Tracee Hamilton Live: Nats, Caps' Game 7, end of the Wizards' season, the eve of the Skins draft, and whatever else you want to talk about.

Apr 26, 2012

This week, Tracee Hamilton discusses all the sports news.

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No question, that is all.

Well said.

And good morning, everyone! Can't think what we'll talk about but surely something will turn up. Let's go!

I've been a Nats fan from the beginning, and I'm just now starting to believe the rug might not be swept out from under us this season. Am I nuts? Also, whom do I email to get the link to the Nationals Journal back on the front page of the mobile WaPo site? Thanks, Tracee!

I can't say you're not nuts without more information, but if you think the Nats are "for real" this season, then that in itself does not make you "nuts." Beyond that, I don't know.

I also don't know the answer to your question re the mobile site, but I'm going to pass this along to the person I'm pretty sure can either do it, or get it done. I'm doing it right ... now!

I asked this the week you had the wireless problems at Nats Park. Fortunately, it isn't an issue at least for the near future, and hopefully not for the rest of the season, but....

In every other paper in the universe, when the home team is tied for first, the home team gets listed on top of the standings. In the Post, tied teams are listed in strict alphabetic order. Since Yates Center, Yoder, Zenda, or Zurich Kansas don't play in the majors, Washington is the tail end, alphabetically, in the majors, and we don't get the top spot unless we're in undisputed possession. 

Shouldn't Washington get a home town edge in the home town paper?

Section 405

I agree with you, 405. I think this is a policy thing to keep us from looking homer-ish but it ignores the fact that our newspaper readers are homers, in that they live here, in homes (we hope). I'm sure my bosses will see this, since they read this chat to take the pulse of the nation.

what network showed the caps v.bruins game

Which one? Last night? Comcast. It was the last Comcast airing of the year. Sad for Joe B. and Locker. Now all the games will be on "the NBC family of networks."

How stupidly good is our pitching staff! BTW.. liked your article on vertigo. No laughing matter.

I was afraid that Zim had caught my torn rotator cuff. I didn't have an alibi for that one.

The pitching staff is incredible. Good to see the hitters finally giving Zimm some love, run-wise. He's earned it.

Am I the only one who enjoyed it? My family and I went every few yers nd alwayshad a good time. We enjoyed interacting with the players, who were much more accessible than usual, and Hawaii is always fun. Sure, it wasn't NFL caliber cometition, or even top college caliber, but we still got to say we had seen various luminaries play. We are going to miss it.

I hate to say it, but you may be the only one who'll miss it. Well, of course that's not true, but as all-star games went, it was the lamest. I wish they'd come up with something to replace it that was fun and watchable. I haven't bothered in years.

The Capitals pull a shocker by winning a Game 7. On the road. Against the defending Stanley Cup champions. (And for those longtime Caps fans who remember Mike Marson from their first draft in 1974, it's kind of sweet to think that one of the biggest goals in Caps history was made by someone who, like Marson, is black.) Then there are the Nationals, now 14-4 by clinching another series win in San Diego; should be a fun series in Los Angeles this weekend. The Wizards keep winning (without damaging their draft lottery chances), giving a reason, albeit slight, for actual optimism. And, oh yes, the local NFL team will draft its future franchise quarterback; now, let's see if they can actually build a franchise (and offensive line) for him. Great times inside the Beltway.

A lot of long-suffering fans here deserve a little joy, so by all means enjoy it.

Hi Tracee! I took my family from Ohio (Indians fans) to a Nats v Reds game, where my dad bought the 4 yr old niece a Nats cap. She won't take the thing off. Wore it out and about this weekend (coupled with her Caps jersey, she's always stylin') in Akron causing more than a handful of people to talk to my sister about the Nats and the prospects and ask what she thought of the 'new' stadium. And this in an American League town of Indians fans and the AA Aeros farm team. The Natitude is catching.

Hard not to notice that record. I expect to get a lot of questions when I go on vacation in a few weeks. (More on that later. You will have an array of guest hosts.)

Twice in the last few days the Caps, Nats, & Wiz all won. The world must be ending. And snow fell in Pittsburgh on April 23! Must I no longer allow PH to watch the weather?

