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Mar 07, 2013

This week, Tracee Hamilton discusses all the sports news.

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we'll be watching a ballgame at Nats Park in about 3 weeks (Yankees exhibition)... Section 405

I hope all the snow has melted by then.

Morning, everyone! Let's get going, but first, a plug for a breakdown of the Georgetown-Syracuse rivalry that just went up on the website. Oral history, videos ... check it out.

Now, on to the chat.


He looks about 12. Is he a high school intern?

Nope, just young looking. But knows what he's doing.

Just FYI for you and your literate readers -- in re the controversy recently about players at the NFL Combine being asked whether they "liked girls"-- I have PhD in labor & industrial relations (fancy name for human resource management, which is fancy name for "personnel") and I can tell you that there is no FEDERAL law banning discrimination against people because of sexual orientation. It's a common misconception that federal bans discrimination against gays and lesbians. It does not. There is an Executive Order issued by the President that prohibits such discrimination in employment practices in the federal government. Executive Orders are what happens when there isn't enough support in Congress for national legislation, but the President wants to show the he and his party support a particular action. However, there is a patchwork of state and municipal legislation that does bar sexual-orientation discrimination. Here's a link to an interactive map from the LAMBDA, the LGBT legal defense group, that shows the status of sexual-orientation discrimination legislation by state. Oddly, our Congressional solons went out of their way to insert language in the Americans with Disabilities Act stipulating that being LGBT is NOT to be considered a disability -- you know those gays, always trying to sneak in by the back door!

Ha! Thanks for the background.

Well, Ms H, we ended up out here in the wilds of Herndon with about 3 inches of snow - I was getting nearly as much water on my shovel as snow, clearing the driveway. My Huskers closed out the Devaney Sports Center with a win over Minnesota, so, with a magnificent 5-12 record in the B1G (hard to believe we got the 5) it's on the the B1G Tournament, and, no doubt, the NCAAs and the Sweet 16. Don't believe me? I don't either, but It's not as crazy as some of the things that will happen this year. I don't think a single #1 seed will make the Final Four. AND, I know you won't, so I'll pick KU to go all the way. AHG

You got that right -- I won't! Not this year. Yes, the snowstorm was really something, but we got more in northern VA than in D.C., which is dry as a bone this morning. Good look to you in the B1G tourney!

Latest episode Riggins hunts pheasants and then cooks the pheasants. Food Channel needs to sign Riggo now!!! He is the next Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay!

Pheasant = delicious.

Same ole same ole. Sigh.

No one seems to want that 1 seed. It's a whacky season, for sure.

I'm a HS dropout who knows when it's 55 degrees on Tues., as it was where I live in Silver Spring, there's no way we're going to get 8" of snow on Wed.

Please, get thee to a TV station! Pronto! I know they have all this gadgetry but weather is weather. I do see a vast improvement in forecasting for storms -- in Kansas, when I'm home, they pinpoint those severe storms and tornados to a fare-the-well. Very impressive. Snow ... snow is a fickle so-and-so, I guess.

Hope you don't lose too much sleep over the impending hour loss for this DST change this weekend.

Is that this weekend? I intend to lose one hour of sleep, same as always. (I do hate this time of year.)

Really? Sure we are well into the hard court season but come on now. We're (you're) talking football not basketball. "Redskins should go full-court press" for a headline about what the Redskins should do about their $18M cap hit this year. Couldn't we be a little more creative like "Redskins should zero blitz NFL." Maybe do a "Zone Read Option" play. Nonetheless keep up the good work.

I don't write the headlines, darlin'.

Now that the Nationals are hopefully on the cusp of a great season, I know that some "real fans" or columnists will soon complain that "only" 20000 people showed up to a Tuesday night Nationals game and question whether or not DC is a real baseball town. Let me just say in advance that sometimes the real world interferes with our team support. Just about every DoD civilian in the area is facing 22 unpaid Fridays in a row so sometimes we have to decide that the kid's college fund is more important than something we can see for free on TV. Thanks for the rant.

