Redskins hold off Cowboys -- First Things First with Tracee Hamilton

Sep 13, 2010

Post columnist Tracee Hamilton and Redskins writer Jason Reid take your questions about the Redskins-Cowboys game, opening weekend in the NFL and more.

Feeling better? :-)

Yes, thanks. Whew! And good morning, everyone. I think Jason and I probably have four hours sleep between us so thank goodness he's here to help. Let's get started!

What was the deal with the smoke, or mist, or whatever it was near the end of the game?

I thought at first it was smoke, but you could see it in the parking lots as well. But there was really no fog driving home. I guess maybe the high humidity? Apparently the temps and humidity on the field were pretty bad; that would explain all the cramping.

If this was any other team but the Cowboys, I'd be much more negative. I would talk about how Mike Sellers suddenly has NO talent (misses blocks, can't run, can't catch). About how Albert Haynesworth is just COMPLETELY worthless. About how we need to teach our DB's to CATCH THE BALL. About how the whole take-the-FG-off-the-board-get-to-the-5-run-the-same-play-twice-and-fail-twice-and-then-botch-the-FG was straight outta the Jim Zorn playbook. Speaking of which, about how Zorn-Campbell could have done exactly what Shanahan-McNabb did, but could have saved some draft picks and a few million dollars.'s a big old DOUBLE-YOU against the rotten stinking Cowboys so I won't say any of those things, I'll just say HAIL TO THE REDSKINS and it's a GREAT MONDAY!

Wow. Well, they did win the game. It's never going to be perfect -- but it's better than things were last year. Just enjoy the victory over the Cowboys. And relax.

Couple of things here Tracee... Most of the talking heads (those that predicted the Cowboys would handily dispatch the Redskins are all going to say that the Redskins didn't win the game more than the Cowboys losing it. Both teams had their moments but in the end the Redskins made fewer mistakes. Also for the second time now the officials have burned the Redskins on lousy calls. In the preseason we were not given a fumble because the offensive players forward progress had been stopped. (They had the chance to do it again but didn't on Hall's strip & TD.) But they threw the flag on Fletcher for unnecessary roughness when he hit Bryant just as the whistle blew. If they are going to flag someone they need blow the whistle a lot earlier. The officials should have flagged Dallas for pass interference at 9:25 remnaining in the third period because the second time McNabb threw to Armstrong in the endzone and Jenkings had his right hand over the right shoulder of Armstrong holding him back right in front of the official. New season same old ineffective officiating.

Well, you can't complain too loudly about the officiating when the game ended that way, but yes, the call on Fletcher was ridiculous. First, he NEVER gets PF calls. I talked to him afterward and he said the whistle hadn't blown and the guy wasn't down so what's he supposed to do? Good question.

We knew that our receivers were, um, undistinguished, and we were counting on our TEs to step up. Cooley had a heck of a game, but I didn't hear Davis' name called. Was he staying in to block? Will the Shanahan family try to utilize his vaunted catching abilities? Don't they have to, to prevent teams from just focusing on Moss and Cooley (since it looks like we have no one else)?

It was the FIRST game. Ease up a little. The Redskins beat the Cowboys to begin the Mike Shanahan Era. This was a game they would have lost last season. And during the second half of '08, for that matter. The coaching staff believes Davis has Pro Bowl talent, or so I've been told. The plan is to have him involved a lot. And don't forget the Cowboys have a pretty good defense.

While it's nice to see a win, how much of this was the Cowboys losing and not so much the Redskins winning? Given a first down after the offside on the field goal attempt and then not scoring? The Cowboys play calling with 4 seconds left in the first half? The Redskins haven't scored an offensive touchdown against the Cowboys in how many quarters now - 15? Can't make it to the post season when you depend on the other team losing for you.

The Cowboys' struggles of the preseason were no joke, as we saw last night. They reminded me of ... the Redskins of last year, making bad decisions and finding ways to lose. But a win is a win, and getting that first one is incredibly important to any team, much less one with a new system, new coach, etc. You could feel the tension had gone out out of the locker room after the game. Everyone acknowledges there's work to do, but that's one monkey off their backs.

