Feb 14, 2011

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I heard a rumor that the Wizards won a road game and those who went without haircut, shave or other pleasures of life could now return to their normal routines. Truth or fiction?

For Chick Hernandez's sake, I hope so!

And good morning, everyone! Let's get started.

Pitt won! Kansas won (and will probably be #1)! Ohio State lost! Betty Garrett died. I loved her in On The Town as Hildy, the taxi driver who was crazy about Frank Sinatra. She was also Laverne & Shirley's landlady. Quiz of the day: Identify the quote and the speaker. "Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's Day, All in the morn betime. And I a maid at you window, To be your Valentine. Then up he rose and doffed his clothes and opened up the door; Let in a maid who out a maid Ne'er departed more."

Happy VD, PW. I can't ID the quote. Lots of abbreviations today; I guess it's Monday.

I didn't see his breaking the three-point record addressed last week but I think Ray Allen is one of the NBA's good guys. Granted, I know him more from "He Got Game" than his actual game, but when I watch him on the court he seems very business-like, he obviously dedicates a lot of time to his craft and I've never seen his name in the paper anywhere but the sports page. Nice to see him get the record.

I think he's a good guy, too, with the caveat that of course we don't know for sure. He is extremely disciplined, that's for sure.

Nats should make substantial offer for Pujols in free agency. Red Sox and Yankees dont need a 1st baseman. Nats do. Zimmerman, Jason, the 19yo and Pujols batting clean up would give the Phils something to think about in 2012.

Anyone else like this idea? Are you still on board for  a 10-year deal, though, which is what he wants?

Mine is so spoiled every day, I rarely give her special treats on holidays. But several of her kitty friends have sent her valentines.

Nope, no special treats. I don't vary their food at all and I'm tripping over toys as it is. Their lives are pretty great so I figure, as the song says, every day is Valentine's Day.

I grew up in Philly, went to school in Boston and never left. So Pittsburgh teams are not mine, and I acknowledge they exist only because Pittsburgh Wife seems pretty cool. That said, can we all please recognize that just because Matt Cooke is a Penguin, other Penguins do not deserve to be attacked from behind, sucker-punched, elbowed in the head, repeatedly punched while down on the ice, and/or taunted after receiving a concussion? That a coach should not have "no problem" with his players committing such acts, much less admit that? What the Isles did Friday was disgraceful. If they wanted to prove they aren't a laughingstock, their score would have done so -- instead, they look like thugs who occasionally have a good night of hockey. (I'm tired of other teams' fans using Cooke's hit on Savard to excuse dirty play now, given Penguins fans were more openly upset with Cooke than many [non-Bruins] fans then and most non-Bruins fans' indifference to the e-mails revealing Campbell's opinion of Savard. Also, if Cooke's history and presence on a team justify dirty play - he's played for more than the Penguins.)

The argument basically boils down to "He started it!", which we all should have outgrown in about eighth grade. Sadly, it seems pervasive into adulthood.

But talk about going through the motions! If I had taped the game, I would show it to my junior high team as an example of not hot to play. I know, losing starts to wear on you, young players are not used to the travel, blah blah blah. But charging people to see that effort is an outrage. I do feel sorry for Antawn Jamison, who I always viewed as a class act and for him to be stuck in this situation is very sad.

I found I couldn't watch for too long at a time. The Wiz didn't put on a clinic but boy the Cavs are bad.

Okay everyone, be you single, married, or in-between: Who do you have a hopeless crush on? T-Ham offered her response last Friday. My crush is Krysten Ritter, that little-known actress. She's quite fetching, as the kids say, but also more than the sum-of the-parts kind of thing. So, who is it, and why?

Mine real crush is Bill Self. Anyone else?

The Cavs, the Wiz, and I missed two Hamiltimes in a row--but I'm back, baby! TBHitW

Glad to  hear it.

Did you watch the Grammy's Sunday night? The night started fine a great tribute to Aretha. Followed by Crazy Lady coming out of an egg. Then totally skeeved out by the Bob Dylan debacle. Finally, there were muppets singing with a man dressed as a peacock adorned with a mirrored headress and Gweneth Paltrow draped over his piano. No Wait, Mick Jagger did the pee pee dance. WIERDEST Grammy's EVER...