You're welcome.

I was wondering what Shanahan was waiting or on their possible next/final move against the league on the cap hit and then I thought about the timing necessary for a QB and WR on timing routes. Just a little but off and it's either an INC or INT. It really won't work for us if Shanahan pulls the trigger too soon. But right about now should be the time frame he is looking for don'tcha think?

I think they'll try to do it at the 11th hour but if they wait too long -- INC or INT for sure. And maybe they've decided not to. It's not like they'd announce that. I'd still like to see them try it.

hello Tracee, What is with Weiner dragging his feet concerning PED penalties after Selig finally, finally steps up and asks for a "quick resolution?" And Weiner's belief that the risk of getting caught will deter players more than strict penalties. Seriously, is Weiner pro steroids? Why won't they simply ban the players from MLB forever and be done with it, like they banned Rose and Shoeless Joe? And, Tracee, do you believe there are unintentional users? Thanks.

I think there are dopes you will buy anything you tell them to buy without looking into it, yes. Dopes of all walks of life, I might add, not just pro athletes.

Weiner may be dragging his feet because waiting gives some guys a chance to cleanse themselves.

Dear Tracee: Do you have any updates about the Nats-MASN TV rights renegotiation? Last news item was last December when Selig asked for an investment bank to find potential new owners for MASN. There seems to be very little video on MASN about the Nats' Spring Training. There are 2 videos from the spring training game that MASN broadcast and then videos from NatsFest. I'm wondering if the lack of video is due to the TV rights dispute. Thanks! Claire

I haven't heard a peep about it. I need to look into that; might be time for a column on that one. As for the video, I have no idea, but it would be stupid business for MASN not to promote the Nats while the Nats are still part of its deal. That said ... I suppose it could happen.

Tracee -- for all the chatters who haven't filled out a bracket yet and also the sabermetricians among the faithful, here's the Vatican's statistics page for the College of Cardinals who'll be electing the new Pope! Lady Fairfax

Awesome -- thanks!

O goddess of the Plains and Knower of all things Great and small Will this most recent spring training dust up between the Nats and the Phools , I mean Phils, result in a "Whack-a Mole " contest all season or at least until someone gets seriously injured ? Macho is one thing, brain damage is something else. What's in that chewing tobacco anyway ?

I like to see a little bad blood as much as the next person, but as our folks used to say, it's fun till someone gets hurt (fill in the blank with whatever your folks said: "loses an eye," whatever).

Some people want the Redskins to change their name because it offends them. My ancestors are Slavs, eastern European people who were enslaved for so long during the Middle Ages that the word "slave" derives from that. Using the same logic used to get rid of the name "Redskins," I'd like to have the word "slave" banned because it offends me that my ancestry is associated with such a vile institution as slavery.

Well, not exactly a great comparison. There isn't a sports franchise making money off the name Slaves, marketing a logo of Slaves, etc. Plus the Middle Ages vs. the relatively recent history of his country ... I'm just saying, not a great comparison.

After watching a replay of last week's UVA and Duke final, I am confused as to what the Duke coach wants. There was clearly a security line coming onto the court. It's seems at best disengenuous for the Duke coach to complain about student behavior when the Duke section is described as being crazy. Perhaps the goal should not be better behavior at the end of the game but better behavior before and during the game. Once you encourage over the top behavior during the game, it would be naive to expect the behavior to stop at the final buzzer. It's another example of the whining from Duke. They always seem to feel that all things should go there way. Any thoughts? How is your kitty doing now that there is only one cat in the house?

I, too, feel that the Duke coach does just a little too much complaining. What does he want? Beats me. I try to tune him out.

My kitty is doing okay but is very needy. I so do not want to add kittens to my household. Still waiting and watching. His latest thing is to haul tennis balls around the house for a game of fetch. He weighs six pounds so it's pretty impressive.