Comments on the way in this morning: -- "This is the greatest victory in Redskins history." -- "This is really great because it takes the Cowboys out of the Super Bowl and puts the Redskins in the playoffs." -- "Shanahan is the best coach Washington's had." -- "The Redskins are undfeated and tied for first in the NFL." Is there no subtlety about the Redskins?

Ugh. Well, hopefully the nitrous oxide from last night will wear off. Say, maybe that's what the big cloud hovering over the stadium was -- nitrous oxide? Oh, well, enjoy it for a day. The Texans will be a tougher challenge than were the Cowboys.


Well, I've been a 'skins fan since about 1960. I'm fairly certain now that my heart is in good shape since I didn't drop dead before seeking the little yellow hankie. This has to rank in the top five of all time 'skins v. 'boys games. Jim Haslett must be feeling very good about his defense. I thought Portis looked good, especially on that last field goal drive. Too many dropped passes but all in all Mike Shanahan has shown his coaching class - outstanding. Dallas might be feeling just a little bit dumb/dumbstruck, eh oui?

Can't imagine there are a lot of happy shiny people in  Dallas this morning. The Skins are still obviously a work in progress, but compared to a year ago ...

Certainly a lot of improvement needed but a great win just the same. Your thoughts on two glaring issues. Do the Redskins have another wide-out capable of getting open? If so, I did not see it during the game. And has Carlos Rogers ever considered a double hand transplant.? Man this guy has killed us with missing very catchable interceptions.

I don't know about the WR question. On the other hand, I hate to read a lot into only one game. Anthony Armstrong is an engaging guy and a great story, but you're running fade routes in the corner to him against the Cowboys? It seems he was really the No. 2 receiver against Dallas, which indicates the strength of the position. Devin Thomas is much bigger and more physical than Armstrong, but he wasn't in the mix on offense for the opener. Thomas was strong on two kickoff returns (38-yard average), so perhaps he'll get more run on offense this week against Houston.  As for Rogers, he played well. I know about the interception. But he is who he is. I still think he's going to have a very good year.

Did the game make you change your prediction on how the Redskins or Cowboys will do this season? Who do you pick to meet in the Super Bowl? Saw someone on TV predict the Colts and Cowboy. Maybe not.

I really don't like to make predictions. I don't know who will meet in the Super Bowl. I'm just trying to find out what Mike Shanahan will do this week against the Houston.

The reporters and announcers all agree that the call was correct according to the rule. But in none of the coverage (including the AP story online here) do they explain the rule itself. Isn't that an important part of the story? Would you help fill in the blank and explain WHY the apparent touchdown catch ruled incomplete? Thanks.

Here's a couple of stories that might help, from the Free Press: Mitch Albom's  column and the Wiki explanation, which includes criticism from Coach Joe, which is why I included it.

How can so many people who have probably never even BEEN to Dallas support that city's football team? Yes, yes I understand that success is compelling and that they have successfully marketed themselves as a national team but still to support a city that you have no connection to is just weird. The easiest explanation is the most pathetic. . .that people not from there like the Cowboys simply because they win. First. . .they haven't been good in ages and second. . .who teaches their children to support teams only if they're successful. I suggest that many non-Dallasans who support the Cowboys do so for the same reason my brother did. . .because they like to be non-conformist contrarians. What's sad is that they rob themselves of the joy of bonding with their own community. Your thoughts?

I have never understood adopting teams to which you have no connection but I've come to realize that I'm in the minority. My sister fell for Tennessee football years ago and is loyal. My nephew is  a Cowboys fan since he was very small. At the time, I didn't like it, but we had a talk and I told him you must be a fan every year, not just the good years. And I will say this: He's stuck with it. He was there last night to see his first Cowboys game in person. I don't get it personally, but like I said, I think many people do this.

I like LeBron even less now because he is apparently a Cowboys fan. Pathetic.

Ha! I had no LeBron sightings. I'll get over it.

So after yesterday's games, how do you think we'll fare against the Texans?

I think the Texans will give the Skins a tougher challenge. Their running back is really impressive. I saw him in the preseason and even with the caveat that it WAS the preseason, he looked amazing. The defense is going to have to do even better next week, in my mind.

What, in your mind, is the biggest concern with the Redskins Offense, the running or passing game?


