Tracee Hamilton Live: Where will Peyton Manning go?

Mar 08, 2012

This week, Tracee Hamilton discusses Peyton Manning's departure from Indianapolis and where he might go, or should go, next.

Submit your questions and opinions now.

- The Redskins may need Peyton Manning more than he needs the Redskins
- Redskins pitch to Peyton Manning likely to include free agent help, organizational stability
- VIDEO: Manning in Miami: Why there?

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How are you? You had us worried.... Section 405

I'm better, and glad to be back. I have a case of vertigo and it just won't go away. I'm no longer falling down and walking into things, so that's good. Thanks for asking!

And let's get started. I will try to write really long answers and not mention any of the hot button topics. (And if you believe THAT...)

Seriously. Doesn't anyone know what month this is?

In Washington? No. March is the month before April, which is the month of the draft.

Why does the Post have a single column heading called "College Roundup" where they intermix men's and women's games? They're two different sports. So, for instance, in today's edition was the Arkansas Little Rock victory over Middle Tennessee a men's game? The only player mentioned is Taylor Ford.

The answer is space, and the other answer is that it's a women's game. Anything under that U-Conn. women's headline is a women's game. The trouble is that the typography on that headline is light compared to the all-caps bold-faced game lead-ins and sort of gets lost. Not sure I like the set-up either but that's the answer.

My first thought was that they wanted to support the players accused of wrongdoing. Now I'm not so sure.

Well, the union also represents the players who were targeted. So I'm not so sure either.

How about those Shockers?

They are having a great season, but losing the MVC tournament wasn't great. But I like it when all three major state schools are good. They were quite good when Turg was the coach there, too.

Beat the Lakers??!! Where has this team been all along?

Well, the Wizards aren't just one team this season. They are a mish-mash of lineups and some click and some don't. And it was a great win for them, but remember, they didn't beat the LAKERS, they beat the lakers. Not saying it wasn't a good win and they could use it, but ...

As the semi-official Southwest Florida representative to Tracee's House o'Chat, I encourage your Nationals to move over here. It's WAY less crowded over here on The Other West Coast, plus we could use some nice people to balance out the Yanks and Sawx people. Plus, if you come down--that's you, Tracee, not Kilgore--the Best Wife in the World and I will take you out to Sanibel for stout. TBHitW

Ah, Sanibel. I would take you up on that. It's been years. I still say Arizona is the way to go; so much less travel. The humidity prevents me from ever being a Floridian (yes, even in February and March).

So is Gibbs incompetent for not knowing what Gregg Williams was doing with the bounty system or is he just a liar? Seems like those are the only two options.

Those are exactly the only two options.

BTW, your topic description says that Manning is leaving Denver, not Indy.

I don't even know about a topic description. I certainly didn't write one. I'll try to figure that out, thanks. Why people keep trying to keep us on topic is beyond me.  Since when do we have a topic?

Thanks for that! (I never change that type. I suppose I'm supposed to but we talk about whatever we're going to talk about.)

Tracee: Great article by Boz this morning on the Caps; even though he incorrectly stated that the Caps won the Presidents Trophy the past 3 seasons (Vancouver won it last year). Pride does seem to be missing from this team and coupled with a 125% price increase on my tickets since the lockout, my patience is also rapidly diminishing. Jumbotron videos (which are now looking pretty stale after 4 years) only go so far and what ultimately matters is what is happening on the ice and a lot of nights the players look like they just don't care. I have a feeling that Ted is not going to be bragging about his 98% ticket renewal rate after this season wraps up.

There's something wrong here, there can be no denying.

I don't pay to go to these things, but if I did -- I probably wouldn't. But then I think I have mild agoraphobia. Can you have mild agoraphobia?

With any other sport, I think a lot of folks would have opted for TV a few seasons back. But hockey is just indisputably better in person. I honestly couldn't care less about it until a friend dragged me to my first game in Detroit. It was amazing, the difference it made. So I understand hanging on to the tickets, even in the thin years. But this year would test the patience of a saint.

do you think the Redskins front office is using Manning to drive down the price of the Rams 1st round pick!

