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Oct 04, 2010

Post columnist Tracee Hamilton takes your questions about the Redskins-Eagles game and more.

Hi... Baylor grad, sorry to ruin your weekend, but apparently my QB IS better than your entire team!!! Thanks for the win!

I tried to tell you ... Congrats on the win.

And good morning, everyone! Our guest this morning is the Vowel-less Wonder, Barry Svrluga! I know you'll make him welcome and bury him in Redskins questions, so let's get started!

From what I have been reading, Heyer has been getting hammered. I think what a lot of people don't understand is that this is back-up player that can play either tackle position at a decent level. People, he is a BACK-UP! There has to be a little bit of a drop of expected. Quite frankly, I think he has played at least as well as Trent Williams, if not a little better. Lets not forget that Trent has had a decent amout of penalties and has been beaten badly (albeit by some better DEs) so far. But, obviously, Trent has the better potential for the future. Anyway, I think Heyer is a valuable back-up player that certainly could play better at times, but is a decent back-up considering his versatility. Thoughts?

Stephon Heyer is, indeed, a backup in talent, but a backup who has started for this team for an entire season -- essentially the guy who ended Jon Jansen's career here. The question, I think, is about Trent Williams and his ability/inability to stay healthy. There were questions about Williams's work ethic during his days at Oklahoma. Washington's coaches said he worked hard in the offseason, and they've raved about his talent. But now he's been out for two weeks, and his absence is felt. Teammates will begin to wonder about a rookie who let's a toe injury -- a toe injury, on which he practiced -- prevent him from competing in a game. It's a situation worth watching.

Good morning, Tracee. Both Kansas and Texas Tech replaced controversial but successful coaches, and now both are struggling. Think either school is regretting its decision? I know their fan bases are!

I don't think the school regrets it; I'm sure fans do. Mangino had to go. And his team wasn't exactly lighting it up last year, either. Is Gill the answer? I hope so.

Alla y'all shut yer traps about Donovan F. McNabb. Do you really think that any of the current pretenders we've had like Campbell, Collins, Grossman & Beck could have had the game that McNabb had? Heck no! Sure he may have lost a step and he occasionally throws at his receivers' feet and overthrows at other times. So what. This game wasn't really winning ugly... so give him a break. Don't act like those no account Philthadelphia fans.

I was struck by the difference in McNabb's halves. He was 6 of 8 with a touchdown in the first half -- and could've been 7 of 8 if Fred Davis hadn't gotten his feet tangled up. He went 2 of 11 after halftime and made some awful throws. (That pick: Yuck.)

But there is a valid point that there have been times when the Redskins needed a game manager and had no one to manage the game. McNabb seems to be one of those divisive characters in sports, someone who half the crowd will defend and half the crowd will boo. That was true in Philly. Will it be true here?

So, do you still think Vick is redeemed? Do you believe in karma? My answers to these questions are No! and Yes!

I haven't changed my opinion on Vick despite him getting hurt yesterday, if that's what you're asking.

Looks like we are back to scoring 17 points a game. Sigh. How did this Bidwell guy take Hunter the Punter's Job? And Carlos Rogers should be catching balls all week in practice - nothing else!

Man, Carlos just can't hang onto the ball. It's one of the great mysteries in life. I think he might have been a Pro Bowler earlier in his career if he just could've picked the balls he was in position to pick.

Bidwell looked awful yesterday. Five kicks for a 37.2-yard average, and on two of them he received very favorable bounces. This might be something we ask Mike Shanahan about today.

Hi Tracee, please give Kilgore a big hug from us fans for yeoman's work in covering the Nats. May next year's team be more about well-played baseball and less about leading the majors in errors.

Hear hear. Adam, consider yourself hugged.

The troops had too much respect for their old general to embarrass him in Philadelphia. That's what I say.

Man, he looked like he got popped pretty good. The irony: One of his best friends in football, fellow VaTech product and former Atlanta Falcon DeAngelo Hall, did the hitting.