I'm afraid PH is going to end up as the Man in the Iron Mask if we're not careful with him.

From the WaPo obituary of Dick Clark 2007: The private equity fund of Washington Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder acquired Dick Clark Productions for $175 million. 2012: Dick Clark Dies Is there ANYTHING Dan Snyder touches that he doesn't ruin?

I shouldn't have laughed, but I did, a little.

BOZ is on twitter! It self edits him (not that I don't love when his chats have answers longer than War & Peace) and man can he get snarky! Simply PRICELESS

Yes, Boz can get snarky, he can be sweet, he can be analytical, he can be nuts. Boz is like Pringles: He comes in a lot of flavors.

No denying that the offseason acquisitions of Brouwer and Ward made key contributions to this playoff series. That's exactly why they went out and got Ward. Vokoun not so much but Holtby shouldered that load on his own. Also, can we please return Jeff Shultz to healthy scratch, he had a terrible game and a couple turnovers that could have been disastrous if not for his goalie and fellow defensemen.

Brouwer and Ward have turned out to be great additions. I was watching Ward the last two games and thinking "he's going to get a goal, he's going to get a goal." I'm almost never right so I was pleased he finally came through.

Ever happen on the same day before?

Yes, and Steinberg wrote about it. Let's see, it was April 18, 2006, and Dan wrote about it on the Bog, and it was in the newspaper of April 24.

During the first segment of last night's local Fox news broadcast (WTTG), Dave Feldman spent a great deal of time showing video of RG III at Subway and RG III tossing a football and RG III in the same TD scrambling clip they've aired a million times and oh did you hear the Redskins are going to draft RG III tomorrow and he's the bee's knees and will save the Redskins from themselves?!?!? RG III!!!!!! Meanwhile, the Caps had just taken game 7 into overtime. Watching the first segment on Fox 5, you'd have no idea they were even playing last night, let alone playing in a critical game 7 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I know the Redskins are an abysmal team and are excited about hanging their hopes that a college player will bring them another ring, but DC has a team that is in the playoff hunt now...a mere mention of that might have been nice. And that's coming from a Devils' fan!

I'm guessing they were using what we would call filler. When a game didn't make our deadline, we'd put in a big photo and story of something else to take up the space where the really important game would have gone if it had had the courtesy to end by deadline. I'm betting that's what Fox was doing. The 7:30 start that doesn't start at 7:30 kills the old print newspaper and kills a news show that starts at 10 p.m. That's our problem, not the NHL's, but it's the truth. I would not blame Feldman for that one.

Tracee, knower of all things sports. Where can I buy my Stanley Cup finals tickets? And if the game is on the weekend will METRO single-track?

StubHub, and yes. Always yes.

Now that the Caps have moved into the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs any chance there could be a live Q & A after EACH game till their final game? Redskins have a short one as soon as their game is over. You know with Tarik or Katie or both?

Well, not with Tarik or Katie, because after the game they are working hard to get to the locker rooms and the news conferences and writing. But I'll pass on your suggestion to our hockey editor; maybe someone else could do it.

Caps fan here, for sure ... but is it possible that Knuble was guilty of goalie interference? Anyone asked an NHL official? I know it doesn't really matter, and it's probably a judgment call, but I'm just wondering.

I didn't think so but I don't pretend to be the expert on hockey officiating. I don't know if anyone asked because I wasn't at the game. Any of our hockey folks want to chime in?

What is going on with Washington sports team? I don't recognize this world!

Black is white. Up is down. It's a world gone mad. Embrace it!

Forget who the Caps will face, do we know yet which day the second round will begin on?

Not yet. Saturday or Sunday. Likely Sunday, because the West series need to get going; they've been waiting. But that is just a theory, not fact.

Not only did they win, they did it with old fashioned grinders toughing it out in front of the net and working hard. Talk about winning well. Speaking of a lack of class, did you see the reaction in Boston to Ward's winning goal? Stay classy, Boston sports fans.

If you're talking about those tweets, that is sad and sick. Not sure what is wrong with people, but then, I seldom am.

