Tracee Hamilton Live: Skins, Nats, Wiz, Caps, the NCAA tournament and whatever else you want to talk about.

Mar 22, 2012

This week, Tracee Hamilton discusses all the sports news and the start of the NCAA tournament.

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Tracee: Rather than discuss Tebow to the Jets, RGIII (or RG at all), whether the Nats will be good or great, if the Caps will make the playoffs, the NFL's penalties, the NCAA tournament (GO ORANGE!!!), I want to ask you - the expert in all things Guinness - why there are those little bobbers (hollow plastic balls) in cans of the stuff? What's up with that? Deli Man

What a perfect way to start the chat! I believe that little ball helps give Guinness the head when poured; that's what a barkeep told me. Now someone here will give me the correct answer.

And hello to all. There is nothing happening in the sports world so I have no idea what we'll talk about but if you come up with anything let me know. Let's get started.

Oh, and if the poster from last week whose NFL Network HD channel had disappeared (he/she was from Baltimore) is on the chat today, would you please email me? A Comcast spokesman has been calling me, assuring me they didn't move anything and she'd like to help you. So let me help her help you, if you will. Please. You should know it's, but just in case...

NOW let's get started.

The Post did a write up about a while back about what groups of people follow the DC sports teams. The Redskins by far has the broadest fan support even though they haven't won anything since the '90s. How can the NATS transform themselves from the defacto Northern VA Nats to a true Washington Nats with a broad following from all communities? (ex New York Yankees)

They have to win something, for starters. A division title would be a good start. And they need Strasburg to be what they think he'll be. They can do this. However, they will probably never supplant the Redskins for the simple fact that baseball will never supplant the NFL. At least not in the foreseeable future. The NFL is just a monster right now. But the Nats can come a lot closer than they are now.

Tracee, While I understand that almost any team would, in a vacuum, want Peyton Manning to play quarterback for them (I know I would), what message does Denver's treatment of Tim Tebow send to the rest of the roster? I realize John Elway has never been a Tebow fan, but he DID say Tebow was the QB going into camp and it isn't as if nobody knew the Colts were going to part ways with Manning. I personally would have a hard time believing anything that came out of Elway's mouth from now on.

I'm biased; I've never liked the guy. :) But NFL players tend to regard the game as a business; most of them will see it that way. They get angry when they think a team is trying to take money out of a teammate's pocket. Trades, releases  ... those are different.

A little advice from a professional ad man: when you're trying to sell the features and benefits, don't detract from your cool technology by annoying the viewers, 95% of whom hate Boston and all things M---hole.

When the guy yells "shut up!" at the end, don't you yell, "yes, shut up!" My sister and I did this just yesterday. Annoying commercial, I think. Although I'd love one of those boxes.

My tickets arrived on Tuesday, and I'm seriously psyched for the upcoming season. The one strange thing is that they were sent from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Wouldn't it have been better if the Lerners had found someone in the Metro area to do the work instead of exporting the jobs to Canada? Section 405

Um ... yes, it would have been. That is sort of strange. But if they saved enough money to pay for another player by going through Canada, you'd be behind it, right? I know you're psyched, 405. It's almost here.

This comes under "whatever else you want to talk about." I just saw American Idol last night with the singers doing Billy Joel songs, who I love. Unfortunately, most of the singers had no idea who Billy Joel was and barely knew the melody of the songs that they had picked. I guess this makes me old when one of my favorite singers is so out of the pop culture of young singers. At what point did you realize you weren't young anymore? The shoulder surgery? Thanks, love your work.

Ha! Much before that, although when I got an email last week asking me who or what Horshack was, that was depressing. That may not have been an age issue, though.

It was longer ago than the shoulder. I tried to keep current with music so I'd be able to have discussions with my nephew. There was a point in his teens when I gave up. That must have been a decade ago, at least. We are still able to see really ridiculous movies but I can't keep up with his music. And I can't pretend otherwise. That's when I realized I sounded like my dad.

Friday was a good day: Georgetown won, then Mizzou lost, then Duke lost. Of course, since Georgetown was eliminated on Sunday, I am not sure who to root for. I don't see any great sentimental favorites, apart from the Cinderellas. So I guess I'll have to root for Kansas now.

