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Feb 14, 2013

This week, Tracee Hamilton discusses all the sports news.

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From all of us, whether we've been following since First Things First or got here last year, thanks for continuing to do this, and keeping this corner of the Post wonderfully strange. Happy Valentine's Day! - A regular with a nickname

Right back at you and all my posters, the regulars, the irregulars and the drivebys alike.

Let's get started. Stuff is happening.

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Will the NATs win the Series

That's a Clown Question Bro!

Mariners are green

Mariners are blue

Happy Valentines Mikey


Everyone is feeling poetic today.

I remember the Chillicothe ball players grappling the Rock Island ball players in a sixteen-inning game ended by darkness. And the shoulders of the Chillicothe players were a red smoke against the sundown and the shoulders of the Rock Island players were a yellow smoke against the sundown. And the umpire's voice was hoarse calling balls and strikes and outs and the umpire's throat fought in the dust for a song.


Oh, Joy! National's position players report tomorrow. Can Spring be far away? And, Happy Valentine's Day, Tracee.

Hello, Bill, and Happy Valentine's to you too. Yes, it's that time of year -- time for my nemesis Kilgore to head south.

Football is over and baseball hasn't started. What are men to talk to each other about?

Why are you asking a woman? :)

This is really going to affect pro wrestling. Where else will they find young wrestlers to feed their program?

I'm going to take this as sarcasm.

Are the Wizards better now because of John Wall or are they better because there is no pressure when the season is already lost? In other words, should they keep and build on this cast of characters or just slowly take advantage of expiring contracts to start over with Wall & Nene?

They are definitely better with Wall. Saw them play last week and they looked ... not bad. That is a big improvement. I think they have to build on this cast of characters -- draft better players and dump some folks, but they can't just dump everyone but Wall and Nene and start over.

Tracee---a couple of weeks ago, someone mentioned athletes avoiding taxes by officially living in places like Monaco, and you pointed out that for currently active US athletes, that's not an option. However, asking for a trade to a state with no personal income tax is -- LeBron probably saved some money moving to FL, which has no personal income tax. Texas also had no personal income tax, which is one reason to ask for a trade to Texas. FL also has an extremely lenient bankruptcy law, which is why OJ Simpson moved there right after his acquittal. If you have a house in FL, creditors can't touch it -- makes big houses a good place to "stash" your money. File bankruptcy, dump your debts, then sell your house and be back in the good life again. Lady Fairfax PS -- Thought you'd like to know about tax-free havens since you're a wealthy journalist! :)

I have no memory of the question or the answer but of course, athletes flock to Florida for both the weather and the tax situation. As for being a wealthy journalist, well, I came to the column gig a few years too late for the gravy train. Believe me.

good morning from flyover country. Now that the Illini are playing better and likely headed to the NCAA, who do you have as the number 1 seeds. I think KU gets better and competes for one of them. There is a chance that neither Kentucky or North Carolina gets in. Who would have thought that at the beginning of the year. Had a wonderful aged in a Jack Daniels chocolate stout over the weekend. Nothing says Valentine's Day like chocolate stout.

I suppose Indiana has a good shot. But truthfully, I think this might be one year when the 1 seeds are tough to predict. What a crazy year. But good win for your Illini.

First of all, let me wish Tyler Clippard a happy 28th birthday. His is so easy to remember! Happy Valentine's Day to all your readers. I have a little quotation. See if anyone knows (a) where it's from and (b) who said it. "Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day, all in the morn betime, And I a maid at your window to be your valentine. Then up he rose and donned his clothes and opened up the door. Let in the maid who out a maid ne'er departed more."

More poetry. Anyone?

Hi Tracee, It's time to change the name. Doesn't Snyder realize he could make even more money if the team were re-branded? Everyone would have to buy the team stuff over again and I believe that RGIII had the highest selling jersey last year. Also, those block letters of the current name are so '70s! Thanks for your chats. Hope WaPo keeps them -- only thing to look forward to during the week days.

Yes, they could make more money, no doubt. I really don't see Snyder doing it unless forced, but we'll see.