Holy Moly! A game 7 where we didn't go down in a ball of flames! Great series and SO EXCITED that we pulled out the OT win. For some reason, I cannot help thinking that someone gave a Goonies speech before the OT ('This is OUR time!) And we get RGIII today! And the Nats are 14-4. If only for today, it's nice to be a DC Sports fan!

Another satisfied customer. (Of D.C. sports, not this chat. I'm not trying to take credit.)

HI Tracee, What a AWESOME game last night. Must say that Holtby proved me right. This guy is mentally strong!

Oh, he doesn't lack confidence. He needs to tighten up on his rebounds and watch that glove snap. That said, he was awesome. And he can be even more awesome, which is something to think about.

Were you so surprised by last night's game that you lost track of days? When I looked at the calendar, I noticed today is Thursday, yet you seemed to think yesterday was Thursday.

Is today Thursday? I'm supposed to chat on Thursdays! Oh wait, I'm chatting! I've been messed up all week, seriously, because of going to Sunday's game and writing. I even wrote "Saturday" in my d*^&% column.

Waaah. Waaaaah. Can someone tell the Boo-ins fans, that: 1) they should look at at least half of their goals before carping 2) NBA refs also don't call walks on the Celtics, even though it's a rule

Now, now, let's take the high road.

Who do you have for the NHL and NBA finals? Come on, just between us.

No. Now cut that out.

Tracee! I met Cheese Boy last week when he spoke at Wildfire. Except, I didn't know he was cheese boy, and I said, "so who is cheese boy!?" and discovered it was him...awkward and funny all at the same time.

That's hilarious. I'm sure he was thrilled.

I really hope Tim Thomas is sorry now that he refused to attend the White House celebration with all his teammates honoring the Bruins' 2011 Stanley Cup win. Do you think such churlishness contributed to a certain lack of team esprit de corps, at least enough to lose in the first round this year?

I don't know him, but I'm not sure why he'd be sorry now. And I don't think it contributed to a lack of esprit de corps. I don't think it gave the Caps an extra impetus to beat them, for instance. Not a lot of politics in the locker room and remember, not an abundance of Americans, either.

Any idea if the Skins reached out to the Eagles re: Asante Samuel? The Falcons got him for a seventh round pick, that's a steal by any measure. Though I doubt the Skins could have fit him under the cap given the NFL's punishment.

Price would be a problem, and also I am not sure the Eagles would have sent him to a division rival. That distinction seems to be reserved for McNabb. I do not know if the Skins made an effort but our guys didn't report it so I'm thinking they didn't.

When can we get tickets for the Nationals/Rangers World Series? Seriously, though, can you believe the Nats are 1/2 game out of the best record in the major leagues? I think I'll skip my Quidditch match tonight and fly over to the Padres game on my Nimbus 2012!

Can't you just use some Floo Powder? Oh, no fireplace in the stadium.

Hi, Tracee -- last week, at the tail end of a very long travel day, i found myself in western North Carolina, hungry, tired, and limited for dinner options. At the Bi-Lo, I found Diet Cheerwine to be just the thing to wash down my box of dried-out fried chicken. Ah, the glories of travel! TBHitW


I am out of the area, but I have Center Ice - but I am so sad that I cannot see the local feed for the games, but am blacked out and have to watch NBC. This makes me sad and quite honestly, annoyed, because I PAY for CenterIce, so the NHL has my money. No question, just a vent. It was like seeing old friends when I turned on Comcast last night for the post game show and saw Joe B. and Locker. I've missed them these last couple of weeks!

NBC took three games from  Comcast during the first round, which was a shame. I talked to Joe B. on Sunday and told him how much he was missed during Saturday's broadcast. He is sure unhappy about the reduced role. Hate to hear that. I love listening to those guys.

I am assuming that Ovi will get more playing time now that it's not do-or-die, and that his lack of defensive effectiveness doesn't make the difference between advancing or summer vacation. But what does he have to do to prove he deserves more playing time? He had more points than anyone else on the team in the series, I think. Does he need to score a lot in the first couple of games? I'm a fan of the team in general - and personally of Knuble - but my son is a diehard Ovi-fan, and I know this will come up in family conversation a number of times in the next couple of weeks!

