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Apr 12, 2012

This week, Tracee Hamilton discusses all the sports news.

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I'm submitting this early, as by the time the chat starts, I will be ensconced in Section 405 (the gates open at 10:35), ready for the Best Day of the Year. It'll be nice not being surrounded by "fans" of the other team (boo, Philly!), and it's nice to be awaiting a team with real expectations.

I find it curious that Gio Gonzalez is the pitcher for the home opener - no background with the team, and he looked awful in his last start. I'd have preferred to see J-Zim. I'm a bit concerned as well by some of the bad fielding plays I've seen so far, and the failure to "go for the jugular" -- like failing to score after loading the bases with no outs in Wednesday afternoon's Mets game. However, these guys are winning, and that covers a lot of sins. 

Greetings to all regulars from the depths of Section 405 -

Section 405

Well, I should have given you a wave if you were in your seat before I came upstairs at about 11:30. Good to be back at the park. Boz just arrived so it's officially a home opener.

I don't have a problem with Gio starting; I don't think they ought to monkey with the starting rotation for the home opener. But that's just me.

Boz just told me to tell you all that the Nats can't do anything against Latos. Now he's gone to walk around the Park and soak in the Opening Day ambience in possibly the worst hat I've ever seen. I love Benjamin Button Boz.

Let's get going!

Braden Holtby reminds me of Olie Kolzig. Aggresive goalie. I would not be surprised to see him do well. Lets go Caps!

He has a chance to really make a name for himself in this series. Chances like this don't come along every day. He strikes me as a kid who can figure that out for himself.

Just like Bountygate (and I'm a guy) -- the Marlins' players back Ozzie 100%? Really? I've always considered him a mean-spirited nutcase, and now he says he gets drunk every day as well? (maybe the two are connected?) My folks have retired to Jupiter, and they tell me the Marlins have already made so many mistakes in connection with the park. If they were looking for a goodwill ambassador, they definitely chose the wrong guy.

How a guy who lives in Miami (and has for years) could think that was a smart or appropriate thing to say is beyond comprehension. And frankly, how anyone could say that about a brutal dictator like Castro is also beyond comprehension. I don't get him. I don't get the fact that anyone could support what he did.

Tracee: Wife and I went to the Nats-Sawks game last week (ka-CHOOO! Sniff.) Had a great time (sniff). Looking forward to a fun summer. Like the new seat location for our tix. Disappointed by the food and beverage selection at Nats Park, however. They need a made-to-order sandwich place - KA-chooo, sniff, snifff). Since I know they read and heed your conversation, what will you order when they finally open one? With your Guinness, of course! Deli Man (HHOONNKK, sniff; damn pollen.)

Would a made-to-order sandwich place turn over enough orders to make a profit? I have no idea, having never worked in one. I hate to tell you; I am no great sandwich lover. I would have something dull, like a ham on rye with lots of onions.

The entire population is honking like geese this spring. It's amazing. The Metro is a symphony of snot and phlegm.

I just tried to get tickets for one of the Nats-Yankees games in June and my only option was a $225 dollar ticket! Was I too late to get the cheap seats? Were there any cheap seats? Do people still go to baseball games at thoses prices? I'm in shock!

Well, there are certainly cheaper seats than that. But it's the Yankees; those games are pretty certain to sell out. Those series are a boon to the Nats in bad years, which this should not be. And yes, someone will pay for that ticket.

Ms. H: I was surprised - winning games always gets you a BIG amount of leeway . Look under "Louisville basketball coach cheats on wife" and "college/pro/college coach lies about what he's doing/going to do" - wait, that applies to Petrino and Saban. Winning nearly always trumps. If Tom Osborne at NU had headed a football program which graduated 90% of the players and won 60%? Well, Dr. Tom wouldn't have stayed on for about 25 years, that's for sure. Moral - keep your mistress(es) out of sight, and don't pay them with university funds. Oh, and don't be a total (anything derogatory you want to use). AHG

I had to laugh at the interviews with the Arkansas fans; when it was "just" a motorcyle crash with a woman not his wife, it was no big deal. When the rest of it came out, they couldn't wait to distance themselves from the guy. That was at least heartening, in this Ozzie Guillen world, I guess.

