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May 02, 2013

This week, Tracee Hamilton discusses all the sports news.

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I'd just like to say what an amazing job he has done so far this year. Two complete games and a couple of 8 inning games! He has come on with a bang this year. Well done, JZimm! I also wanted to say how well Michael Morse is doing, as he hit his 9th homer last night. We miss him a lot, but I hope he & his bride are happy in Seattle (but not Sleepless!).

Amazing job. Talk about dominating. I am bummed I will miss his Tuesday start against the Tigers -- on a variety of levels.

And good morning, everyone! Hope you are all well. Let's get started.

(Oh, I should say that I have a plumber coming tomorrow to look at the water heater and give me an estimate. Decided I couldn't stand the suspense any longer. Thanks to all who emailed me with advice. I've given up on the tankless idea.)

I have a question. There is a game winning multiple run in the bottom of the 9th or an extra inning that breaks a tie. I have often seen all the runs count. Yet I recall seeing the umpire declare that only the winning run counted and the home run was listed as a single. What is the correct rule in this situation?

Well, I find baseball rule 4.11(c) that seems to state that all the runs cound on a game-winning home run, so it doesn't matter if the bases are loaded, the guy gets the homer and the team gets all four runs. However, is the same true of a single that scores, say, two runs? I wasn't able to quickly find an answer but I have every confidence someone here will be quicker than me.

When I was a kid, I used to throw a golf ball at the brick wall of our garage from about fifty feet away -- doing that is how I developed ninja-like fielding reflexes for such a big guy. I did this for hours from high angles, low angles, you name it...and never once did I hit myself in the head. Can I pitch for the Natinals now? TBHitW

I think you are overqualified.

O goddess of the Plains and Knower of all things Great and small. Now that the Nats are appearing on at least 3 or4 different TV networks --at least for now-- it is interesting to note that while MASN and ESPN show the "strike zone" box and where pitches are in and out of the zone, FOX does not. Even when a call is controversial , no "review" by the FOX crew. What's up with that ? MASN reviews those pitches and ESPN often has the superimposed box "live". Some kind of deal between FOX and MLB to not embarrass the umpires? Hard to believe that the network with probably the best HiDef technology can't conjure up a simple strike zone box. Makes those of us who are members of the clergy in the Church of the Grassy Knoll wonder .

I hadn't noticed that but it seems strange not to have it. It's sort of become ubiquitous, like the first down line in football. It is certainly possible Fox is pandering to MLB.

I have always said the Nazis should be given parade permits and police protection just so that the rest of us would have the opportunity to yell at them. In the same way, I think that the folks who are (shall we say) unsupportive of Jason Collins have every right to say what they think. They just don't have the right to complain when people call them out. One of the reasons the citizens of authoritarian countries rarely transition smoothly to democracy is that democracy is messy. American life is a barely-contained cauldron of ideas that often conflict, and it's the distilling of the best of those ideas that brings out the best in us. But those good ideas would not exist if they weren't put to the test by some very bad ones. I happen to think that what Collins did is great, brave and a good career move--all of which are good things. Let the troglodytes grunt. They're simply establishing their character in a very public way AND pushing our culture to move forward.

I agree with you re Collins, but I know some people don't. And that's fine with me. There are people who are never going to change their minds about certain topics, and I've always felt that hearing a lot of screeching from the opposing side entrenches opinion more than changes it. I've always been a live and let live gal. And you are correct: Democracy is messy. There's a great speech about it buried in "The American President."

The game ends when the winning run crosses the plate, but because the home run is (generally) official before the home run crosses the plate, all runs (and RBI) on walk-off home runs count. Otherwise it is a single. And no, Willie Wilson could not count RBIs from a walk-off inside-the-park HR.

That makes sense, thanks.

Why oh why do ESPN/MASN/etc think we need sideline/on-the-field/baseline reporters? (Hey, MASN, FP and Bob were doing just fine without Julie Arlington) Cuban Pete

I hadn't even noticed they didn't have one until someone emailed me to ask if I'd see the "new" one. I don't think they add much to the game. Even a guy like Ken Rosenthal on  Fox doesn't add a lot to the telecast, and he's covered baseball for donkey's years.