Well, the question is, are they better when Ovie plays fewer minutes? Last night they looked pretty good. Ovie plays hard; maybe Hunter feels fewer minutes will give him a better Ovie on the ice. I do like the fact he's not afraid to bang bodies on the boards.

Hi, Tracee! I have enjoyed watching the Caps-Bruins series, particularly last night's game. I just can't help wondering if we haven't all been "cheated" by a team that kind of mailed it in for far too many regular season games (selling tickets at VERY high prices, btw), and is only now putting in the true max effort.....I think the NHL has some 'splainin' to do, Lucy.... How can anyone take the NHL regular season seriously now? I loved watching the Caps ferocious checking game last night, but, really, who were those guys? Those couldn't the same guys sleepwalking through much of the "regular" season. If the Playoffs are the games that really matter, as many players have been heard to say during this series, does that mean that October through March is just a glorified (and grossly overpriced) exhibition season? Oh, well; Go, Caps!

The same is true in the NBA, I think. And yes, it's aggravating. But I also think in the case of the Caps, it's taken them awhile to get used to playing together, in a new system. Then they lost Backstrom and Green, lines changed, then lines came back together, Ovie's time was reduced, new goalie... lots of changes. So yes, playoff hockey looks better than regular season hockey. But I think it's only natural that you'd play better in a playoff than in one game in a long 82-game slog, too.

However, if you ever want to convert someone to hockey, start with the playoffs. Don't start with the first week of the season.

Actually, I have the opposite reaction (perhaps because I grew up here reading the Post sports section). When I see standings with the paper's home team arbitrarily moved to the top of a group of tied teams, it strikes me as bush league. And don't even get me started on papers that print the hometown team in bold type.

It's good that people have different opinions. I'm with you on the bold type. It always feels like you're saying "you're too dumb to know you live in (city), so we're reminding you."

""the NBC family of networks." Actually, CSN is part of the NBC Family of Networks. It would be more appropriate to say the rest of the NHL playoffs will appear exclusively on nationwide NBC outlets, which include NBC, NBCSN, and CNBC. What's really sad is that NBCSN/Versus cut Joe B. out of the loop even though he was their #2 play-by-play guy last year.

Yes, you are correct about CSN, although I would say that CSN probably doesn't feel very much like family at the moment. That's a big loss, three out of seven games.

And yes, cutting Joe B. out of the play-by-play loop is a joke. There were enough mistakes Saturday to prove that point. I didn't hear Sunday's telecast; maybe it was better.

RG III is not only the third RG he will be the third Griffin on the Redskins. You know that they say... The third time is the charm time.

Might be reaching just a bit.

If you're accessing Nats Journal on a mobile device, download the Washington Post app! It is a simple navigation in the App to get to Nats Journal, and all the other sports blogs as well!

I'm posting this just in case the previous poster is NOT using the Washington Post app.

I'm a Comcast subscriber in Montgomery County. When I came home and tried turning on the game, it was nowhere to be found. It was allegedly supposed to be on whtever they're calling Versus these days, but Channel 44 was playing some retrospective about the Canada/Soviet Union series from the '70s. The Comcast channels were broadcasting the Nats and O's games, and the Hockey Network on channel 739 was doing a talk show. NBC was on their regular schedule.

The biggest, drama-filled game of the season, and they coldn't be bothered letting us know where to see it. I ended up catching it on internet radio. Way to go CAPS! Way not to go, media. Section 405

Maybe this is what the previous poster was alluding to, 405. That's dreadful. Things were easier in the days we had three channels and I served as the family's remote control.

From last week: MY PREDICTION I predict that Teddy will win the Presidents Race on the day when JZimm gets six runs scored for him by the Nats. In one game. OK, Nats, as soon as you get home...GO TEDDY!!

"I see him occasionally, but I know nothing of his family life." -Quentin Roosevelt, when asked by prying reporter about his father, president Teddy R.

Well, I'm not holding my breath, but if you're right, I'll be happy for you. And that's a great quote.