Hopefully this is it. I wanted to let it be but if I may have the floor one more time. My deepest condolences goes out to you for the loss of your husband and may God keep your son and daughter safe un til they return home. To address your inquisitiveness technically I have PTSD (100%) with two other areas totaling an additional 30% but the VA only pays the first 100%. My last employment was a total of almost 9 years with the USPS. The last 4 years (because I refused to take off my Darrell Green jersey when the Postmaster said that employees could wear NFL approved Buccaneer gear as long as they were in the playoffs) my station manager did everything he could legally or otherwise to get me to quit. And management wonders why employees "GO POSTAL". I chose to take the high road. I probably don't need to use both hands to count the veterans who would have reacted "passively" being called a "boy scout." As for my serious anger management issues, at the time I was not reacting in "anger." Smack, banter or what ever you want to call it can get very animated and lively. Besides that individual needed to be put in his place. You do not disrespect the uniform. As for me, do not worry. There is about a .00000001% chance I will go off the deep end.

This is from our Vietnam vet friend whose posting led another person to question whether he was okay. I said at the time that I felt him scolding some guy who called him a Boy Scout was justified. I'm glad to hear from you again, best wishes, and we'll lay this topic to rest.

...but please tell me Vick got hurt running a dogleg.

ba dum dum.

I know.. it's now redskins all the time, but can we just take a moment and try to remember some of the good things about the season! Strasmas, Zim and the return of ZNN, I am trying to block out the rest

I am officially of the mind that the Nats need to take real, palpable strides forward now. In fact, I believed it before this year. This franchise should be well beyond the point at which 69 wins is viewed as an improvement. How will they replace Dunn? Can Mike Rizzo run an entire baseball department without the uber-GM role above him, Kasten's role? I'll be intrigued by these questions, but it seems to me that unless they really improve and provide more exciting players in Strasburg's absence, most of Washington will remain exactly where it's been the past five years: Tuned out.

I really have mixed emotions about your column on Michael Vick's 'redemption.' I'm originally from Tidewater and a Virginia Tech alum, so I was as big a Vick fan as anyone. It's fair to say that the two people most responsible for Tech's success are Frank Beamer and Vick, and it's arguable that Vick really put us on the map. But... I really have a hard time getting past what he did. I have psychologists in my famlily and they tell me that someone who harms animals -especially in the personal and brutal manner he did - really has a fundamental problem. What he did wasn't a mistake in judgment or a one-time mistake, it was systematic and long term. I don't wish him any ill will and took no joy from his injury yesterday apart from the fact that it kept him off the field and the 'Skins didn't have to defend against him any more, but I just can't pull for him to succeed. I also find it odd the fans in Philly seem to have embraced him in a way they never did Donovan McNabb. I don't get it and am just so grateful Vick doesn't play for Washington. I really don't know what I'd do if I had to hope he did well for the 'Skins.

Fair enough. I am surprised at the way I feel toward Vick, and I wrote that that was the way *I* felt. I certainly am not going to tell anyone else how he/she should feel. I said some people will find what he did unforgivable, and I get that.

I'm just as happy as the next guy that the Redskins won. . .I really am. But am I the only one that noticed that we still have NO pass rush and a soft defensive secondary? The funny thing was when one of the local radio personalities commented after the game that the defensive line was really getting after Kolb. Um. . .what? Was he watching the same game? Your observations?

I would agree with this. There were a couple of times -- and Lorenzo Alexander had at least one of them -- when the Skins seemed to have Kolb in their grasp, and he slipped away. Washington, to me, blitzed much less when Vick was in the game, a sound approach given his elusiveness. But the Skins defense produced just one sack, and there were times when it felt like Kolb/Vick had all day. The response from defensive coaches, I'm sure: They allowed 12 points. What else do you want?

I was most unhappy when I woke up on Sunday morning, collected my PAPER (a physical object made of. . .paper), poured a cup of coffee and sat down to read and watch the morning news. . .only to discover that NBC's entire morning news programming had been preempted by the Ryder Cup! This is the capital of the FREE WORLD and we can't get morning news but can get a bunch of rich guys hitting a little white ball into a cup. . .in the rain? Wrong, wrong, wrong. The number of people who watch golf is probably less than one-tenth of one percent of the viewing public. . .but that small percentage includes people who make programming and advertising decisions apparently. Golf is not a sport and it certainly should never spoil my Sunday morning ritual! Sorry. . .I needed to get that off my chest.

Glad to help. I would say, gently, that the Ryder Cup isn't on every Sunday, but there are dozens of news shows that are.

What will I do with my time until spring training? Barry, please don't feel slighted but Adam Kilgore has done a great job on the Nationals' beat -- almost as good as you did back in the day. (Please add another hug for me, Tracee.) I know The Post has been wasting your talents at Redskins Park but do you or NJ's ex-BlogMom have any insight or speculation about the chances Adam Dunn plays at Nats Park in 2011 -- and I do NOT mean while wearing a gray uniform.