I love this team. They have great starting pitching, a solid bullpen, one of the best outfielders in baseball, exciting young players with a lot of upside, and they've demonstrated great resiliency. Yeah, the first baseman is underperforming, but he'll come around. If only they could get better production out of second base and more consistency -- defensively and offensively -- out of third. Oh. Did I mention I was talking about the Royals?

It's so great to see the Royals returning to respectability. I'm pretty excited to get to see them play when I'm in the Kansas basement at the end of the month.

Two Words ... End Times. I mean it is May and the Royals are in first place. And yes I will trade the end of the World for a World Series Title at this point. (This is also to point out, the Nats fan don't understand patience ... it's only May ... The season hasn't even started yet.) Let's Go Royals!

It's finally LGR's day in the sun! Enjoy!

With the recent injury to Harper's ribs, should the Nationals shut him down for the rest of the season?


Hi, Tracee. You could indeed do an entire chat on this! To park in a handicapped parking space, you need not only a handicap tag or placard but also medical certifcation that you are in fact disabled. However, if you request a handicap seat at a sporting event, concert, etc., they are required to sell you one without question. I think this came up in a chat last year, that many non-handicapped people like handicap seats because they have more leg room and better sightlines. I had polio as a child and use a wheelchair. I have an Orioles 13 game plan that guarantees me a handicap seat at every game. But the other seats often appear to be occupied by able-bodied people. I definitely realize many disabled people have heart ailments or other problems that may not be visible. However, earlier this year some teenagers sitting in handicap seats won the "fan of the gane" award, meaning they were shrieking and jumping up and down. The ushers do try to accommodate handicapped people, but sometimes they wind up in the OF when IF seats should be available. I don't know what the answer is.

Me neither. I'm not sure how the teams can confirm the worthiness of the request.  I guess the teams would rather err on the side of caution than go the other way. (The teenager thing would annoy the heck out of me, too.)

Well, Ms. H, let me withdraw my previous email saying "it's only April," to note it's now May and the Nats are still in trouble. They can win when Zimmermann pitches 8 or 9 scoreless innings, while, even if Strasberg is healthy, he needs to allow only one run, or he loses, with less than 2 runs per game run support. Harper, of course, was just injured, and, if he's out of the lineup, I think the combined team batting average is somewhere well south of .250. BUT, we can always look forward to the Caps going deep into the playoffs!!! (a little sarcasm there, folks). The only "topper" would have been for RGIII's knee to collapse while he was doing jumping jacks at FedEx Field. AHG

It's still early, but it's not as early as it was. It may just be my "get things taken care of" approach to life, but winning early in the season takes off the pressure. Like, for instance, last season. I think they were more relaxed because they were playing from atop the divisional mountain, so to speak.

The most discouraging thing should be, for the Nats, that the Braves are pretty good. Last season, not so much.

And yes, Zimm'nn has been so money.

Let's all calm down. Stras is going to be fine, Harper is going to be fine. Breathe, people, breathe.

When Harper said it hurts to breathe, that didn't sound like a bruise to me, but that's an injury I've never had so perhaps a bad bruise can make it painful to breath.

Stras's arm -- I, too, think it will be fine, as in it won't fly off his body, but his lack of control is a concern. He gives up early runs and then we see glimpses of the old Stras. But he's pitching from behind.

Overall, though, I agree -- breathe, people. Except if it hurts, Harper.

It's probably moot -- the second guy generally stops running as soon as the first guy crosses the plate. If there are fewer than two out, the third base coach should hold that runner just in case of a weird tag or something at the plate, right?

Yes, you are right. What difference does it make anyway, except maybe for the guy who wants to score another run and the hitter who wants another RBI. But it makes sense that the game ends when the winning run  plates (to use revolting TV jargon). I hate "plated five runs" and such expressions...

Maybe Fox hasn't licensed the program from whoever makes it?

You'd think companies would be falling all over themselves to give it to Fox, given the exposure. But you may be right. There's the company who makes the program and then the company who "sponsors" it so it can get its name mentioned on the air.

