Oct 07, 2010

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At the start of every summer my family watches "Mr. Hulot's Holiday", which I warmly recommend to those who haven't seen it.

A movie I've never heard of; thanks for the recommendation!

And good morning, everyone! Let's get started. I'll try to mow down these questions with Roy Halladay-like precision. Arenas, Caps, Portis -- lots to talk about.

So did you go to Kettler and talk to Matt Bradley yesterday? Inquiring minds need to know. Hockey season is finally here!

I went to Kettler, watched practice, was in the locker room, but no, I didn't talk to Matt Bradley. I guess I don't feel like I have to prove to Matt Bradley that I attend practice. Really, it's not a big deal to me.

I never read the same book twice. Nor do I watch the same movie and/or Ken Burns documentary repeatedly. What possesses a sports fan to waste precious time in such a manner when they could be using it to master the Boz-like mathematical skills necessary to determine the actual fielding abilities of a utility infielder?

Ha! Very good use of your time. You can work on this next one if you'd like, since all my interns are tied up.

Tracee, a research question for you: Will Randy Moss be the first NFL player to play in consecutive Monday Night Football games ? Just asking .

Either the NFL, the Elias Bureau or Boz will have this figured out by lunchtime. Or the previous chatter...

I'm a Nats season's ticket holder (21 game plan, so I saw about 30 games). --- Rooting against the Phillies is a no-brainer -- anyone who went to Opening Day this year had the hate burned in indelibly, like Redskins-Cowboys indelibly. (hey, we're building tradition!) While I hope the Reds come back, and I'd like to see the Braves (who we beat like a drum last week) beat SF, if it comes to Phila- NYY, am I gonna *HAVE* to root for the Evil Empire? Signed Conflicted

Watch the Ken Burns documentary instead.

You may have to root for the Phillies, of course, but you can do it in the privacy of your own home. No one needs to know.

There was only one guy who refused to wear any pink on the Sunday Night Football Game: Jay Cutler. And sure enough, he looked like Kramer pinballing through Jerry's door everytime he stepped back in the pocket, getting sacked a record 9 times in the first half and leaving early with a concussion. Wearing a little pink probably won't kill a man, but karma and a nonexistent offensive line certainly might.

Interesting. Very interesting. Expect to see him in an all-pink uni next week.

I know that there is concern  about drama around Arenas. But isn't the media partially to blame pushing him with probing questions and writing about the supposed drama, it seems that some reporters are coming across as amateur psychologists rather than journalists the way they analyze these interviews. Arenas' sullen demeanor could be nothing he may just be trying to stay out of trouble. I mean it is possible that Arenas is upset about not being the franchise player and all of the attention Wall is getting, but shouldn't we see some regular season games and see how Wall and Arenas interact before over-reacting and say cut or trade Arenas?

Gene Wang and I were discussing this yesterday at Caps practice, and we've talked about this on this chat before. I have said, and I mean it, that I do not like to play amateur psychologist, any more than I like to play amateur doctor and declare Stephen Strasburg a sissy before the MRI comes back. I REALLY try to avoid this.

And you are right about the media's role. One of the big storylines, if not the biggest, this season is how Gilbert will adjust to Wall's presence. So I wouldn't "blame" the media for asking questions that I think a lot of fans would ask.

All of that said, I find Gilbert's answers -- coupled with his demeanor -- troubling. "I don't feel anything" may be Gilbert being flippant, and it may be something more. I am NOT QUALIFIED to determine that. But other people certainly are, and I hope the Wizards are paying attention. I think Gilbert's notion that he'll just move on after a time to another team is a bit naive and the Wizards owe it to him and to their investment to make sure he's okay.

As for whether he and Wall can co-exist, I think Gilbert AND everyone else would be best served by giving it more than  a preseason game or two, just as you suggest.

I'm going to the Caps game in ATL on Friday. Caps fan, obviously, but what's the reception normally like for away-fans in Atlanta? Anyone?

Throwing this out there...

