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Nov 21, 2013

This week, Tracee Hamilton discusses all the sports news.

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So, now (according to today's Post front page, Native Americans are actually more of European ancestry) we are all Redskins. I can tell you that I'm more red than any native I've ever seen. I'm feeling like I'm on the warpath against stupid political correctness.

That's an interesting article. I will say it doesn't matter how red you are, or they are, or Mike Shanahan is: the term is derogatory, not descriptive. To me, "political correctness" is stuff like, oh, saying "he or she" all the time instead of using the universal "he" -- and I'm sometimes guilty of that because I don't know the gender of the writers. Political correctness has become a catch-all to denigrate efforts to treat people with courtesy and decency. My two cents.

And good morning, everyone. Hoping we don't descend into another hour-long pummeling back and forth about the name of the football team, but  you all set the tone.

P.S. I want to thank everyone who emailed me pot roast recipes. I took something from every one of them -- literally -- and made my roast last weekend and it was excellent. So that's one dish down for Christmas.

Charmers, Cowbots, and Grants?

As Jane Austen would say, I do not have the pleasure of understanding you.

Really? Is there a worse color man in baseball than F.P. Santangelo? He's such a homer that I know die-hard fans who are yelling at their TV because of him. He doesn't add anything to the broadcast- no hard hitting insight, nothing that makes you stop and think- I think MASN is doing a real disservice to the fans by bringing him back.

I will say I have learned that he has his fans, people who absolutely love him. The Royals' team isn't the greatest, so there may be worse, but I've tried to like this combo and failed. Mute button.

But those battleship gray Boise State wannabe uni's have got to go.


Wow- did anyone see this trade coming? Is this just a salary move by the Tigers, or do they know something we don't about Fielder's durability. Regardless, as good of a second baseman as Kinsler is, I'd have to say in the short run at least, this is a win for the Rangers.

I think it's both, although the salary dump is big.

Your thoughts on Prince Fielder leaving the Tigers for the Rangers? Who wins most?

If the Tigers are able to keep  Scherzer, the Tigers.

Sonny says it's not the play calling, it's the execution. Well, duh. But shouldn't you call plays where the execution is likely to be successful? Calling plays that the opposition knows are coming does not fit this category.

I think they are entwined, as  you say. But I don't think you should have Morris running four times in the second half. That has very little to do with execution. That's where my problem with the play-calling originates.

Have you joined Mike Wise in jumping on the change-the-name bandwagon? In your column about "Washington's NFL franchise" on Tuesday, you avoided mention of "Redskins," although "Eagles" was sprinkled throughout. I thought you were still using the team name although you don't agree with it. It's your call, but it's strange to read two columns about the team in the hometown newspaper without any mention of the team name.

Sorry if I screwed up any of your punctuation -- it was all garbled.

I quit using the name about, I don't know, six weeks ago.

Congratulations to our little brother institution for breaking their conference losing streak! Two football victories in the state of Kansas on the same day doesn't happen very often. Good luck this week, you can start a new streak next week! -K-Stater

Ha! At this point a two-game winning streak would be an achievement. And then comes the big one, my friend. I expect that to be a featured national telecast. :)

Caps drop early, regular season game to Penguins. Begin panic! Fire the GM! Trade Ovi!

Season's over! Burn all red clothing! Except for Santa, of course. He gets a pass.

Tracee - Am I the only on to find Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico almost to be unwatchable? I had some dislike for Tim McCarver calling a baseball game but these two make him seem like a genius. Who are your current favorites and not so favorites? All time?

I do not care for the Monday night crew. I like  the Sunday night crew better. I like Joe Buck on Fox, although it depends on his partner. I loved John Madden and Pat Summerall. And I've liked most of the Monday night crews. Just not this one. I'm with you.


One game. In November. Deep breaths.

I heard some analyst call him a sympathetic figure after yesterday. Really? To me this is all about A-rod trying to get as much money out of his contract as possible. nothing more, nothing less.

Sympathetic is never a word I associate with A-Rod. I'm no Bud Selig fan but if I had to choose between the two -- no contest. A grown man throwing a hissy fit during a meeting? I don't find him sympathetic.

We could just call them the Redshirts, given the way the played last Sunday.

That's a solution!

Love Steve Smith from the Panthers. His focused rage and intensity is great, he shows how you can play tough, rough and hard within the world of football and not be an over the top prima donna or bully.

I don't like to see him get to my guy Aqib. :)

What Native Americans and others offended by the name need to do is go after the NFL's biggest sponsors. Mention boycotts and protests if they continue to run their commercials during the Washington DC football teams games. They could start with nationwide boycott of Papa John's.

Yup. It's always comes down to money.

Any chance the Nats re-sign current free agent Kurt Suzuki as the backup catcher? I think he'd be better than Solano in that role, and he'd be a better hitter if he didn't get overused...

I think there'd be some happy pitchers in the locker room.

Homer so what. Its the Nats broadcast and they can have a homer. Who would you have replace him? What retired Nat? Ooops are there any. Folks need to listen to TV broadcast of other MLB teams. FP aint the worst. You would think the Nats would use the same team for both radio and Tv though.