I completely disagree with Mike Wise on Ovie as captain material. A captain is a guy who calls out a coach for preferential treatment not a guy who accepts such treatment(Boudreau); a captain is a guy who takes it like a man when the coach doesn't put him on the ice not a guy who sulks about it; the captain is a guy who is always in shape and works hard not a guy who could stand to lose a few pounds. Now maybe, Ovie is rounding into captain material with Oates' help but he was not the guy at the time.

I think that's what Mike was saying, that he's finally becoming the guy they thought he was. That's kind of how I took it. I have noticed a lot of changes in him and I would have to credit Oates with that. Oates was asked the other day what the difference is between Ovie early in the season and Ovie now, and he said, "confidence." That's pretty amazing, that Ovie would not be confident, but I also think Oates is a pretty straight shooter. I will also say I haven't been at a practice when Ovie has NOT been on the ice. That is unusual. I do think he's changing, growing up, whatever. It's a little late, given how long he's been in the league, and been a captain, but then again, better late than never.

Hi Tracee, 2 weeks ago this subject came up, and compelled me to go check mine, which I've put off because it's pain to do so, and I found some minor seepage. My apt. manager got on it right away, apparently this is a code red issue, as it should be, as I live on the top floor. There is no end to how your chats help our daily lives.

Yikes! The people who live below you owe you a big thanks. I'm going to go to Kansas feeling much better about things if I can get this done. Then my only worry is the skinny, picky, needy cat.

This from Grantland this morning: The win kept Kansas City in first place in the AL Central, and brought the entire world one step closer to the brink of the apocalypse, as Bruce Chen got the win for the first-place Kansas City Royals in 2013.

LGR is willing to take the chance, and I guess I am too. I have a lot of respect for Royals fans and they have faithfully waited for this. I include myself only in a minor way. The Tigers are still my No. 1.

Folks, remember how panicked you felt after the Cardinals' 3-game sweep. Last week, I posted "Don't worry, be happy", and the Nats promptly took 3 out of 4 from the Reds. Now everybody's panicking again because we went 1 and 2 (so far) against the Braves, and because Stras shook his shoulder a couple of times, and Harper got banged up a bit on that failed home run save Tuesday.

I'm probably going to be sick of saying this during this season, but It's A Long Season. I grew up in New York with the Yanks and Mets, and this is the way it is, all the time, unless your team sucks on a 100-loss level.

 The docs say Stras is fine, and I'd be happy to get $10 for every time during his career Harper gets some bruises because he plays hard. We're not talking Pete Reiser here (Brooklyn Dodger whose career was cut short because of injuries from repeatedly running into the wall trying to make catches).

Coming out of April with a record around .500 is one possibility I'd seen before the season. Even if we're around .500 at the end of May, I'm going to be fairly OK with that. This year's Nats schedule is insanely unbalanced in terms of difficulty, with us playing the strong teams in the first two months, and Bozo the Clown for much of the remainder. The soft schedule comes in just about the time that Ryan Zimmerman makes his annual early-summer transformation into an avatar of King Kong for about 60 days; the pitching's coming out of whatever was ailing it; folks will start to hit. Again, It's A Long Season.

Section 405

Are you trying to convince us, or yourself, 405? Either way, it's fine. That's what we're here for.

I had mine replaced with a modern one that's super insulated and only kicks on when cold water has been added to the tank, but that means I don't get really hot water for a bath if I haven't used it for anything else in the past couple of hours. If you like a hot shower in the morning or you don't run the dishwasher every night, you might want to mention that in the discussion.

Good to know. I definitely need hot water in the morning.  I also could use a pretty small heater but have to think of what happens if I suddenly have to list the house. I barely run the dishwasher and when I do it's 90% cat dishes anyway.

I'm in full agreement with the original commenter. I saw a sig line on somebody's email once that I originally took as funny but later realized is profoundly true: "The Price of Freedom Is the Defense of Idiots"

Section 405

That's very true and well-put.

When a player makes an announcement about his sexual preference, and that announcement dominates the news cycle, and commentators are pretty much expected to comment on that story, are commentators whose opinion differs from the mainstream supposed to avoid commenting? Or should only commentators who go along with the mainstream be allowed to work? How would that be any different from the days when Rock Hudson had to maintain a "girlfriend" for appearances sake?

