Nov 08, 2010

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Here's my take on the Collie concussion in the Eagles-Colts game. It looked like a run-of-the-mill play, the kind you see several times a game. The thought that this man may have been paralyzed in a routine football play lingered for what seemed like forever as he lay on the field. Once the game resumed the refs called the pass incomplete and awarded a penalty when the pass was complete and the tackling was routine. After all of this the Eagles seemed to back off and let Indy score. What's your take on this mess?

My take: Coleman's helmet did hit Collie's, but because Collie was knocked into Coleman. I didn't feel like that was at all a deliberate play. He had possession and it should have been a fumble, but I am sure the officials were freaked out because it appeared his was unconscious before he hit the ground. I don't blame them "overcalling" the play on the field, for that reason, but I don't think this should be treated as a deliberate hit, and Coleman punished accordingly.

And good morning, everyone. Let's get started.

when I mentioned that I've been habitually mixing hot chocolate with a splash of coffee. Is my concoction weird? If it is, as deemed by either you, or by my esteemed fellow T-Ham devotees, I shall return home this evening, and say to her, "Alas, you're right. I'll stop consuming the weird drink."

Well, I'm not a hot drink drinker so I refuse to step into this one. But I'm sure your fellow chatters will have something to say.

Can we just get a little love for the one team in town that actually wins?

Sure we can. (I was supposed to go to the game yesterday but I'm sick with something or other and didn't feel like infecting the press box and locker room.)

Sincerely, Wade from Dallas

Yes, but only because there's no reason to fire your sorry self with a potential lockout looming.

Hey, Tracee, it was so nice getting an extra hour of sleep yesterday, I think we should turn back our clocks EVERY night from now on, and we'll all be much happier every morning. Of course, I'm happy anyway after watching another Dallas fiasco last night, and I imagine you are too, thanks to KU on Saturday.

I love this plan. I'm happy to be a part of it.

So many Redskins fans were down on him, as apparently was Mike Shanahan. But I never thought Jason Campbell was that horrible. I mean, he's not Peyton Manning, but he's not Ryan Leaf either. I'm glad to see him doing well with the Raiders.

I didn't ever sense a lot of JC hatred here, more that people felt he'd never succeed here and that he needed to leave. And I think a lot of people are happy for him now. This morning, I am not, but that's more about the Chiefs than him.

Hi Tracee, Was that Breeders Cup race this weekend incredible or what? Is that horse's ownership group not going to seriously cash in on this philly's, uhhh, mothering (or whatever the female term for siring is) abilities? I mean, even though she lost by a nose, wouldn't that be more blamed on the jockey than on the horse? What did Beyer say in the newsroom?

Sorry, couldn't get into the Zenyatta hype. If Beyer ever comes into the newsroom again, I'll let you know what he said.

Now that the Redskins just had their bye week, we can go back to making fun of the 1-7 Cowboys. It's actually starting to lose its humor for me (since I've ALWAYS had a soft spot for the underdog and the losers). It's like they've completely given up. What gives?

I think you answered your own question: They've completely given up.

Big shock to me was the half-empty stadium. I used to live in the neighborhood and, sort of like Fed Ex Field, you knew not to plan anything for game days because getting anywhere was hopeless. I know Randy Shannon is not popular, but Wow. Even the student sections looked not to be fully occupied.

Well, hasn't the traditional excuse down there been that it's so nice people don't want to waste their afternoons at a (fill in the sporting event here)? Poor Maryland; I really thought they had that game won.

What a dumb move by the Red Bull team. They should have found a way for Weber to get by Vettle and that way he would have only trailed Alonso by 1 pt going into final race in Abu Dhabi next Sunday. Finishing second cost Weber 8pts. Vettel is still 15 pts behind Alonso. They should have played the team orders card like Ferrari did. It's part of Formula 1.


Tracee, don't you read your own paper? Law school is overrated. It's hard to make enough money to even start to pay off your student loans, that is assuming you get a legal job at all. If I had your smarts and writing ability, I would love to trade places! And you can always send the cats out to do cat food commercials.

It certainly is time the cats started pulling their weight. Mooches.

While not being forced to watch a Redskins game, I found that there were really good games being played elsewhere. Why wasn't I told about this earlier? I feel duped. How do I cope with this betrayal?

