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Oct 24, 2013

This week, Tracee Hamilton discusses all the sports news.

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Why wasn't that missed pop-up an error? I could have caught it, and I use a walker.

I'm laughing so hard.

Hello, all. Let's get started!

I submitted this during the chat last week too late for it to elicit discussion, so Tracee asked me to resubmit this week.

We haven't had a random food topic in a while, so I'm bringing up the subject of "fad foods" -- stuff that you've never heard of that all of a sudden is everywhere.

A recent example is Greek yogurt. Two years ago, nobody'd ever heard of it; now it's everywhere. I've yet to get an explanation of what it is, other than about twice as expensive as regular yogurt. Also, what is "Greek" about it, or is that another misnomer like "Canadian" bacon?

In the 90's, there was a period where absolutely everything was "blackened". In the oughts, it was chipotle everything (I'm sure someone came up with chipotle ice cream). Where does this stuff come from, and how does it get from unknown to ubiquitous in what seems like a few months?

Throwing it out there. I remember being in Greece in 2004 and one of our writers falling completely in love with Greek yogurt and being very upset she couldn't find it when she got home. I can barely tolerate the regular stuff.

Anyway have thoughts?

Brandon Meriweather has now been fined for dirty hits while playing for the Patriots, the Bears, and the Redskins. The last two teams got rid of him. If Shanahan continues to use a habitually dirty player after so many incidents, then I blame the coach as dirty, not the player. If Meriweather wants to be the next Jack Tatum, he should do it somewhere else and hope no one ends up like Darryl Stingley.

This is what I wonder: how people will still defend him when he is the next Jack Tatum and does it in the burgundy and gold. Because there are still folks who don't think he's being deliberately dirty. I can't see into his heart -- no one can -- but it can't all just be coincidence. And if he wanted to change, he would.

Why do newspapers call it a lede instead of lead?

I admit,  I had to look this up but now that I read this, it makes perfect sense to those of us old enough to remember moveable type.


I did not like Mary J. Blige's performance of the anthem last night. I wish all anthem singers would follow the example of local anthem singer DC Washington, or any of the service performers (like the Singing Sergeants) - sing it straight through, quickly, and with a minimal amount of ornamentation or showing off. It's the National Anthem; it's not the mad scene from Lucia Di Lammermoor.

I'm on record as being right with you on this one. At least no one yelled "O's", I hope.

Welp, looks like this year I'm rooting for a Nor'easter and an earthquake, in no particular order. Did you see Grantland's oral history of the Earthquake Series? Pretty interesting stuff.

I didn't, but you're right, that is interesting.

Well, so much for great baseball. It looked like a preseason game.

I hope the rest of the thing is more interesting to those of us without a dog in the hunt, but we'll see.

The Cardinals seem to be acting true to form with Matheny whining about the "controversial" play at second in the first inning last night in his post-game comments - the one that exactly two people - one ump (inexplicably) and Matheny - thought was a catch and an out. My goodness, it was the most obvious blown call I've seen since Pete Kozma's 8-strike at bat last year (BTW, Pete committed two errors last night - sorry I got so much pleasure from that, but it's my schadenfreude showing). Aside from the obvious reasons a Nats fan would be rooting against the Cardinals, it's the massive sense of entitlement that the Cardinals and their fans have that leads me to root for - the Red Sox? Yes, one of the two fan bases that feels even more entitled than Red Sawx Nation (the other, of course, is the Yankees, who trump all).. I had thought this was going to be a close series, going 7 games with one-run margins. I now would not be surprised if Boston sweeps. Section 405

It's pretty amazing that anyone missed that call. Dumuth's explanation is that he was watching feet, not hands. Um...don't you eventually find a way to do both if you are a major league ump in the World Series? I know these guys aren't perfect but that one wasn't close. I have to believe when Matheny calms down and sees a replay he'll know the call was wrong. But I think he'll still be mad about how for the first time a WS call was made by committee. Because that was strange. Thank goodness it didn't affect the outcome.

Hi Tracee, The Caps defense was horrid versus the Jets. As a result Oatsie benched Greenie. Do you think GMGM will be actively looking to move Mike Green before the trade deadline?

Let's see, active at the trade deadline? Well, maybe, but I know longer can figure out this team at all. I actually feel a little sorry for Ovechkin. 