Derrick Rose had ACL surgery on May 12 and is still not back yet and may miss the rest of the season. And he doesn't even have to worry about linebackers blowing him up. This is really making Shanahan's hunch to keep RGIII in the game look dumber and dumber by the day. I hope RGIII is finally realizing that the only person on the Redskins that cares about his long term future is RGIII himself.

I just saw the Rose news on Sports Center followed in a few minutes by a report that RGIII will be ready for Week 1. I'd be surprised if Schefter got that from RGIII, though.

O goddess of the Plains and Knower of all things Great and small It seems that the Washington Post has devoted hundreds of column inches to the Washington Professional Football team's name including Sally's column today. I believe the goddess herself has addressed the topic. Sally suggests today the powerful group/lobby who might have some clout with The Danny regarding a name change --the military. There seems to be another group with considerable influence in town who could help push the change--The Washington Post. What if the Post stopped using the offensive team name in its reporting, columns, business reports , etc and identified the team in some other "generic" way ? Kind of like what one of your other favorite newspapers has done as I recall --the Kansas City Star. I suspect that such a decision is made above your pay grade, as disrespectful of the goddess as that might be, but perhaps she can influence the decison . I don't know if it would be a career ending move for the goddess to take such action unilaterally in her columns , but maybe you, the Wise guy, Sally and others could broach the subject with the higher ups. The Post has done a good job of moving the story along, but the time may be here to put up or shut up.

I have not written about this, but Mike Wise has, extensively, and he has stopped using the nickname in his column, and he did that several years ago. I don't know what the appetite at the paper would be for getting involved in something like that. I'll have to ask someone with more power than me ... which is everyone.

The Pistorius news this morning makes this a sports question (if only tangentally), but does it seem like there have been more high-profile shootings lately. In the last week, we have the UMD shooting (local), the deranged L.A. cop/former military guy (national) and Pistorius (international). Is there simply more media attention paid to these cases, or do you think we as people are paying more attention? I went to the sports section on the site today in order to escape, and there was the Pistorious story. Yikes!

I think it's both. There is going to be media attention paid to a guy like Pistorius as well as the California nutbag. The Maryland story, on the other hand, is a big one here but probably not everywhere. But guns are a hot topic right now, and that has an impact on local and national coverage as well.

I was stunned to read the crime stats for South Africa. I had no idea -- 50 murders a day.

Pitchers and catchers have reported! March Madness is on the horizon! We dodged the massive blizzard! The Wiz and Caps have started actually winning games! We have a basesball contender! I should cut back on the coffee! Section 405

You took the words right out of my mouth. Pace yourself, 405. Pace yourself.

Hello Tracy, Tracee, I can't wait for your chat! I've just got my opening day tickets, am thrilled about the Nats prospects for 2013, and keeping my fingers crossed for Gio. Only one thing is missing from the scene-- where's Boz? I know he was on vacation, but I can't imagine him missing a "pitchers and catchers report" column. Now that Soriano is missing as well, I hope there's no dark conspiracy ...

Boz is in Viera. He just spoke to our editor and told him, "I've been here two hours and have three columns." Then he described two ADDITIONAL column ideas. So I think it's fair to say you'll be hearing from Boz soon -- on the web sometime today and in tomorrow's print edition. And probably every day thereafter.

Thankfully this topic is getting some discussion in the media (Deadspin has been all over it) however, I simply cannot understand how ANYONE can defend the use of the term "Redskins" as the nickname for Washington's football team. Its not even that they are calling themselves Indians, or Braves (which is problematic enough) rather than Native Americans, but that they are referring to themselves using a term that reduces an entire people to the color of their skin. To me it's no different that if the Giants were to change their name to the New York [N-words]. What's it going to take to get this changed?

I don't know. A concerted grassroots campaign? That might not get it done. A court decision would be more helpful but so far no one's been able to get one. I remain convinced that Snyder will not do this willingly but I'd be happy to be wrong.