Nope, that's just it -- we have to have room for all opinions and it's not my place to say people who disagree with me are "wrong." I get emails sometimes saying "you were sure wrong about ..." and they proceed to attack my opinion, not the facts. Well, my opinion isn't wrong; it's my opinion (unless in my opinion the sun rises in the west, but that's also a fact).  As long as people comment on EVERYTHING (not just a story like this) with courtesy to the subject and to their fellow commentators, there shouldn't be a problem. But of course, there is, because courtesy is as dead as a doornail.

Maybe they a party that included a handicapped teen? How should situations where most of the group is able-bodied but one member needs special accommodation be handled?

I think the team allows either two or four tickets in those situations. It sounded to me like the poster's point was that if ALL the teams were jumping and shrieking ... but then I suppose there could be a health problem that wasn't visible. This is a no-win debate, I fear. Teams are going to err on the side of kindness and sometimes screw up.

I can't remember the names, but a pitcher for (I think) the Orioles got hit by a throw by an umpire when the umpire thought the pitcher had asked for a new ball when in fact the pitcher had a ball and was getting ready to go into his routine before windup. It did not injure the pitcher but he said it hurt. I can't think of a reason for an umpire to throw the ball to a pitcher, other than to show off what he thinks is a great arm. He should hand the ball the the catcher and let the players do the athletic stuff. I have noticed several times that umpire throws are off the mark and require pitchers to stab awkwardly for the ball, risking injury. The leagues should tell umpires to make the calls and let the players throw and catch. I'm your e-mail pal John Ingle.

Hey, John! Nice to hear from you. I agree re umps. Although they may all be throwing balls at David Price now. :)

Pittsburgh hubby & I will be at the Nationals game Saturday in Pittsburgh. I plan to wear my red and my W cap and maybe even my Clippard t-shirt. I will cheer for all of us if asked. I love all Pittsburgh teams, but I love my Nationals more!

I know you do! I wish you warm weather and a hot dog.

Is your cheese boy related to this guy?

That's funny, and gives me a chance to say how much I LOVE Game of Thrones. It was so great this week to see so many characters get baths. This is certainly a dirty bunch.

I had a Front row seat for last Sunday's game and down there the players look like real people! Except Jayson Werth, of course. He's like a demi-god. Must be his flowing locks.

He's looking better now that he's reined that beard in a bit. That hair, however, seems to have moved to the top of Harper's head.

...but they were usually too stringy for my taste. Seriously, if you think you may be listing the house, just spend the extra (hundred or less) bucks for a 40-gallon tank instead of 30-gallon. Still talking about maybe 300 bucks plus a hundred for the 30-minute installation.

Ha! And I will bear that in mind. Not sure what I have now. I actually tried to find it on the tank and failed.

I can't show you the rule but if the bases are loaded (lets say) in the bottom of the 9th and a player hits what could have been a double or triple only counts as a single and only the first run scores winning the game. But if a player hits a homerun in the bottom of the 9th no matter how many are on base "all" runs score and are counted in the official stats.

Gotcha, thanks.

Once the winning run crosses the plate, the ball is considered dead, hence no more runners may advance, and the losing team cannot throw the ball and attempt to make a hard tag on any extraneous runners. When it's a home run, the ball is dead as soon as it crosses the fence, so any baserunners are allowed, but not required, to advance. For example, Robin Ventura hit the longest single in postseason history when he hit the ball over the fence with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 15th inning against the Braves in Game 5 of the NLCS. As soon as the runner on third crossed the plate, his teammates mobbed him and prevented him from reaching 2nd. Therefore, the official ruling was a single.

That makes sense, and thanks!

Everyone just assumes that all male figure skaters (solo, not necessarily pairs or dance) are gay, just as everyone assumes that all male ballet dancers are gay. Baryshnikov certainly disproved that, as did a number of others. I guess some people expect men in the "artsy" sports to be gay and in the "manly" ones not to be!

That's true of figure skaters, that's for sure. (I'm  no ballet follower.) Local skater Michael Weiss used to constantly mention his wife and children -- I mean, constantly. It was pretty clear what message he was sending. Although, of course, a wife and children is no guarantee of "straightness."