I can't watch the Grammys, for precisely this reason. Just not my cup of tea. I did tape the British film awards, though. I assume that'll be a lovefest for "The King's Speech," but we'll see. (Which, btw, is a great movie. Loved it.)

I'm sure charter airline companies have costs of which I'm not aware, but my cousin, also named Randy, would have been happy to do this for maybe 1/8 the price. RE seemslike a nice person, but running out on his team like that does sort of rub me wrong.

I'm just not sure what the hurry was. Or why didn't an alum pick him up. That's not against the rules, unless I'm mistaken. That's a lot of money.

Eva Mendez and Shakira


Pat Summitt, of course. Just kidding--obviously, it's Christina Hendricks, a fabulous babe who eats a good meal and drinks Scotch, just like my wife. TBHitW


Speaking as a heterosexual dude, I cannot confine myself to a single celeb girl-crush. They come and go: Minka Kelly displaced Kristen Bell, who displaced ScarJo, who displaced Jessica Alba, etc. But I have a total and irrevocable man-crush on Nathan Fillion (Castle, Dr. Horrible, Firefly).

Nathan Fillion transcends gender. Oddly, the only thing I hated him in was "Buffy," my favorite show.

Would love to know what LeBron was thinking when he looked down and his defender was a little pip of a guy who was actually getting the job done. Hustle still outwins bravado.

How can you not love Rondo ...

My wife of 15 years! I can honestly say I love her more than ever!

Awwwwwwwwww. That's awesome.

Zimm, of course. Used to be Christian Bale, and Christian Kane, but now I guess it's Matt Bomer.

Of course! Oh, and you forgot Pittsburgh Husband.

And I almost forgot .. Rondo pretending to sneak into Heat huddle ... priceless!

... Precisely for this reason! (Hoping Pierce is okay.)

Craig Stammen. I think he is an absolute cutie. I don't lust for him but I have the junior high "He's so cute, maybe I can pass him a note after 3rd period" crush.

He's also a nice kid.

Mr Tony I want shave off his facial hair dress up in drag and aprty the night away with him and cheap tequila. I kind of picture Mr Tony as a nice Jewish girl version of another queen diva Elton John!

That would be pretty fun, actually. He has a book jacket someone made him, called "Tuesdays I'm Laurie" (obviously a ripoff of "Tuesdays with Morrie") and the cover art is very close to what you're proposing. He looks awesome. :)

I have basically no inferest in basketball, either college or pro, and could not care less about hockey. As a result, from the final whistle of the Super Bowl to the first pitch of opening day I experience a sports dead zone. What am I supposed to do for the next few weeks? Read? Talk to my wife? Help!

Talk to your wife? That's crazy talk!

What do you always wish you had time to do? What do you put off or not get done once baseball season starts? Do you have a pile of unread books? Projects to do around the house? Make a list, not too taxing, and you'll feel better for having accomplished something while the rest of us are wasting our lives in front of the TV.

I'm a diabetic, which pretty much means, if it tastes good, I can't eat it. No hot dogs, fries, pizza, beer, nachos, wings, sweets, you name it. My doctor says my diet should consist of green vegetables, with small servings of baked fish or chicken, and the occasional piece of fruit. (Did I mention I'm also quite heavy?) My wife, who is trim, does her best to make this [stuff] tasty, and assures me I'll eventually develop a taste for rabbit food. I truly don't want to die, but sometimes the craving for a cold one is just overwhelming. Thanks.

I know all the talk about "eat to live rather than live to eat" but I also know that's hard for some of us to do. It's great that your wife is on board to prepare foods you can eat, but it doesn't cut down on the cravings for other foods, I know. The best I can say is to hang in there. Although it may not seem like it, life without great food is better than no life at all. (At least I think it is, although during the GF diet I questioned that theory.)

Esperanza Spalding. Not only is she cute, but she is TALENTED like nobodies business. And hey, now a Grammy winner too!

And I'm so old I don't know her. I'll add her to my Google list for later today.

To tie in two recent themes - best line from Slap Shot = "I'm listening to the [bleeping] song!!" - Hawks/Bears Fan

Well done!

