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Feb 28, 2013

This week, Tracee Hamilton discusses all the sports news.

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O goddess of the Plains and Knower of ALL things GREAT and small Great win by Georgetown last night and they are really making a well timed run to March. However, did last night's game reveal how much trouble they may be in if Porter goes cold against a strong offensive team? JTIII has done a great job coaching this group but he has a lot riding on Porter's shoulders. You know as much about college hoops as anyone. Elucidate us , dearest goddess.

MVMD, you've already said it: The Hoyas will go as Porter goes. They can go far in this tournament, or they can have an early exit. Porter is stellar and fun to watch when he's on. Georgetown may mess up a lot of people's brackets this year.

And good morning to all. Let's get going!

As long as Mike Ribeiro keeps feeding him the puck, I have no worries for next season.

Here is one thought on Ovie ...

So, a year and a half ago the Caps are in first place with coach B.B. He upsets Ovie who pouts and doesn't perform dragging the rest of the team down with him. Coach B.B. is fired and is now coach of a team that sits atop their division. The Caps meanwhile still have Ovie, who is still under performing, a second new coach and are sitting in the cellar. So who is to blame for this fiasco? Looks to me like B.B. really did know what he was doing and "The Great 8" and GMGM are responsible for this whole mess.

... and here is another.

According to the scholarly article referenced, the word was coined by native orators to talk about different tribes (redskins) as compared to the whites (French, Dutch, English, and Americans). The newspapers of the time had previously been calling them Indians or Red men, and James Fenimore Cooper, when he wrote in their idiom, popularized it. Whatever it is today, it was born neutral. Sharitarish, a Pawnee, to President Monroe (1822): "My Great Father: I have traveled a great distance to see you. I am going to speak the truth. The Great Spirit made us all -- he made my skin red, and yours white; he placed us on this earth, and intended that we should live differently from each other. He made the whites to cultivate the earth, and feed on domestic animals; but he made us, red skins, to rove through the uncultivated woods and plains, to feed on wild animals, and to dress with their skins. He also intended that we should go to war -- to take scalps -- steal horses from and triumph over our enemies -- cultivate peace at home, and promote the happiness of each other. I believe there are no people of any color on this earth who do not believe in the Great Spirit -- in rewards, and in punishments. My father [Agent Benjamin O'Fallon] settles all differences between us and the whites and between the red skins themselves -- he makes the whites do justice to the red skins and he makes the red skins do justice to the whites. Here, my Great Father, is a pipe which I present you, as I am accustomed to present pipes to all the red skins in peace with us."

Well, first I apologize if the punctuation isn't correct but if you paste something into this program -- I've said it before -- that's the risk you run because it comes as gobbledygook.

I'd also say that while this is interesting as the origin of the name, I don't read it and see a defense for the use of the word in 2013. Times have changed since 1822 and James Fenimore Cooper and all the rest.

It seems to me that the media (including WP) is giving the Nats a free pass on playing Drew Storen in Game 5 after reported that he was experiencing "excruciating" pain. Seriously? This is the same team that received unheard of criticism for benching Stephen Strasburg to protect him from injury regardless of potential playoff wins. This is the same City where Mike Shannahan has received incredible flack for playing an injured RGIII instead of a healthier backup. Even you chimed in on that debate- ("I think letting Griffin start Sunday was the right call. Letting Griffin continue to play after he went down the first time was not."). I just don't get it. How is it a non-story this time? (That being said- let's keep this quiet. I don't want to ruin the Nats' mojo.)

Well, let's see, Rizzo denied any knowledge of it. So are you saying Rizzo is a liar? I also wonder about the source, i.e. Werth. This isn't Storen saying it. Storen kind of blew it off, actually. I'm not sure what the media hasn't done. Werth made his remarks, media (including the WP) asked Rizzo about it, Rizzo denied knowing it. Either Storen hid it or Werth exaggerated it. Or Rizzo's lying.

Griffin's injury was pre-existing, and everyone was watching that knee, and everyone saw what happened. That was an easier call to make. Shanahan saw what we saw and left him in the game.