Hi, Tracee - I did not grow up playing hockey but started going to Caps games 22 years ago. When I tried to learn from other fans on the web, I was surprised to find the Caps' internet fan base so unwelcoming. JP at Japer's Rink just met my question with a huge graphic and the word "Sigh!" Not so easily discouraged, I kept asking and was told by various members of the club to sift through and read their previous postings. Typing a couple paragraphs was more trouble that I was worth. I the same attitude in the comments to your very well-informed columns on Hockey. You worked at the Detroit Free Press during the Red Wings' glory days and came over here as did Jason LaCanfora, who was the FREEP's beat reporter. Do you agree with his tweets that GMGM has failed to install a system here, that the team is soft (I don't see how anyone could call Ovechkin soft after watching him play for 5 minutes), and that the Caps need to clean house? Did you get to see some Red Wings games while in Detroit? I know you don't read the comments, but I tire of the clubby bigotry that I encountered there.

My first hockey games were in Detroit. I also did not grow up with the sport and I've never claimed to be a hockey expert. I do like going to practices and games and I've done a lot of it -- more than the other columnists, in fact.  As for the comments, I ignore it. I hear from Caps fans who agree and disagree with me via email, but they are generally far less offensive, and they sign their names.

I wrote, before the recent hot streak, that it was premature to ditch McPhee, but his grace period ends soon. I was stunned to find some fans wanted to fire Oates after 10 games. To me that's simply ridiculous.

I think the team is sometimes soft, but that's gotten better of late. Ovechkin is certainly hell on the nets -- no one can say he wasn't trying on Tuesday night (and I'm not his biggest fan).

With the one and done culture, most every team has a shot in the NCAA tournament. It also means that players who aren't ready for the pros like Len of UMD are being touted as lottery picks. The Wizards, who will have a pick somewhere in the lottery have a tall European player in Vessely, who has the same hands of stone. The money argument usually wins for the college players, but unless guys like Len get drafted by a team that really does develop him, he is going to be riding the pine just like Vessely. I bet you can come up with a bunch of upcoming lottery picks that fall into the same category. For the long haul, maybe it is better to learn the game from a really good college coach.

We were just joking in here about the Wizards drafting Len to go along with Vessely. It's a joke but it's not funny. I still think there are players who benefit from more college but it's hard to tell these kids to eschew the money. I'm not sure I could do it. Players who stay in school and get the fundamentals down may not get drafted as high but they might last a little longer. I don't know.

Hi Tracee! You gotta believe that for once in it's probable lifetime the Yankees are cursed. Remember how Boston had T-shirts that said Reverse the Curse? Well it's finally come to fruition! I mean forget the Curse of the Bambino! That's done and buried. A-Rod can't hit the broad side of a barn in the playoffs. Jeter breaks his ankle. Hughes can't pitch. Grandy gets a bad break (or is it sprain? I can't keep track). Now Tex is down for 8-10 weeks. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF! CASHMAN BREAKS HIS ANKLE jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!!! As a Senators/Orioles/NATS fan. I find the talk of the Yankees going in the opposite direction refreshing!!! I call this Curse; THE CURSE OF THE A-ROID-O. Any other great curse names for what the Yanks are going through! He he he, ha ha ha, about time!

Jeter just said something on TV about being cursed, so I don't think you're far off the mark. And yes, this is for the people who complained that everything always goes the Yankees' way. It's seldom in life that what goes around doesn't come around.

Is the Big 10 the most over-rated conference in the history of any college sport? I've got a $500 bet with my brother than not a single Big 10 team makes it past the 3rd round of the NCAA tournament - I only wish he had taken my original $1,000 bet.

Whoa! Really? I won't argue the overrated part -- I think everyone is overrated this season -- but not past the third round? Well, I admire your confidence.

Other than Kansas, that is. My teams (UCONN, A&M and GW) will sadly be watching at the bar with me. I might root for Gonzaga to take it all since a friend is a professor there (and a tried and true yearly fan). Anyone else that I should get behind?