Sorry, that's not an option, is it? The numbers say rushing but if the Texans can shut down Cooley and Moss, the Skins may be in trouble. They've got to find a way to get more receivers in the mix.

Let me first say that I'm not trying to personally attack and I just am trying to get your perspective. But why was it reported by you that "sources" were not happy with his play in preseason yet the coaches say different. And then that there were swirling trade rumors that are again refuted? I understand that reports will be wrong or somewhat overblown about things from time to time, I believe Adam Schefter missreported something a little while ago, but could you please explain. How are you certain that there are strong trade rumors and its not just a team called and asked which I'm guessing happens with almost all players? I've been starting to think that the media is more involved with making the the Albert situation a controversy then what is actually happeing in the locker room. Obviously its not like everything is great but I don't think its nearly as bad either. I would also love some Redskins Insider reporting on players not named Albert.

I'm confident our reporting on the situation is accurate. The Redskins will not confirm what we've written because  it's not in their best interests to do so. As for the trade report, we didn't report that. ESPN did. And I wouldn't say there's controversy surrounded the guy in the locker room. This is between Shanahan and Haynesworth.

Is there some reason that the Redskins' defenders cannot catch a single Romo pass? That game should have been over so many times, but "the hands of stone" took over again. If they spent more time trying to catch the ball and less time "posing" for the camera, they might actually make an interception.

The Redskins won the game. DeAngelo Hall had a huge game and the secondary, for the most part, played well. Just enjoy.

Will we alright without Albright?

Two bad special teams plays could have been fatal last night: the snap and that short punt. They may be wanting Albright back today, certainly.

The NFC East may be more competitive than we thought, yes?

Eagles looked beatable and the Giants didn't intimidate anyone with their win. . .though they looked solid.

The big question is will the Cowboys ever get it together and be the class of the conference as predicted by most? If not, and the Redskins can gut out a few more unexpected wins, they're right in the thick of it.

Does yesterday change anything for you in assessing where the chips will fall come January?

They've only played one game. Dallas was without two starting offensive linemen. The Redskins have a lot of issues on offense, so let's wait and see what develops. Again, I just think Redskins fans should enjoy the victory. It's not always going to be pretty -- or successful.

Says a member of Red Sox nation, probably. Or my moron nephew who's never been out of Indiana, but spent $100 on an A-Rod jersey. By the way, Tracee -- don't forget to watch PTI this afternoon and count the number of times Ron Jaworski of the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League uses first and last names of players, teams, and if we don't know who he's talking about.

I'll do my best!

My husband & I are Steeler fans because we were born & raised in western PA. We still support the Skins against any opponent except the Steelers. I agree it's nice to be part of the community, but there are a LOT of people here from western PA and West Virginia who love the black & gold (which I'm wearing this morning, BTW).

No, no, we're talking about people who support teams in places they've never even visited. You're from western Pa.; that's totally different. That is perfectly, totally acceptable, in my book.

The Redskins have an obvious need for a receiver opposite Santana Moss. Do the coaches believe anyone on the roster can fill that role?

I believe they hope someone does. Devin Thomas has the physical tools to be that guy. But Devin still has a lot to prove to the coaches. 

His yardage may not be impressive but his blocking on blitzes was fantastic - i'd give him a game ball just for that. But really, can anyone on this team catch? 8-8

You're singing my (8-8) song.

Why didn't he play?

There didn't SEEM to be a reason Fred didn't get involved; McNabb acknowledged that next week maybe it would be Galloway and Fred instead of Moss and Cooley. We'll see. He said he wanted to spread it around but he went to the open man.

I swear I just saw a pig fly by my 9th floor office window! When in your life did you ever think you'd hear that statement and agree with it? The times they are a changin'!

People forget that Dallas was missing two starting offensive lineman. I still believe they will be a major factor in the division. But, yeah, the Texans will be a big challenge. Everyone knew about their passing game, but the Colts found out about their running game.

According to Bruce Allen, on the pre-game show on WTEM, "this game [Redskins versus Cowboys] is important to the nation", that's why it's being shown nationally. Important to the nation?

I'm going to hope he was trying to say "there are a lot of fans throughout the nation" and got it mixed up. Because I really don't think it's important to the nation, no.

