Oct 27, 2010

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Just hit 40 years old and moved to the DC area when I was 20. Am I now allowed to start cheering for the local teams in addition to my boyhood teams? Snyder made it easy not to cheer for the Redskins, but I would like to jump on the Capitals bandwagon and was hoping that being here half my life would make it "okay."

Yes, I grant you permission. You wouldn't be the only one who has jumped on the Caps bandwagon in the past few years. Sometimes it takes awhile to develop feelings for the local teams; sometimes that never happens. It was easy to me to like the Pistons and Wings when I moved to Detroit because I didn't grow up with an NBA or NHL team.

And good morning, everyone! I guess the wind yesterday was bad in places but I survived somehow. Today I'm going to Lions practice, although I'm not allowed to watch. So no inside dope for Shanny! Let's get started...

When I was in high school my H/R teacher taught typing. First it came to mind one day to us guys a way to taunt (no flags thrown here for taunting) our H/R by setting the TAB key like every third space. It worked for a couple days until she showed us how it was cleared very easily then it wasn't fun. But I digress. The trivia question. I asked my H/R typing teacher this question. "What ten (10) letter word can be typed using only the top row of letter keys? (One hint. Some letters may be used more than once.) I gave her several days to think and she could not answer it. If it can not be answered during the chat I will give the answer tomorrow. I will not be available during the chat. Anyone who uses a typewriter SHOULD be able to answer this rather easily.

Throwing it out there.

So LeBron and co. are on pace for an 0-82 record season. Seriously what did you think of Bosh, is this his first televised game, maybe should have taken the money and stayed in Canada eh?

I didn't think he was that impressive, but I agree with Doc Rivers that they'll be good by the end of the season. I was favorably impressed with the way the Celtics worked in the new with the old and very happy to see them win.

Hi, Tracee. I relived part of my youth last night by attending a New Christy Minstrels show in Severna Park. It was pretty good, tho' they don't sing as well as they used to (duh) and I would have preferred more music and less talk. Also, it was very loud, they all wore black -- what's with that? But one of their members is Dave Deutchendorf, John Denver's uncle, who has taught school in Newton, Kansas for 38 years! I've vaguely heard of Newton but have never been there. I'm from Goodland, myself -- if you and your family were to visit, the population would probably double, but a very nice, if now somewhat depressed, place to live.

Not sure I've ever been to Goodland, although certainly past it a time or two. Newton has grown tremendously; it now straddles I-135 to the extent that they had to build a kind of bypass, so that tells you something. I had no idea John Denver's uncle taught there.

Why is it when you go to a concert these days, you get more talk than signing? I hear that from a lot of people.

Then what are you doing at Lions practice. And on another note any plans for a dinner at Le Shish in Dearborn? One of my favorite restaurants.

Talking to Lions, of course. Out of town media are not allowed to watch, though. Apparently it's that way at Redskins Park and everywhere else, too. Did not know that.

I'm Boz's age, come from a baseball family, and love bseball almost as much as he does -- though I don't express this nearly as well. Being of the "Anybody but the Yankees" persuasion, I like the Giants/Rangers match-up. But I'm also with Wilbon in saying something just seems wrong about starting the Series on Oct. 27, after the start of both the NHL and NBA regular seasons. Pretty soon they'll be competing with the NFL on Thanksgiving Day! I know it's all about the money, but would knocking the average MLB salary down from $3 million to $2.5 million really be that awful?

Who can make it on $2.5 million? Harsh! Seriously, the union would never agree to backslide on salaries, and it is powerful enough to hold to that. The talk about expanding the playoffs worries me for this reason. I know the players want to make the postseason, but this also eats in to their time off.


Oh, snap.

my answer: if you are going to be on a Nike commercial- sell some shoes. If you are going to play basketball- win the championship. If you want to be taken for a grown-up- shut up!

The fuss over this summer's debacle could have died down, but he's just stirred it all up, and then cries about being misunderstood. Be whoever you want -- just shut up about it. Yeesh. He wants to be his own person but he can't seem to bear any criticism. Can't have one without the other.

Comment heard on sports radio yesterday: "Has there ever been a greater college basketball player in the history of the game than John Wall? There's nothing he hasn't done in college. He's definitely on the fast track to be a basket ball Hall of Famer with the Wiz." Is this the same John Wall about which a local college reporter wrote ""I covered him his entire college career [one year] and the only problem with his game is his shooting. Other than that he's a complete player."

I'm not sure why we can't just let John Wall play one or two games before we decide he's a Hall of Famer or a guy who can't shoot.