I think that's a great idea.

It makes Guinness magically delicious.

Best. Answer. Ever.

Why do people fill out more than one NCAA bracket? I just don't get it. Anyone can win if they just randomly fill out enough brackets, but that is winning the lottery, not picking winners.

I used to do this. I did one "sensible" bracket and one "crazy" bracket with lots of upsets. I finally realized that if I combined the two I would do much better, and I did. So I stopped. But I do know people who do several. Weirdly, I had Kansas winning in both the sensible and crazy brackets. That I can't explain. Another reason I stopped. Because I started thinking that perhaps *I* was crazy.

The Colts certainly thought so. Most sports commentators I've heard or seen in print have felt the Broncos were more correcte than the Colts, citing docs who said that Manning was fit to play. But did the docs say what would happen in Manning had another injury? Citing past glories seems insufficient. Who do the Broncos have as back-up? Maybe they can get Sanchez when he gets tired of hearing crowds chant "Tee-Bo!"

A lot of players have played after this surgery, including players in positions that are actually hit more often than are quarterbacks. This is the argument FOR Peyton playing. Did those players have FOUR surgeries? That's the question I would have. I don't know; I'd be leery but I've said that. You don't think the NY fans will chant for Tebow, do you? :)

My husband listens to round the clock sports radio, one of his few flaws but still very aggravating. Greg Younes was screaming all evening about the unfairness of the NFL penalties. Sean Peyton loses $7.5 million? Well, he made $7.5 million last season, which should see him through a p retty long dry spell. On the other hand my husband is a criminal defense lawyer who points out that deliberately injuring someone is a crime. If this was not done in a sports context, these guys could be facing serious jail time.

I'm not entirely sure why this couldn't be prosecuted if someone were so inclined. It's putting a hit on someone for money. It would be a tough case, though, and I don't expect it ever to happen. Still, I don't have a lot of sympathy for Payton. I was surprised he got a year, but not sympathetic.

My wife and I have just returned from a month-long cruise to find the Nats looking good, the Wizards still floundering, the Caps still flirting with the last playoff spot -- but what the heck happened to the NFL? The Redskins give up 3 # 1's for RGIII? I realize his mobility helps, but if they don't improve the O-line he's going to be killed. Assuming the money was pretty much equal, Manning going to the Broncos makes no sense, but it makes more sense than Tebow going to the Jets. It should be a very interesting season.

Get back on the boat. Just get back on the boat.

When you click on the "see full schedule" there is no longer a time listed for when the discussion will start. Or at least I can't find a time. I am retired and can check back, but it sure would be nice to know when your session is scheduled to start. Others may not have time to keep clicking back.

I'm sorry; I have no idea why that would be happening. The part I can control has the time as 11 a.m. so this is happening somewhere I can't control. Which is a large part of the universe, sadly.

OK, so Manning is 36, yes? The contract is for five years, so until he's 41. He just missed an entire season of football. Is the altitude finally getting to Elway? Because I see absolutely no reason to toss Tebow (I'm not a Tebow fan--I'm a Steelers girl!) for a guy who's 36.

Well, leaving Tebow out of it, remember NFL contracts aren't guaranteed. I would be pretty surprised if Manning played five years and I think Elway would, too. That's a way to structure it for salary cap purposes and other reasons. As for choosing Manning over Tebow, most people consider that a no-brainer. It's a risk and it doesn't give the Broncos a future, but a present, but I guess that's what Elway wants. As a Chiefs fan, I'm not thrilled, but then again, I might be.

is what did Payton in. Never lie. There's a whole history to attest to the dangers of doing so. Marion Jones stands out as another example.

Exactly. I meant to mention that above. That's why he got hit so hard. They told him to stop, he lied ... just a bad way to handle it. Don't lie. It's so much smarter to tell the truth and face the music than to lie. It just is.

Who would they choose?

That's a good question. I wonder about that, too. I hope it would RGIII but I fear it would be Luck. Not that Luck isn't good -- I don't think there's a bad choice here -- but RGIII has that certain something. This team needs that certain something. Badly.