While I would have preferred my Bruins to win, the Caps played excellent hockey and I shall now cheer for them unreservedly to win the Cup. It really is hard to overcome fanhood that started as a child. I luckily (for me) did not have to make that choice last year and this year I decided before the series started that I would cheer for the winner. But I will say this (and I would have said the same if the B's won) - the Caps better not be one and done. These teams were too close and too talented to have the what ifs from the team that lost's fans if the winner doesn't win at least one (and preferably more) series. GO CAPS! Local Pat's Fan

Very classy. And I'm sure Caps fans agree with your sentiments re one and done.

...but if DC is tied with Yoder, Kansas for something (anything), then Yoder wins out based on the quality of the Amish baked goods there. The cinnamon rolls alone are better than anything I've found out here. (Cue the indignation for Kansas related

I'll risk it in order to give a plug for the cinnamon rolls in Yoder. All the baked goods in Yoder, really. (Cue the Homer Simpson voice: "Mmmmmm....Yoder.")

Also, I think it is still true that Fox can't show highlights from a NBC/Comcast property until after the game is over. So since the game was in OT, there was limited they could do other than annouce to the viewers, "Go watch another station for a while." But don't let the facts get in the way of someone screamin on the Internet about some great injustice in the world!

Also true.

Caps-Bruins: I nearly had a heart attack in the last two minutes of regulation, then overtime. The entire playoff series came down to one overtime goal in Game 7. You can't get any more dramatic than that.

I didn't have a dog in the hunt, but it was a great series to watch. And easier on the heart when you aren't invested.

While I've been watching the Caps for several seasons now, I still confess that I'm just a rank amateur fan. I still have a lot to learn about hockey. For the past few years, I've watched the Caps rotate goalies in and out of games of various series, but now it seems it's basically Holtby or bust. Is that common for most teams? Do most champions rely on one net minder to get them through all the tough rounds to the Stanley Cup?

Depends on the coach, but usually a coach will ride a hot streak. Boudreau were coaching and Holtby lost a 5-1 game, he'd start Neuvy in the next game, probably. Hunter ... I'm not so sure. I think Hunter will stick with Holtby. At least that's been my observation.

I didn't watch channel 5 last night, but I agree with you on Feldy, he doesn't want to remind you that the Caps are playing on some other channel. On the other hand, I hope he mentioned the Nats and Wizards along with the Redskins, since those games were already over.

No, that's not what I said. I said they didn't have a full game story ready because the game wasn't over. Different things.

because it highlights the 2nd tier player, the guy who's not getting into the Hall of Fame. I think there should be a skills competition, and every team should get to send at least one player based on a local vote.

I'm in favor of some sort of skills competition as well.

A local radio guy this morning accidentally called last night's winning pitcher "George".

Baby steps.

It's good that the latest winning streak by the Bullets will not affect their chances of getting Anthony Davis, but where's the story on how impossibly stupid it is to evaluate the future of a team based on the last couple of weeks meaningless games in a compressed season. It's great to see the team play decent basketball, but should someone point out the competition they're playing and the fact that 75% of the players wearing the Washington uniform will not likely even be in the NBA at the start of next season, let alone on this roster?

Yes, they are beating up on terrible teams or good teams resting their good players. It's not a good litmus test. I'm not a fan of the Grunfeld move but this is the hand we're dealt. This year's lottery will be crucial for this team, maybe the most important it's ever faced. And that's saying something.

Tracee, as a long time hockey fan, I would say there is no way that would be interference on Knuble last night in overtime of Game 7 in this series. The refs had let players crash the crease all series, on both sides, so that bar had been set pretty high. When you add in OT of Game 7 the bar goes even higher. I don't know if that would have been interference in the first period of a regular season game, I think still it would not be, but there is no way anyone can say that should have been called. last night. And to his credit, Tim Thomas did not utter a single peep about it. I don't like him much, but he deserves huge props for "manning up" at that moment and not pulling a "Hasek" and complaining for the call. Great series, and an appropriate finish. -Handle Pending

Thanks, HP. I thought the officials let the teams play last night and it made the game pretty enjoyable and physical without the ugly incidents we saw in other series.