Thought you might like these graphs of the team colors with the circles sized to color frequency.

Interesting and fun. Be sure to note the arrangement of the dots, folks.

 Has anyone seen Taft lately?

The Jayhawk got held for ransom once. I think it was Baby Jay and it was after I left school. I admit I took the outfit home, which was forbidden, but of course I didn't dump it in a bar. Stealing these things with the people still in them -- now that would be a trick.

I don't know what the big deal is - if Colorado can have five downs, Jeff Withey should get to have six fouls. -K-Stater

(Just kidding! I sincerely hope the 'Hawks and 'Cats win out and share the title!)

Would we really share the title since we won the head-to-head? And you are right -- Withey should have six fouls! :)

If this were PTI and the What's The Word segment and the lead in was "If you were to compare RG3 to the rest of the 'superstars' of the league he would be_____" One of my words would be UNASSUMING. He doesn't go around kissing his biceps after every TD he throws like Colin Kaepernick does. Yes after the first time he was knocked on his butt throwing a TD they called it "Griffining" but after that he has done it what once maybe twice since? I think he has done more Tebowing. He seems to live that commercial he makes about when other players rest on their laurels etc.

That seems like a good word. He seems unassuming, anyway. Charismatic would be my choice, I think.

Tomorrow they start playing the World Baseball Classic - with pitchers who are just about ready to pitch 3 innings against split-squad opponents. Wouldn't it be better if they played the WBC in November, after the World Series and Japan Series are over? Players would be in condition to the same degree as those playing the league championships. There'd be less danger of those really bad, really weird spring training injuries, like Chien-Ming Wang tripping on the grass rim around first base from no obvious cause, effectively ending his career. Also, if played in November, there'd be a chance that players retiring that year would participate. I certainly would have liked Chipper Jones on Team USA playing in his last-October form... Section 405

No way will players agree to cut into their offseason. They already feel like it's too short. I know, to you it seems endless!

Who sets up spring training schedules? Do teams do this on their own or is there some central authority? Years ago I lived next to an MLB coach who said some teams liked split squads, especially at the start of spring training, because more players got to play. Others preferred to keep everyone close to home, especially when they had nice facilities (which is the case almost everywhere these days) or long travel distances were involved. Me, I like split squads! I'm an Orioles fan and how else can you beat the Yankees and the Red Sox on the same day?

The trouble with split squad games is, of course, when you have tickets to one game and the player you want to see if at the other game. So I'm not sure all fans agree although it is good for the teams so they can evaluate the players in game conditions. As to who sets the schedules, I thought the league did but I'm waiting to be told otherwise.

My sympathy to you on the loss of your kitty. We said goodbye to ours last night, and hoping the struggle eases a little each day.

I've read several articles about how college hoops are going backwards. Do you have any thoughts on how to clean up the game from the really physical play? I think there are a number of coaches and players who figure the refs won't or can't call a foul on every play so they continue to push the envelope. I think Bob Knight was the primary coach who started this trend followed by Joe B Hall. The beauty goes away when it's like trying to be the first through the line at DisneyWorld.

Oh, I'm sorry, Rich. It sucks. Wish there was something I could say but there isn't, of course.

When the NCAA wants it cleaned up, they'll tell the refs and it will happen. I am not sure that's what they want.

The folks over at Religion News Service, run by the University of Missouri School of Journalism, are running a bracket for the upcoming Papal election that they're calling the "Sweet Sistine".... <insert Kansas-Missouri joke here>

Section 405

That's pretty great, actually.

London, please, I hope that you have just one more year in your tank. This team is starting to really come round. Will we make it to the big dance? Only 18 or 19 games can really determine that but rest assured it will be much harder if you don't come back one more year. Are you listening London? We need you desperately.

I hope he plays another year as well.

What's your feeling on the World Baseball Classic? I remember being very excited for the 2006 version, but 2009 just left me feeling blah, and in all honesty I had forgotten they were even having one this year until recently. I think I'd care more about it if it wasn't in the middle of spring training but right now I'm focused on how bad my Mets are (compared to how good the Nats and Braves are) and general spring training news.