I don't think so. I think the Rams will get exactly what they want for that pick.

I find it incredible that some people are touting a Manning AND RGIII plan. Good gravy.

I like your short, snappy answers, wish I could think that quickly. And you give longer ones when these are called for. I also like Bos' "mini-column" amswers, though I tend to skim over his mega-stat ones. There's polenty of room for all of these, and lots of others, too. As you say, if you don't like, don't read. Some of these folks just have too much spare time.

Everyone likes different things. I had an email (which I need to answer) this week scolding me for writing about bountygate because "no one cares about it." Well, some people don't. Some people do.

I was going to write about Manning today but changed gears. So I could recreate my Manning column in a chat answer but I would prefer to answer a whole bunch of questions, to give you all an idea of what people are thinking and talking about, than to post one Manning question and my deep thoughts. That's why my answers are short. Well, except for this one!

I hear he needs sponsors.

You know I'm not political, but wow. Just wow.

Is there any evidence the bounty system was actually effective in causing injuries? In other words, did offensive players suffer higher rates of injuries when playing the Saints than they otherwise did? If that study ever happens, my guess (which is purely speculative and based on no fact), is that there was not a statistically significant higher incidence of injury because of the bounty. Why? Well, the b-roll they showed on ESPN when talking about this was just a bunch of hard, but, mostly clean hits...none of them made me say "Wow, they were really trying to hurt someone there." Also, I'll bet it's more difficult than we think to purposefully injure someone while making a hit clean enough that you don't risk a fine that would eat up your reward. The reason I ask is not because I think it should affect the punishments handed out...if Williams incentivized injuring someone, he deserves a harsh punishment regardless of whether the program was successful. BUT, the NFL has a history of making a big show of punishment without ever getting to the real problem. I'm worried they'll make a show like they're "fixing" something, but they will not have actually gotten to the root of the problem in the league.

I am sure the NFL is studying that question but I think you are have hit the nail on the head: The NFL definitely wants to send a message that they are all over this and Gregg Williams makes a perfect (and deserving) scapegoat. Because I am sure he is not the only coach doing this (as I'm sure we all are) and I sure wasn't surprised to hear this was going on.

(I'm throwing this out there randomly, but if you get a chance to see the Arian Foster news conference clip on ESPN, check it out. Very touching.)

I just came across the pile of newspapers I saved from the 84 Tigers season. As a 10 year old kid, I didn't get the concept ( I always wondered who this old man was, and what the heck was he talking about?), but re-reading them now, I loved it. Very original!

I wasn't Iffy in 1984, but I'll thank you on behalf of the old geezer. The original Iffy was an erudite editor in the 1930s, Malcolm  Bingay. When the Tigers went on their run in 1984 and it was clear we were going to have to produce pages and pages of copy (ah, those were the days!), someone went back into those papers and "dug up" Iffy, and found someone new to write it. When that fellow moved on to greener pastures, I took it over. I had SO much fun. When people called the office to talk to Iffy, I played the role of his secretary.

Ms. H: Welcome back, and a belated congrats on KU winning that great game over Mizzou. With the Wiz beating the Lakers after being behind by 20 plus points, I fully expect the Skins will sign Peyton AND deal for RG3 (well that would be a bit much). IF, IF Peyton would come on board, and the Skins get a young quarterback to learn the ropes, I'm all for it, but I can't see Peyton coming to a team with little chance at the Super Bowl. Would a reasonably healthy Peyton put the Skins in the playoffs? - almost surely yes, but Peyton isn't looking for "playoffs," he wants the Super Bowl. AHG

First, AHG, thanks, and second, I just don't see it. I cannot imagine the guy coming here, Manning, I mean. And getting both of them? Oh my. The Skins just have too many holes. Manning can pick and choose and there are too many better contenders for him. He's played behind less than perfect lines, but that was before four neck surgeries. The Skins don't have a receiver of Reggie Wayne's caliber. Their franchise player missed four games because he smoked weed. So did their allegedly best lineman. Etc. etc.