Last year, I won my pool by submitting a "pure chalk" bracket -- the higher seed always winning. I'm pretty sure that isn't going to work this year. Do you think that this is the year a #16 finally beats a #1? Section 405

Well, if a certain team gets a No. 1 and has a night like they did against a dreadful team that would certainly have been a 16, then yes, it could  happen. (I think you can crack the code in this answer.) Truly, I don't think it will, but again, nothing surprises me anymore. Or everything does. I'm so confused.

46 Days to Opening Day. Go Nats!

There you go.

Well, it's become obvious that the Washington Post has decided to play a full court press on the Redskins' name and the need to change it. I've been talking to a bunch of Redskins fans and all this is doing is making us dig our heels in. I'm tired of being told how to feel. A friend of mine who grew up on the Mattaponi reservation and he told me that everyone he knows not only isn't offended by the name but most of them are 'Skins fans (with the occasional misguided Cowboys fan). Why is the Post focusing on this like a laser beam, especially since there's zero chance Snyder will change the name? Seems like more PC gone wild that only reinforces the belief that the Post is a liberal rag. Even the sports section is in on it.

Oh, I get tired of this. Columnists pick what they want to write. Mike Wise has been writing this column for YEARS. Bob McCartney just did it recently, and now Sally. I haven't written it. And no one is going to make me. If I write about it, it will be what I THINK, not what the paper tells me to write. The idea that a group of journalists can put together a conspiracy is hilarious. You ought to see them try to organize a meeting. (I say them because I actually CAN organize a meeting, but I'm just uber-organized.) And you can lump us all together all you want, but I can assure you not everyone who works here is a "liberal," whatever that entails these days. No one wants to be lumped in a group, not Skins fans, not Native Americans, and not journalists.

Oscar Pistorius, the inspiring Olympic/Paralympic athlete who competed with springs in place of his amputated feet -- has just been arrested for killing his girlfriend. Add all the standard disclaimers (innocent until proven guilty, we dont have all the details, etc. etc.), but it finally comes down to - we don't really know these people, as much as we think we do. Section 405

Of course we don't. This is why I constantly say we need to look outside of sports for our heroes. And do it carefully.

Hi Tracee, The Caps have 2 game winning streak. Are the boys getting the new system now? It still looks like they need to adjust on defense. Maybe even make some moves. Is McPhee going to be quiet at the trade deadline or is he going to make some adjustments?

I have a feeling a move or two is in the offing, but that's a hunch, not knowledge. McPhee never gives a clue as to what he's doing and he wouldn't give it to me if he did. I think perhaps they are starting to gel a bit but a two-game streak is still two games.

I don't usually follow men's college basketball until March Madness. But just noticed that University of Miami is ranked 3 in the country. Looks like Jim Larannaga was great pick up for the Canes. I still miss him at GMU. He is a great coach and excellent motivator.

Yes, they had that big win over Duke earlier this year and they are doing very well. He was a great hire and good for him. I am sorry he left Mason but you can't begrudge a mid-major guy taking a job at a major.

Tracee, You wrote that you were confused about the Caps because they lost twice to Pittsburgh yet beat Florida at home convincingly. Why is this so confusing? They lost badly to one of the best teams in the league twice, and beat one of the worst teams in the league, now also twice. Doesn't seem that complicated to me--all their wins have come to teams who have a record below .500. It just seems like they're not that good a team, but not the worst team in the league. Isn't that McPhee's fault as much as anyone's?

Not so much the wins and losses as how they looked, which was dreadful against Pittsburgh. I never thought I'd see goaltending that bad. I know Pittsburgh is an excellent team with great scorers but several of those goals were gifts. That's not a knock on Pittsburgh. And sure it's McPhee's fault as much as anyone's. I am just not prepared to throw McPhee under the bus since all the young talent is his work. That will change soon, but it's not how I feel right now. I thought I would feel differently but I didn't end up there. And it's just how I feel. Doesn't mean you have to agree.

Did you see this incident? Looks grusome. And with Cooke having a reputation as a dirty player one has to question the intent.

That was tough to watch. However, as much as I think Cooke is dirty, I'm not sure that was intentional. Only one person really knows. It would be hard to have the presence of mind to turn your skate that way and go for the achilles right above the skate boot, but maybe .... Still, awful injury.