I admit, I'm not a basketball fan, and I am from the Cleveland area. Are the results this weekend, Cavs over Clippers and Wiz over Cavs the 'best'? I say so, gets both teams a much needed win. Though I would have preferred a Cavs win yesterday, now both teams can start new losing streaks. I mean, turn the season around. And, did you see that 5 of the top 10 taken in the MLS draft were from Akron U's (Go Zips!) championship team? Any one know, in any professional league, when that has happened before?

I can't imagine that's happened in any draft, five of the top 10 from one school. But if it has, someone on the board will know. And yes, I think the results were perfect; the Cavs didn't need Sunday's game as badly as the Wiz.

So they hang tough against the Lightning and Pens and fall apart against the Kings. I'm still confident that they'll make the playoffs but at some point they need to start showing a little more consistency! Your thoughts Dr. Freud?

They keep saying they need to "ramp it up," as Boudreau said, but what are they waiting for? It's not panic time, I guess, but they sure don't look like a team that will get through the first round.

Which means they'll win the Cup, of course.

Definitely the best team in the DC region right now. I won't be so bold as to predict a return to the Final Four but I say they make the Sweet 16 this year!

Yup -- good for Mason. Georgetown is also coming on strong at the right time.

George Mason!!!! I earned my degree late in life (age 37), proudly from GMU, never had much school spirit - had a full time job, young child, house, etc (and FULL TIME STUDENT TOO), but I got it. When they worked their magic on 2006 it created a real sense of being for me (and evidently a lot of others). Well it appears they may be doing it again, and the feelings are just as great - I see older people - older than myself, with their Mason Tee-shirts in restaurants, people talking about them, I have watched them go from also ran in all the bracket-ology to now being as high as an 8 seed. I am looking to see them crack the top 25 in the rankings and it's just a great time. oh yea, before I forget, The Dan. He has killed - really killed what spirit I have had not only for the Redskins but for football, on the good side, I have time to be a competitor in the world's greatest husband games, not to mention the world's greatest dad games. Last Valentines Day my daughter's got me a pair of slippers with all the logos on them, I promptly put electrical tape over all the logos, it's a year later, and they got me yellow electrical tape to cover the logos so they still nice. Dan - the tape does not come off until you 1 - drop the suit, 2 - Get out of the way, 3 - STAY out of the way, 4 - apologize to all the fans like me - who you ruined it for. Have a great Valentines Day!

Lots of GMU love. Sadly, you'd better keep the electrical tape handy for awhile longer.

Yes, I love Pittsburgh Husband. That goes without saying. Any guesses on the Valentine's Day quote. Hint: the speaker is female.

Emily Dickinson.

Yes, I would take Pujols in a heartbeat. He wants ten years? Done. He wants ten million a year? Done. He wants my first-born child ? No problem. It would be a small price to pay for his talent and presence.

Is this Mike Rizzo?

All the Mommies Facebook, so the angel's Art Linkletter moments are saved online, in perpetuum.

Ah, of course. How old-fashioned I am. I swore I'd get on Facebook in 2011. Hey, maybe the guy with nothing to do until Opening Day will build me a Facebook page!

Fell hard for Ryne Sandberg, former Cubs second baseman, back in the day ... but now he's walked away from the team in a snit. Wes Walker, of the Patriots, is pretty cute ... but now there's the whole "feet" thing. Good thing crushes are ephemeral.

It sure is.

I sure do! I have lots of shortcomings as a human being-- I'm pretty honest with myself about them-- but, I have this recurring dream that Sally Jenkins exposes all of them in a scathing column. Does anyone else have this fear?

All the time. I don't ever want Sally mad at me.

(If you're reading this, Sally, I just want to say: "You're so pretty!")

NASCAR better hope that Jimmy Johnson doesn't win the Daytona 500 this year. If it looks as if he's going to have another wire to wire Cup win this season, ratings will absolutely tank! I'm a Dale Jr. fan whodesperately hopes he gets his mojo back and puts the characterless Borg that is Jimmy Johnson in his place. . .we shall see. RIP Dale Sr.!

Hard to believe Dale's been gone 10 years. NASCAR certainly needs a shakeup and a personality infusion -- the drivers now are all talented but not as colorful as the old days. I need to see if Liz can join us this week for some car talk. She wrote the book on NASCAR, after all.