Another thing the Skins do not have is an impressive practice facility, and that is a factor. The bubble is nice -- I don't see Manning riding a bus to Dulles when it rains -- but the facility as a whole is very dated compared to what he is used to, and what he can command.

What the Skins have is money. Peyton Manning has crazy money of his own. I just do not see it happening.

Man, my answers are getting long.

I was at game vs Carolina and must say this team is nowhere close to making a playoff push. Seems like players are playing as individuals as oppose to a "TEAM". Alexander Semin skating in circles and giving the puck away leading to offensive rushes is just one example of this club's poor performance. I just don't understand why Management won't send a signal to some of these primadonna's and just send them down to Hershey. My wife and I were in Hershey at a Bears game a couple of weeks ago, and I must tell you the guys on that team give it everything they have. My overall observation is money ruins people! Plain and simple. A guy like Semin makes way too much to care. At the end of the day he gets his paycheck, and at the end of the day as a Season Ticket Holder I get a slap in the face with investing my hard earned money into this organization.

Caps Nation is restless. Skins Nation is restless. The Wizards don't really have a nation. Hmmmm.

Tracee, nice article on Mike Shanahan's ridonkulous statement that the Redskins were a couple of injuries away from being a play off-caliber offense. Here's something you left out - you don't have a play off-caliber offense when your starting quarterback gives the ball to the opposing team more than two times every game. Maybe Shanny should go back and look at the film.

Yes, turnovers. Good point. I'm sure he'd blame that on injuries. I'm sorry, I don't expect him to say "We really stank it up last year," but come on! Find a happy medium.

I know Peter Angelos has no love for DC baseball but given the putrid state of the O's, why wouldn't he trade Adam Jones for Lannan, Bernadina and a couple prospects? Lannan would automatically be the second or third best starter on that team and outfield depth is Baltimore's one strength.

Beats me. The Nats have some young talent. But it's possible Angelos just doesn't want anyone from the O's "dread arch-rivals"?

Since Kemba Walker isn't walking through that door, I need to find somebody viable to follow through the tournament. There's no point in pulling for a not-gonna-happen Cinderella like Irving Tech, or Murray State, or whatever it is, so I'm asking for your counsel, O Wise One. Here are the logical choices, based on the current top 10:

Kentucky: Has there ever been a national championship that was be vacated for violations? Calipari has had to give back wins at every stop, and there's no reason to expect any different here.

Syracuse: You can't root for a conference rival. Period. I'm talking to you, $EC football.

Kansas: More in a minute.

Duke: Ha! It's like rooting for Trump, or actually Trump's smug little son. If only the refs would give them a fair shake just once.

Michigan St: Maybe, if only to see Izzo looking up at the trophy.

North Carolina: Too close to Duke for some smugness not to run off. Plus, I only live a hundred miles from Vitale, and just thinking about his orgasmic screaming gives me a headache.

Missouri: Nope, lived there and hated it. Nice people, lousy place. Marquette: See Syracuse.

Baylor: The Baptist Notre Dame? You ever been to Waco? Pass.

Ohio State: Can't do it...too many Ohioans down here driving 45 in the passing lane on their way home from dinner at 5:30.

So: I'm thinking KU, because I saw the game last weekend where they knocked an opponent down in the lane, then reached down to help him up. Nice. But then I saw some guy in the stands wearing red-and-blue striped overalls without a shirt, which reminded me that they just hired Charlie Weis. So that's a tough one. Any ideas? Thanks, TBHitW

Aw, go with KU. Read my column in tomorrow's paper to find out why. Forget the overalls; they had a guy dressed as John Brown for the Missouri game. Well, dressed as the mural of John Brown at the statehouse. It's a famous T-shirt in Kansas now. "Kansas: Keeping America Safe From Missouri Since 1854." It's funny because it's true. :)

What is the rationale for going after Manning? Other than money why would Manning choose the Redskins, a team with a myriad of offensive line woes andno receiving corps to speak of. Also is there any truth that Manning wants to stay in the AFC?