The Mark Turgeon Bandwagon has gotten a little emptier of late with Maryland's recent play. Some say he's not the greatest in-game coach, and that his players have regressed this season (especially Alex Len). Others counter that the team was probably overhyped with Dez Wells coming aboard and the Terps' record against a horribly soft nonconference slate. Thoughts?

I think he needs at least another year and maybe two. I think he's a good in-game coach -- but I am biased.

My son's soccer coach is going to be in Arizona next week, and I asked what seemed to be an obvious question: Are you going to check out spring training? He kinda stammered, said something about a grand canyon, and then stared at me blankly. Some people I just don't understand, even if they do teach my son how to cause internal injuries with a penalty shot.

What is this canyon of which you speak?

Just who had the ultimate responsibility for how the season ended last year? RG3? Shanahan? No question in my mind it had to be Shanahan. Why? Because athletes are trained no make that programmed to do what RG3 did. How as the head coach did Shanahan not see that RG3 was way under performing? If that had been any other QB he would have been pulled long before the end of the season and more than likely put on IR with what had happened with the Ravens. Could you see either RG1 or 2 with those injuries staying in the game and having that kind of out put. Beck? Shanahan as the head honcho over the complete operation not protect the investment in RG3. This has to be the ultimate reason why one person (sans the owner) should not have sole control over a team.

I'm just amazed we're still talking about this. Time to move on to "is he coming back too soon?", my friend.

You said in your column the other day that George McPhee deserved more time at the helm of the Capitals, and defended him by saying that the Caps' pipeline is "stocked" with young talent, and that his "forte" is the draft. Are you aware that according to independent sources that the pipeline really isn't all that stocked--the Hockey's Future website, for instance, ranks the organization 18th out of 30th, while Hockey Prospectus ranks them 14th--and that while McPhee has done a decent job on his first round picks, there is only one non-goalie on the current Caps' roster (Perrault) who McPhee drafted below the first round? How can one's forte be the draft if they have virtually no success in rounds 2-7? (Both goalies are later round picks, but goalies traditionally go in later rounds than skaters.)

I don't have my notes in front of me but I thought several of the players I mentioned were lower round picks. No matter. You disagree. Cool.

"A good friend of mine used to say, 'This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.' Think about that for a while." Love, Fake Bryce Harper

That's a clown quote, bro.

I must mention that I left out a great show when I listed my favorite sports TV series -- Slap Maxwell. (This was Sunday's column, which you probably missed.) Feel bad about that; that was an oversight. Dabney Coleman was great.

Have the Caps turned the corner on their miserable start to the season? These last couple games, they have looked like they want to win. Did they bring in a motivational speaker who warned them about living in a van down by the river? Should I be optimistic, or should I start reading the Nationals spring training articles already?

Cautiously optimistic is the way I'd go.

Almost all states have provisions for "very high earners," and professional athletes are taxed for the number of games they play in a certain state. I had a friend who worked for an accounting practice that had to deal with this, and she said it was a big pain (taxes in other states are deducted from whatever taxes you might pay in yours, etc.), but computers make it a lot easier.

Yes, it's a mess and why players need accountants. And financial advisers.

Uh, women.

Duh. Of course!

If you love me, as I love you, We'll both be friendly and untrue.

Never heard that one, but I like it.

World's shortest poem --


Adam Had'em

Not a love poem , except for maybe Eve

Ah, Ogden Nash.

Shortest Bible verse? I believe it's "Jesus wept." Which also happened to be one of my mother's favorite, ah, phrases for venting, shall we say. She'll kill me if that gets around, but since she called the other day and asked "How do I find a website?" I think I'm safe.

Chicagoan here - whatever physical issues he may have, Derrick Rose also has an ENORMOUS Addidas contract that apparently might be voided if he suffers another season-ending injury. People other than Rose who stand to make alot of $$$ off Rose are calling these shots. It's a lot closer to Strasburg, where the athlete's future earning potential is rated higher than the team's current needs.

Ah, thanks. There are always those outside factors.