With the Wizards now ahead of the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference, is it safe to say that the Leonsis approach is paying off?


Look for Nationals vs. Mariners next year!

I will look. We'll all look.

The good news is "Yes the good news is Dallas LOST. The Bad News? The Cowboys LOST. Yes it is both good and bad. Good for obvious reasons. The bad? Because the more they lose the higher draft pick they get. They have a greater chance for another Ache-man, or Emmitt (I just know that we will beat the Skins every time) Smith. So a word of caution to one and all... You might be careful of what you wish for cause it could come back and haunt you.

It's a delicate balancing act for the Cowboys haters. They need to lose, but not too much. Got it.

The guy who annoys you?

I'm not going to say, but here's a hint: You can stop guessing.

I think that it is really a propros after the the 'Boys lost and have sunk to 1-5. The ESPN Power ranking have them listed at #26 with the following: Jerry Jones is hosting the Super Bowl, but he should apply to host the 2011 NFL draft. (Clayton). Also their song should be a take off of a Platters hit back in the late '50s (which is changed slightly here)

The Great Pretenders

Oh yes, we're the great pretenders

Pretending we're doing well

Our need is such We pretend too much

We're lonely but no one can tell

Oh yes, we're the great pretenders

Adrift in a world of our own

We play the game but to our real shame

You've left us to dream all alone

Too real is this feeling of make-believe

Too real when we feel what our heart can't conceal

Oh yes, we're the great pretenders Just laughing and gay like a clown

We seem to be what we're not you see

We're wearing our heart like a crown

Too real when we feel what our heart can't conceal

Oh yes, we're the great pretenders

Just laughing and gay like a clown

We seem to be what we're not you see

We're wearing our heart like a crown

Pretending that you're... Pretending that you're still around

Enjoy all Redskins Fans

Lots of anti-Cowboy joy out there...

Hi Tracee. At the risk of being ridiculed by fellow FTF chatters, kindly allow me to gently suggest HOT APPLE CIDER to the beverage debate. It's good. REALLY good. People here have voiced strong support and opposition to things like Iced Coffee. Do you suppose hot apple cider will spawn a similar divisiveness?

Let's find out!

... your nickname should be Tornado Tracee?

As a Kansan, this was not an impressive storm (what hit here, I mean; other areas got hammered). I will say this, though: There was no over-the-top panicking here, either.

I am continually amazed, however, at how people all over the country fail to turn on their headlights during torrential (Torain-tial?) rain. I was in one bad downpour yesterday and there were a lot of cars that might as well have been invisible. Driver's ed ought to be mandatory.

Top of the morn to you and your, Tracee! I was discussing scary movies with a college buddy yesterday, and we agreed that The Shining is the scariest. However, when viewed today, Jack's performance is so over the top goofy, it's hard to take seriously. What's your favorite scary movie? And if you see it now, is it STILL scary?

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

Territory is a good word, too.


The media's reporting on the games reveals that players this week around the league refrained from tackling with the intent to maim to tackling with the intent to bring the guy down. The emphasis on wanting to hurt the other player is one of the things that is bad about football historically. The game was almost outlawed until they changed the way it was played -- 120 years ago or so. This is a good thing -- you can play great, entertaining football without wanting to hurt the other guy.

Agreed. The world kept on spinning, didn't it?

So, in the last week the Yankees lost, the Phillies lost, the Cowboys lost, the Vikings lost, and the Heat lost. Funny how all the teams we (meaning ESPN) spent all summer obsessing about have lost.

Yes, I'm sure that wasn't the result ESPN wanted last night. Pity.

Love his stuff. Also, The Reluctant Astronaut and The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Loved those movies when I was a kid.

I saw The Ghost and Mr. Chicken recently and was still scared when that blood-stained organ started to play. I remember seeing that in the Roach Theater on Halloween practically every year of my childhood. Good times.

As the last right-thinking Floridian, I'm as anti-Celtic as I am anti-Yankee and anti-Cowboy, and I couldn't care less about the NBA--but it didn't hurt my mood while watching the Boise game that the crawl pointed out 20 turnovers by the not-very-big-three and a whopping 9-point first quarter.

Yes, they've turned off even people who don't care! Amazing... And how about Boise State?

Yes. I'm sure the chatters could list plenty, and I won't make a list but perhaps it could start with players who won NCAA titles, or took their teams to the Final Four. It's pretty hard to stake a claim to "greatest ever" if he only played one season.

Yes, it's ridiculous, but important to note John Wall is making no such claim; it's some idiot on sports talk radio. That's why God put an off button on the radio.