Kilgore is the best. Tremendous job this year and in the future, no doubt.

Dunn's chances of being here? 90-10 against, right? I mean, if they really wanted him -- and they seem to quietly (or not so quietly) believe they need better defense at first -- they would have made him a real solid offer by now. They put themselves in position to have to battle 29 other teams. If they really wanted him, they didn't have to do that. Makes me question their commitment to the guy.

I'm delighted to be 2-0 in the division, but we were just lucky to walk out of Philly with a win. If Vick hadn't gone down we would not have won that game. Kolb's horrendous passing, luck breaks on poor officiating and the bone-headed Philly delay-of-game penalty before the half won the game for us. I love having McNabb here, but until the front office finds him some legitimate receivers, our passing game needs much work. But the Philly win provides as another week or so to improve. Why can't the Redskins play a complete game? The second half was to miserable watch!

Touched on a few thigns there, didn't you? Redskins backers could argue that the Houston game was an "unlucky loss," I suppose, and in the NFL, these things even out.

Two points: Last year, the Redskins went 0-6 in the division, so they're miles ahead of that pace. Secondly, they host Green Bay and Indianapolis the next two weeks. They'll be underdogs in both games. But say they split those two, getting to Week 7 at 3-3, still 2-0 in the division. I'd say the chances they're competitive and in the race till late in the season would be pretty good at that point.

We lose to a 1-AA team at home and beat a ranked 1-A team on the road. That's why they play the games, huh?

This can't be an easy season for Tech fans. Hard to know whether to prepare for a great comeback win or an embarrassing loss.

I hope that we hear about him every now & then in the off-season besides his GEICO commercials. IMHO he's one of DC's best looking athletes.

I should have had Barry answer this one, just to watch him squirm.

Barry, Aren't you ex-ACC bball (N&O)? I remember your name from back in the day. If true, what are chances of a Duke threepeat??? Austin Rivers makes it a non-trivial probability, no? Not saying it's any higher than 25% but that's still saying something.

Indeed, that's the case. Covered UNC and ACC basketball there for four years, then Maryland and ACC basketball here. And given the roster already assembled at Duke -- Smith and Singler back, the new point guard, etc. -- the chances of contending seem very, very, very strong. They have to be lucky and good, but they've got the latter part covered.

Right Tracee?

Portis played decently today, despite his limited action due to injury. I think he was knocked woozy on his first run, and played a bit differently b/c of the flak he got last week for punking out of that long run. I think Torain is the future though. Enough with all these tiny quick backs, we need a bruiser like him, all 6-1 of him.

We've said it before and I'm sure we'll say it again: Mike Shanahan has a reputation for being able to take no-name backs and make them into 1,000-yard gainers. Maybe Torain's the latest in that mold. He certainly runs hard. I would caution to not get carried away by an 18-carry, 70-yard day (on which he had some runs that lost significant yardage). But if he can take some of the load off Portis -- who, I would argue, looked downright sprightly Sunday -- and the line can hold together, maybe they have the makings of a decent tandem.

Thanks Tracee for finding the balance in the column on Vick. Forgive, but, never ever forget.

I'm in the minority on that one, and I get it. But if we can't hope people can change, and recognize when they do, then what incentive does anyone have to try to better themselves, ever?

Kudos for a Jayhawk from a non-Jayhawk. He has great court vision and maturity, and a nice shooting touch. Was his dad a coach? He saw an open player in the corner, called for the ball from Wall, and passed it to the corner for an uncontested baseline drive and dunk. The highlight clip on the Wiz site missed capturing Kirk calling for the ball. I hope his injury isn't serious.

Yup, his dad coached him from an early age through high school, as I recall. He's one of the good ones.

Tracee, I still have no explanation for Portis' apparant dive against the Texans, but yesterday he seemed anything but afraid of contact. At the end of his first carry he lowered his shoulder and knocked an Eagle onto his backside and it looked to me like ran to contact the whole game. Do you reckon he reads the criticism and decided to prove everyone wrong? Regardless, it was nice to see the running game yesterday and that whole game looked a lot more like the NFC East brand of football we all know and love.

I'll take this one Tracee.