Well Ms. H: KU appears to be back on track, while NU remains under the tracks. That game with Indiana was vicious (why can't we get them scheduled for football - it must be a conspiracy). I'll hope for better things in the future with new coach Mr. Miles and root for KU to keep the ship righted. AHG P.S. If you change R--S---- name to the "Warriors" and get rid of all racist imagery, the fight song still works.

I had a caller who suggested that "Eagles" was the best choice. He admitted later to embarrassment for the obvious reason. I've gotten a vote for Americans, too.

Change the name to Washington Pulman!

Not sure I get this. Pullman, as in the state of Washington? I'm quite slow...

the Pigskins!

The Hogettes would have to be resurrected.

as part of the Post's March Madness special section/ Inquiring minds want to know. Section 405

Ugh. I guess so. You know I hate it. It goes against my core belief system.

Hi, Tracee -- Just wanted to thank you for the weekly break I get from job-hunting and banging my head against the wall. It's not all frustration, though: I just published my first novel, a comic mystery, as a Kindle single, and I know that sitting here trying to think of clever things to post got the juices flowing. Also, since I'm a temporarily starving writer, instead of flowers I'm spending V-Day building a PowerPoint for The Best Wife in the World to go after a big promotion. TBHitW

Thus cementing your status as TBHitW. I wish you nothing but luck in your searches but glad you are able to join us until you find something.

Any thoughts on the removal of wrestling from the Olympics?

Lots of thoughts, which should soon be on the website and tomorrow will be buried in the paper under 5 Boz columns. (That's a joke, not a complaint. Love that man.)

Don't the Chiefs get "permission" from local-ish tribes every season to use the name? I think I've seen a variety of creepy "blessings" conferred on the team at press-availability "ceremonies" a couple of times. As a former KC resident, I think that it's safe to say that the name isn't as controversial there, and the team has gone out of its way to keep things that way (mostly by avoiding the Snyder "methods").

You know, I don't know. I guess "Chiefs" is somewhat noble, in that that was the head of the tribe, but "Redskins" is no different than a slur on anyone's skin. Maybe that's the difference. I'll have to ask some of my KC mates.

Sorry, Ms. H - one more: I'm tired of people out there who "have a friend who's Native America who's not offended." I'm old enough to remember desperate white southerners finding the rare Afro-American who would support segregation. There's enough evidence out there to show the vast majority of Native Americans despise the word "redskins." If Native Americans were a bigger per cent of our population, or had more political clout, this would have ended many years back. The nickname is racist and it's time for it to go. AHG

Yes, there is always anecdotal evidence of Native Americans the name doesn't offend. You are not going to find 100% agreement. You are right that they don't have a lot of political clout and as such a small percentage of the population.

Do you think it's fair that Clippard is basically kicked to the curb and not only loses the closer job that he did so well for May & June (32 saves!) but also the setup man job that he got a lot of notice for? Why can't he remain setup & let Storen pitch the 7th?

Well, I'm not sure it's any less "fair" than Storen losing the closer job and then being dropped to the 7th, under your scenario, because of injury.  I also think that the way they start the season is probably not how it will finish. Who knows? I think February is way too early to be worried about Clippard.

Our long dark winter is about to come to an end!

Now you've done it. Storm of the century coming, and you can blame this guy/gal. It wasn't me!

At the beginning of the season, I posted "Wizards 2012 = Nats 2009" where I suggested that this team, while not a good team, is on the path to getting much better now that the head cases are all gone. Was I right, or what? Section 405

405, you're always right. (I have to say that so you'll continue to be my "producer.")

What if a notoriously press-shy player started giving interviews that consisted only of Bull Durham quotes? How long would it take for reporters to pick up on this? I mean, we're of an age that we know the movie. But I have friends in their 20s (the age of many reporters) who are completely unaware of the movie's existence. I bet no one would notice for days, if not weeks.

More reporters will have seen that movie than players. I don't think it would take weeks, or even days. Many reporters are in their 20s but many, many aren't. The only person I  know who probably hasn't seen that movie is Steinberg. He has seen NO movies. It's creepy. He hadn't seen "Animal House" or "Caddyshack" when he was in his 20s. How do you even avoid those movies? They're on cable all the time.