An F.P. fan.

Tracee, there are web sites where you can put down whatever you have available to make a meal and they will come up with delicious recipes. You can also add any dietary restrctons. My favorite is Some people use this as sort of a party game, giving a chain of weird ingredients to see what they come up with. I use it regularly for its intended purpose and think it's made me a better cook. Bon Appetit!

I learn so much on this chat. Thanks! I'll check it out.

I'm in the F.P. fan club, think he brings a lot to the telecast. Maybe it's just my inclinations, but I think former hitters make better analysts than pitchers.

Another fan.

The trade allows Detroit to shift resources. The $76 million saved will help re-sign Scherzer. They can move Cabrera away from 3rd base where, despite what Detroit homers say, he was absolutely horrible. They have a prospect who should be able to play 3rd soon enough, while having cash to pay for a stop gap if needed. Texas gets the huge upside though if Fielder's season was a 1-year fluke. Texas had the cash to spend from their network (dont get jealous Nats fans) and they have to spend it somewhere. Overall, both teams could come out ahead on this deal. But there are risks to both.

I feel Fielder wasn't a fluke this year but I'd love to be wrong because he's a fav. But you are right on all counts.

I think Snyder's like a baseball player who swings too hard. You know, the effort and focus is there, but he keeps going for the long-ball, rather than a base hit, and strikes out or hits a flub. High profile coaches, free agents, testing the limits of the salary rules, etc. To me, that explains a lot about the long-term systemic failures with his franchise. Since it's a complex organization, you need to be more judicious, not ambitious. Do you think people like that are even able to change their ways?

He has made some changes. He is less hands-on than he used to be, that's for sure. But if he hands the reins to others and it's a failure, will he decide they were the wrong people or that he needs to take control again? I don't think  he'll ever just walk away and let someone else have full control. I don't think he can change that much.

Just like the old Sonny, Sam and Frank days ... TV sound off, radio sound up. Those radio guys are far superior to the TV guys.

Yes, but the out-of-sync business turns some people off.

F.P. is preferable to both of his immediate predecessors, Dibble and Sutton.

That we can agree on.

Looks like Detroit pulled a salary dump - they sent Prince Fielder and $30 million (deferred to 2016-2020) to Texas in return for Ian Kinsler. Actually, this is one of those classic "good for both teams" trades.

While the Tigers need to save money to pay Scherzer, they also needed a second baseman (Infante's a free agent). They also needed someone who could run the bases faster than a mastodon. I wouldn't be surprised to see him lead off for the Tigers.

Texas needed some pop in their lineup, and Fielder certainly gives them that (I recall you telling stories of how he hit as a young teenager). Moving Kinsler also solves their "what do we do with Jurickson Profar" problem - the kid didn't have a spot to play in, and he's one of the most-touted prospects since Trout and Harper.

All true, and nice to see you back, 405.

If it is true that the Tallahassee Police told the woman not to press charges because "this is a college football town", that is the most despicable thing I have ever heard. Do you think the NCAA should get involved in making sure that does not happen again?

I think first things first. Investigate, make an arrest, have a trial ... lot of steps. If it's true, the woman has a great civil case. And these stories are coming from media, not the NCAA. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the NCAA to save the day.

...And then fumbles on the way to the end zone. All this Christmas stuff a month before T'giving leads to an excessive celebration penalty. Sigh... TBHitW

Well, the pilgrims didn't wear red (as far as we know)! Just going with the color motif.

I only saw it in passing, but I have to say I think the bumble bee, prison uniform throwback uniforms the Steelers wore last weekend are terrible and awesome all at once!

They were awesome in their terribleness.

"Burn all red clothing! Except for Santa, of course. He gets a pass." Hey, Nats fans get their Red on as well....

It's the offseason. I don't think Nats fans need be included.

I think it's a good move for Prince. He'll be able to sweat off a few pounds in the Texas heat. Because as a fat 30-year old whose stats are in decline, his career is not long. Detroit got a steal.

Perhaps. I do think he's on the downhill run of his career (there, Rangers fans, I just got you 40 homers).

I too am not a fan of the MNF crew, and really like Joe Buck (I never understand why people don't like him). However, the best thing that ever happened to TV sports was John Madden retiring. Screaming "boom" 40 times a game and having a man crush on Brett Favre is not insight into football.

That's the great thing: to each his own. He wasn't as good at the end of his career but he had some great years, to me. I don't understand the Buck Hate either, but again ... if we all liked the same things, this would be a boring old world.

Props to Boswell for calling out the poor play of the Redskins defense this season. And I really like Haslett. I also think the team is showing the effects of the two year salary cap penalty.

Boz was great as always (though hardly the only person to call out the defense). I do think the salary cap hit has hurt but I also think excuse time is over. But I think it's part of the reason special teams are so bad. That's where corners have been cut (so to speak).

The University of Missouri, are they considered more of a basketball or football college? They are interesting in how snake bitten both teams have been.

Traditionally, basketball. More recently, football more than basketball.

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