O goddess of the Plains and Knower of all things great and small So the Saints need an interim coach and Bobby Petrino is suddenly available. Hmmmmmm , sounds like a match made in ............. hell

Ha! Maybe that's the punishment for both.

You wrote, "Williams coached professional athletes, and I wouldn't want him anywhere near my kids, even if my kid was a grown man playing a violent sport for a ridiculous amount of money." Amen.

Thank you. Interesting variety of mail on that one but mostly positive.

The cheapest online tickets for games are about $10. You can sometimes get game day tickets for $5 but I doubt they will have them for the Yankees.

I think that was the point, that all the cheapies were gone. For the Yankees, that's not surprising. I'm guessing those got snapped up pretty quickly.

Sorry if I seem slow. The wireless is getting increasingly slow and this program keeps freezing. If I vanish completely, you'll know why.

Hi Tracee, What are your thoughts about the Caps entering the playoffs as underdogs. A bit different from seasons past.

Wrote about this last week but I can't quickly find the link. I think in the past fans have thought this might be a good thing and we'll soon find out. I don't think it'll hurt them, let's put it that way. Hope I can get home in time for tonight's game. Busy time!

What is the SEC coming to if a coach can't hire his 25 year old mistress for a job at the university? What's next? The athletes have to go to class? Say it isn't so.

It's all this political correctness, ruining college football.

Can you go ahead and predict that Boston will beat the Caps in their series to start the road to the Stanley Cup finals. Go ahead, you can do it. I have taken this step myself and I predict that the Caps will beat Boston in five. Don't be afraid.

I see where you're going with this. Very clever. No, I am not predicting a winner this series. I'm trying to get out of the predicting business. It just seems to silly. Like the Tiger will win the Masters idiots. How'd that work out for them? I didn't enter a pool this year and really enjoyed the tournament as a result. I'm just going to let the games play themselves out and see what happens.

Windows open. Tracee cold. Crikey.

I only disagreed with one word of your column on Gregg Williams. Do you really think the ban should be permanent? 10 years isn't enough? How about 15? But permanent?

Well, truthfully, 10 years would be the same thing, because the game changes, but yes, I would make it permanent. I truly believe it's big gesture, scapegoating time. And he is well deserving of it.

Really, Ozzie? Latinos are the only people who work in this country? I may not work in the fields, but I do have a job and yes, it includes sending e-mails, unlike those of us who have a cushy life managing a baseball team.

Ah, you're listening to what Ozzie says. Stop that right away. That can lead to madness. I'm not sure if I agree with the punishment of Guillen (as in, was it severe enough) but one thing is certain, no one should listen to a word this guy says. Not a word. Not sure how to achieve that.

was CLEARLY watching the Pens/Flyers game last night, starting at the beginning of the second period.

Poor PH, so often accused of misdeeds.

Tracee, what exactly does that mean when applied to a pitcher? I've heard it said about Lidge, and it's obviously complimentary. And did you see Matt Bomer on Glee? The guy can sing & dance! And he's maybe the most beautiful man on television. I am in awe.

Filthy stuff usually means just unhittable, nasty stuff. It's very complimentary. The ball dances like Matt Bomer on Glee, which I did NOT see. I will try to "on demand" that episode. I gave up on Glee because it had gone too Broadway plus too preachy about the arts in high school. I agree the arts in high school need to be funded but so do the people who watch Glee. I don't need to be hammered over the head with it, thanks. I suppose it's completely changed since then but alas, without me.

Hi, DC Expat, Contemporary CU grad living in Missouri here. Everybody understandably gives The Danny a lot of, er, grief, yeah, that's the word, over his ownership of the local football team. However, with all the Gregg Williams stuff that's come out recently, it dawned on me, The Danny has done one very excellent thing: he had enough sense not to hire that piece of work. I think all of us would gladly take the zaniness of Zorn or the uber-tightness of Shanahan over Williams. So hat's off to you Little Napoleon! I now return everybody to our regularly scheduled Danny bashing.

I remember at the time a lot of wailing over this but I have a feeling that by the time Coach Joe left, GW had worn out his welcome. Remember, that was the longest job interview in history. They were talking about more than the 4-3 vs. the 3-4. So yes, you are right, that might have been a big problem avoided.