You know, I haven't even looked carefully enough to see who some of the underdogs will be. I think Iowa State is a bubble team that I will pull for. I've always liked the 'Clones. I'm sure more will present themselves as the conference tournaments get underway. I'm always a sucker for those "first time in" teams.

No disrespect, but I've always found that Caps fans lack a certain "je ne sais quoi" compared to other cities. Would you say there are "diehard" Caps fans? The games are never as loud or rowdy as I would expect, and it doesn't have that gritty hockey smash 'em feel. I'm not saying Caps fans are uneducated about the game, but I wonder if you have a sense of this. A part of the experience is missing...I just don't know what!

I think there are diehard  Caps fans and I think the Verizon experience is a pretty good one. I've certainly heard opposing players talk about how hard it is to play here. Montreal is an impressive arena. Detroit ... I think any of the original six arenas is going to be good. But I don't sense anything missing from the Caps experience ... but then I'm seeing it from above, not from within (the literal "above" -- not trying to sound all snooty there).

This is probably a better question for the Bog, but figured I would ask it here. My husband and I live out of the area, so we watch all of Caps games on TV. During pivotal moments, we may or may not yell "Let's Go Caps" with the horn guy. On Tuesday night, it was not the same horn, it was a sadder, less loud horn, which I thought was odd. Well, per the horn guy's twitter account, we was not actually at the game. Which begs the question - is there someone who bring a horn, just in case the horn guy doesn't show up? And who is this guy? And why? I love the horn guy (I know that some don't), but I love that it's a fan started thing, but I find it REALLY odd that someone would bring their own horn, hoping the real guy doesn't show up. Who is this guy? Anyone know the story? And do more than one people bring the back up horn and then how does that work? (As an aside, we have noticed that the horn has been missing a lot this season, not sure if it's because of the play or if the horn guy is taking a little hiatus).

I stand correct, there is one thing missing.

I assume the horn guy may not have tickets for every game. I wish I were more of a horn guy expert and sadly Steinberg doesn't appear to be around to ask.

Good morning Tracee, I surely hope that Shanahan sticks to his plan on building through the draft and not go crazy. Not even mildly crazy. There is just no scratch to do it with.

I don't think he has a lot of choice. So whether he'll stick to the plan through patience or from desperation is the question, but in the end the motive won't matter. As you rightly point out, they have no scratch.

Hi Tracee, The Caps are slowly coming together. The comeback from being down 0-3 to the Bruins was impressive. I know it's a bit early but do you see them making the playoffs as a 7 or 8 seed?

That was a terrific game. Just terrific. I think they have a decent shot at the playoffs, yes. There are a lot of good not great  teams in the Eastern Conference.

Tracee, A few weeks ago I commented about the departure of Bruce Boudreau from the Caps last season. I read another comment by one of your readers all up in arms about how Boudreau's time was up as a Caps coach. Well, I agree to an extent. Boudreau's time was up because there were "certain" players that got together and just decided to get Bruce fired by lack of effort and play. I know this because I had a close source that was in that locker room, (This player no longer plays for the Caps). So for all you Boudreau haters it was NOT him. It was "certain" players that gave up on him. May I hint, that one of the players is still the Captain of this team. I love the Caps, but I'm very happy for Bruce who has his Ducks playing excellent hockey, (16-3) leading there division.

There is no question that Ovie and Bruce did not have a tremendous relationship, for whatever reason. And Bruce's tenure was a fairly decent sized one for a hockey coach. Bruce wasn't perfect either, but I did like him and thought it was a shame when he left. Like you, glad to see him doing well. I just hope his carpets are still getting cleaned!

Also a cruel mistress. Or is that fate? I'm so confused. Also looking forward to live, in person baseball in a few short weeks. Ahhh... 1a

Yes, soon the voice of the turtle will be heard throughout the land.