What game and beverage pairing did you find most enjoying on St. Patrick's Day? KState-Syracuse with a Guinness was good. I also enjoyed OSU-Gonzaga with a Harp lager. Have you tried Guinness' new black lager? Is it any good?

I haven't, but I have heard from a reliable source that it is, in fact, quite tasty. Until I get over this vertigo, I am not drinking. I already appear drunk part of the time.

What do you think of the Redskins brain trust going out to Hooters the night before RG3's Pro Day? It seemed unprofessional to me and not exactly the best way to introduce yourself to your new star employee. Maybe blow off some steam after the Pro Day, but not the night before. Hooters use to have a bar at FedEx so this was probably some advertising scheme from Snyder. It should give RG3 an idea of what he is getting himself into.

The photo of Shanahan and Snyder with the Hooters waitress was priceless. But Hooters is a Redskins advertiser, I'm told, which is why they made the visit. Good for business. Not so great, perhaps, for appearances, but Hooters appeals to the NFL's key demographic. It doesn't do much if you're trying to appeal to female fans, which the NFL (and the Skins) clearly are. I think the NFL has all the male fans it's going to get. Women are the remaining demo, IMO. Hooters doesn't help that. But as I said, they have a business relationship.

Did the Jets just sign their backup QB, or do they expect Tebow to displace Sanchez as a starter? Sanchez has won more division games than Elway had at this point in their respective careers. I am puzzled by the Jets signing Tebow.

The Jets just signed Drew Stanton as their backup, yes. It is ... puzzling. Especially if they intend to use Tebow as a situational QB. Does that really work?

Tracee, I know you are a Kansan through and through, so your sympathy level for Missouri is very low, but I was so moved by Kyle O'Quinn of Norfolk State who in the midst of celebrating the biggest win in his life up to now, saw that Paul Pressey, Jr. was weeping on the ground and went over to specifically hug him and congratulate him on a good game. It makes me almost tear up now, that this young man could be so magnanimous in his moment of triumph that instead of thumping his chest and making sure we know how good HE IS INDIVIDUALLY, he understood sportsmanship and what college and athletics are supposed to teach us. I wonder if he could give a lesson to say, oh, Kentucky, in order to make these next 2 weeks more palatable. -Handle Pending.

That was a lovely moment. Norfolk State's win was epic and few players would have resisted the chance to pop the jersey and generally gotten themselves some TV time, and good for them. Very nice moment, and good for O'Quinn.

I was feeling good, walking tall, counting my chickens, etc. By Saturday morning, my brackets looked like downtown Detroit, but without the optimism. At least I got to hear Vitale sobbing from 100 miles north when the Dookies bit the dust. TBHitW

"downtown Detroit, but without the optimism." My God, that's not good. But funny.

Just want to tell my fellow Hamiltonian that he's not old. The contestants on American Idol are idiots. We all know of plenty of musicians before our time. I know of Elvis and the Beatles and Frank Sinatra even though they're prime was before I was born. No my friend, you aren't getting old. The young are just getting stupider.

Well, that's also a point. I know some music of the big band era and I sure didn't experience that. I know a LOT of '50s music and I wasn't born, sadly. You're right. Thanks!

Do you think Williams had a 'pay forplay' while he was with the Skins? I find it hard to believe he didn't.

I do. Matt Bowen wrote an article saying he did, and that he participated. But the Skins are off the hook.

Tracee: What is your opinion on Ernie Grunfeld? He seems to be working the Wizards out of the mess that has been several years in the making, but it is not entirely clear to me that he was the only chef who ruined the meal. I think the Arenas deal, though a bit of a gamble, actually made some sense at the time. Arenas was a bit of a nut, but (then) he seemed like a dedicated players and was the only star who seemed even remotely interested in playing for the Wizards. Blatche and others I just don't get. Should Grunfield get another chance, or should he be the next to go?