I've never been too worked up about it. Diff'rent strokes...

You can't beat the UNC student paper after somebody stole "Mr. Smuggy," or whatever the Dook mascot is called, and posted his head on the UNC bookstore. I won't repeat the headline for this family newspaper, but it was awesome.

Yes, these things are meant for student newspapers. In the adult world, it seems kinda silly, somehow.

Speaking of silly, I just got a look at KU's uniforms for the NCAA Tournament. Wish I had a fainting couch.


The Huskies showed that Porter can be stopped--at least for a half--if you deny him the ball. The challenge will be making sure that other guy (Rivas?) doesn't benefit from all the open looks. If we had anything resembling a center, that game's over in regulation. Olander's a nice backup, but not capable of being the "stopper" against a true 5.

He can be stopped, and has been at various times this season. I am not picking Georgetown to win it all, but I do traditionally have them going out in the second round and I might have to revisit that this year. Or not. Who knows?

Yellow is the most common color? I thought the NFL was for rough, tough manly men, except in October.


I am sorry to bring this up one more time but the reason I submitted last week's question/statement about RG3 and his injuries was because it seems every one in/on the Redskins were so "unconcerned" as were the rest of the players, former players et al. It is just ridiculous that everyone is so... blase about it. It may be expected for the player to do what he did but as a head coach and overall head of complete operations of this team Mike Shanahan should be a little more cognizant of what should be happening here. I can just hear him saying about the future when RG3 goes down with a career ending injury. Basically CYA and saying well it's the mentality of the football player.


Yes - the title would be officially shared and two trophies would be awarded - even though KU would be seeded 1st in the conference tournament and have a good argument that they were more "co-" than we were. Kind of like K-State and OU in football this year - officially a tie, but everyone knows who was really first. -K-Stater

Gotcha. Well, both teams should win out, but then, this is not a normal year.

Tracee: Always glad when someone gets their sausage, as the Brewers did this week. I was wondering, would the Secret Service be involved if one of the Nats' Presidents were kidnapped? Deli Man

HA! Now THAT would be a great idea for a racer -- a Secret Service agent with one of those earpieces running alongside the presidents.

...if they can commit a blatant uncalled charge on the road and get away with it. Even if Iowa State has the ugliest uniforms this side of Virginia Tech.

I make it a point not to whine about calls going against my team, so I'm not going to apologize when we get one.

Okay, Miami is an outlaw program that sullies the good name (ahem) of college athletics. On the other hand, if they beat Dook this weekend, Koach K will lose his constitutionally mandated #1 seed and have to take his team all the way to Greensboro for the first weekend instead of playing in Raleigh. So what to do? TBHitW

If it's Larranaga vs. Coach K, I think that's an easy choice.

Tracy, I generally like your stuff and mostly enjoyed your column a few days ago about Gio (yeah, you know there's a "but" coming) ... but something kind of stuck on me. About Gio, you included the line "[a]n ESPN report cited a document that indicated Gonzalez had purchased $1,000 worth of dietary supplements." There was no caveat there, no qualifier ("purports to show that ... "), and no acknowledgment elsewhere in the piece that Gio continues to maintain that he never did business with Biogenesis. Because the column then immediately turns to the whackadoodle athletes who just take whatever, the clear thrust of the article is that Gio bought stuff from Biogenesis and was blind lucky that they turned out not to be PEDs. As of right now, the evidence doesn't really support that, especially given the way everything else that was tossed about (regarding Gio only, here) has faded upon further inspection. My question is whether the thrust of the article was that your call, or was there more balanced language that hit the cutting room floor after the editors got it?

Actually, that line was inserted by an editor. It wasn't intended to make Gio look guilty of anything but to provide context for the column. So I'll take the blame for that.

O goddess...... Clean up college hoops ? Simple. Return to the main feature of the Lew Alcindor era--WAY before your time. Outlaw the dunk. The fouls and physicality of the game has escalated has now everyone thinks they have to take it to the rim and jam it down.

