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Jun 16, 2010

I know, I know, Barry never failed to chat. Dan never failed to chat. Only Tracee failed to chat. I feel bad about the Tuesday glitch, whatever it was, but we'll be back on track Wednesday morning.

And with so much to talk about.

I know, I know, Barry never failed to chat. Dan never failed to chat. Only Tracee failed to chat. I feel bad about the Tuesday glitch, whatever it was, but we'll be back on track Wednesday morning.

And with so much to talk about! I'll be at Redskins Park bright and early to see Albert Haynesworth not show up, and what a sight it will be. We can also talk Game 6, John Wall, Tom Izzo, college football realignment and what's his name, the kid who pitches. But I'm guessing the main topic will be Albert. So bring it!

Full disclosure: Mizzou grad here. Should we conclude that MU, KU, K-State, and Iowa State dodged a bullet with the Big 12 holding together, or are we all just working for Texas now?I think we're going to go through this again in a couple of years, minimum, when the SEC, Pac-10, and Big 10 decide to expand further.

Hello, folks! It's good to be back. Sorry about yesterday, but onward and upward.

Good place to start here. I think the answer to both questions is yes. Dodged a bullet, we're working for Texas. Yes, we're going to go through this again. I hope the ADs at the schools you mentioned and some others are smart enough to start working on a Plan B now.

If Albert H was so adamant about NOT playing in a 3-4, then why didn't he and his agent insert this clause into his contract? Then he would have a leg to stand on and fans would not be so upset at him.

Well, his version would be that the owner told him he'd get what he wanted and he thought that was enough. I'm guessing his agent might try something like that in his next contract, but I can't imagine any team approving that. Too many things change, starting with coaches. It's crazy to think you're always going to get what you want in any job.

Welcome back Tracee. I'm a soccer fan. I don't watch much of other sports because, between MLS and Euro leagues, soccer is year-round. However, I don't drop into sports chats to complain about other sports and it mystifies me why people who don't watch soccer have to venerate every four years about why they think it's boring. I'm fed up now and it's my turn to tell everyone why their favorite sports suck. Football: !5 minutes of action in a three hour broadcast. The rest of the time you're watching fat guys standing around, replays, and commercials. To make it seem high-scoring, multiply each goal by 7 and each almost-had-a-goal by 3.. Baseball: Pretty much a bunch of guys standing around, waiting for the next pitch. Most of the time you're just watching the pitcher and the batter (with the catcher and umpire in the background) Basketball: Dribble down the court and shoot. Now repeat 100 times. In basketball, each team should start with 80 points and then just play 5 minutes. Hockey: Chase around something that no-one else can see, then fight.

Do you feel better? I'm here to help. I don't blame soccer fans for getting ticked off by the attacks. To each his own. I tried to write a column about that once but the response was, "You don't understand; soccer is popular all over the world."

Oh, okay, now I LOVE it.

So you see, there are dopes on both sides. Ignore the haters, enjoy your World Cup, and fly your freak flag of dislike for all other sports. It's a free country.

So, do the Big 10 and Big 12 now trade names?

That would be too easy. And too confusing. How about the Moneygrubbers Conference and the Longhorn League?

First welcome back, Dan and Barry filled in admirably but did like to complain a bit about the frequency. So know that Colorado is joining the Pac-10, will Kansas join the ACC? I mean it makes sense since Colorado is on the Pacific and Kansas is on the Atlantic. Lastly regarding the Mistake, I say refuse to trade him and fine his, word that rhymes with grass, to get back some of that money. They aren't gonna get anything good for him anyway. Plus you can cost him a year of his career. He says he should get traded to be less of a distraction, you mean like less than the gianormous distraction he already is it can't be any worse...

Ha! I got several "how do you do this every day?" messages but also an admission that I have a good group of chatters, which I know.

The conference names now mean even less than they did before. I thought for awhile we were headed to the Pac-10 and wondered how we could even be considered remotely "Pacific." Crazy. The renaming will be interesting.

As for Albert, the idea he thinks he's attractive trade bait makes him as clueless as your basic "American Idol" contestant. I for one can't wait to see what happens next. He's holding firm but I think he's met his match in Shanahan.

What can we get for Haynesworth in a trade? I've also read that the smartest thing to do would be not trade him, fine him if he doesn't show up and play him if he does, suspend him if he refuses....

I cannot imagine a GM who would not roll on the floor with laughter at receiving a call from Allen offering to do a deal for Haynesworth. I like two scenarios -- trade him for a really low pick, as an insult, or follow your plan to keep him and humiliate him. He just sort of brings the mean out in me.

Just from a practial perspective, if Albert wants to get traded shouldn't he be spending his time trying to increase his trade value?

Absolutely. The way to make yourself attractive in a  trade is not to refuse to show up to a mandatory mini-camp.

