cemetery and I'd go when I was good and ready. That seemed to do the trick.

Yeah. I don't really have much of an opinion on cemetary behavior.

After VY was injured and replaced with 6th round rookie who had not taken a single regular season pro snap why didn't Haslett put 8 men in the box and dare him to beat the Skins with his arm while simultaneously keeping Chris Johnson in check?

Well, let's be fair, whatever Haslett did, the Titans scored six points in the second half and none in overtime. I know Johnson started piling up yards (especially on that one long run), but they must have somehow been daring him to pass, because he aired it out a few times to disastrous results

How much nicer it is to be chatting on a Monday following a Redskin's win. We haven't had that in, what, a month? Many more smile this morning! Now, having said that, I feel a little disconnect with the reviews and what I saw/heard on the radio (with was, thankfully, little since I seemed to have jinxed them on the two field goal attempts). McNabb was being praised, but didn't he throw an interception or two? To me, throwing the ball to the other team at any point in the game should be a knock against a guy. I'm not saying he was bad, but it should be mentioned in the midst of the praise (Such and such yards, such and such number of completions and only X interceptions).

He had one interception, and I thought it was a bad decision by him. He had another close call but not an INT. He also threw some pretty low balls, again.

Each offensive line position, though seemingly interchangable to most people, requires a different skill set. In the NFL, tackles tend to be both larger and quicker than the big uglies at center and guard. As they are given the responsibility of protecting the quarterback from speed ends and blitzes on passing downs, their paradoxical requirements of size and quickness are ultimatley what sets them apart from the interior offensive linemen. See, for instance, Blind Side, The. -Recent Husker Grad

RHG, that's what makes the Redskins' assertion that they can plug these guys into different holes so interesting. If you'd told me Heyer could do that I'd never have believed it.

The bad news about having a good team is Buck & Aikman.

Yes, not a lot of Buck and Aikman fans here.

The NFL TV rule, in short: if the station in your market has a 1PM game but does not have a 4:15PM game, then the only game they can show live after 4:15 is the tail end of the game they were showing in the 1PM timeslot. If "your" 1PM game has finished, you can get bonus coverage but only until 4:15. Basically, the network with a 4:15 exclusive has the right not to have to compete with the closest or longest-running 1PM game across every market--it only competes with a long-running 1PM game in the markets where the early game is being broadcast in its entirety.

That's just what I said. :) Kidding, thanks.

Dang it, I wanted a fight...guess I was hoping ANYONE from ESPN would be today's guest. And here you are being all agreeable.

My besetting sin -- agreeableness.

Seriously, by the time they figured out how to spell his name on the jersey, the season would be over...

Two things: I never understand why people think Svrluga is hard to spell (it's spelled like it's said), and I've never understood why people think it's hard to pronounce (it's said like it's spelled). How else would Svrluga be spelled? Sfffffferloooooga? I guess Sfrluga or Sverluga maybe, but neither of those look right at all.

Now, you want to know a hard name? Ma'ake Kemoeatu. That's not spelled like it's said or said like it's spelled. Hell, Tracee is weirder than Svrluga.

So NC State needs to win in College Park to get a berth in the ACC Championship Game. I guarantee that NC State Coach Tom O'Brien suspends one of his key guys this week. GUARANTEE. He establishes his bona fides as a "disciplinarian", and creates a built-in excuse when Friedgen outcoaches him and the Terps win.

Hmmmm. Well, let's see if he does.

I am still waiting for an answer that was promised (by Boz I beleive) as to whether or not any of the other players tied for 4 INTs in one game by one player was all done in on half of the game.

Well, you're going to have to rattle Boz's cage. Boz, are you out there?

I've served my 30 minutes, even if I started late. Apologies. I'll be better when next I appear here, in September of 2011.

Gotta be Lasorda, right?

Certainly possible.

It's Jeff Fisher. (Pats fan here.)

Wonder if yesterday will hurt him, or the Vince Young thing?

As happy as I am for a Redskins victory, I still worry and wonder WHY they always settle for field goals instead of touchdowns. This is a problem that has haunted them for the past 10 years, and it still doesn't seem to have been corrected. I watch other teams march the ball down the field and punch it in. Why do the 'Skins always stall before the TD?

Yes, this team has to find a way to score more touchdowns. No question. It was really strange yesterday given their third-down conversion rate, that they STILL can't find the end zone.

Aikman I can totally do with out (maybe because he's a former Cowboy??). But, I really think Joe Buck is a very skilled announcer. Much better than Cris "I'm too good for you" Collingsworth.

I said before that I like Joe Buck, but this group always tells me I'm nuts. But I do.

Any update on the Eagles player who was carted off the field? And riddle me this: If helmet-to-helmet is bad and the NFL wants to protect its players, why is it only a penalty if the receiver is defenseless?

He left on his own steam but in a neck brace. X-rays were negative but he's having an MRI today so no definitive word.

I believe the owner likes Vince Young but Jeff Fisher has never been a fan.

Ah, yes, that's right. I'd forgotten that dynamic.

I think if KC makes it to the Super Bowl, we should all paypal Tracee a buck so she can go to lunch. If they don't make it ...

Do you know how pumped I'll be if they make the playoffs? I'm not an unreasonable fan. I would be so psyched!

Generally, guys who play tackle can move to the interior, but guys who play on the interior do not have the same level of success at tackle. Heyer's play yesterday meets this expectation. That being said, successful linemen at all levels will know not only what their responsibility is, but what the responsibility of the men next to him is as well. Thus, in an emergency, a guard should be able to play tackle, and vice versa. We Nebraska fans know our offensive line play! - Recent Husker Grad

I know that's true! You grow 'em big out there. The part about Heyer, though, is that he's never been regarded as a very good tackle, but played well at guard for the first time every. We're not talking about an all-pro tackle making the switch; we're talking Heyer!

"Hannah and Her Sisters" mentioned in a sports(ish) chat. Excellent reference-dropping!

Great movie. Also am in the mood to see "Radio Days" again. Maybe because of Thanksgiving approaching? Perhaps.

Anyway, I think Dan has signed off and I'm about to do the same. Thanks to Dan for helping out and thanks to everyone else for joining in. As far as I know, we'll be here Tuesday and Wednesday but not Friday; if they changes I'll let you know. And let's talk tomorrow!


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