Wow...people sure are negative. I mean, sure the Redskins beat their archrival in a nationally televised game featuring the debut of an entirely new coaching staff with entirely new offensive and defensive schemes, but what have they done for me lately? Those bums!

I totally hear ya. I can't stand negativity. Let's accentuate the positive. Okay?

Long-suffering but hopeful Raiders fan here. He looked better than JaMarcus Russell, which is saying absolutely nothing, gave much the same performance that wore out his welcome in DC. I'm starting to think leaders are to some extent born, and he doesn't seem to qualify., As in DC, his supporting cast wasn't great; but to be blown out by a not especially good opponent was not very encouraging.

Well, no one here was sorry to see him go and many here hoped he'd have success out there because he's a decent guy who took a lot of abuse last season in particular (I'm talking physical abuse) and didn't gripe. But you seem to be seeing the Campbell that we saw. And yes, better than JaMarcus Russell is damning with faint praise...

In this new 3-4, am I to understand that the defensive line will not be making many tackles? What I am saying is that the vast majority of the tackles were made be LBs and DBs.

Granted the Cowboys passed a lot, but I cannot recall hearing any Skins defensive linemen being credited with a tackle.

The linebackers are expected to make a lot of tackles. I think London Fletcher had 11. Rocky McItosh had an outstanding game as well. And how about strong safety LaRon "Dirty 30" Landry? He was flying all over the field and was credited with a game-high 17 tackles, including 13 unassisted. That's the new defense.

Someone had mentioned last week that he thought his experience at FedExField was less awful than in the past. I have to echo that. Everyone I encountered in the stadium was friendly. While they still had commercials during TV timeouts, the team also honored a long serving usher (71 years!) and a former sailor/Redskins QB. Regardless of the product on the field, I think a lot of people last year reached their boiling point because of the dreadfulness of the fan experience. In one night, things seemed much, much better.

I saw the stadium personnel move a man from his seat because it was under one of those ridiculous water leaks. I also saw them mediate several minor skirmishes in a way that didn't end with tears and recriminations. Bringing in the large TVs for the parking lots seemed like a hit as well. I do think there is an improvement in the friendliness. Driving home at 2 a.m., I could only wish there was an improvement in location.

I understand that the Cowboys have built a national following over several decades. That's great for them and there's nothing wrong with that (though I never understood why a fan would support a team from a city with which they have no connection. . .but I digress). What does bother me is the way the TV commentators promote what essentially amounts to a pro-Dallas bias. None of the commentators on any of the networks picked the Redskins. On Fox when someone picked the Cowboys a couple of the other commentators said "easy choice." There were clear problems with the Cowboys going in to this game and every objective observer noted that the Redskins were better than they were at the end of last season. I don't know what can be done about this but the bias is obvious and annoying. . .though it increases our pleasure in the win! Hail to the Redskins!

There is a lot of talent on that team, so when you look at it on paper, I can see how you can be fooled. But they were so spotty in the preseason. It's hard to judge on that scale, but I thought all along this was a winnable game for the Skins. I didn't think it would be easy but I did think it would be winnable. I guess many people completely disregard the preseason. One of the biggest Cowboys fans I know said all along they would lose and he's usually right.

Hey Tracee and Jason: For what it's worth, my unsung hero last night was Casey Rabach. Yes, got tossed around like a chew toy in the jaws of a rottweiler, but I thought he held up reasobably well, and anchored a decent pass protection. What do you guys think?

Oh, and I would like to puchase you and Jason, and everyone here a delicious, refreshing Iced Coffee, with your permission.

Casey is a pro's pro. An assistant coach on another team once told me Casey struggles against nose tackles because he's not the biggest center in the world. But the guy works his tail off and is as smart as they come. He's definitely the anchor of that line.

I was one of those who didn't think the Eagles would let a healthy D. McNabb go to another team in their Division, but it looks like I was wrong. He's the first true leader in -- I don't remember how long. Do you? So, thanks

He is a natural leader. You see it when he walks in a room. He has that presence that you really can't teach. I haven't had time to check out the Philly newspapers but wonder if fans up there will be wishing he was back this week.