Tracee: Thanks for the link on this rivalry. It's been great fun over the years - nothing like 35,000 people at a college basketball game (Carrier Dome), or 18,000+ here in grey with a splash of Orange here and there. The teams and fans respect each other, unlike Philly and some Nats fans, and the competition wonderful to cheer. It will be missed, sorely. Don't know if SU-Duke will replace it. How has KU replaced its traditional rivals, if it has. Deli Man

KU still has K-State but there is no question that Mizzou was the big one and I do not see that one ever being replaced. Just so much more to it than sports.

And others are facing (or already having) unpaid Mondays through Fridays, in the ranks of the unemployed.

Yes, there is always someone worse off. Remember, that was a rant. We are allowed rants here.

It is possible to be at 55 degrees one day and get 8 inches of snow the next. Ask the CWG guys. I've seen it happen too. In this case, it's so late in the winter season and the low pulled in enough warm air to prevent snow from falling as expected. If it had been a few degrees cooler we all would have been dumped on like they were further west.

Yes, I don't think the poster meant it literally. We've got to have a sense of humor. I've seen bigger temperature changes than that in Kansas many times. If they are going to err, I'd rather they err on the side of more snow than miss a big storm completely.

No, I like women...

Ha! At their age, I am not sure the distinction is as clear.

For the past couple of weeks, the bracket "estimate" on ESPN has had KU (1) playing Mizzou (8) in the second round in K.C. Heaven for the NCAA, but perhaps not so much for the Jayhawks, I would assume. Though Mizzou seems to have played its way up out of an 8 seed at the moment.

Oh, that sounds like a typical committee move; they'll engineer it if they can. And no, I wouldn't like it one bit. Mizzou is always capable of beating us, even as a 16 seed. That's just part of the rivalry.

It would have been nice if Pitt played Temple because it would have been appropriate. However, as this is also the official soft drink & poetry chat, I thought I'd share.

I passed by his garden and marked, with one eye,

How the Owl and the Panther were sharing a pie;

The Panther got piecrust and gravy and meat,

While the Owl had the dish as his share of the treat.

When the meal was all finished, the Owl, as a boon,

Was kindly permitted to pocket the spoon,

While the Panther received knife & fork with a growl

And concluded the banquet by

I feel like something's missing .... hmmmm....

Debit cards instead of checks from the State of Virginia for your tax refund? What fresh hell is this? (You can apparently choose between debit cards and direct deposit but I didn't know that.)

Thanks, I feel better.

O goddess....... Weather forecasters and baseball players are the only folks who get to keep their jobs by "getting it right " 3 times out of 10. Heck , if you do that in baseball, they put you in the Hall of Fame

Ba dum.

Check out the video. I'd say it's very close to football if not more so.

I have to say, that made me very sick to my stomach. Seriously, not for the faint of heart. Geez.

That didn't work out so well for the last guy named Len from UMD...

At least the Bias statue plans were nixed.

Do you like "Girls"? 'Cause if you think she's anything more than a fortunate scion, we're not watching the same show.

Wouldn't it be great if that's what the NFL questioner meant? I'm missing something, though -- scion? Of who?

And all the Steinbrenners have to do to end the curse is open up the checkbook. What are Nat fans going to do when Strasburg and Harper are starting for the Yankees?

No one said the curse was permanent.

I checked out that Vatican cardinal list and the sub-dean is Cardinal Etchegaray. Didn't he used to catch for the Orioles?


Number 1, I think K-State is going to lose to Oklahoma State. No shame there - they're good. Number 2, KU will win its 9th consecutive championship - by itself, this time. Congrats to them - an amazing and underappreciated feat. Number 3 - I'm okay with this. I'm just happy that these two teams are where they're supposed to be - at the top of the conference looking down at everyone else, just the way it always was in my youth. Number 4 - Wait 'til next year!!! K-Stater

Such a joy to hear from K-Stater because he's not rude and we can have a civil discussion. I have lifelong friends I'm barely able to tolerate now because of this topic. I am not as sanguine about our chances but I agree with you that Oklahoma State is good, and I, too, love both schools being strong.