On a bus: "Cornell" says "That's my name because my parents both worked at Cornell." Slap says "You're lucky they didn't work at the Renssellaer Institute of Technology." I spelled Rennwhatever wrong, but who cares. TBHitW

I gotta see if that's out on DVD. Hilarious.

What an impressive bunch of canine athletes! What most impressed me was how well-behaved and calm all the dogs were. Their handlers looked more nervous. Why can't I get my dogs to behave like that?


Name four baseball movies that starred Charlie Sheen. Name two baseball movies and a football movie that starred David Strathairn.

Anyone? I'm a little tied up at the moment. Quickly I come up with Major League for charlie Sheen and "Eight Men Out" for David Strathairn.

It's fine for you to disagree with me or other Caps fans on whether McPhee deserves to continue at the helm. Just would hope that opinion is backed by actual facts.. And the three prospects you mentioned (Forsberg, Kuznetsov and Wilson)--as well as virtually every skater on the current roster who was drafted by the Caps--were first-round picks. And, unfortunately, the "pipeline" doesn't go much beyond those three guys, at least in the near future.


For those who feel strongly about the Washington football team's name, I suggest you stop buying and stop wearing anything with the current team name on it. I think that will get Danny's attention faster than just about anything else. - Cuban Pete

Yes, the same advice for fans who don't like Snyder's methods, Shanahan's direction, etc. The one thing that gets their attention is loss of revenue. Most fans are not able to walk away.

Tracee Hamilton : "Oh, I get tired of this. Columnists pick what they want to write. Mike Wise has been writing this column for YEARS." ------- Well maybe it's time then for Mr. Wise to come up with some new material, no?

I love the use of "no?" since that's a Wise-ism. He has written that column about once a year for years. If he were writing it once a day, sure. Find me a columnist who doesn't repeat himself. Shirley wrote seven a week and I'm quite sure he repeated  himself at times. In fact, he decried the Redskins' segregation policies over and over. Should he have stopped?

Was in Eight Men Out as well. Also, Major League sequels?

Ah,  yes. Strathairn is tougher for me.

I was here when the Bullets became the Wizards. It took only a few months before everyone used the proper name. Based on that event, I don't think that it would be very traumatic for the Redskins to become the Warriors or whatever. If I were Dan Snyder, I'd do just for the good press.

Believe me, they don't care about the trauma of it. Of course it's not traumatic, although changing the Wiz's name and the Redskins' name are not apples and apples, if you follow me. You just used "Dan Snyder" and "good press" in the same sentence, btw. That is not his priority and never has been.

Does Cheers count? Because, um, two of the characters had been involved in pro sports at one time? Eh, probably not. What about sit-coms where a character was a sports writer (e.g., The Odd Couple or Everybody Loves Raymond)? Am I over-thinking this? Um, what about Coach? Okay, I'll stop now. 1a 10-4

I don't think Cheers, the Odd Couple or Raymond count. Coach does. But think about Coach -- you never saw a game, a field, hardly any players -- it was as if coaches exist in a bubble. The focus was his personal life more than his professional life. Which is why it didn't make the list.

If I may digress, I need some Kansas advice. Can I take a short vacation to Kansas from B'more for under $1,000? One of my 2013 goals is to add a new state (a perennially favorite goal) and I was thinking about adding Kansas this year. Since I spent a lot of $ on travel last year, I'm trying to limit each trip this year to $1,000. When and where should I go? What should I do? Let's add travel to this chat's topics.

Yes, from Baltimore you can take Southwest to KC or Wichita, I think. (Wichita is in the process of being added and I'm not sure where that stands.) If you want the art museum experiences, that kind of thing, go to KC. But if you fly into Wichita, the ticket will be reasonable (on Southwest) and the rental car will be cheap. Then you can drive around the real Kansas. I can give you a million ideas. Look into tickets first and make sure Southwest goes there. Otherwise, there are NO DIRECT FLIGHTS from D.C. to Wichita. This drives me nuts.