Manning says he hasn't given it any thought, so anything you hear is speculation. That said, it makes more sense for him to stay in the AFC. And it makes almost no sense for him to come to the Redskins. So since I've said it, of course he will.

Good Morning T-Ham, I may be biased as a New England fan but I think Peyton's best chance at a healthy post-football life is to retire now. He may love to play but there's nothing left to prove on the field, especially with some of the teams that most want him (the Dolphins, really???). He should put himself - his health - first. Also, go Jayhawks - how far do you see them going in the Big Dance? ~ Pats Fan

He is not going to retire; he's made that pretty clear. And I see them going all the way -- as I always do. Can't help it. Just what I do.

If the Colts essentially chose Luck or RGIII over Peyton Manning, is there something they know we don't? Certainly it would be less of a risk for the Colts to retain Manning than any new team that signs him. So why should the Skins, or any other team, be willing to take such a risk?

This seems like a big warning sign, yes. Now it's possible they wanted him to take far less money and tutor Luck and he didn't want to, but I think they don't want to risk it. I wouldn't want to risk the neck thing, personally. But I'm too girly, I hear.

If Peyton ever thinks about taking what would be an incredible amount of money to come to the Redskins, I have two words for him: Donovan McNabb. The Shanny duo forced McNabb to fit into Shanny's brilliant offensive scheme. Peyton shouldn't think that he would be treated any differently. I can't see the Sanny duo letting Peyton have the run of the offense, calling the plays at the line, and I certainly can't see Peyton wanting to be stuck in this...proven...offense. If that isn't enough to keep him away, just watching game footage and the abysmal offensive line and sub-standard receiving corps should be.

Another reason on the list of reasons he shouldn't end up here. Do you see the Skins dumping Kyle's offense? Do you see Peyton taking playcalling from Kyle? To me, there is a long list of "cons" and a short list of "pros": money.

Sorry, still have my stupid meeting at 11 AM on Thursdays (read every transcript) ... but wanted to get this in .. Royals are an 82-88 win team this year. Tigers are a 85-92 win team. On paper that is ... on paper you can put 3 guys who should play DH in a lineup. I don't think the Tigers do as well as expected because they can't play brutal defense at 1B and 3B and expect the same pitching they had last year. Plus over the next 3 years who would you rather have as your 1B, Hosmer or Fielder ... This year Hosmer might be better ... and over the lifetime of Fielder's contract no doubt who any GM would take ... Here is your chance to pick the Royals as AL Central Champs ... and once they get in who knows. Let's Go Royals.

Yeaaaaaaaah, no. Sorry. I'm going with the Tigers, LGR. Though I'd be happy for the Royals if they did well.

First off, congrats to the Wizards for pulling off that stunner last night - I spent part of my childhood in LA and am a lifelong Lakers fun but it was about time that the basketball team here made their fans cheer about something! Now to the Manning saga: I assume that with the release of Manning by the Colts we're going to be rolling out the Peyton sweepstakes around here, this being DC and the Redskins' organization being known for wild, desperate moves that set the team back another 5-10 years in their "rebuilding." Having said that, there's two components to this, the first being whether the Redskins would be a good landing spot for Peyton Manning, the 4 time MVP and future HOF and give him the chance to end his career on a somewhat high note, similar to Montana and Favre who led the Chiefs and Vikings to the AFC and NFC championships respectively. So the question is could he do that as a Redskin? Is the team capable of providing him with the tools that could get him as far as the NFC Championship in the next 1-2 years? And is this team capable of handing over some of their decision making on offensive calls and strategies to Manning who has been known for calling his own plays and wanting to be in control of his offense in that way? And the second question that comes in is whether this would be a good fit for the Redskins. If this were to work out, the Redskins would still have to bring in more playmakers to improve the receiving corps but you want to improve for the future and make sure that the team would be able to compete not only when Peyton is around but also assure that you'll be competitive or somewhat competitive for the next 10-15 years because when you're "rebuilding" a team which is what the Shanahans are saying they're doing, you look to make sure that pieces are starting to fall together in the right places to make this feasible. And you also have to make sure that these pieces or playmakers or however you want to call them, will be viable contenders for the next 10-15 years. So if you bring in aging playmakers to help Peyton are you really accomplishing that? The other issue is, yes you bring in Peyton to keep the position viable for the next 2-3 years but beyond that? If you bring Peyton you also need to draft another young QB, whether it be Tannehill or Nick Foles or Kirk Cousins or Kellen Moore and make sure that QB gets groomed to be your franchise QB of the future. So this may be the way forward, in that Peyton will be essentially grooming that next guy to be Washington's franchise QB since Shanahan appears incapable of developing players himself. On the other hand, you have RG3but getting him seems way too expensive considering the Browns might go all in too? What do you think? I think that taking all of the above into account, it seems that the Redskins and Peyton is definitely a better deal for the Redskins than it is for Peyton.