This is the trouble with the bye week. It was particularly noticeable, for me, last season. The scales fell from my eyes, as it were. Just sorry we didn't get the Chiefs-Raiders game here. Or maybe I'm not.

Tracee: In the Ravens/Dolphins game, the Dolphins won the toss and "elected to defer," as the announcers say now, kicking to the Ravens who scored on their first possession. This is at least the second deferral in a Ravens game this season. Are teams that win the coin toss doing this more often now, or is this an aberration? (It never, ever used to happen unless weather conditions were severe.) Thanks.

I heard someone theorize yesterday during a telecast that teams defer because they want the ball at the start of the second half, when it's apparently "more important," especially if the opponent finished the first half with a score. This seems like massive overthinking to me.

Hi Tracee, I was encouraged the week after the NFL levied heavy fines for headhunting that safeties and linebackers actually appeared to get the message. My feelings appear to have been premature. Yesterdays hit on the Colt's Austin Collie was sickening. Neither defensive back seem interested in intercepting the ball. They both were intent on the knockout blow. After watching Collie twitch on the ground, I turned the tv off. I just don't get it. Football is a game, it is not supposed to leave a player paralyed or dead. What is wrong with these guys? I am sure I am not the only one turned off.

It was sickening to see but I didn't think it was deliberate. Neither did some of Collie's teammates. He had the ball tucked and lowered his head, preparing to be hit. But one guy hitting him a split-second before the other resulted in that horrible scene with him laying on the turf. As I said, I don't think it was deliberate, but I also don't want to see a guy paralyzed or killed at a game.

Tracee: I noticed that I went to bed last night without heartburn or heart palpatations. I actually slept like a baby for the first Sunday in, oh, 8 weeks! You don't think the fact that the Redskins had a bye this week could be the reason, do you? If so, what do you recommend for the next 8 Sundays/Mondays????

Prilosec and therapy.

I have to admit that despite liking French's writing style, I wasn't happy with how In the Woods ended and was ready to give up on her. Your recommendation prompted me to give her second book The Likeness a look and I'm glad I did, much better and looking forward to her latest.

The Likeness, I thought, was terrific and I loved the third one as well. Glad you kept after it.

Hi, Tracee. When you were growing up in Kansas, did you ever think the following: someday I will move to a major market, become a guru of a sports editor/journalist, get to bark orders at the likes of Wilbon, have a quirky curmudgeonly colleague named Cheese Boy, and be asked several times about pomegranates by your readers?

Only the part about the pomegranates.

When I make hot chocolate (I use a mix), I add a heaping spoonful of either vanilla or mocha coffee to it. Ina Garten, the Food Network's Barefoot Contessa, always adds a little coffee or espresso powder to chocolate because she says it brings out the flavor.

I knew someone would have something to say about this.

Gale Sayers... John Riggins... James Sims??? Did you see that 4th quarter??? Of course you didn't, there were no cameras. What a comeback!!! Rudy's and Ad Astras for everyone!!!

Very happy for those poor kids, and Gill. Maybe there's hope for the future.

Go the other way: put the Swiss Miss powder in the cup, then pour coffee over it. Delightful on a chilly day!


How about those two long passes by Jason Campbell yesterday, one to set up the FG for the tie in regulation and the other to set up the winning kick in OT? I guess JC knows how to run the two-minute offense?

Happy for Campbell, but seriously, you're killing me. KILLING ME.

Wilbon says the same thing. But I'm pretty sure Boz roots for the Nats!

It's harder for someone like Boz who grew up here. These are his childhood teams (not the Nats, of course, but the Senators). For me, with no ties when I moved here 17 years ago, it's easier. Not always easy, but easier.

And chocolate and coffee sounds just fine to me. Doesn't Hagan Daas make a delicious ice cream combining those two flavors? But a local watering hole here in Annapolis offers "chocolate stout." Now that's something the mere thought of which makes me queasy.

What an awful thing to do to stout!

I know we can't beat the Bills, but if we lose the next 8 games, do you think we can beat the Cowboys for next year's higher draft pick? We'll need a quarterback because I can't imagine that Donovan will be back after last week's dissin. What Shanahan doesn't realize is that if you want to dump your quarterback, do it in the offseason, not with 8 games to go.

The Cowboys would have to win a few games under that scenario. One would be the Redskins, obviously, but who else can they beat? I seriously am not sure they can beat anyone.