I have written that he should go and the latest deal did not change my mind. Fixing the messes you made doesn't make you a great GM. Not making messes would be an improvement. Now, will it happen? I'm not sure it will. But yes, I think he needs to go. New brooms sweep clean. The Wizards had two of the Top 10 plays on SportsCenter this morning. And they weren't dumb plays. That is amazing. It's not the yardstick to end all yardsticks, but still amazing.

I am not so sure that it is a bad thing that the American Idol singers had no idea who Billy Joel was (is?). For me, I realized I was old when a waiter called me "ma'am." Made me sad.

Yeah, "ma'am" hurts that first few times.

Perhaps the Nats are having a hard time cutting some of their Canadian ties from their Expos days.

Ha! Maybe so.

What's the deal with the harsh penalty against the Southern Miss band members? They got kicked out of the band and had their scholarships revoked. Seems way too drastic, especially compared to the penalties imposed on b'ball and football players who do much worse. The band's chant was politically incorred but, as I understand it, there has always been a certain amount of trash talk during sporting events. For example, "Castrate Ball State" was a popular cheer by Ball State opponents.

That was a pretty awful chant. ("Where's Your Green Card?" at a Puerto Rican player.) I know we're all very PC now but that's pretty low. On a national stage, I think that would be very embarrassing and if the KU band did it, I'd say discipline the heck out of them. Put Roger Goodell on it!

It's March! I'm curious... Anything going on in the NFL since your last chat? Go LadyTerps!!!

The only local team left in action, unless I'm forgetting someone, in which case someone will quickly correct me.

something to the effect of "always tell the truth. It's the easiest thing to remember."

Nice quote.

Lost 7 in row havent they? Vastly overrated. I see another 100 loss season and Davey Johnson gone befor the All Star break

In spring training? Means nothing. Not saying they aren't overrated; they might be. But spring training games aren't about wins and losses.

I have a brand new friend I'd like to send on a year-long cruise. Where do you think Tim would like to go? Love, Mark Sanchez

With that big contract extension, you should send him around the world about 10 times, buddy boy.

I'm concerned about the Redskins defense. What are they going to do about the safety situation? Doughty is a nice back-up but the thought of him as a starter makes me nervous. Also please call Fletcher and Allen and have them work out this little contract situation.

I'm on it. (They really do need to re-sign Fletcher, and not insult him by waiting until it costs them nothing. He's earned better than that.)

I keep going back and forth on the saints situation... on one hand football is a violent sport where impacts the equivalent of car crashes are normal. On the other hand when you attach a bounty to it, it stops being sport- its not about competing anymore it's about the violence. I'm still trying to figure out how exactly you suspend a GM though...

I think that comes when you tell the club to stop and it doesn't. The NFL expects the GM to exert some authority.

if you put executives of the NFL of the International Olympic Committee into a steel-cage death match? Both organizations seem to act as if they are more important than the law.

The NFL, because the IOC is a weird collection of strange people. Then FIFA would come along and win the whole thing. The international track governing body is a piece of work, too. :)

Tracee, There are lots of major league pitchers who throw at near 100 mph. What is is that EVERYBODY sees in Strasburg that has convinced them that he is an elite among these?

It's been the movement on the ball, his changeup was nasty before the surgery and was showing signs of coming back last fall. The big question was never whether he'd get the velocity back -- it's ball movement.

Tracee, what's the scoop on Storen? We miss him. We need him. I think we'd have won at least 2 games if he'd been there to close. He & Clippard are like a cheeseburger & fries--good separately but great together! I'm also having visions of Tim Tebow leading a group of uniformed football players down a Manhattan street singing, "The Jets are gonna have their way tonight! The Jets are gonna have their day tonight! Tom Brady and his punks will go down. And when they've hollered Uncle, we'll tear up the town. Tonight!"

Drew just has strep -- no worries. And I like the visual. Although no knives.