I think I've already answered your questions but I wanted to post this to point out another reason that sometimes MY ANSWERS are short. :)

Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and Ohio State. Peyton Manning was the best athlete host ever on SNL ( his skipping in the locker room--golden) so he should go someplace where his standup comedy skills can be nurtured. Ergo, he should sign with the NY Jets.

My favorite was his United Way skit when he hit the kids with footballs.

Is this a good idea? I'm just not sure. I'm more concerned about Saturday--make sure your boys are ready to play in WWIII!

No, no, no. I'm with you except for the war comparisons. It's not a war. It's a basketball game, with hate components.

I'm driving out west this summer to see a bunch of National Parks. I'll be driving through KC so is there anything uniquely KC that I shouldn't miss? Museum, restaurant, etc.? Thanks.

Negro league museum, the Nelson Art Gallery, and the wreck of the steamboat that was discovered in a wheatfield. Oh, I'm going to forget the name. Arabia! It sank and everything was preserved and when it was found, it was brought up and is displayed as it was when it went down. For eats, Gates BBQ.

As a KC fan, do you want Manning? If he chooses KC, how does it feel to be the place where Hall of Fame QBs go to finish their career?

As a Chiefs fan, I'd welcome him. I'd like to see the Chiefs develop their own quarterback and clean up whatever internal problems they have. And I guess if Joe Montana had somehow managed to lead the Chiefs to a world championship, I'd have been okay with that.

If Manning does come here would it make sense, with all his injuries, to use the first round pick for an offensive lineman? Or maybe a player at another position, like running back, to keep the defenses from hammering him? Also, if we decide against Manning or he chooses to go elsewhere, and we can't trade up for RGIII, should we pass on a QB this year?

If they get Manning and keep the 6th pick, I'd be tempted to take a lineman but I think they'll end up taking a receiver, which they desperately need as well. If they don't get either guy, I'd still at least look at the QBs left on the board before throwing in the towel. This is a decent draft, QB-wise. I don't think I'd use the 6th pick on a guy that could be had on the second round, though.

Hi Tracee. Do you really think Peyton would want to play against Eli twice in a season, maybe more if playoffs were involved. I can't imagine Peyton accepting an offer from the Redskins. Thoughts on that?

Add it to the "cons" list. I've never made the argument that he'd want to play here so you don't have to convince me. :)

No, they did beat the LAKERS. Kobe was there.

They are not the Lakers of old. I am far from the only one who thinks so. In fact, Kobe doesn't think so.

This may be more of a question for the Bog, but why does Nats beat reporter Bill Ladson insist on calling Roger Bernadina the "Speed Racer?" We all know that he's The Shark, or Sharkadina. Fans dress up as sharks at games, there's a website devoted to Sharkadina, and there was a promotion last year at the park where they gave out shark fins.

I cannot speak for  Bill Ladson (for those who might not know, or be confused, he's the writer for, not the Post). You could send him an email and ask him.