I think Portis hears every bit of criticism sent his way. I actually think, throughout his career, he's done anything but shy away from contact. That's one thing that made the run against St. Louis (not the Texans) so strange. He had his explanation (protecting the ball and his apparently injured hand), but those seemed to be non-factors yesterday. He ran hard. He hit people. And his good runs weren't for four yards, they were for seven or 11.

Ancient Husker Grad back after three weeks overseas (it's tough vacationing in France, but someone has to do it). Your expert thoughts on NU-KSU - I have tremendous respect for coach Snyder - he took the absolute worst "major" program in the country and made it into a Big 12 contender (and almost to the national championship game one year)

I think the Huskers can handle K-State. I think the Jayhawks cannot. :) Glad your back.

Just sayin'

Go Royals!

With apologies to Rowan & Martin, the 'skins got on the good side of the fickle finger of fate yesterday. One week the dude catches the ally-oop, the next week he doesn't. 8-8 is going to win the division? The bad thing yesterday is that suddenly the Giants defense looks pretty ferocious; unless the Bears o-line is that slow. We have a great test coming against the Packers and it does look like Spagnalo (sp?) is making the Rams hungry. A good coach makes his players hungry for the win.

It's amazing to me how much things change on a week-to-week basis in the NFL. Because each game is such a huge event, it's hard to step back and get the measure of a full season -- especially in the first month.

I think what we know about the Redskins is that they're good enough to beat just about anybody anywhere but they're bad enough to lose to just about anybody anywhere. In other words, they're like 80 percent of the teams in the league. Could 8-8 win the NFC East? Doubtful. But 9-7 defnitely could. And if that's the case, being 2-0 in the division is huge at this point.

Not to focus on the negative, but how many times is this guy going to drop easy interceptions?! He's killing me! Do you think this is something that can be improved?

I will say this: Rogers has worked -- and worked and worked and worked -- on this problem. It baffles and frustrates him. But I would think at this point in his career, five years in, he's going to have a tough time changing it. (He does have one interception this year, if you recall -- on a tipped ball that he juggled.)

Hi Tracee: I know you're going to (rightly) focus on the Skins/Eagles game, but on another topic, pretty scary stuff with Jay Cutler last night. 9 sacks in one half? Crazy. Seems he was messed up pretty early. Why did they keep him in? As soon as he started walking to the opposing team's side of the field, they should have been on him, doing neuro tests. Amazing that they let it go on like that.

When you think of  Cowboys tight end Jason Witten fighting to get on the field and being told no, and then you see a guy sacked nine times in one half ... i sure hope they were testing him on the sideline and not just shoving him back in there.

The more I watch football this season the more I become convinced that the refs determine who wins and loses. During the Redskins Houston game I watched the Houston offensive line hold (with both hands) play after play and no holding was called by the refs. Yesterday, the refs called holding on the Eagles twice and the replay showed only brief grabbing of the 'skins players jersey unlike the very obvious holding by the Texans in their game against the 'skins. If the hold on the last play of the Dallas game was not called the Redskins lose. Cheese boy has published a photo of identical holding, on Orakpo (exactly the same as the hold at the end of the Dallas game), on the Texans game tying drive in the fourth quarter that was not called and it cost the 'skins the win.

The refs have enormous influence on games, indeed, and I'd add one more: The delay-of-game penalty on the Eagles toward the end of the first half yesterday -- after a timeout. How does that happen? It fundamentally changed the game, because 17-6 feels a heck of a lot different than 17-10.

Brandon Lloyd who cost the Skins a 3rd and 4th round pick but totalled only 25 catches and zero touchdowns already has 25 catches and over 450 yards in 4 games for Denver this season. After watching Moss and Galloway combine for 1 catch and 5 yards receiving today it makes you wonder what if...

I am not convinced that the Brandon Lloyd currently playing for Denver is the same guy as the Brandon Lloyd who once played for the Redskins. Can't be, can it?

Do we need to put sticky tape or glue on Carlos Rogers' gloves? Do they not practice interception returns at Redskins Park? Oh, and Happy Day after a Redskins Win day! The air always smells a little sweeter and the day feels a little brighter when the Skins put together a win. Don't you agree?

Popular theme today.

Sorry to spoil your moment, Tracee, but the Nationals finished 2010 69-93 while the KC Royals wound up with a 67-95 record. In other words, worse than the Nats.