I'm not a fan of that team at all, but come on, rushing the court/field is pretty pedestrian. I get it a little more when the really little schools do something big, so I'd be more lenient if it wasn't for every student body with a pulse looking for a reason to do so. Players and fans alike should "act like they've been there before." If I was a student athlete, or someone responsible for them, I'd be terrified to see thousands of opposing fans rushing at me; it really is a safety issue. Long story short... I don't care if security was headed their way, what could security do if a throng of fans wanted to do something bad? The fans should never have set foot on that court. You guys complain about SEC fans talking lots of smack, but at least we know how to behave ourselves at games.

Fans at most schools have rushed the court a time or two. It  happens. I don't think there are any schools who do it all the time. Maryland was criticized for doing it when it beat NC State but that was a big (rare) win for the Terps and I didn't see the harm. Act like you've been there, sure, but a lot of these kids HAVEN'T been there.

T-Gal, You do realize that there are adult cats in dire need of good homes, and who are harder to place, don't you? We've had good luck adopting adult cats, although admittedly there's always an adjustment period (LOL!). I bet being an adopted kitty chez Hamilton is a great life!

Oh, I would LOVE to adopt an adult cat but my adult cat absolutely, positively would not accept one. My decision has nothing to do with wanting the adorableness of two kittens. The only cats I think Doc MIGHT accept would be kittens (and I'm not positive about that). My ideal would be to remain a one-cat home until I no longer can and then someday, adopt a pair of adult kitties who don't want to be separated, because those are the hardest to place.

My first name translates from Welsh/Brithonic, not too loosely, as "Paleface." Should I be mad at my parents?

Well, you should certainly sue them. My name has two "ee's" on the end and I'm mad at MY parents! (Just kidding, I've learned to accept.)

I LOVE that sentence! And I have a feeling that 25-3 is the new "undefeated going into the conference tourney." TBHitW

Agreed. Not only do the best teams have losses, but they have some embarrassing ones. My team heads that list.

My fave was Jaime Cardinal Sin, of the Philippines. Yes, his last name really was Sin!


Tracee, I noticed that you "tune out the Duke coach." I tune someone out, too. It's Dick Vitale. Am I the only person who feels he is the most reprehensible person associated with sports since Howard Cosell? Man I wish ESPN would show that guy the door! Cuban Pete

I don't mind listening to Vitale when he's doing a KU game in Lawrence because he "gets it." But not the whole game. Otherwise, i tune out most of the announcers, him included. He's got his schtick, though, and he's made the most of it.

PA also does this for unemployment benefits - you have to opt-out of it in order to get direct deposit instead. The thing that really bugs me is that the debit cards have fees that take some of the money, which I think is terrible.

Yes, that is terrible. There are a few things I can do with this one for free, but the implication is clearly that I go out and spend the money. That is not my intention and the State of Virginia can't make me. Maybe I'll go to a gas station and do a Winona Ryder in Reality Bites.

I think the crowd is a combination of the die-hards who have been there for thick and thin as well as those who started going a few years ago when things started looking up for the team and going to games became an "in" thing to do. It makes for a bit of a disjointed experience depending on whether you're sitting around the die-hards or sitting around the people who are there to have a good time. It's definitely different when you go to places where 99.8% of the crowd falls under the die-hard category, such as any arena in Canada, Detroit, Boston, Chicago, and perhaps the Rangers.

Well put.

I have an MA in English Lit. (plus 50 years living inside the Beltway), and I know that snow coming from the west rarely manages to amount to anything east of the mountains. It gets hung up on the way over, especially if the air in place is warm. It's the storms coming from the south and hitting cold air that you have to look out for, even if the prediction is for "trace amounts."

We're all meteorologists at heart, aren't we!