My friend had that and it turned out she had Chronic Lyme Disease, which luckily enough, the Post just did a medical mystery piece on earlier this week. The earlier you get it checked out, the better. Hopefully, that's not it, but it can't hurt to ask :)

I've been tested to death for Lyme. But Chronic Lyme? Hmmmmm.

So who do you favor in the big UVA - Cornell lacrosse matchup this weekend? It pits UVA star Steele Stanwick (what a fantastic lacrosse name, BTW) against Cornell star Rob Pannell.

I have to go with the Cavs, although I think Steele Stanwick is a movie character name. Not movie star; too fake. Or thriller character name.

I hope you get completely better soon. It's not Thursdays without you. I understand that Jayson Werth's official nickname is Werewolf. Does that mean we can't play him on nights when there's a full moon?

Let's hope he's good enough that the Nats will WANT to play him those nights. Sadly, I think all it means is that he won't be cutting his hair any time soon.

My odds on Manning are: Miami 40% Arizona 30% Jets 15% 49ers 10% Skins 5%

I think those are pretty reasonable, although I think Arizona has the dome thing going for it. Would YOU be interested in Alex Smith if the Niners let him go for Manning?

How did we beat the Lakers with our most expensive player (R Lewis) not playing :) Or our other high salaried player, Blatche, hardly a factor.

It's amazing.

I'm just sayin'

Although a lot of people watched to see a guy get oxygen on the sideline. Or take a knee on the sideline. Or recline on the field. Or ... well, that was different.

I call B.S. that it's either/or. First, there are disputes about what the system was here, and whether it was the "pay for injury" scheme that went on in New Orleans (or is London Fletcher a liar, too?). Second, Gibbs was notorious for staying away from the the 80's it was Petitbon's, the last time around it was Williams'. Second, Williams and Gibbs, by all accounts, didn't talk, and weren't chummy. Remember the 10 men thing? Gibbs didn't know about that either. Not saying Gibbs is above lying, or that he's not, but I think it's awful premature to be throwing his character under the bus because you're upset about something his assistant did with a different franchise.

I do remember the 10 men thing. I wrote that. I wrote that he turned the defense over to Williams and that that was a mistake. I think it's a mistake for any coach to cede complete control over any aspect of the team to someone else, because the blowback is always, ALWAYS, going to be on you, and the team, not just the assistant coach. I think it's incompetent not to know he was offering bounties, yes. So he is either incompetent for not knowing, or he lied when he said he didn't know. It's logic. I know a lot of folks think Joe Gibbs can do no wrong. I hope he's NOT lying. To me that's by far the worst option. But that's just me. Others don't see it that way.

No quarterback has ever won a Super bowl with 2 different teams.

He wants to be the first?

I remember getting a day off from school on John Brown's birthday when I lived in Lawrence in the 1970s. Don't know if they still do this, but you don't mess with John Brown in eastern KS. Of course, I ended up going to Mizzou, so...

Clearly the lesson didn't take! :) I don't think they still do this but it is interesting. Had no idea...

Saying that Gibbs being incompetent or a liar are not the only two options. Here's a third: he let Gregg Williams run the defense while Gibbs did what he does best - coach the offense.

What about Al Saunders and the 700-page playbook? Second highest-paid assistant next to Williams?

Either Peyton or RG3 would bring some interest to the upcoming Redskins season, which looks to be a yawner without them. The team will never be steak under Snyder, so let's have some cheese on the hamburger.

That's certainly a "pro" argument for the fans, but not for Manning. :) I would love to see RGIII here but I keep balking at the idea of giving up four or five draft picks.

As a Caps season ticketholder, I believe McPhee must go. The team''s problems go well beyond injuries. McPhee has had years to bring a legitimate number two center in here and hasn't (except for rental players). The team is one of the softest in the NHL and hasn't been built along the lines of teams that win Cups in this era. Not to mention, McPhee is now on his fifth coach. I believe he is the second longest tenured GM in the NHL and the team hasn't won anything that matters. New ideas and perspective are certainly required and Leonsis is going to have to man up and pull the plug on GMGM.