Posting from New England. Incidentally, the B's hired the first black NHLer back in the '50s. Don't blame Boston, blame racist idiots. (OK, you can blame Tim Thomas.)

There are racists everywhere, true. But those tweets were from Bruins fans. No one's blaming Boston as a city. But let's accept the fact that those tweets came from fans of that team who obviously don't give a hoot about the team's history of integration.

How 'bout dem O's!

Atop the AL East!

I'm sorry NBC has the playoffs from now on. The two NBC guys who announced the games during this playoff round were totally biased toward the Bruins. I tried to be objective and ask myself it if I am thinking this because I am a Caps fan, but it was obvious. I'll miss Comcast!

Again, I'm not a Caps fan, and I thought the same thing. And I sure don't go into it looking for that.

That WAS the high road!


Was wondering the same, and I've liked watching Knuble for years and years. No one here in Bruinsland has made an issue of it; rationale up here is that you played harder. And please, let Bergeron get well soon.

Another opinion on interference.

It looks like Zanon gave Knuble a little push into the crease, so that would negate goalie interference. More telling is the fact that Thomas doesn't complain to the ref. I've never seen a goalie who thought he was interered with not get right in the ref's face.

And another...

I don't know much about hockey officiating, but I do know a bit about officiating other sports and how officials signal. The key to the question about Goalie Interfenence on the final play is to look at the referee who immediately behind the goal. When the goal was scored, the referee emphatically pointed at the goal twice, and then pointed at Ward. To me, that is the signal that he thought the goal was good. If it was interference, the referee would have just as emphatically given the "no goal" signal, which is the same as football's incomplete pass or baseball's safe. Just like Block/Charge in basketball ball, that is a split second judgement call. The referee was in the proper position to make the call, and he did.

And another. Thanks, chatters.

Why was Grunfeld re-signed?

Well, clearly Leonsis thinks he is righting the ship.

This story got lost in Caps euphoria, and I also thought I'd hear more about the World Peace situation. (Not the world peace situation; I'm only one woman.)

In a rebound situation, or where a goalkeeper and attacking player(s) are simultaneously attempting to play a loose puck,, Rule 69.6 allows an attacking player (Knuble) to have incidental contact with the goalie, whether inside or outside the crease, and any goal that is scored as a result thereof will be allowed. Rule 61.2 has the Referee give more significant consideration to the degree and nature of the contact with the goalkeeper rather than to the exact location of the goalkeeper at the time of the contact. Good goal!

Love this chat! Thanks.

Apparently the NFL is holding their draft today. Who knew? I heard a rumor that the Redskins might have a high pick. I wonder who they might be thinking of drafting with that pick. ;)

I think that was several weeks ago. At least, it FEELS like it was several weeks ago.

And this is the FIRST Redskins question in the queue today. Amazing. And it's sort of not serious. Love it!

Hi, Tracee - I wish all the nattering nabobs of Nats negativism would just be quiet and enjoy the ride! Of course, slumps and other maladies will visit the Nats during the course of a long season! Just for now - enjoy all the curly Ws going in the books. BTW - Strasburg is getting his wish - he's just another guy on this stellar starting staff, at least in these giddy early days of April....Whee!

He seems happier. He smiles more. He made a commercial. I think he finally does feel more comfortable. Or it may just be the Gio Effect. How can you not smile when that guy's around?

Our elementary-school kids couldn't stay up for the third period (or OT). But I played the OT for them this morning (without them knowing the result). As Knuble roared up the ice, my seven-year-old shouted "They're gonna score a goal! They're gonna score a goal!" When Ward's slapper went in, the couch went nuts. Everyone was all smiles getting ready for school.

That's so great, and a good solution to the late stuff that kids miss out on.

Trac, it's a great day to be a Caps fan. I love the way the Caps gradually got stronger. In the first period and early in the second, I kept muttering about how the Bruins were constantly keeping the puck in the Caps' zone and were always getting back on defense faster than the Caps could get a breakaway going. But as the game went on the Caps gradually moved the game to the Bruins' zone - and then they won in overtime. Given the way this series went, I was expecting overtime anyway - and I'm thankful it wasn't a double/triple/quadruple overtime. Bring on... well, anyone! -- Rico (PS: if Katie and Tarik are busy, maybe YOU can host the postgame chats...?)