Hi Tracee and Jason, I'm a retired league official (not a white hat), and I can tell you for a fact that Mr. Johnson caught that ball. He clearly had both feet down (plus a knee, backside, and left elbow), and the ball was not bobbled. If you watch the replay carefully (particularly the end), you'll see that Johnson's left hand slides out of bounds BEFORE the ball leaves his right hand. As soon as his left hand went out of bounds, play over.....touchdown. How my old colleague in the booth missed that, I'll never know.


Now if we can just score a touchdown.

Ha! Perfectly stated.

I'm glad to see most Redskins fans are reacting very well. It was a good, not a great, win, and any win is good. However, it does NOT mean we are going to go 12-4, but 8-8 may be a possibility. In other words, while we don't have to drink the Kool-aid, it's not yet time to bring out the champagne. Go 'Skins!

Obviously, you're an educated person.

Actually, I was told that much of local Cowboy fandom developed because of the refusal to integrate on the Redskins part. Back in the day, many football fans, particularly black fans, left the Skins because of the slight against black players. So who do you go to? The Cowboys, of course. It's a good lesson in how what we do today for sure has an impact on what happens tomorrow.


Wow, now Redskin reporters play the role of cheerleaders.

Ah, it was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, my friend. But the Redskins did win the game. I think fans just need to chill and enjoy being 1-0. It could be a lot worse. Remember?

I had been completely sick of Portis' prima donna attitude last year with Zorn, but his pass blocking last night was fantastic. He doesn't get any credit for them in the box score, but when his teammates see what he did to the Cowboys rushers, they should be in awe.

Portis's pass blocking has always been second to none. There's no doubt the guy balled out last night.

So, T Ham and J Reid (sounds like a great rap duo, no?), any word on whether loudmouth Governor Rick Perry of Texas is having his big plate of crow this morning baked, fried or fricaseed? His "editorial" in yesterday's Post, even if a joke, was way overdone, even for someone from Texas. Of course, as they say, everything's bigger in Texas -- bigger mouths, bigger heads, bigger egos, and bigger flops of football teams... Hail to the Redskins!

I think he was trying to be funny. I am not sure he succeeded.

Tracey and Jason, Forget the game. Are the gold pants here to stay?

Ah, yes, the important stuff. I think they should wear 'em till they lose in 'em, don't you? I kind of liked the look, although I missed the maroon and black...

Those Redskins-Cowboys games are always nail biters. I am glad the Redskins won...but how long do you guys think it will take for McNabb/WRs to feel comfortable in this offense? And Mario Williams vs. Trent Williams next week, that is going to be tough for the rookie!

The McNabb thing is a work in progress. I don't know how long it will take. DeMarcus Ware is, well, DeMarcus Ware. Mario Williams is very similar. In the long run, Trent Williams will be better for the experience.

Morning Tracee! (and Jason). Pretty quiet, uneventful sports weekend, huh? No college upsets, no tennis upsets and certainly no crazy NFL endings. ;) I'm not a Redskins fan (grew up in the area, in a family that would use that time to go shopping-not big football fans) but I am married to a big fan. Even I was hanging on, breath held, to this game in the final 2 minutes. It's one thing if this were just the first game of the season, but this was DALLAS WEEK. Then the ending! Cowboys score the touchdown. But wait, there's a flag on the play (which the Skins player saw go out before the ball left Romo's hands). Offensive foul, game over. Redskins win! I'm still shaking my head (and smiling) at the ridiculousness of that whole game.

Wild weekend. I got to see my beloved Jayhawks win on television, not always possible, plus a lot of great performances -- Oklahoma looks amazing as does D. Robinson at Michigan -- and then the NFL season begins. What more could we want on a pretty autumn weekend? Or at least I think it was pretty. I barely stepped outside.

Good morning, Tracee. So what are the odds that we see another Nats question on this chat before, say, January? Or any question having anything to do with something other than the Skins? No offense to all the football fans out there, but gosh you guys are loud.

Well, to be fair, on a Monday after a Skins victory over Dallas, you have to expect that. Especially since the Nats had a bad weekend. But we haven't forgotten the Nats. Things will calm down soon.

Wow, is Reid really going to go back to Kolb? Vick would be my guy now. He almost single handedly gave the Eagles a W. Now why they had him running out of the shotgun with a 4th and 1, I'll never know. Dumb call.