Yes, I am leaning this way as well. It will be really interesting to see if Leonsis can actually do this. He might be looking at hiring TWO GMs this summer.

The Caps woes started when Boudreau tried to fix Ovie. He used to be a scoring machine, but the fans hollered for a Cup, so now Ovie and the team is a mess. Bring back the Great Eight and I don't care if they're one round into the playoffs and out. Cups are overrated.

Wow. Cups are overrated? That is an opinion I don't think I've seen expressed here before.

Palmer and Harris are but two of the most gifted athletes of my generation who, sadly, just didn't know when it was time to retire as athletes, so wound up humiliating themselves publicly. For the sake of his dignity, shouldn't Peyton Manning learn from their errors and end his playing days, so he can move on with his life? (Ditto for Hines Ward).

I really thought Manning would be a guy who could walk away, happy with his achievements and his bank account. Boy was I wrong. I don't get it but I'm not a professional athlete.

How do you think the change to fuel injection will affect the NASCAR season?

It's going to be a big factor at the bigger tracks, where mileage is really important. The teams that work out the problems will have a big advantage.


What was the Brett/Limbaugh connection to which I heard some passing reference this week?

Limbaugh was a part-owner of the Royals for a time, as I recall, and he and Brett became friends.

Yesterday the Penguins unveiled a 10' tall bronze statue of an appropriately humble Mario Lemieux ("Le Magnifique") here in front of our new arena. How many hockey stars ever receive such an honor?

I don't know. Surely they're all over Canada? Gordie Howe at Joe Louis ... I sure can't claim to know them all.

I've certainly noticed an uptick in the number of "tickets available!" emails that land in my inbox. Earlier this season I was getting them maybe once every two weeks to cover the next few games. Now I'm getting them once, twice a week with the occasional special ticket price thrown in. And the TicketExchange (where season ticket holders put their ducats up for sale) shows 820 tickets available for tomorrow. With the high expectations for this team and the high prices for tickets, I'm not surprised that cracks are starting to show.

The Caps' fan base has been patient but they aren't going to wait forever. At least who want more than a first round appearance.

I appreciate the Boz's "Keep Calm and Play Hockey" approach to the Caps' fiasco of a season. But I am a full STH who got hit with a 15% increase (in section 430, no less) this year. My seat cost has almost doubled since 2007. I would mind less if the guys played better or even appeared to be on the same team. So what's with Ovi? Do you agree that the Great 8 is just a memory? I'm glad I saw him when he was great. What's done him in? Suspensions? Olympic crash and burn? The high life? Injuries? Ego? Thanks for any insight.

I don't know. If Boudreau was the problem, then why hasn't he bounced back? The Olympics were two years ago -- get over it. He's a different guy. Whatever is bothering him, he needs to get over it or he will have wasted what could have been a glorious career.

If you're stopping in KC, you might as well take a detour to Cawker City (off Rt 24). World's Largest Ball of Twine! (Although another ball of twine up in Minnesota would beg to differ.)

If you detour that far south, keep going to Lincoln.

So using your logic that Gibbs was incompetent for not knowing about the bounties, who was incompetent at the Washington Post for not knowing that Sari Horwitz was plagiarizing stories?

Her editors. And the Post. Which I believe suspended her and apologized for it.

I'm not a doc but once had benign positional vertigo (diagnosed after multiple tests). The doc told me to repeat the maneuver that had induced it, immediately after the episode had resolved. It's counterintuitive to do that, but it helped.

Hmmm. Well, I woke up with it. So I'm not sure what the maneuver would have been. Going to bed? Because I am happy to go bed multiple times a day! It's weird but it hits me now when I reach up with one or both arms. But that wasn't the case when it started. Oh, who knows. I'm no longer staggering like a drunk and falling down the stairs, so no biggie!

Actually, he worked for the Royals, which is how he became friends with George Brett. He's never owned them.