Seriously -- the beard, the sullen look, the self-pity, the rejection of his own personality. This goes beyond how effective he'll be on the court, and whether or not Wilbon's contention that he needs fresh scenery is for the best -- from a distance, he looks like a man who is spiralling downward. I hope he has a good season, but much more than that, I just hope he is OK.

See above. And exactly. I just don't think a change of scenery is in the cards, which means they need a Plan B.

It's a good day to be a Phillies fan. You can't be a real fan without suffering through hard times and Phillies fans have certainly known them. Here's hoping Nats fans don't have to wait as long to reach the promised land.

A play0ff no-hitter is a great thing, and Halladay is amazing. The Phillies are loaded with pitching. Someday, maybe the Nats will be.

Doesn't pretty much every quarterback wear one of these anyway, at least in the eyes of the refs?


Lonesome, mainly. Not a big pro-sports town.

So it's safe to wear your Caps jersey, apparently. Have fun!

Green Bay by 20. Especially with his majesty CP on the side. Told ya he wouldn't play a full season.


Good morning, Tracee! So after last night's performance, do you think there's any way that the Phils don't stomp all the way to the Series? Seriously, can we just give 'em the trophy and call it a day? This is a team that is known for momentum that just enjoyed one of the best post-season pitching performances in history.

I don't envy the Reds having to try to win three of four and knowing that guy could come back at them.

Hah! Caps jersey? I'm a graduate student. Even the low-level replicas are a bit spendy.

Ah. Caps sweatshirt? Caps T-shirt? Write "Caps" on a plain white T-shirt with magic marker? As someone helping with her nephew's student loans, I do feel your pain.

Nobody's asked the big question about the photo of Tiger Wood: what the heck is on Cigar Guy's head? A turban? A wig from Donald Trump collection? Random wildlife?

This came up on PTI and they turned Cigar Guy into one of the floating heads on set. I have no idea what that guy's get-up was. Traditional Welsh garb?

The no-hitter makes this Nats fans hate the Phillies with even greater intensity. (Didn't think that was possible). If they go on to win the WS again, Nats Park will be even more of a living hell 9 times next season.

Love the headline, understand the sentiment.

What gets me through the summer months, between the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs and the beginning of the new season (which starts today at noon)? Slapshot. Greatest hockey movie ever. You hear a quote from it in the locker room of every beer league team every week.

Ah, yes, while there is debate over the best football movie and the best baseball movie, there can be no debate over the best hockey move of all time, can there?

Tracee, I can't believe more than one of your readers considers "Remember the Titans" the best football movie. Using real peoples' names and saying "based on a true story" does not make it so. Locals who know the real story know "RtT" is a bunch of Disney-fied revisionist hooey. Baseball and boxing lend themselves to better sports movies than football. But there are soooo many better football movies. "Friday Night Lights" comes to mind. And that really *was* based on a true story. Heck, even "Necessary Roughness" had more realistic football action than RtT.

Ah, yes, the football movie debate. I liked "Necessary Roughness" overall, but they made the Jayhawks a dirty team and I did resent that. I hope the school got some decent cash for letting itself be portrayed in that manner. And Big Jay was in the film, but Baby Jay wasn't. Travesty! At least it wasn't, as you said, "Disney-fied."

Exhibition hockey while the Braves are in the playoffs? That game will be more sparsely attended than a Post newsroom meeting.

Snap again!

So, while the Giants were driving Cutler into the turf repeatedly, were they saying "WHO......doesn't want to wearrr the rrrrrribon?"

Okay, I am laughing so hard that the drywallers came downstairs to see if I was having a fit of some kind.

I'm not a big hockey fan, but I would think that if I laid a huge egg like the Caps did, I would not be so sensitive about your mild criticism regarding practice time. I know there were many more scathing critiques, so I dont know why Bradley would take the time to address yours. They have more urgent things to worry about.

Well, exactly. Get out of the first round. And if they'd lost Game 7 of the Finals, I probably wouldn't have written it. It was Game 7 of the first round.

The Longest Yard, hands down. The real one, not the recent one.