What are you talking about? I never picked Kolb.

The Cowboys committed pass interference on the first pass to Anthony Armstrong before the botched field gold. I also believe there was pass interference on the second one. What do you think?

I thought there could have been an interference call on the first one, for sure. I had a hard time seeing both of them since I was directly opposite.

Hi, T-Ham and J-Reid: Trust me, beating the Cows is mega-satisfying, but do we have a professional-grade wide receiver other than Santana? Can we do more to scheme to get the other fellas involved?

Again, I think Devin Thomas has the tools. But can he prove it to Mike and Kyle Shanahan?

First win of the season, first win for the new coach(es), and the first win over the Cowboys/NFC Team in over a year!


Why did they decline the holding penalty (and take the down) when there was 4 seconds left in the first half? Dallas was only going to get one play in and it just allowed them to be 10 yards closer to the end zone for the Hail Mary.

I think that worked out just fine for the Redskins.

What is it that renders Carlos Rogers in capable of catching a football? The missed INT last night looked very very familiar. Is it just me, or does he have bricks for hands?

I know. But I thought he played pretty well.

Ok, did I hear anything about Kemoeatu (1 tackle) that was less than Fatsworth ? Is he injured ?

Name calling is not nice.

I've heard the black thing too, and people who have never been there don't realize that most of urban Texas is very diverse--especially Dallas and Houston. Maybe the Cowboys fandom is also a result of their omnipresence on TV in the pre-Sunday Ticket days...sort of like the way the (baseball) Cardinals were the team of choice throughout the Midwest and South because of KMOX. I actually picked up a Cards game a couple of years ago in the South Carolina hills!

Yes, I think TV made a huge difference.

I grew up in South Carolina. There clearly was nor is an NFL team. Which is why at an early agre I shopped around and for a number of reasons, not to be repeated here, took the Buffalo Bills as my team. Yes they suck but I have been a supporter for over 30 years and will forever be loyal. Remember guys, not all people grew up with a team around the corner.

Sigh. I should also have stipulated THAT. Of course if you don't have an NFL team nearby you have to pick one. In the examples in my own family, they had plenty of teams to choose from but went far afield. This is what we were discussing, why someone from, say, San Francisco decides to be a Cowboys fan.

TV plays a part, too. Before you could get every game no matter where you were, the Cowboys were on all the time. My grandma was a Braves fan because she could see every game on cable; the Royals weren't available like that. There are a lot of reasons and I'm not judging. I just can't imagine wearing, say, a Wyoming T-shirt when I've never been in the state of Wyoming and I attended a different university.

For the first time in 10 years, the Redskins played as if they were a pro instead of a college team. It has been embarrassing to watch them phone it in for the last decade. Not that they didn't make some stupid mistakes but they do have time to learn and improve now that they seem to want to play.

I don't buy your observation about the last 10 years. I may not agree with how the Redskins always do things, but there have always been a lot of good, hard-working people in this organization. As for what they did against the Cowboys, it was a great win. Let's see what happens.

What is your opinion of his performance?

Wasn't able to focus on him with my deadline situation. I'll watch the replay of the game tonight.

Wearing another school's t-shirt is okay only if you married into that school's alumni base, your kids/parents go/went there, or that school is playing Notre Dame. Wearing a pro team's t-shirt is unacceptable if you're over 12. Guys: you don't need to wear your jersey to the game, because they're not gonna need you to suit up.

Apparently an entire rule book needs to be drafted.

What could happen to that punter this week? Have you heard anything yet?

Not yet. That 27-yarder was awful. No doubt.

Boy, I'm sure glad you have something else to talk about today.

Very good.

Okay, Jason needs to get to work and I need to write a column and ice my arm so we'll wrap this up. Thanks for a lively discussion, everyone. Let's talk tomorrow!

Get rid of him!!!!

Really? After one game? That's a very reasoned approach.

The closeup of Barron joking around after the game. If I played that horribly and was responsible for a lazy holding call that cost my team the game, I wouldn't be smiling. And how can you be lazy on the last play of the game?

Wow. Didn't know that. If that's the case, that's just awful. He was HORRIBLE.

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