It's been such a nice few weeks talking baseball, Strasburg, Sweet Caroline replacement songs, insane CF realignment scenarios, soccer, and loud annoying horns. Not a peep about OTAs or Skins (and I am a Skins fan), now you ruined this nice little run and I despise you even more than I did before this trade demand. Hey Danny, on the bright side, you are no longer the most despised person associated with the Burgundy and Gold! This makes me nostalgic for the Dana Stubblefield era. Sigh. That said, welcome back to your 9:30 Club, T-Ham - We missed you!

Glad to be back! I had a feeling I'd get the credit/blame for bringing the Skins back into the spotlight, but timing is everything.

1. The US plays Slovenia on Friday. Is that even a country? I think its a covered dish. 2. How about Vuvuzela Night at Nationals Park?

Now, now, I'm sure Slovenia is lovely. And please, no Vuvuzela Night. Please. I think it's great South Africa has its own thing and I think it should stay in South Africa.

Mountain West?

Not now. Maybe someday. I really do feel further havoc is coming, very shortly.

So wonderful to have you back!! As a baseball fan I'm afraid I don't keep up as much with the Redskins as I should but what exactly will this mean to the Skins defense, now that Haynesworth is gone, and three months to kick-off?

They have signed a boatload of defensive linemen. Are any of them the force Haynesworth can be? Probably not. Are any of them in better shape and willing to work for less than $32 million? Probably so. Haynesworth is disruptive and allows his teammates to make plays, but all that is moot if the guy won't show up. So I am not ready to declare the Skins' season over just yet. I think management has a ton of incentive to find a nose tackle -- on the current roster or not -- and go on without him, and I think that's what they'll do.

Because nothing says Kansas like "Mountain"!

Yup. Except "Pacific." Or "Atlantic." Or "East."

I'd like to see a Big Midwest Conference, full of teams from, I don't know, the Midwest, maybe. But I'm a nutty dreamer.

Actually, it's an awesome country. I lived in Europe for almost 4 years, and my side trips to Slovenia were the closest thing to a trip home. Great people - but only 3 million of them. This is going to be like the USA playing an all-star team from Maryland - they should be congratulated for getting into the Cup at all (they had to beat Russia in qualifying).

There you go. I knew someone among this group would have lived in Slovenia. The odds were good. Three millions. Amazing.

How likely is is that the "big boys" in Football and Basketball breakaway from the NCAA to form their own "coalition" within the next decade?

This is one of my big questions -- does the NCAA even still exist? These conference commissioners apparently have all the power -- well, that and the BCS. Luckily the BCS is run by the nicest man on the planet, Bill Hancock. Eliminate the NCAA, pay the players, and let's just admit we're all about the money and move on, for heaven's sake. I can go from zero to 60 on this issue real fast.

Welcome back Tracee! I wasn't going to blame the return of Redskins talk on your return, however it did get me thinking. What was the Nats record before you left? Maybe we can pin the blame of their regression to your absence?

Damn, someone noticed. Yes, they were riding pretty high when I left town, in second place as I recall. I'll have to go back and look.

I also figure Strasburg will get shelled Friday night, so that'll get pinned on me as well. Sigh.

Simple yes or no question (Unless you have a "I don't know)- Is there anything in Haynesworth's contract about what scheme he would be playing in? If that was so important to him, wouldn't his agent include something that notes this?

J. Reid just walked in. Short answer: no.

In your absence, I had to test the waters of the the other Post chats. I stumbled upon the Fix a couple Friday's ago. Is Cilizza really as hot as his glamor shot?

Okay, this is a first. He owes me five bucks for an NCAA pool from several years ago, so no comment.

Welcome back Tracee. Those two fill in guys were whining like babies the whole time you were gone. I fear the lakers may have taken the heart from my Celtics last night. It will take an extraordinary effort for the Celtics to win now I think. And I don't think they have it in them. Either way I hope Phil jackson can find work as a professional guru next year.

I fear the same thing, Celtics-wise. I, too, am a Celts fan but they really needed to win that one. With the Perkins injury and the fact that Kobe is throwing stuff in from everywhere... But I'm ready to be surprised.

Wouldn't any good defensive head coach tailor his defense to the players on hand and not to what he likes? Seems this is both Fat Albert's fault, Danny's and his new coaches. Management failed to communicate with their most talented and expensive player. Defensive scheme should fit your current talent. BTW NFL should ahve a rule that requires the Skins to always play a 4-3. All that said Fat Albert would be sitting on the bench until his contract expires if I owneed the Skins. And I would bill him for O2 tanks he used last year. Allen him.

Love the part about the O2 tanks. Or fill them with nitrous oxide so when he gripes, he sounds like a Munchkin.

Well, I'd better sign off and starting writing my "poor misunderstood Albert Haynesworth" column. Let's talk tomorrow!

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