In my mind, the biggest threat to the future of the NFL isn't concussions caused by illegal hits, or bounties, or attempts to injure. Those can be policed out of the game, as we've seen the last few years. The real problem is the stuff that's inherent in the game. Huge offensive and defensive lineman colliding with each other in play after play. Repeated hits of the head to the ground as a result of perfectly legal tackling. Those little, seemingly not-so-violent hits that build up after years and years of games and practices and can cause brain damage, even when a player did not suffer a major concussion in their playing career. Those things can't really be policed. They're inherent in the game. That's why I'm ambivalent about these super harsh penalties. I have no sympathy for Payton or Williams or anyone else involved. But I am concerned if major penalties for violations are being substituted for what is actually needed: An intensive review of how to make the actual game safer. If that is not being done, then these penalties are just superficial, and there's a good chance in 75 years football will look like boxing does now.

Yes, you are right, it's not always that cringe-inducing hit that does damage, but the accumulation of injuries. Did you see Jim McMahon on ESPN earlier this week? I think it was Monday. That was sad. He goes to the mailbox and doesn't know where he is or why he's there. He's already agreed to have his brain donated to study.

Hi Tracee, How crucial are these 2 games vs Phi and WPG? Buffalo is on our tail but we are only trailing the Panthers by 5 points.

Let's see, it's March 22. I think they are all crucial now. Caps fans must be in knots.

Hope each day brings better health to you. What a great weekend of b'ball. Notre Dame-gone, Missouri-gone, Michigan-gone, all within about an hour. Made this Illini fan very happy. Now if we can find a cocah. Still looking for suggestions on a team to root for. No one leapt out at me so I will still have those teams I dislike to root against like Syracuse and North Carolina. How are you feeling about the Self boys? Will they make it to the Final Four?

Oh, I don't know. They are tough to judge. Very erratic. The bench is great some nights (Elijah) and bad other nights and it just depends. I have big hopes for T-Rob because he deserves some good things. Cheer for him -- what a great kid.

While we all know professional sports are pure as the driven snow, rumor has it that Roger Goddall "strongly encouraged" the Broncos to trade Tebow to a NYC team. Since the Giants are clearly not an option, that leaves the Jets. Frankly, that's about the only scenario that makes sense.

I'm not sure I buy that one. "Rumor has it" isn't enough. Tebow is such a bad fit for NYC that really, that doesn't make sense to me.

Tracee, The New York Media is relentless, and you have to know that the Daily News, Newsday and the Post are going to be following him 24/7/365 trying to find any sort of dirt which goes against Tebow's born-again persona. Can Tebow really survive in this environment or is it just too much for him to take?

He's a pretty grounded person and he's certainly used to attention. (He's not Randy Johnson.) That said, I'm not sure anything can prepare him for what he's going to experience. If anyone can handle it, he can but it's going to be interesting.

Are you kidding me? Is THAT what a "real NBA center" is supposed to do? 22pts, 10 boards, assists, block shots, and....wait for it......actually passing the ball???? Color me impressed. I know one game does not a season make, but it was truly refreshing watching last nights game. Now then will we be lucky to get RGIII, or will we be luck to get Luck?

I just like saying Nene. Just say it. Nene. I am going to use it instead of "hello." It's just a great name. It's soothing and kind and fun to say. And he's not a dunderhead.

The Colts seem committed to Luck. The  Skins seem committed to RGIII. I don't see that changing.

I think they're CO2 cartridges, Deli Man. Yes, they provide the head. Doesn't beat a regular draft, but what can you do?

It's possible I was right about something. Well, that's it for 2012, folks. See you in 2013!

The USM band geeks could have chanted at an actual foreign-born player, but they lived down to their Mississippi education (last in the nation in higher-ed funding, where they've sat for decades) quite nicely. This stuff isn't new, though. Some 25 years ago, I recall the Antlers chanting "Where's your mom?" at a KU player whose mother had abandoned him as a child. Not classy, but at least (technically) appropriate to the facts.

There were rumors this year that they would wear T-shirts to that effect this year for Thomas Robinson -- a rumor Missouri fans were, I'm happy to say, quick to squelch. Because that would have been repulsive. Seriously repulsive.

The Antlers have done some clever things. Darnell Valentine got in trouble for some minor phone infractions (I think it was DV) and every time he ran down court, they held out toy telephones and yelled "Phone for you" or something similar. That's clever and not hateful. When Stipanovich shot himself in the arm while "hunting," Lawrence sold out of a cap guns and every time he touched the ball -- you can guess the rest. Again, not hateful. There's a line.