Which Nationals are most and least likely to be back on the team next year? And why can't a lot of fans let Michael Morse go? There was a question in the Nats Q&A about getting him back. I liked him too, but still. . .

The Michael Morse love affair needs to end. Beyond that, I'm not ready for the hot stove yet. 405, any thoughts?

I toured the American Indian Museum when it first opened in '04, and our guide was a young Native American woman. Someone asked her if she was offended by the name Redskins as the local football team, and she said she didn't like it but what REALLY bothered her was that the US military named all its helicopters after tribes (Apache, Blackhawk, Chinook, etc). The same military/government that had pretty much wiped out her ancestors and forced them off their tribal lands. I'm sure the military brass thinks this is an honor and recognition of these tribes fighting prowess -- after all there aren't any battleships after Benedict Arnold. But she wasn't honored. So who makes the final call?. It's a complicated issue.

That's true, there are a lot of things that might be considered offensive. I don't think the Native American lobby is making itself heard in the way others do.

(I would point out there is a Jayhawk helicopter so they aren't all Indian tribes.)

It is certainly a complicated issue.

I just cleaned out my spam filter. One week = 800 emails. Good grief.

Gotta love this correction from the Washington Post.

That one is going to be hard to beat. May I not be the one to beat it.

Has anyone seen the very handsome Jayson around town this fall? He apparently bought a house in the area and must have kids in school. Is he now incognito (sans beard and with a haircut)? XCIII

Look closely at the Red Sox bench.

I agree with Wainwright the First Poster: why wasn't it an error instead of a BH? Because they can't assign blame since no one tried for it?

I honestly don't know the answer. It seemed like an E to me because it was CLEARLY catchable.

This was mentioned over on the MLB network - the folks at SI Kids put together a "higlight reel" of the best plays of the playoffs using Lego. For me, seeing Lego Torii Hunter going over the wall with Lego Boston Cop raising his arms is as good as it gets.....

Boy, have Legos changes since I was a kid.

Sririachiaichiriari or whatever that hot sauce is called. TBHitW

I think that's the correct spelling.

For me it was some bread that was all the rage in Kansas for awhile. They pronounced it "lavage" but I think it's spelled "lavash." Anyway, I couldn't see what all the excitement was about but the minute we sat down at any table anywhere, we had to order "lavage." Whatever. I refused to eat it on principle.

I like really thick yogurt such as one brands thick and creamy line. The company makes it that way by adding gelatin and other thickening agents. greek yogurt is made thicker by straining out of more of the moisture of regular yogurt. It is twice as expensive as it takes roughly twice as much milk to make the same amount of yogurt. I like the consistency.

There is an expert on this chat on any topic known to man. Or woman.

but why do so many of the players no look like they are auditioning for Duck Dynasty in the offseason (either that or trying to start a ZZ Top cover band). I don't remember so many players sporting that kind of look before.

Here is a short explanation. I find them hard to watch for the reason of the beards. And the shots of fans in the stands wearing the beards.

Greek yogurt is regular yogurt, but it's been strained to be thicker. Higher in protein too. If you're trying to eat healthier, it's a great substitute for sour cream for dips and toppings if you don't mind the tangyness. The Cards have got to get their stuff was an interesting game, but not much of a competition. Hope Beltran will be ok. It's been nice to see him get to play on the WS stage.

I'm with you on Beltran. Shame to make such a great play and wind up hurt. My folks have a Beltran autographed photo from his Royals days. Now that's an antique.

What is up with the forward lines that the Caps used in Winnipeg? Not good. Why isn't Jay Beagle playing? He supplies some grit and effort that would benefit the team. Even though the Caps eeked out a shootout win, I don't like their chances going up against better teams.

Oates is experimenting with line combinations. Sometimes no combination equals "good."

Yesterday sort of made up for game 5 last year. They called us chokers? Hah! I didn't see Storen blow a popup, and Desmond only booted one ball in the Ninth. I particularly enjoyed Kozma's errors. I am only slightly in favor of the Red Sox vs the league (being a rival of the Yankees has its advantages). But I am still bitter about the Cards post game 5 when they were saying that the Nats weren't ready.

I don't mind the Cards, but I am a little tired of them seemingly in the Series all the time. (I know they're not, but it seems like it.) However, for my cousin Patrick, I pull for them. He lives in a group home and lives for Cards games. It's a long few months for him when they are done.