Ah, well. Let's see, I'm trying to remember my Nats' prediction. It wasn't 81-81, for the wiseacres out there. I think it was 76-86. So I was too optimistic. That hardly ever happens.

Hi Tracee. Would your father hit it off with Shanny? It just seems like Shanny would be a hit with everyone's father.

Hmmmm. Good question. Probably over a scotch, they'd do all right.

So no one wants to take control of this division do they? I thought we looked good in the first game. . .thought we had fixable problems after the second. . .thought it was all over after the third. . .and now I think that the NFC East is so weak this year that we may just stumble in to the playoffs. . .especially if we keep beating division rivals! Does yesterday's game and the status of the NFC East change your perspective on who will make the playoffs from this division?

I agree: The division is weak. I agree: The division is wide-open. I agree: The Redskins could "stumble'" into the playoffs.

But what I won't do: Predict how it'll play out. The Giants looked inept last week, then beat an unbeaten team last night. The Cowboys were terrible in starting 0-2, then beat an unbeaten team that everyone has pointed to the playoffs. The Eagles looked explosive with Vick, then he suffers an injury and they lose to a team that had been embarrassed by the Rams.


If Rogers grabs that over If the Philly receiver grabs the Hail Mary (and he had a good shot at it) over Still too many ifs (if the Eaglets score that TD at the end of the 1st half, if the Skins don't get that fumble call), then we are looking at 1-3 and the wagons are really circled this week at Redskins Park.

Totally right. But I would argue that the NFL is a league of Ifs. Lots of Ifs being discussed this morning in Indianapolis, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, etc.

T-Ham. What in God'd name is going on here?? If one's hair can be called "flaxen," what could Shanny's faux tan be called? He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would frequent tanning booths. What gives? At home games, might his tan be considered to be a 12th man?

I can't imagine that is a booth tan, just because he doesn't strike me as the type, to put it mildly. He must just be naturally dark. At least he's not orange!

He has said on more than one occasion that he will put the best players on the field period. There have been problems with Banks, Armstrong, Davis and one or two others. Davis missed a wide pass, KR problems but they still get shots on the offense. But not Devin Thomas. True it's a moot point now but would Thomas have caught it? We'll never know until he gets a chance.

BTW Troy Barkman & Buck feel that McNabb overthrew Davis. Looked fairly catchable.

I believe Davis should have caught that ball. He stopped running.

The Devin Thomas thing is one of the biggest mysteries of this team right now. I get that they don't think he's been productive in practice. I have a hard time, though, believing that Roydell Williams, Joey Galloway AND Anthony Armstrong are all more productive than Thomas. We don't get to watch practice during the season, so it's hard to evaluate now. I will say that Thomas dropped an inordinate number of passes in training camp.

Hey, Tracee! Here's one to get the kettle boiling: who had the more impressive victory yesterday--the Redskins over the Eagles in Philly or the Ravens over the Steelers in Pittsburgh?

The Ravens beat a team superior to the Eagles, so I'd say Baltimore.

Okay, so let me get this straight: The Eagles fans and ownership were tired of McNabb's inconsistent play and/or lack of being able to win the big game, right? Most Redskin fans are ecstatic to have him in D.C. though. This reflects the difference in the two franchises over the last 10+ years...McNabb's inconsistency looks spectacular compared to what we've had for so long...sign him please!

That's true, and maybe it'll be a case of careful-what-you-wished-for in Philly. But I think it also reflects on how desperate Washington was for a proven, viable quarterback. McNabb, though, needs to perform better than he did in the second half yesterday. His detractors in Philly could wake up this morning and honestly say, "Well, we may have lost that game, but Donovan McNabb didn't beat us."

That is totally on Reid or Kolb. They should not have called the TO until they knew how the review went.

Reid certainly should have been more clear about how the refs would handle the play call. They've got to be stewing on that one in Philly this morning.

Hey guys, is there really any doubt that on Shanny's honeymoon night, as his new bride sidled up tp him, that the Coach repeatedly told her, "I'm not interested in this for obvious reasons." ?

I think he said, "I won't know until I see the films."

Why do you think Devin Thomas hasn't been given another shot on offense? Are his practice habits really that bad? I mean, his size alone would provide a much-needed target.

It's possible we'll never get to the bottom of this.

Thoughts on Peter King's comments that the Cowboys should be ashamed to be spending $2,500 per person on a meal given the current economic situation? I don't think it's a secret that pros make ridiculous money and I thought the story was a funny bit of hazing, not requiring a moral.