They were 80-81 last season. So getting Stras back, acquiring GG and Jackson and adding Harper is going to add 20 losses to this team? That's quite an, um, interesting analysis. Sounds like some bitter Phillies fans have infiltrated this chat.

Possible, but as you know, we try to present all viewpoints. :) We don't yet have to have Take Back the Chat!

And have taught my daughter accordingly: "Hi there."

You should send notes to her teacher and sign them "Epstein's mother."

It's so sad to see this once cocky on-top-of-the world brash QB can't even remember how to get home every day. We're not the ones who have to live with the punishment delivered out there. These people have to live a life and they can't. Anyone seeing that won't think the bounty penalties were too strict.

Yes, his wife programs his GPS and hopes for the best. But someday he'll forget what the GPS is. Very sad.

What impressed me the most was his curve. In his first season, I saw three consecutive SF Giants get totally deked out by it, to the point where they swung and fell on their butt. *That's* a curve. Section 405


I'd put the BCS up against FIFA any old time. The BCS would use their hands, which has to be a huge advantage...


Yes, this is the same company that the Expos used to print their tickets, and the Nats just continued that contract. After my personal season ticket delivery debacles of the past years (this was the first year we got our tickets on time and at the correct address!) I wish they would reconsider ...

You people know everything. I love each and every one of you. Well...

Not that I'm at all sympathetic with Williams, but what will he do for work now? I can see Peyton getting a TV analyst job for the year (I'm sure their hammering it out with ESPN right now). But Williams, not so sure. He's generally unknown outside the scandal, and can't imagine him being brought on as an analyst. Does he go to the CFL, Arena League? Hang out in the park with TO?

I'm not sure. I'm guessing the NFL won't let either of them work on TV for NFL games. Maybe college?

Seeing how in recent seasons the Caps were stellar during the regular season and mediocre during the playoffs, might this mean that this mediocre regular season could lead to stellar playoffs? Perhaps they peaked too soon in recent years?

This is the right attitude to have. Good for you.

Ha! The Horshack reference reminded me that I managed to catch a rebroadcast of one of the old Battle of the Network Stars shows the other week and it was awesome. Gabe Caplan was rooting his team on while Mark Harmon, former UCLA quarterback, dominated every event. Howard Cosell narrating the "human pathos" of the half-hour-long tie-breaking tug-of-war at the end. It was awesome! Um, I guess I didn't have a question. Just wanted to share. I'll stop now...

I remember this, actually. I have nothing to add, so I'll stop now, too. We thought that was weird TV, and if you think about it, it was pretty darn tame compared to, say, "Jersey Shore."

You're an unbiased source, so the question: in recent NCAA play, Georgetown in the past few years lost to Elite 8 Davidson, a stinker to Ohio, and last year to VCU, who made the Final Four. Does how far the teams that beat the Hoyas got have any impact on them "underachieving"? Does the fact that the team was picked to not even make the NCAAs this year before losing in the second round as a three seed affect the conversation? Thanks. Go KU (and anyone playing Syracuse)!

I think, given where they were expected to finish at the start of the season (10th in the Big East!) they did well, but by the end of the season, they could have been a Sweet 16 team. I think they underachieved a little. If Jason Clark is cold or Otto Porter plays like a freshman or something else goes wrong, they are in trouble. But really, I think overall it was a season to be proud of. And they got some good tournament experience for a lot of young kids. Good things ahead for the Hoyas, I think.

The state bird of Hawaii! A goose! (Also Portuguese for "baby," as Maybyner Rodney Hilário was the youngest in his family, apparently.) Letterman: "Nene, Pele. Pele, Nene."

Nene, Pele = brilliant.

It's called a widget!

No! Oh, that's so cool.

What are these "Antlers" to which you refer?

A group of very, uh, dedicated Mizzou fans. They are hard for me to describe in an unbiased way so I'll leave it at that.

Do you think the Heels have a chance on Friday (and on Sunday) without Kendall Marshall at 100%? I find it hard to imagine he can play with any effectiveness this soon after surgery. I guess the road just got a lot easier for your Jayhawks. Sigh. -Handle Pending.