Back in my day, chocolate came in 3 flavors...white, milk and dark. Now, every chocolate bar has the percentage of cocoa...the higher the cocoa content the nastier the taste.

I don't remember having white chocolate when I was a kid but then we were in the hinterlands. Barely had a phone. :)

Was it bullying to run up this score in a hs fb game? Seems like you would have made your print when it was 66-0?

Not sure what you mean by print? Print deadline? Or point?

I write about this today. No, it's not bullying. The starters took 21 snaps. The clock ran continuously in the second half. The winning team threw the ball 10 times. Apparently this stems from a redistricting problem -- this team got thrown in with a bunch of pretty bad teams. It is winning all its games by large margins. But that is not bullying. Any high school kid who has been bullied to suicide level could explain to this parent why this isn't bullying.

Is it possible that the Wiz make it to the playoffs this year? Otto Porter seems like a winning addition, Nene is healthy, John Wall wants to prove he's worth what they just paid him, and Vesaly can finally prove he's good at something other than kissing his girlfriend.... Hey, can I start having unrealistic expectations of Round 2? C'mon, the football team's fans have had unrealistic expectations for years....

Go for it. I'm going to say yes, it's possible.

i agree he ought to be gone .. but the 'Skins' defensive backfield is so talent-less, including Me-Angelo, that they kind of need Meriweather so I'd think it's doubtful they'd dump him. On the other hand, someone else might help by not costing them 45 yards a game ...

That's the Catch-22 for them. They need him.

While I expect to see empty seats at Caps pre-season games, I have seen them at every home game so far including opening night. I have not seen an announcement that "this is the XXXth consecutive sold out game" so I assume that streak is over. And discounted tickets for a couple of games were on Goldstar. So, has the Caps popularity crested? Is this fallout from the lockout or something else? Whatever the cause(s), I hope the sight of empty seats at all levels of Verizon Center will inspire Ted Leonsis not to jack up season ticket prices next year. (Yes, I am already worried about that.) He did not raise prices last year, presumably because of the lockout. In other news, I was at the pregame chalk talk last Saturday with GMGM. He was very gracious to the STHs present. He declined to answer some questions because "whatever I say will be in the media later." Interesting ...

GMGM always acts more harassed than he actually is. I don't know if it's crested -- you can only tell in the rearview mirror -- but if I were a  Caps fan, I'd be getting fed up around now. The tickets aren't cheap even without a price increase.

Replace the Indian head with a picture of Shanahan yelling. Not only would the color be correct, it would scare the other team.

He does tend to turn burgundy, doesn't he? Part of it his tan; if he were really pale and turned that red, you'd have to worry. But he starts kind of orange.

Getting ready for a new season. Of the local teams around, (UMD, GWU, GU, GMU, American), who do you think has the biggest upside, and which team do you think will struggle the most, and why?

I like Maryland this season as they finally settle in under Turg. Struggle the most? AU or GW.

It is just me, or do the Wizards actually seem to be improving? I don't see them tanking to get Wiggins in next year's draft like Philly....

405, you are not alone.

Don't know whether to be happy for him, since he's starting again, or sad, since he's starting for the Browns. (Being orginally from Cleveland, I still keep an eye on the old home teams - but I don't get invested in their occasional - and transient - successes). - space cadet

I'm happy for him but won't be rooting for him because he's playing a certain team... but he always struck me as a decent guy so good for him.

You wrote "But I think he'll still be mad about how for the first time a WS call was made by committee. Because that was strange. Thank goodness it didn't affect the outcome." Sorry, but it's NOT the first call made by committee -- umpires do that all the time when one has a better view. So I don't feel sorry for the Cards at all. That said, I don't think you can say it didn't affect the outcome. It may not have been a ninth-inning, end-the-game call, but I think it clearly affected the outcome.

Honestly, the way Lester was pitching, I don't think so. And overturning the call of one umpire is NOT usual.

Even though he may only be there for one season, is KU going gaga for Wiggins? I hope the poor guy is not crushed by all those comparisons to Lebron...

Yes, everyone's going nuts and anyone who has seen him play is amazed. I've heard good stories about his attitude. We'll see.

I will politely and respectfully disagree slightly with the esteemed Ms. Hamilton. Of course it might have affected the outcome. The blown call in question happened at the beginning of a blowout (1st inning), not the end. No one knows what happens after that if the out stays as called. How about, "thank goodness they got the call correct."