Billy Packer: he's just not that likeable. I'm not sure why, due I think it has to do with the impression that he's not talking to you, but rather, to his broadcast partner. Anyway, does he deserve a mild slap, or a playful noogie?

Mild slap from me.

Ms. H: Drivers who do this are just out of it. I once, fool that I am, saw a driver pull into a mall parking lot - driving rain, a really dark day - and made the mistake of saying, very politely, "thought I'd mention you didn't have your headlights on." After looking at me as though I just escaped from the idiots' home, he repled "IT'S DAYTIME!!" I almost asked him if it was 9am, under the same conditions, plus a total eclipse of the sun, would he then CONSIDER turning on his lights, but decided it was hopeless. The only cure for such people is a lustily-swung two by four. AHG

I left my lumber in Virginia, sadly. Headlights are for your own safety as well as others; even the most selfish person ought to be able to get behind that!

I agree, baseball should be a warm weather sport; but if you can't get excited about Lincecum/Lee, you're not really a fan.

Oh, no, the matchup is great, especially tonight. Can't wait.

Off topic question, but do people still enjoy the sending a receiving of Late December Holiday Cards? I'm doing them for the first time this year and I'm actually pretty excited. Not big essays, just notes in greeting cards.

My personal feeling: I'd rather get a handwritten note or a Xeroxed Christmas letter than a card with a signature and nothing else. That's a waste of money to me. I don't mind the dread Christmas letter -- at least I feel like I know what happened to you in the previous year. One page, one side only, no cheating with tiny type.

We used to have a contest at work to see who could bring in the most obnoxious Christmas letter they received. I never won but was always competitive.

The real problem is that Kansas doesn't play in the overrated ACC. "Fudge" never met an ACC team he didn't think was better than God, I mean Koach K.

Yes, and that is part of the reason he gets a slap.

So what's the local sports radio talking about in Detroit? Are they discussing the Lions or are they already discussing the Red Wings and the Pistons?

Can't turn on the radio because I'm glued to my Garmin. I have gotten seriously lost a lot (I am staying in an area I'm completely unfamiliar with; that's why I'm eager to get downtown and to the east side tomorrow). I'm having dinner with a friend tonight who also does radio so I'll find out then!

Oh I've seen the obnoxious notes before. My parents are the recipients of some...doozies. I was thinking a good paragraph, not just my name, handwritten. Better?

That works great. Just something to sum up the year or how you're doing or whatever...

For the last few years, we've been receiving a letter addressed to someone else with my last name, but mailed to my address. I'd tell them, but their family is much more interesting and accomplished than mine...

Oh, that's even better! I love that. And you can tell they are really good friends with whoever the letter is intended for since they keep mailing them these letters, to which they are probably getting no response. Classic.

Overrated ACC? Wow. I guess if you take out UNC (my alma mater) and Doook, then you could say that. Uh, championships in the past 10 years: ACC: Five (UNC twice, Dooook twice, and Maryland), SEC Two (Florida twice), Big East Two (UConn and Syracuse) and Big 12 One (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!). I hate Billy Packer also, but please don't use non-facts to bolster your argument.

He doesn't like my team. I don't care for him as an announcer. The end.

On the advice of my attorney, I am including a disclaimer this season: "We wish, but in no way guarantee you, a Merry Christmas"

Smart play.

Remind me which conference counts the last two NCAA men's basketball champion as members?

Yes, yes, the ACC is fantastic. I never said otherwise. I do not care for him as an announcer because I find him biased. The success of the ACC does not give him an excuse to be biased.

"He doesn't like my team. I don't care for him as an announcer. The end." I can totally agree with that. He hates my team also.

That's all I'm saying. And HP, resubmit your trivia question tomorrow; ran out of time.

Jack Nicholson was ALL WRONG for The Shining (for anyone who read the book). Jack Torrance was a failed preppie. At the time, I thought James Franciscus would have been better. Jack Nicholson seemed crazy from the get-go. And Shelley Duvall was WAY too unattractive to be Wendy. Scatman & the kid were good, however. My favorites: Rosemary's Baby and a movie almost nobody has ever heard of called The Mephisto Waltz, with Alan Alda, Jacqueline Bissett, Barbara Parkins (amazing, and so beautiful!), and a small part by Khigh Deigh (Hawaii Five-O's Wo Fat).

Never heard of that one. I must say The Omen creeped me out pretty good. I don't do a lot of scary movies and the ones they are making now -- no way. Too delicate for that!

I'd better sign off. Housekeeping is not pleased I am in here; this woman is ready to throttle me. Sort of strange in a hotel but since she has access to my room I'd better behave. Later!


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