My mother suffered, among other injuries, 6 broken ribs in a horrendous traffic accident (we all shuddered to think what if she hadn't been all buckled up!). She later confided that she never realized how excruciating it must be for athletes to play sports (especially football) with even one broken rib.

Yeah, that's what I was trying not to say. But he looked pretty perky after the game so he's probably fine. Rub a little dirt on it...

1. Better pitching. 2. More better pitching.

Better pitching would be nice, just to make the games watchable.

I realize it's way too soon to be gloating, but... Pens 5, Isles 0 last night. New first-time dad "Flower" was awesome in his shutout!

Too soon, but go ahead. What the heck.

Did anyone realize that the Celtics were LOUSY with Jason Collins? That the Wizards were a LOTTERY TEAM with Jason Collins? I know he wasn't "out" yet, but you just know when someone's looking at you funny. You keep the groupies out of the locker room so the players can get out there and play. You put one in there now, one they ain't gonna hit, and they get all distracted and can't play. Collins should have just retired long ago before he messed up these two teams this year.

A perfect example of an opinion I do not in any way agree with, but one you are perfectly entitled to have. (And one that's easy to express when you don't have to put your name on it.)

Or maybe it's just the "lame-stream media" picking on poor old Fox because their news division isn't liberal (LOL!).

Oh dear God. Yes, that's it. :)

You gotta figure the network rights contracts contain a broad "conduct detrimental" clause so the networks don't do anything to impugn the "integrity of the game." Same reason you'll never hear anyone on TNT counting LeBron's steps.

Perhaps that's it... I can't remember if they used it in last year's playoffs.

Also, a captain is a player who doesn't throw a temper tantrum because he can't spot his Significant Other in the stands.

True. I was never a proponent of him as a captain. I do, however, to be fair, have to note a change in him. That's all I'm saying.

The right of neo-nazis to march in the predominantly Jewish town of Skokie, IL (actually, the right to be granted a parade permit from the local government) is protected by the First Amendment not so others can yell at them, but to prevent the government from favoring one viewpoint over another. If the government cannot prevent neo-Nazis from marching to express their views, it cannot prevent gays or communists or PETA folks from doing so. All viewpoints have an equal right to speech in the eyes of the government and cannot be censored based on those viewpoints. Just wanted to get that out there.

I don't think anyone was seriously suggesting that Nazis are allowed to march so that people can yell at them -- that's just a delightful offshoot of freedom of speech. This is what I keep telling myself re the Westboro Baptist Church. Appalling.

I agree with you that it's irritating. There's a Pittsburgh sportswriter who rounds up the best of the worst each year and hands out the Trite Trophy. My personal favorite last year was Pirates manager Clint Hurdle's comment when the Pirates were fading badly near the end of the season: "We shower well." That's either an indictment of their baseball skills or a great philosophy of life (to let bad things go).

That's a pretty funny line from a former Royal. :)

"but you just know when someone's looking at you funny." Oh sweetie, If straight women don't find you attractive, we gays certainly won't. That's all

Ha! A big misconception I find about gay men are that they are all oversexed maniacs who just want to see naked men (and there are easier ways than getting into pro sports).

Hey, the Wiz were lousy when Collins got there. If anything, he didn't make them fabulous enough to make the playoffs.

And you don't blame his sexuality for that? Huh.

Did he ever get to see that picture of the Fast food place in Boston? What did he think think of it?

I sent it to him. God knows what he thought. He's not a great communicator.

I'm surprised to see the limited number of questions/comments about the Caps, who start their playoff run tonight. Tracee, can you use your awesome powers and predict that the Rangers win in 4? Section 405

Consider it done. I, too, am surprised about the Caps silence, but the four-day layoff may have lulled them all to sleep.

Really, do we need another thing for McCarver to belabor endlessly and pointlessly?

No, but he won't be around after this year.

The Braves were a really good team last year, too. They won 94 games, which often is enough to win a Division. The Nats won 98 and took the Division, but there were plenty of moments during the last three months of the season that I wasn't sure that was going to happen. On Harper's injury, I once took a line drive off of the ribs while pitching. I kept playing (of course - idiot) but went to the emergency room that night because I was having trouble breathing. And x-ray confirmed no structural damage - it was just what even the ER Doc called "a first-class hematoma [bruise]." After a day or so I was fine, although the bruise turned all kinds of pretty colors as it faded away.