Let's diversify the typical Hoops, Hockey and Spring Training chat typical of late February and talk about the Six Nations Rugby Tournament. For those unfamiliar it is an annual tourney between England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy. It began as the Four Nations with the UK countries and Ireland and then became the Five Nations adding France and then invited Italy to the party. . .Italians are always welcome at a party. . .right? Anyway, Wales looked dominant against Scotland but my boys in green lost a heart breaker to France yesterday. It looks like England (boo) and France are the teams to beat this year. If you watch no other match, you should find a good pub and watch the final. Great craic altogether!

I saw a bit of rugby on BBC America this weekend. Anyone else want to talk rugby? I can get behind Ireland in any sport...

Pitchers and Catchers begin to report this week! It will be 60 degrees today and maybe reach 70 by Friday! Old Man Winter is not long for this world and hope springs eternal! Is my Spring Fever peaking too early? Sorry. . .I'm drunk with delusions of the Nats winning 80 games and Phillies vaunted rotation losing 100. I'll take two aspirin and check the box scores come August.

There is nothing wrong with being overly optimistic at this time of year. That's sort of what this time of year is for. I have never, ever wished winter would end in my 50 years -- until this year. I am ready for the warmup, that's for sure.

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's the recipe some folks requested last week (I'm very flattered about that!). I have to go to a meeting, so if anyone has questions about the recipe, I will check the transcript and answer tomorrow. Enjoy in good health! Sources: Pork Tenderloin: www.southernliving.com Sandwiches: a guy named Shaun on my recipe board Caramelized Onions: allrecipes.com (but I've tweaked it)

Herb-Roasted Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches with Caramelized Onions

1/4-cup soy sauce

1/4-cup Worcestershire sauce

1/4-cup vegetable oil

1 tsp. dried thyme

1 tsp. dried marjoram

1 tsp. rubbed sage

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. onion powder

1 tsp. ground ginger

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. pepper

1 (1-1/2-lb.) package pork tenderloins

Stir together first 11 ingredients in a shallow dish or heavy-duty zip-top plastic bag. Prick pork with a fork, and place in marinade, turning to coat. Cover or seal; let stand at room temperature 30 minutes, or chill 2 hours [I marinate for 24 hours]. Remove from marinade, discarding marinade.

For sandwiches: Purchase 2 baguettes (I use the Batards from Wegman's -- don't use Italian bread because it will be too soft.) Preheat the oven to 350. Slice tenderloin in half lengthwise. Slice bread in half lengthwise but do not cut all the way through. Hollow out most of the bread from both halves. Brush bread shell with olive oil. Lay tenderloin inside bread, tucking under then ends so all of the pork is about the same thickness. Close the loaf and wrap tightly in foil. Bake for 1 hour and 5 minutes (I bake for about 1 hour and 15 minutes). Let rest for 10 minutes before unwrapping and slicing.

For Caramelized Onions: Cook these while the pork tenderloin bakes. Slice up 5 medium onions. Take a skillet and preheat using medium-high heat. Heat 5 tablespoons of olive oil (or 1 tablespoon per onion) and heat until glistening. Add onions and cook slowly, for 30 minutes to 1 hour (I always cook for about an hour). Stir every few minutes to get up all the bits from the bottom. After about 10 minutes, you can add a teaspoon of sugar. Just keep cooking and stirring until onions are a rich, golden brown. They will cook down quite a lot, so don't be surprised by that. Serve onions over pork sandwiches.

Drool all over my keyboard...

Poster who mentioned 10M/yr. is about 25 yrs. too late. Will likely be near 30 M/yr., although he doesn't play SS. As for crushes, Sophia Vergara, on Modern Family

I think I have a crush on that entire cast.

Continue to roll! They are playing themselves into a nice seed for the NCAA if they can keep it up. They are really starting to gel.


He deserves better, don't you think? He's a good dude-- never a malcontent, hellbent on committing juvenile boobery, and plays hard all the time. Was he a jerk in a past life? I mean, the Wiz, and now THIS??

It's gotta be frustrating, when you're career is a finite thing, to spend it with these teams. I do feel bad for him.

I don't know, that Justine Bieber chick is pretty cute...


He is one of the good guys, even if he did embrace the dark side and join the Celtics. He's a patron of the arts as well, which is a slightly more admirable way to spend your NBA riches than the standard hookers 'n' blow.