It's a good one.

Randy Moss will be the 2nd player to play in consecutive MNF games. I read the name of the first player yesterday (someone from the 1970s), but now I can't locate it, just a few references to Randy being the second one.

Boz, you don't have to work on this now!

Oh, and a good time to remind you all that Boz is chatting today at 11.

A previous poster wondered who to root for in the playoffs, especially if our NL representative is the Phillies. Having gone to Opening Day this year (with my 7 year old daughter...boy did she learn some new words that day!), I share his antipathy for our white-trash neighbors to the north. And yet, I've got the same conflict. A couple of years back, I did root for the Phils in the Series, and it left as bad a taste in my mouth as anything ever has. So no, my fellow Nats fans, you don't have to side with the enemy just because they're the only thing going in our league. Nor do you have to swallow the bile and support fake baseball (not a fan of the DH). Just do what I do - kick back, pop a beer, and hope for a tie!

The problem is, the Phillies PLAYERS are pretty decent guys, with some real talent in that lineup. It's hard not to pull for a guy like Roy Halladay, who's been waiting forever for his chance. It's their fans that drag them down.

Earlier in the week you were dogging Brady and his hair, but it just might have been that Farrah Fawcett hairdo that saved his life in that car crash he was in the other week.

Well, now that his life has been spared, it's time to see a barber, stat.

Did the Caps improve and add players so that they don't choke in first round again?' I don't think so. Same group of prima donnas and fools guarantees a Ground Hog day. I have been a Caps fan since the team first started playing and really became fan in August 1980 when I was rehabbing a knee with Caps players since we shared the same ortho Dr Pat Palumbo who makes Dr James Andrews look like an intern. They said if they did what I did they would have passed out on the ice. I dislocated my left knee. No not the kneecap the joint and almost died. I just don't see the current owner, GM, coach and players hoisting the Stanley Cup. Caps could use a Langway and Gartner this season.

Well, we'll see. A lot of fans hope you are wrong.

Brad Childress already has a hard enough time controlling Brett Favre, now Favre will completely ignore him and draw up plays with Randy Moss on their own. How do you see this going? Because I am going to love seeing Favre throw one interception after another trying to force the ball to Moss in triple coverage.

I do like seeing Favre ignore Childress. And he will throw some picks trying to get the ball to Moss, although they'll make some big plays, too, because Moss is still Moss. Looking forward to Monday night and also the Vikes-Pats game.

What about Miracle, the true story of the Olympic championship team, which starred Kurt Russell & Patricia Clarkson? I do like Slap Shot because it was filmed in my home town, Johnstown, PA. So was All the Right Moves, NOT a great football movie. And it's my right to like Remember the Titans because I'm a big fan of Will Patton (who should have received AT LEAST an Oscar nomination for No Way Out), I like Denzel Washington, and Hayden Panettiere played Will's daughter.

It's your right to like whatever movie you want, my friend.

Get ready for the most popular Halloween costume this year.

Oh, yes, easy and scary and current, the perfect combination.

I would never knock Slapshot as a great hockey movie (my brother wanted to name his FF team "The Hanson Brothers" but apparently that also refers to some boy band). However, Miracle was pretty awesome as well. As someone who remembers the actual game, I still thought it did a great job evoking the emotions that were flying around that game.

I still give the edge to "Slapshot," personally, because it is just so ... perfect.

Something for when you have more time and feel like spending some coin: Wear a Caps hat but find an Atlanta Flames jersey. Then see how many strange looks you get, since I'm assuming quite a few people in the arena weren't around when the Flames left for Calgary 30 years ago.

Well, here's an interesting suggestion. You folks always surprise me.

The Phils have 2 great starters, both Atlanta and SF have 3. I think the Reds are toast, but don't think The Phils make it back to the WS.

True, we're going to see a lot of good pitching. And oh, the poor Reds ...

Well, I've got to run. Thanks, everybody, for joining me. Boz is at 11, and I'll be back tomorrow, so let's talk then!

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