There you go -- I knew someone on this chat would have suffered bruised ribs.

As a longtime Skins fans, I always remain cautiously optimistic, so I am SO happy that I never gave up on the Caps - they have been great in the last six weeks and so much fun to watch! Went to my first Nats game at Nationals Park on Sunday (I don't live in the area, so I had only been to RFK). Anyway, what a great fan experience! The people that work there are SO NICE. I cannot tell you how many times I was thanked for coming and to get home safe as we left the Park. Everyone that worked there was so pleasant and helpful - even the guy who told me I would not be able to see the President's Race from where I was standing to eat, but pointed me to the jumbotron to make sure I didn't miss it. (I am a 38 year old woman and he did not seem phased that I really wanted to see the race.) Just wish it was a bit warmer and the Nats had won! but as someone who regularly goes to FedEx, wow, it was a completely different experience.

Glad you enjoyed it! It certainly is different from FedEx, thank heaven.

Not really a question; just a thanks. I appreciate your willingness to be real and share your life with us. Sports are great ... I'm a huge baseball fan who is confused now that my Astros are in the American League (where they don't play real baseball ... real baseball has rules for 9 players, not 10). I hate to admit that my allegiance has switched to the Nats ... whatever their record may be this season. (And, I bet the ellipsis haters would not like my comment at all.) Anyway, as much as I enjoy sports, I must concede that real life is more important than the results of any athletic competition. That's all.

Glad to  have you aboard. And it must be really weird to switch leagues -- I didn't like switching divisions and that's nothing! You are right; sports are a diversion and an enjoyment but they are not the be all and end all of life. Thank goodness.

How can it be a year since Junior Seau committed suicide?

That one thing that's really nice about Pittsburgh sports is the pro teams all wear the same colors. We're almost there with the Nationals, Capitals, Wizards, & DC United all wearing red. Now if we could just convert those pesky Red****s!

I've admitted such before on this chat; it's very cool. The Skins will never give up the maroon and black. :)

Instead of everybody talking about Collins and/or Sports Illustrated for one day, everybody's talking about Broussard and/or ESPN for three+ days. Somebody at Disney PR will have a little something extra in his envelope this week. TBHitW

I guess. I admit I didn't know he said anything. I don't pay a lick of attention to him. He's entitled to his opinion (on anything), and I'm entitled to ignore him. Life's good.

"A big misconception about gay men are that they are all oversexed maniacs who just want to see naked men..." The people who think this are the oversexed maniacs who just want to see naked women. You know, straight men.

Now, let's not generalize. Although is it true than men think about sex every eight seconds or something? I heard that somewhere. That can't be right.

...I get to "chat" with you at 11, then with gardening guru Adrian Higgins at 12. Except, of course, for all the work I don't get done (but shhh, don't tell the powers-that-be!).

What happens in the chat, stays in the chat.

If you're on your cell or tablet. Download Bleacher Report App. Click on your game. It has an excellent layout of the strike box and where the pitch went. The layout (game day) is better than with AT BAT but at least with AT BAT I can also get Charlie and Dave (radio guys) on. I sometimes do this at games to see if the umpire is worthy of being yelled at! LOL

Strike zone advice!

You wouldn't know it from either WaPo or the National Media, but the Baltimore Orioles have a better record than the Nationals. Discuss.

They certainly do. Good for them.

I think you mentioned going to Kansas, and you've usually done so around May or June. Will you have guest hosts like you have in the past? Can you run a chat from Kansas (and would you want to)? Please be sure to let us know what's up....

I will miss one chat (May 23) and I don't think we'll have a guest host because it's near Memorial Day and web traffic will be down. In June, we'll see. That will be a longer absence.

I'm going to NY for Games 3 and 4 but am coming back next Thursday in time for the chat, so long as the trains are on time. If I'm not here right at 11, however, don't give up. (Don't ever give up! There, I've channeled Valvano.)

(Thank God for 405, my unpaid producer.)

Okay, gotta dash.  Thanks, everyone, for joining me!

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