If I thought the money would have been redirected to a soup kitchen, I might get more upset about it. But I don't. It's a ridiculous restaurant bill but I agree that they seemed to be running it up on the rookie.

After getting Jarmon from the Panthers who had been a 2-time Pro Bowl LT the Washington brain trust said that he would play right tackle because they wanted TW to take all the snaps in training camp & preseason and hopefully he can handle it. Well he could but is injured. Why don’t they switch Jarmon with Heyer. Both knows the other’s position?

You're confusing Jeremy Jarmon (DE) with Jammal Brown, the offensive linemen they acquired from New Orleans, not Carolina. But I get your point.

I believe if they thought Trent Williams's injury was long-term -- and remember, he practiced some last week -- they would make that switch, because Brown is a better option at LT. But Heyer has played on the left side, too, and as a stop-gap measure, they don't want to upset two positions (moving Brown to LT and inserting Heyer at RT) rather than one (just plugging Heyer in at LT).

if he can collapse the pocket on a regular basis (as he did on a few plays yesterday), this defense can dominate. 4-3, 3-4, 2-5, 6-1. who cares. just unleash this guy. i mean, just imagine if he was actually motivated....

He clearly played his best game yesterday. Had a real impact. Drew two holding penalties. Batted down a pass. Was credited with four tackles. Pushed linemen back. And he played on many first and second downs, something that wasn't typical through the first three weeks.

Barry: Do you think the Nationals will re-sign Adam Dunn?

Asked and answered. Is Paul Konerko or Carlos Pena a legit replacement? Look at the numbers, people. Look at the numbers.

Clinton should pull an Arian Foster - miss a team meeting, get benched the first half, let the defense get beat up, then go, baby go!

Again, I really thought Portis looked good yesterday. More over, on those first two drives, it seemed like that was the first true look at Shanahan's zone-blocking, run-it-till-you-drop-then-use-QB-roll-outs scheme. Is that a glimpse of how they'll play over the remainder of the season, or will they do the McNabb-throws-it-38-times as they did against Houston? Will be interesting to watch.

Barry - do you miss covering them? Because you sure did a great job when you did!

Absolutely miss covering baseball. It's the best sport about which to write, I'd say.

Rethinking his decision to trade McNabb?

Doubtful. I think the relationship had run its course. Of course, the relationship between Philly and Andy Reid may soon run its course, too.

How can Shanahan coach during the game if he doesn't know what's going on until he sees the film?

One of the questions I wonder about. I swear, if you asked, "Did lightning strike Donovan McNabb in the second quarter?" he'd say, "I won't know till I see the films."

Someone mentioned that the Skins have no pass rush. I think the rush could be better, yet there have been a number of plays where the other team will complete a pass only to have it called back because a left tackle hugged Orakpo and dragged him to the ground (see, e.g., the Dallas game). If not for the multiple holding penalties that Orakpo and the rest of the D-line have generated, the number of sacks the Skins have would be much higher.

A very good point. And as we just discussed, Haynesworth drew two of those penalties yesterday as well. That absolutely should count as production from the pass rush.

Did anyone notice that the Giants had 10 sacks last night vs. Chicago? Or that old friend Todd Collins played for the Bears? Wow.

Austin Rivers will provide Koach K with his first-ever (documented and prosecuted) recruiting violation...leading to a two-year probation and Jim Nance dissolving in tears. Personally, I can't wait.

That would be like the NCAA putting USC football on probation.

Wait ...

Half booing and half cheering?! Don't think so here...remember the Qbs we've had here. Major upgrade!

I just mean that there will be a segment of the fan base that will pick apart McNabb's every move. What quarterback would you attach the following line to: 8 of 19 for 125 yards with an interception and a touchdown. Feels like Jason Campbell, doesn't it? It was McNabb yesterday, and there will be fans who say, "I thought this guy was supposed to be better than what we had?"

Barry suggested looking at the numbers; thanks to your Kilgorian colleague, we have -- and the answer is, not really.


Folks, I gotta go. Thanks to Tracee for letting me sit in with her. JReid will probably be back next week, and I'll drop by the week after that. Enjoy your rainy Monday and the rest of the week.

How bad is it? Did it affect any of the Redskin packages?

Okay, this one made me smile. Thanks to Barry for joining us, and thanks to all of you as well! Let's talk tomorrow.

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