That would be the end of Sports Center. Hmmmmm.

I'm the one with the crush on Clippard, so I noticed he hasn't played at all yet. Is there anyone else who hasn't made it into at least one game?

I haven't kept track. 405, do you know? Anyone?

You think the redskins will be able to acquire any starting-caliber free agents this off-season? Or do you feel as if our crunched salary cap will be solely devoted to re-signing guys life Fred Davis, Darrel Young, Lorenzo Alexander, (possible extension to Orakpo?

I don't like their chances of landing someone big given the salary cap constraint, no.

The team color link mentioned above is fascinating, and leads me to the following: is there a place where I can look up college team colors? I'd like to try a "joke" bracket where, for example, all red teams always beat blue teams, etc. I did something like that one year with mascots, where I had all cats/felines beating all dogs/canines, and it did fairly well for a round or two. However it was hard to find a list of all the mascots. I was wondering if there's a source for team colors...

Also, my favorite bracket template, put out by a Chinese herbal supplement company, of all things, can be found here. This usually comes out the Monday after selections, has all the teams filled in, and when you pick a winner in a round, it automatically fills in the next round. It saves you massive amounts of typing. I've used it the past 3 years and have no relationship with the supplement company other than as a happy user of their spreadsheet.

Section 405

The first thing I Googled comes from an odd source but appears to be what you want.

... must be booming based on my limited experience. Was able to get two $10 tickets to the 4 p.m. game April 4 (Miami). For the Baltimore Memorial Day game, couldn't get anything under $22. Likewise for the last home game against Miami.

Considering the number of people hitting spring training is rising by something like 200% this year, I would be surprised if we don't see the same thing at the ticket office.

Tracee, there's a potentially great story brewing in the Northeast Conference, which has been owned by Robert Morris for the past few years. Tonight they visit Bryant Univ in Smithfield RI. If Bryant wins they will be tied with RMU for the league lead, and own the tiebreaker over RMU with one game left in the regular season. This is such a great story because Bryant won TWO games last season and ONE game the season before that! When I was in high school, we used to spend weekend nights getting drunk at a bar down the street from the Bryant campus called Gulliver's. Good times!

No offense to Robert Morris, but Bryant would make a good story. That's a pretty amazing turnaround. Makes me want to read more about it.

So, is Jim McMahon taking over as coach? That guy could rock some Zubaz.

That's all adidas. Boy, those are some ugly threads. Does anyone say threads anymore?

...should return to the close-fitting tank tops and short-shorts of the 1960s. Sigh...

Those short-shorts ... looking back, I'm stunned those guys would wear those things.

So Jimmie was ordered to crash his car so it wouldn't have to go through tech. Smart move.

Sounds like he's not in trouble.

Seriously: why not just clear the decks and say that players can do whatever they want to their bodies and make a completely even playing field? I know there's concern about "the kids" and all that, but at some point you have to accept that the supplements people will always be a step or more ahead until you catch them.

Sally makes a convincing argument on this side of the fence. Roid rage is what stops me from jumping the fence, I think.

Maybe the Agent could chase Taft as he chases the Sausage! Think the Brewers are in town this year, and are in Baltimore if not here. Would be a nice area connection! Deli MAN

Taft chasing the sausage would be awesome.

Sounds like a win-win. And ESPN can go to 24/7 guys yelling at each other.

Yes, I was thinking about the win-win aspect. However, if it increases air time for people yelling at each other then I'm ag'in' it!

MVMD has a good idea, but the wrong causal relationship. Players dunk because the physical play requires it, or their shot will be blocked. The dunk is the response, not the cause. Get rid of the slamming and dunks won't be needed.

Deli Man

But getting rid of Sport Center might cure all, even the common cold!

I fear Sports Center is with us forever, much like the common cold. Alas.

Okay, that's enough for today. When next we chat, it will be March. Looking forward to it! Have a wonderful weekend, one and all.


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