Slightly... :)

No Shakespeare fans? It's from Ophelia's mad scene from Hamlet.

Love Shakespeare but Hamlet is not one of my favorites so I'd never have gotten it. :)

I have thought for a while that one reason Rizzo wasn't more aggressive in pursuing a 1B this offseason was that he wanted to go after free agent 1Bs after 2011, including Pujols, Teixeira, and Fielder. So yes, I would definitely be on board with a 10-year contract to make Pujols a Nat. That said, no one needs Pujols more than St. Louis, and he will probably sign with the Cards if the money and years are anything close to close. -- Rico P.S. Happy Pitchers and Catchers Report!

I also expect him to stay in St. Louis.

Since you brought him up, I say 10 years is too much for him and I think he is one of the best 1st basemen out there. Bryce Harper is a player that could get 10 years, mostly because he is still a teenager (he can vote for the first time this year!).

I think 10 years is too much and I have a feeling that is the sticking point. But I do think he'll stay in St. Louis.

Man, that was awesome, and I don't even like the Celtics. He was manning up against the "King," and just fearlessly jawing at him. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! That just cements me as a total fanboy of Rajon Rondo. Did you catch it also, T-Ham?

Oh yes, I did, being a Celtics fan and all. So tired of hearing about the Big 3, when it excludes Rondo. He was great yesterday.

Back when I had crushes, it was Farrah Fawcett in her red swimsuit. Now that it's in the Smithsonian, I feel vaguely patriotic about it.

Ah, yes, that was a classic. Everybody wanted that hair. Like the hair would make you look like Farrah Fawcett.

Can he be serious? He has one of the, if not THE, dirtiest player on his roster and he is complaining about hits? i know he is an NHL untouchable, but gimme a break!

It's the chicken and the egg thing, but yes, everyone needs to clean up his own house first.

Roseanne really nailed that role on Broadway, didn't she?

I'm cracking up.

I have to admit that I am not a Caps fan. However, I am surprised that so many sports reporters and fans are judging them based on last year. I don't really think that when it comes to the playoffs, having great scoring matters. Rather, it appears that defense and having a hot goaltender matter, and I actually think the Caps are better in those categories than last year. In fact, a lot of what Capitals fans think is upside down. For example, Ovechkin is 22d in the league in goals, but first in shots on goal, which tells me he is just an average player at best. Should Caps fans stop focusing on scoring (which is last year's thinking) and start asking whether the defense is going to be good enough to win in the playoffs?

This is the argument, and why I've been preaching against panic. They aren't as fun to watch as last year, but if they make it through the first round, who will remember that? It's an experiment. We just have to wait for the results.

I won't give anything away, and I'm not sure if they did any editing to shorten it up, but is that ever an efficient awards show. Some of the award shows over here should take note. On a sporting note: While I understand that hockey is less important to ESPN than football, basketball, and basket weaving, no wonder people think hockey is a perpetual fight when you can guarantee that the only game ESPN will highlight will either involve the Penguins, the Capitals, or the game with the most amount of fights. Which meant they spent plenty of time on Penaltyfest, and ignored the rest of the games that were played. (There should have been more than 3 suspensions for that debacle.)

I think Brits should give all acceptance speeches, even when they lose. Seldom long-winded or self-serving. Usually drily witty. Always on point.

And yes, if all your hockey knowledge came from SportsCenter, it would be misleading.

I remember that poster from every room in my dorm. Pretty sure it was is 3-D.

Boys had Farrah Fawcett, I had Butch and Sundance. Somehow not the same.

Jeanne McManus, just from the sound of her voice on Mr. Tony's show.

She's totally awesome. Looks like Annette Bening, in my opinion.

Happy Pitchers and Catchers Day. Pujols in DC for $300M? Heck, it's not my money and since Teddy Malls has billions, it's not a deal that would/should hamper the Nats' ability to spend. Crush? Evangeline Lilly, she played Kate from Lost. Dangerous, Gorgeous and a little crazy? That's the Hat Trick right there!

It's great to spend the owner's money, isn't it?