Agree about the timing with Donovan. Midseason = not good.

Ms. H: Congrats to the Jayhawks for a fantatic comeback (or, if you're a CU fan, a Buffs collapse). You, being much younger, and much wiser than I, no doubt can explain this - within one month my Huskers destroy KSU at Manhatten, followed by Texas shutting off our ground game and winning 20-13 in a game which wasn't really that close. Then, The Horns go to KSU and the Cats run all over them to win easily. How/why? As for NU-ISU, I'll take a one point win in overtime and head for the exit. KU next - hope no 35-point quarters by the Jayhawks in Lincoln. AHG

I'm not sure what's going on in the Big 12 this year. Texas has clearly given up. K-State couldn't beat the Cowboys without their top receiver but kills the Horns. I don't know. Not that K-State's not good this year but they are as unpredictable as the rest. Your boys are sittin' pretty, that's for sure.

Andy Beyer has a great piece on the race in this morning's paper. However, unfortunately for the owners, mares, unlike sires, can only foal once a year. That limits your earnings potential And there's not always a great correlation between greatness as a racehorse and greatness as a sire or dam. But, yes, what a terrific race.

Beyer's the best horse racing writer I've ever seen, no doubt. And good point about the difference between mares and sires. That maybe came out wrong, but you know what I mean.

Will we have to file a FOIA request to find out the injury?


It's like being asked what one's favorite Beatles song is, but do you have a favorite Seinfeld one-liner? For me, I have to say, it's two: "Cherish the cabin" and "That is one angry clown"

Not that there's anything wrong with it.

Yada yada.

The sea was angry that day, my friend. Like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.

I realize this may be premature, but two impressive wins in a row (over New Orleans and the Patriots) are, well, impressive!

Yup, I'm sure the Patriots were surprised. Pretty amazing. There is a lot of parity this year.

I use hot chocolate mix and 1/2 hot water and 1/2 coffee. Sports - Adam Dunn to Tigers? Cubs or Nats? I think he would look great in Tiger uniform and he isn't the player to break the Cubbies curse.

If Dunn has to leave, I guess I'd like to see him go to my Tigers, selfishly.

This chat is sometimes better than the food chat! I get food, sports...what more could I want? Perfect.

Well, I'm glad you think so.

You want to hear a scary thought on head injuries. I read this at the pediatrician's office in Sports Illustrated. Some research team out of Purdue, is finding that offensive lineman are suffering long term effects from the constant hitting that goes on in their positions, even though the hits they absorb are not as violent in terms of magnitude of the hit. It makes you wonder how safe this game can ever be, and whether you can protect those who play it. As a father of 2 young boys, I always dreamed I would watch my boys play football, as I had before them. Now, I almost wish they would pick something else.....

That is scary and if you think about it, not surprising, I guess. Those poor guys also get their knees torn up, and their hips suffer later, too.

Is it wrong that I find all the hand-ringing over rough hits in football to be a bit disingenuous? The is, after all, a sport that is regularly spoken of in violent terms (Kill the ______!! as they always used to say before my high school games). The whole point of the game is that it's a battle. And yet, we don't want anyone to get hurt? This is like going to the water park and then getting upset because you got wet. I'm not saying I'm looking for players to get hurt every week (there's a reason that football is probably my least favorite sport), I just feel like folks are refusing to be upfront about their blood lust.

There's a difference between accepting the fact that someone's going to tear an ACL and that someone's going to be paralyzed for life. But you make a point that we do continue to watch this. I certainly do not have blood lust; I don't want to see anyone even tear an ACL. But I still watch, absolutely.

How is this game not on one of the several zillion sports channels on cable TV this weekend? Apparently it was on DirectTV but I have FIOS. Are the powers that be trying to prevent BCS voters from seeing these teams or does everyone have contractual obligations to other conferences? I mean, there were about 15 games on TV during the same timeperiod. All of them were "better" games - I don't think so. Rant over. Oh and coffee and hot chocolate - I don't drink coffee but isn't that what mocha is all about. Doesn't sound all that unusual to me.

I wondered the same thing. Saw some fairly middling games instead.

Well, that was weird.

Yes, it was.

And now I have to dash. Thanks, everyone, enjoy your morning coffee, cocoa, or coffee and cocoa, or mocha, and let's talk tomorrow!

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