No one else is going to say this, so I will: Matt Cooke is not the same player he was two seasons ago. Was he dirty player? Oh, yes, and it very nearly got him kicked out of the league. He has cleaned up his game considerably. I watched the game last night and saw the incident replayed over and over. When it occured, both players were going into the boards and Cooke wasn't looking at Karlsson mush less delivering a precisely timed skate blade. And... it has been announced that the league is taking no action against Cooke. Speedy recovery to Karlsson - I hope to see him play in person someday.

My feelings are pretty parallel to yours. He's done some dirty things but I just don't think that was one of them.

"Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day, all in the morn betime, And I a maid at your window to be your valentine. Then up he rose and donned his clothes and opened up the door. Let in the maid who out a maid ne'er departed more." Shakespeare

I didn't get it and I'm 'shamed.

Care to comment on the report the Paterno's paid for? Seems like they are grasping at straws to restore the name of a man that didn't do enough.

I'm still thinking about writing about this; I was going to today before the wrestling thing came up. I think they'd have to uncover some really good stuff to get me to believe he didn't know anything.

Strathairn was also in the women's baseball movie with Geena Davis. Geez, I just watched it.

Ah geez, A League of their Own, of course. Now what's the football movie?

I'm not sure how I feel about the IOC removing it, but I'm thoroughly disappointed that it was generating less in ticket sales and attendance than handball and some of the other sports. How depressing!

Handball is wildly popular in Europe, so at any Euro Olympics it will sell tickets. I don't know how it does in South America -- guess we'll find out. Ticket sales are not a fair measure anyway -- think table tennis in China, for instance.

In neither the other baseball movie nor the football movie was he an athlete. Does that help?

Doesn't help me with the football movie, but then again, I'm not a big fan of football movies. Except Brian's Song and I don't remember him....

their loss is probably UFC's gain--a lot of UFC guys get their start at wrestlers at the college level. Without Olympic gold, I assume more will be mixing in jujitsu and going pro into UFC. I think it's a mistake to drop such an iconic sport just because it's not as flashy on TV as beach volleyball or even badminton.

I don't follow UFC so I didn't know that. You may be right. At least they have something to shoot for, I guess. The Olympic thing really bothers me. The IOC is just so ... never mind. I've worn myself out ranting about it.

Ever been nabbed by the kiss cam? I was at a caps game with a female co-worker. The cam caught us but we sorta fist-bumped and waved them on. A smattering of boos but what's a guy to do?

It is fun to watch but it is also incredibly rude to try to make people kiss, especially people who shouldn't be kissing. I saw one once in which the guy kept saying "she's my sister!" I could read his lips. I guess he could have kissed her on the cheek but then he'd get booed. You did the right thing.

Welcome to Washington. I thought you had been here 20 years now. It's a Redskins town 12 months of the year, especially when the Wizards and Capitals are so bad and the Nationals aren't even playing exhibition games yet.

Not that we're talking about the Redskins, but that we're talking about the final game of the season. The debate has moved on to whether the Shanahans are rushing him back. Skins talk is always going to dominate but there's always new ground to plow. That's all I'm saying.

"The White Shadow" was a great sports TV series. Only high school athletes, but it was good TV.

Yes. My three were White Shadow, Sports Night and Friday Night Lights.

We had a minor league hockey team in my hometown in the 90s where none of the sports radio guys knew hockey. In one of the team's first interviews, a player quoted "Slap Shot" and the guy never caught on! He did the bit about going to the penalty box for two minutes "and you feel shame".

That's awesome.

Girl (Geena Davis, I think): "That's my father and he's got a Magnum." Slap: "Honey, we don't have time for champagne."


I repeated the "was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor" and youngsters in the office thought I was just really dumb about history.

Still one of my favorites. It gets heavy use in this office. Plus my editor riffs on "A Few Good Men" to the point of ridiculousness.

Hasn't seen Caddyshack but lets his daughter paint his nails? Call the MiB!. We've got an alien outside the zone!

Oh yes. Steinberg is not of this world.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Washington Oompa-Loompas! As my eight-year-old says, "that's the scariest thing ever!"

For me it was the Flying Monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.

Arizona is a big state. The Grand Canyon is high and north and snowy this time of year. Those of us near the Grand Canyon know not of this spring training of which you speak, as we are shoveling out from under our most recent snowstorm....