I do. I think Roy will try to go without him -- that's what I'd do. I know they took the cast off already but I'd at least see what they can do without him. They have a lot of talent. Then use him if you must. But of course I'm famous for not knowing what Roy will do! :)

Glad we are adding music to the official chat topics. The other day I was singing an old-timey song for a colleague; it was Amapola, a song my mom used to sing. Released in English in 1941; sung by Helen O'Connell. This colleague knew the Spanish version, because Andrea Boccelli sings it! There is hope for this younger generation. Re sports, looking forward to the Masters and love Rory McElroy. Women's hockey Gophers are doing great. That's all for now.

Now there is a post with nothing we had previously discussed. That's not easy! Yes, the Masters is coming. Poor Tiger was scared today by a camera going off and tweaked his back. He's quickly becoming the delicate genius of golf.

But isn't complaining about the Youth of Today one the biggest signs that you're getting old?

Of course!

I'm a conservative who isn't a fan of PC efforts, but they were representatives of the university. They're off the band and lost their scholarship for something that made the school look foolish - seems fair. The school didn't banish students who were cheering (see "fans" who chanted "PLO!" after Steve Kerr's father was killed in a bombing in Lebanon many years and weren't disciplined).

I agree. There is nothing wrong with school spirit but why be hateful? These are GAMES. And you are there on the school's dime. If the school doesn't like your behavior -- bye bye.

Will he be getting the commercials that Ryan Zimmerman got last year (GEICO, e.g.)?

I'm sure he'll get all the commercials HE wants. He is not going to leap on those things. Harper, I'm betting, will eat it up. Different personalities.

Huh. We also got our tickets on time and at the right address for the first time this year. Oh, also, we actually got our tickets this year. (last year, they sent up someone else's tickets.) I note, there were 2 address labels for us on the front of the package, and one for someone in Gaithersburg on the back of the package. However, this year, they used Fedex. In past years they have used DHL.

Every year there are interesting stories about Nats ticket mailings.

We need this back bad! I used to love these things, and they used to take it seriously. I once remember Scott Baio and Tony Danza almost got into a fight over an event. How awesome would that have been? Who's the Boss? Is it Charles in Charge?

It would be awesome. I would have to think about who I'd like to see, but Mark Harmon is still a star and he'd probably still kick butt.

I think the Jets took him to use in their wildcat offense. Why is everyone assuming he was acquired to be a QB?

Oh,  you are right. But he's not your usual backup. The situation has the possibility of turning very ugly. But you are correct, the intention was not to create a QB battle.

My "All-Jesuit Final 4" is no longer a possibility after Creighton, Georgetown, and Gonzaga have bitten the dust. If Marquette and Xavier meet in New Orleans, will divine intervention decide the winner? What if God is conflicted?

What if God is busy deciding a sporting event somewhere elsewhere? I mean, God has a lot on his plate, healing Peyton Manning and making sure Tebow is okay and preparing for His Own Opening Day and smiting Gregg Williams. God is busy!

For "Schadenfreude": The Ohio U Bobcats bandwagon has plenty of room, as does Ohio State... :)

There you go.

I've had it a couple of times and find it to be quite tasty. Give it a shot. I also like another Guinness product: Smithwick's Irish Ale.

Ah, something for my post-vertigo life, if there is such a thing.

Now I'm going to have to quit because I have to write a column. Thanks for a lively chat. I am sorry I didn't make a dent in the inbox but it wasn't for lack of trying. As always, you're the real Fun Bunch. Let's chat next week!

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Tracee Hamilton has worked at the Post since 1993, toiling in office obscurity as an editor before someone said, "Hey, you've got a lot of opinions and can write a little. Why don't you become a columnist?"

Her interests range from genealogy to Nordic combined to Kansas basketball. If ever there were a Jayhawk who once flew off a ski jump, she'd know where he was buried.

Her list of pet peeves is considerably longer, but includes Missouri basketball and poor Metro etiquette. She welcomes dissenting opinions -- in the way Great Whites welcome open-water swimmers.

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