Ah, I thought he owned a little piece (not the whole team). Thanks.

With his [non]haircut, I think a better nickname than Werewolf is, The Outfielder Josey Wales

Thanks for the laugh!

I try not to be too overboard in my praise of people, but having lived here through both Gibbs I and Gibbs II, I will tell you that he is among the least likely people to either condone the disgusting bounty system, or to subsequently lie about it. So that leaves me with thinking that he gave control of the defense to Williams and had no knowledge of what was happening. It seems like you would describe that as incompetence, I do not bring it to that level. Clearly he made a poor choice in trusting Williams, but I don't think the idea was wrong from the start. As someone stated earlier, he absolutely made Richie Pettibon essentially a co-head coach, and it worked great. It is what he does, he tries to find good people and give them responsibility. While hindsight is 20-20, Williams was hired by the Saints after his time here, and was recently hired by the Rams. So until these revelations, it would appear it was not known in the football world. I think Joe Gibbs has a body of work, and a history of living his life, that does earn him the benefit of the doubt. But, to quote you, that may just be me. -Handle Pending.

HP, I am willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and I think by the end, he would agree that giving  Williams control was a very bad idea. There's a reason Williams didn't get the head job here. I just think ANY COACH who does that is setting himself up for trouble. ANY COACH. I don't think that lets Gibbs off the hook because he is adored here. Like you, I think it's far easier to believe that he trusted Williams than that he lied about it afterward. That goes against everything he says he believes in. That would surprise me greatly. In other words, I don't think Gibbs is a liar but I don't think he was wise to turn over control to a guy like Williams. That is hardly a blanket character assassination of Gibbs (which I know you are not implying, but others are). Just to make myself clear before I sign off.

It really irks me when fans or sports pundits feel THEY know when it's best for someone to retire. Oh, what a shame they lament, oh how embarrassing for them. Fans often have a sense of entitlement, but feeling you should determine when a man should give up his livelihood is perhaps the most obnoxious thing I can think of. Balding middle-aged spare tires riding couches are talking about legacy and glory and dignity. Give me a break. So few people have the opportunity to become NFL QBs. These are dreams come true. And they're supposed to give that up just to keep up appearances for fans? Give this some thought people. Let them play as long as they want to. Let THEM decide when they should stop. Because once they stop there's no going back. It's over.

Presenting an opposing viewpoint and one that makes a nice point until the very end. It's not true that there's no going back. We see guys go back all the time. But otherwise, you make a good point. I think fans become invested in these guys as people and don't want to see them stagger about, playing poorly, when they remember their golden days of glory. Maybe in much the same way those couch potatoes remember their own golden days of glory when they weren't balding and sitting around on a couch. I don't think most fans want to take the aging athlete out back and shoot them; I think they want them to go out on top so that their memories are intact. In Manning's case, I'm not sure a lot of people are convinced, yet, that his neck is going to hold up and they don't want to see him seriously hurt. But you are right; it's no one's decision but that guy's.

Can result in symptoms that can be missed at the outset because they include dizziness, confusion, irritability, diminished balance/fine motor skills. It's often overlooked or scoffed at (see Jeremy Piven and too much sushi), but real. Just sayin' - feel better.

No one would be able to tell if I had increased irritability. Diminished, maybe. Glad I don't each sushi. Confusion -- again, that's a daily thing. I'll have to start making a list of these, though, because if I'm not symptom-free soon I'm going to start getting REALLY irritable.

Okay, time to wrap it up for today. Sorry about last week but thanks again for joining me today, and thanks for all the diagnoses. Let's chat next week!

I sarcastically ask a NASCAR question because no one except Liz covers it at the Post and you answer the question like a pro. Keep up the good work and I'll try to tone down the sarcasm. Seriously.

I was just happy to see a non-Manning question! Had no idea it was sarcasm. I like NASCAR. Sometime I'll tell about riding in a car with Ricky Rudd (then everyone can Google Ricky Rudd).

Now bye, for real!

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