But you can just shovel that stuff right into the canyon! Problem solved! I have no place to put my excess snow.

It's "We Are Marshall." He played the school president.

That's it. I just cheated and went to Imdb so we wouldn't all be hanging for a week. :)

Just like many people in the public eye, some athletes are good role models and some are not. We may not have known much about Oscar Pistorius other than to admire and appreciate his accomplishments. Other athletes provide clues to their nature. A case in point this week was Roberto Luongo, the goalie for the Vancouver Canucks. Prior to the game against the Minnesota Wild, Luongo met up with rookie goalie Darcy Kuemper. Kuemper was minutes from making his first NHL start, completely nervous going up against a good team and a great goalie in Luongo. Luongo sat down next to the Kuemper while both were stretching at the red line. Luongo tapped Kuemper on the pad and said, 'Good luck. Play your game, and gave Kuemper a pep talk before the game. I was really impressed by Luongo and how he treated Kuemper. Anyhow ... if nothing else, it showed a really nice side of a professional athlete. Thanks.

Sure, there are some athletes who are as genuine and decent as they seem. I just wouldn't get invested in any of them.

the best suggestion I ever heard for this was to keep the name, but change the illustration to a potato!

Yes, that was and is a good one. Thanks for reminding me.

also played Happy Felch in "Eight Men Out", and was in "Major League II". Can't come up with #4 Section 405

Me neither.

When two guys kiss. I'm all in favor of that, but the reaction at most sporting events (WNBA probably excluded) would be pretty hostile.

Wonder if it's happened? Probably not, because the camera operator wouldn't "go there."

Someone needs to start something about changing the Dallas Football Team's name. When they play every real live cowboy should be really offended.

I know some real cowboys and they are offended. :)

Did you see that (ESPN, I think) video that went around a few years ago? Coolidge singing "Big Men, don't walk." Awesome

I'd forgotten that. That's a show I know is out on DVD.

But a lot of the colleges (North Dakota, Illinois, and Syracuse at least) have/had very extensive agreements with the local tribes that gave the school's permission to use the Fighting Sioux, Fighting Illini, and Fighting Orange as mascots. Although both Illinois and Syracuse have been forced to change and North Dakota is in the middle of this battle right now.

I think Florida State and the Seminoles have some arrangement but I could be wrong.

You want me at Spring Training! You NEED me at Spring Training!

Ha! That's Boz doing a Few Good Men.

Anyone who thinks the Washington NFLers name is not offensive should read this week's ESPN column by Paul Lukas. Lukas quotes a number of respected Native Americans (like ex-Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell). If the one poster above isn't offended, fine, that's his/her feelings. No one is telling them to change their feelings. But others, many others are offended by the use of the term, Likewise, you (the commenter) shouldn't be telling those folks how to feel.

I think if it's offensive to many or most, that's the line. You can find one person who doesn't like anything. Harry Potter is furious about the Wizards' name change.

Flying Monkeys would be a problematic mascot. Just sayin'.

Not a good mascot at all. Just something I was scared of.

Before the chat was over, I was going to provide the answers to the Shakespeare quote and the Sheen (yes, I did mean all 3 Major League movies) and Strathairn questions. BTW I'm the one on the Trivia team Twigs & Berries. We have a hockey fan on our team who owns at least a dozen hockey jerseys from various teams, mostly with the names of past stars. His favorite team is the New Jersey Devils. Which reminds me of the Seinfeld in which Puddy had his face painted and was pounding on Mr. Pitt's car yelling, "Devils! Devils!" and gave Mr. Pitt a heart attack.

Ah yes, Twigs & Berries. Love that. I liked the one where Elaine did her devil impersonation to Puddy after he told her she was going to hell. Ah, there's a Seinfeld for everything.

Ok, fine. But why do they have to get back on track at our expense? Why, Tracee, why???? -K-Stater

You'll notice I didn't bring it up. Sorry about that. We're a hot mess. Maybe Bill's got them on track now. We'll see.

Okay, time to quit. Nice lively chat today; thanks, everyone! Later!

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