Not that I disagree with banning Williams, but what is he going to do for a career now? All of his work experience is football related, so it seems he'd try to stay in football somehow. This can mean being a high school coach or a little league coach, or the CFL, but not much else. I'm guessing a high school somewhere in Texas wouldn't be against hiring him.

Guys like that always find something to do. He has friends in the business, he can work at the college or high school level, although that scenario is fraught with peril, but like you, I believe there are places that would hire him. He might even have to get a job in the real world.

The Nationals are now on a pace to win 108 games this season as long as young Mr. Strasburg is in the rotation. Too bad they are going to shut him down in September. We can't get completely carried away as we now know that the Nats cannot go undefeated this year As Boz says, 'wait until 2013"..

That's the Natitude!

Hi Tracee, Just had to write to tell you how much I enjoy reading your columns and chats--and I don't even care particularly about football or hockey, and love soccer which you rarely write about. Growing up as a sports-crazed girl in the 60's who was denied Little League and other organized sports, I never would have imagined that a major paper would have two fabulous female sports columnists.

Well, thanks. The '60s didn't have a lot to offer girls. We had no soccer at all, no softball. I saw rodeo well before I saw a soccer game. No organized sports until high school in the '70s. So a tip of the hat to Title IX for that. Like you, I loved sports. Wish I had gotten to play earlier. My dad did make us our own little track equipment in the back yard. We had a high jump pit and a hurdle or two. Fun times.

I certainly understand why the Cuban community in Miami is so sensitive to the Castro comments. But it comes from the mouth of an idiot. If a dumb 12-year-old says he loves Castro, you're not going to think much of it - he's obviously a dumb kid who knows nothing of what he speaks.

Without the Cuban community, the Marlins will not sell tickets. The stadium is in Little Havana. It's easy for me to say he's an idiot and don't listen, but I'm not Cuban or Cuban-American. For a Cubano, that's a knife to the heart. That's glorifying someone who might have ordered your grandfather or father killed. When I heard what he said, I was stunned and floored and honestly wouldn't have been surprised if they'd fired him. That's how serious this is for Miami as a community.

There's no more need to wait for anything as a Nats team. Sure, they may get better next year and the next, and let's hope they do. But they are a good team NOW. They are fun to watch NOW and they will be exciting to watch all THIS season. We Nats fans no longer have to wait for a good season. This is it baby. Enjoy!

That was a joke about it no longer being possible for them to go unbeaten this season. Chill out. I certainly am. Brrrrrr.

I wonder what SS would think about a 8lb, $59 burger being named after him. It's kind of a waste to attach his name to a burger that probably won't be purchased often at all. They should name a regular-sized burger after him - a spicy burger that brings the heat just like the man.

Seems ridiculous to me. All the ballparks are trying to outdo themselves with food so appalling that you wonder what on earth they are thinking. Strasburg is so slight it would take him a month to eat one, I think. Why not a basket of sliders or something?

I'm the last person to defend Petrino, but an AP story this morning writes that Petrino's cell phone records have been released under the Freedom of Information Act. Are Petrino's cellphone records being released because he used a university cellphone to make all his calls and texts? Could I file a FOIA request for my Congressman's phone records? Is it that simple?

It's not simple, but if you have a compelling reason then you can make the request.

OK miss hockey expert...How many games does Shea Weber get for bashing Zetterburg's head into the glass at the end of last night's game? in case you missed it, the playoffs got off to a hot start last night! Three amazing games with 2 road teams winning.

I did miss it, and I had to leave the house so early this morning that I haven't see highlights, so I can't answer that question. I did see the Wings lost, so I'm not happy about that, so with no knowledge whatsoever, I'll go with 26 games. :)

What's the latest word on Morse's return? This is only my sophomore season as a Nats fan, but I'm dying for the return of the BEAST!

Then bad news  -- shut down for six weeks. Storen here in a sling. Not all positive.

I'm sorry, I've got to quit. This thing is crashing and crashing and I'm spending more time rebooting than typing. Also got booted off the wireless, which is par for the course here. So sorry, but let's talk next week.


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