I knew you'd be happy today, Rico! I expected OT last night, too. Just seemed inevitable. As for the chat, I'd hope they could find a real hockey expert for that. I don't pretend to be that.

So far, the #5 and #7 seeds have won. The other two series are tied. Has there ever been a case when every higher seeded team lost?

Oh, someone was discussing this the other day at the game and I don't remember the answer. And no time to look it up. But if it happens, I'm sure the answer will be revealed. I'm thinking it was "no" but please don't take that to the bank.

That this is the year for the Caps. Whenever they were supposed to win it, they didn't. Now that they aren't supposed to, they will. They zig, we zag.

It's hard to believe I seemed skeptical of something. :) Good for you!

Tracee, Why is it Hockey Playoff dates can't be scheduled in advance. I mean, in baseball we know when the division series starts, when the ALCS and NLCS starts wayyyyy ahead of time. It's crazy that sometimes you have to buy tickets not knowing what date you're buying them for!

Because if there are a bunch of sweeps, they want to get going on the next round. I'm not sure which I prefer but I'd guess I'd rather they got a move-on than these huge breaks between games in, say, the NBA. That drives me nuts. As I said, different people like different things. However, if you're a reporter who has to buy a plane or train ticket somewhere, it is a pain. If you're a fan who doesn't know if the game will be a weekend or weeknight game, and that makes a difference, it's a pain. I get it.

Joe B. and Locker are fine but can you please tell them that's it's not "O.V." but "Ovie"? They aren't initials! (sorry - but for some reason the way they pronounce it drives me crazy every time!)

Okay, I'm laughing because I was thinking the SAME THING last night. It's really Locker more than Joe B. but I love listening to his general butchering of certain words. Last night it was "ex-PLEE-tives." Just makes me smile. But yes, I don't care for O.V. either. It's Ovie.

If OV wants more playing time, he needs to improve on defense, kill penalties, yadda x3. It is nice to see Hunter play the folks that are best for the situation (with the exception of Schultz, of course). I think it gives the Caps the best chance of winning any particular game.

Ah, geez, the OV thing is catching. :)

I agree about playing time. If Ovie was sitting and they lost four straight, everyone would be screaming. But they are playing pretty well with whatever Hunter is doing. We'll see if they can keep it up.

I have never understood, let alone enjoyed, trash talk. I mean, I understand why some fans want to attribute any loss to cheating or poor officiating or goalie interference or whatever; they are wrong, but I understand it. I do NOT, however, understand why some people find it necessary to walk around saying stuff like "Bruins are DONE! Go eat beans, you whining crybaby choking losers!" or whatever. This was a good close series and both teams played well. It could easily have gone the other way. Do you know, or can you guess, why these people think it's important for Team A to be terrible in order for Team B to be able to beat them?

Well, the guy who asked about goalie interference was a Caps fan who was just curious, to be fair. There was one mocking fan and the rest were gracious. But no, I do not understand this and never have. I went to school with people who engaged in this and I could never see what the point was. I refuse to retaliate. I have tried being gracious in the hopes that that would inspire the same in return but that doesn't work. I don't get it. When I go home in a few weeks, some old "friends" will tease me about KU's "failure" in basketball. If K-State won the national title (or finished runner-up), I would congratulate my Wildcat friends. And mean it. Where's the harm?

I think Sec. 405 must be in a time warp. Baseball is on MASN these days.

Has to have been a typo by our buddy 405. He  seldom misses a game, in person or on TV. Hence the name.

Why are they only the ones seen on Mt Rushmore? Do they know we're not in South Dakota? They should get more Presidents. I'd like to see them wheel out a big old Taft or maybe a Millard Fillmore to see if anyone can recognize him. Or have William Henry Harrison and have him drop dead right after the starting gun fires.

Didn't they throw in a different president last season, or the season before? Or am I hallucinating? It happens.

Okay, I've got to run. Thanks, everyone, for joining me. Let's talk next week!

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