I married an Italian and my kids are obviously half Italian (my granddaughter is 3/4 Italian), and I wouldn't mind if someone named a sports team Dagoes.

But many Italians would. That's the point that the anti-Skins name people are making; you can find people who don't mind. What's the tipping point?

Thanks for the shout out, Tracee. This year's seniors are a bunch of transplants that Coach Fred Hoiberg lured to Ames his first year and when they all play together they can be impressive. Trouble is, they don't always do that, especially at the end of big games. However, all of us who would like to see the Big 12 survive are hoping for some good performances in the NCAA tournament.

Always liked Fred Hoiberg. That's another reason to root for your bunch.

I find myself--stunningly--agreeing with him on the "storming the court" question, but for another reason: when you storm the court, you're proclaiming your inferiority to the newly vanquished opponent. You should act like you expected to win, cheer mightily for your side, and don't give the Dooks of the world the ego boost they clearly don't need. TBHitW

Yeah, but these are kids. I don't think they think it through that far. And when all the kids behind you are trampling to get down there, you go too, even if you don't think it's such a good idea ... and then you have a stampede.

RIP Stompin' Tom Connors, of "Hockey Song" legend.

(Moment of silence. Or moment of song?)

I am happy and not surprised to see that Bruce Boudreau is having continued success in Anaheim. Coaches have a limited shelf life. They can teach and they can motivate, but they can't execute on the ice/field/court. After a while, their lessons and messages start to sound the same, and teams can sometimes tune them out or fail to respond. It is why a particular core of coaches moves around to different teams, has some success, and ultimately gets fired. Successful teams need players with the hunger, desire, effort, and discipline in addition to skill. The ditches on the road to the Stanley Cup are littered with more skilled teams. The Caps lack some of the secret sauce that is needed to become a winner. Until the players find it in themselves, the coach will make incremental improvements.

That is exactly the right description of what happens to coaches. And parents, bosses and for all I know spouses. :)

And there are starving children in Ethiopia.

Yes. By this standard there is exactly one person in the entire world who is allowed to complain. That might be a worthy goal, but it's also impractical.

That's exactly as written. Who wrote it? Where's it from? Another example

"And when I saw the door was locked,

I pushed and pulled and kickd and knocked.

And when I saw the door was shut, I tried to turn the handle, but"

I assume the last line implies that the panther uses his knife and fork to eat the owl, since that finishes the rhyme. Maybe that's the point -- we finish the poem ourselves! It's like the Sopranos ending! Do the work yourself! :) should be able to take it to your bank and deposit the cash. In fact, you probably want to, because those balances have a way of eroding over time. Or you could buy a round or two of Guinness for everybody at the next meetup...

Yes, you SHOULD. My bank professes to be unable to do this because they are not a MasterCard bank (it says right on the card that it will only be accepted at "MasterCard" banks). I called the bank, I called the company ... And now I want to put my head in a blender. The bank did call me back to say come over with it and we'll see what we can do, but they intend for me to withdraw it from the ATM.  But there are limits on the amount you can withdraw, and you get one free withdrawal. Never again!

Why can't one TV drama have a happily married couple where one doesn't stray off the reservation? Yes, I'm talking to you, Inspector Reid.

Well, his wife is beyond the limit of endurance. She drives me nuts. But that's no excuse. Downton Abbey had several such couples, and just killed off one of each. Sigh.

I was thinking of Len Elmore. Showing my age, I guess.

Oh, sorry!

Well, she's not really a scion, but "fortunate scion" sounds better (with its Fogerty shoutout) than "girl whose rich parents are involved in showbiz and hooked her up and gave her money to stay home and write so she could claim to be the "voice of her generation" for Pete's sake."

Oh, okay. I looked it up and I've never heard of either of her parents; they must be very successful. I liked the first season of that show; I am not liking the second.

Alas, we are out of time. I'm off to do battle with my bank, armed only with a small piece of plastic. Virginians, you've been warned! Let's talk next week.

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