I still say Lester made it a moot point, but everyone feel free to disagree. They did get it right, and that's great; it was just an oddity. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

He has a kid in Little League. I have seen him in the stands (last year while on the DL). I did not go up and ask for his autograph, because that would not be cool. But he did go up and talk to the kids on both teams.

Cool on everyone's part. I'm sure he appreciates being left alone to be a parent.

I went to a reception because I heard it was going to have a "lavish spread." When I got there, it was just a table loaded with loaves of bread. TBHitW

Very funny. It's pronounced like the medical procedure, which makes it even more unappetizing. (It has disappeared, even from Kansas, thank goodness.)

Didn't the umps get together to declare Mark Belhorn's hit a homer after initially calling it in play in Game 6 of the classic Sox-Yanks ALCS in 2004?

I've heard the baseball talking heads saying all morning that it had never happened that the umps got together and overruled a call like that. I don't remember the homer you're talking about but 405, I bow to your superior knowledge. Seriously.

Yeah, me and Charley Weis are "muscular" too.

Oh, I love that.

In a permanent effort to raise awareness of cancer, the DC team should be renamed The Pinkskins. They could merchandise the h-ll out of all the new uniforms 'n' whatnot, plus they'd get the support of all those Notre Dame "subway alumni." I'm not sure, but I might be a genius. TBHitW

You are on fire today, TBHitW!

Thanks for answering my question about lede. Today Dan had an article the Os defining/explaining nachos in the 1980 game prograam. This lead him to researching other things at ballparks. He included, "And in 1978, the Globe & Mail went through some MLB concessions. "A glass of beer is 60 cents at Oakland, but a customer who can't bear watching the horrible A's can drown his sorrows in a half gallon of suds for $2," the paper reported." That led me to many more questions: A half gallon of beer? What did the container look like? It would take me an entire game to drink that, so was it insulated? What crap beer did they sell in that quantity, Schlitz?

A half-gallon -- how odd!

Regarding the uncaught pop up, I'm not sure if it is an actual written rule, but I know that generally official scorers are loathe to give an error when a fielder doesn't touch the ball, especially on pop ups and fly balls. It is just one of the many stupid things about defensive scoring in baseball that make the traditional numbers (errors, assists, etc.) so useless. The idea is that you can't decide they should have been able to field it, as opposed to them getting a glove on it and not catching it. Yeah, sure. That and not being able to assume a double play are just silly. Also, I have never seen so much energy spent over a call that was clearly correct. I thought LaRussa the lawyer had retired!

Thank God LaRussa isn't still the manager. The argument would still be going on. I'm sure you're right about the scoring but agree -- that's crazy.

Who gets the error - pitcher or catcher? That's why it's not an error. Various stats people have suggested a team error. But you'll then end up debating whether any ball that falls or is hit between two players was catchable. Considering that the current thinking in baseball-is that the pitcher never fields a pop up, so shouldn't it be the catcher's error?

This is starting to make my head hurt.

I know you're too young to remember, but back in the early 1950s Dean Martin had a huge hit with "That's Amore," and those of us not in the Italian-American community had absolutely no idea what pizza pie (and Pasta e Fagioli, which we didn't even know how to spell!) were.

That's awesome. We didn't have pizza growing up except when we went to the big city of Salina and went to Tony's. That was a big deal. My hometown now has a Pizza Hut -- so we still don't have pizza. (Ba dum dum.)

I used to make my own pizza, back when I cooked. Those were the days. Oh, yes, I need a simple recipe for a roast with little potatoes, onions, carrots, that you can make in a crockpot. Anyone have one, bring it along next week or email it to me. I've got to start preparing a list of food that my entire family will eat. So far I've got nothing.

Most Gentiles had no idea what a bagel was till the '60s, when they crossed-over gastronomically speaking. Nowadays it's even possible to order ham or BLT sandwiches made on bagels, oy vay!

I wondered about that. It was later than the '60s where I'm from. :)

Okay, gotta dash. I am reasonably sure that there's no way I'll be here next week since the baby will either be 1) born or 2) induced on Nov. 1. But we'll see. Maybe I won't head up till the 1st. Not entirely sure I want to be on a train to NY on Halloween, for some reason. Anyway, if I don't show up, you'll know why! Have a good weekend, all.

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