I'm not referring, to "significant shrinkage" a la George Costanza (that's entirely another conversation), of course. But at haltime of the Heat-Boston game, I see Wilbon seated between Hannah Storm (another mini crush of mine) and Jon Barry, and he appeard to be like 3 feet tall. Did anyone else notice this? Did he shrink, Tracee? Does he, like Kornheiser, also have a soft orange center?

He has a soft center, though probably not orange. I wonder if they lowered his chair; he did look kind of small, didn't he?

Re the comment by the Boston fan earlier in the chat. I totally agree. So then we need to talk about the reaction in Pittsburgh after their AHL call up challenged David Steckel to a fight for, for, for, what? Accidently hitting Crosby? Does anyone who isn't completely biased think that Steckel intentionally hit Crosby? So why were all the quotes from Pittsburgh after that game about how great it was that he "challenged" Steckel? What the Islanders did was horrible. But given how Pittsburgh had just exacted REVENGE for the accidental hit on Crosby and exulted about it, how can they then cry about the Islanders getting REVENGE for Johnny breaking DiPietro's face? Everyone needs to stop, NOW!


Was I the only one hoping that newcomer Trevor Bayne would sit in the front row?

Is this a crush?

The best treat a cat can have is consistency. The same stuff day in and day out. Sounds boring but to a cat that's what makes a home feel warm and safe. At least that what my vet tells me. But then I've got a cat that doesn't like people food or cat treats, so treat wouldn't work for her anyway.

Yup, I agree with that. They even get "treats" at the same time every day. They know when 5 o'clock comes around they are getting a spoonful of baby food, and they are happy.

I still have a crush on my hubby of 25 years but my celebrity crush is believe it or not Howie Long. I loved him in the commercials with Terry Hatch and as a sports commentator. I find I like men near my age. The young gorgeous ones remind me of my son which causes more of a "What a nice boy" feeling rather than a crush.

Nothing wrong with that. I admit I try not to have crushes on boys young enough to be my son, but I have a Matt Bomer Exception Clause in my contract.

Why does anyone care what the Caps do now, as long as they make the playoffs? We have already shown that having game 7 at home probably hurts the Caps. Maybe if they played game 7 on the road, they wouldn't choke so much. No more whining until they are below the 8th seed.

No more whining? What are we supposed to do till April?

Oh, okay, you win.

I've had a crush on George Clooney for quite some time. Since the ER days. And he will always be single so I can forever dream that someday... My husband knows about it and he seems okay with it. I tolerate his love for Tina Fey.

You know, I never thought he was attractive when he was on Roseanne. And then, the older he gets, the better looking he gets. Amazing.

While watching how bad the Wiz/Cavs are, I had a great thought. Take the lottery teams and make them play a playoff to get the seeding for the top picks. I see money and a lot of laughter. What is wrong with this idea???

That would actually be pretty funny.

Ms. H: If you haven't seen this show, please take a look tonight at 9 (new episode) or 8 (a "new" rerun). It's on BBC America (channel 189 on Verizon in the wilds of Herndon). Three Brit auto journalists (with guest stars) do the wildest things with autos imaginable, besides straight up tests of hot cars. A great show from last year - the three each had to get a car for less than $1,000 in Miami, and drive to New Orleans, with such tasks on the way,as cooking road kill picked up from the road, and, most daring, driving through Alabama after writing on the cars such slogans as "NASCAR Sucks." Another highlight from last year, the very tall Jeff Goldblum test driving a mini--car in which he barely fit. AHG

Hi, AHG. I've watched bits and pieces of it. I'm not a huge car girl, but I did see the NASCAR thing and was actually afraid for those guys.

If you've never heard of her (like most of the folks at the Grammy awards last night), you should. The Post has a piece up about her today that includes a link to her Tiny Desk Concert on NPR. Do check it out, Miss Hamilton!

I will! I've gotta write first though.

Now he is officially an NFL player. What is it with getting stabbed or shot at nightclubs?

I don't know. I get these guys are young and want to have some fun but from a risk/reward standpoint I don't get it. However, he wasn't doing anything wrong so it's hard to get after him for it.

Jennifer Aniston & Jennifer Connelly

Both getting it done, as TK would say.

"Boobery" is mine.

The current favorite on this chat seems to be Snydery.

Okay, I'd better stop and get busy with a column. Let's talk tomorrow!

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