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Feb 07, 2013

This week, Tracee Hamilton discusses all the sports news.

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WOW! Sorry about your Jayhawks...

We'll get this out of the way first thing. They got what was coming to them. I wouldn't be them today for anything. Bill was extra special mad. As well  he should be. If you haven't seen the clips of his postgame interview on ESPN, check them out. Brutal. He is a funny guy and even in anger, his sarcasm is awesome.

And good morning, all. I will somehow manage to chat despite the heartbreaking loss of last night. I'm kidding -- it's all good. March matters. I would hate to break our string of Big 12 titles, but it has to happen sometime. Maybe these knuckleheads will wake up. We were overranked at No. 2 and No. 1 in last week's polls. Anyway, let's get crackin'.

I am souring on the Super Bowl commercials lauding the salt of the earth guys. It sounds like so much BS. Now they're so vague you have to guess what they're selling. A beer? A truck? Life insurance?

Dad, is that you? (He frequently says to me, "What is that about?" More and more often, I can't answer him.)

I guess I prefer the salt of the earth guys to the Swedish Bikini Team -- at least advertisers are realizing there are people residing in the middle of the country -- but I'm sure it's just another trend and that this, too, shall pass.

The talking heads were blabbing on about the death of the pure pocket passer. I admit watching Kaepernick run and the defense panic was one of the enjoyable moments of the game. However, scramblers like Vick and RGIII don't have long careers like the Manning brothers. Your thoughts?

I think Kaepernick, Wilson and Griffin have got some offensive coordinators looking to change their game plans. I don't think there are enough of those guys to go around, so no, I agree, we aren't seeing the death of the pocket passer. Teams are going to get better at reading the Griffin types. They are going to get hurt more often.

I couldn't hear what she was singing, probably because of a defective mic. For all the expense, the production was just average. My niece wanted to know why Beyonce was wearing a bathing suit, I told her that dancing made you hot so she was going for a swim after the show. One year a singer should show up with an acoustic guitar and play sad songs. That would make America sit up and pay attention.

Wouldn't that be something, a singer we could actually hear and understand. I didn't get a lot of the lyrics either. I like Beyonce and I was looking forward to the show but it is so focused on dance moves and electronic crap that it didn't really seem like a singer was involved.

Why does Beck's Sapphire have a ruby on the label? Did the graphics department not get the memo?

I will throw this out to the more knowledgeable among us.

Me love some fantasy football, but fantasy baseball is overwhelming. Do you have any suggestions for setting up a baseball league where, like football, you need only tidy up your roster once per week?

It's been too many years since I've played fantasy baseball. We did have weekly roster moves but I understand because of the internet, it's way more complicated now. So I don't have any suggestions but perhaps someone on the chat knows of a kinder, gentler, more old-fashioned fantasy format.

It's the day after the super bowl- arguably the biggest single sporting event and social event in the calendar year, and the post has ZERO sports reporters talking about the Ravens win and ZERO social reporters talking about the commercials. What a huge fail by the editors of the Washington Post and a clear sign of how far in the last few years has fallen.

Or ridiculous, as the case may be. I assume by "talking" you are referring to chats on these topics? We've discussed here many times that the Post is moving AWAY from chats. That should be obvious from the ever shortening list of chats. I don't agree with it either -- I think chats are a valuable way to interact with readers -- but I also have no control over it.

O goddess of the Plains and Knower of all things GREAT and small, Posting on Tuesday morning. Any reason why the day after the BIG GAME , no one was chatting on the Post website ? You mentioned that Boz has been on vacation , but.................. Too many hangovers? No budget? Too many Wizards columns to write ? Anyway, last week I asked why the NFL still uses its "All star " system for selecting who will officiate the playoff games and noted that anyone who has ever officiated any sport knows that TEAMS of officials need to work together , learn how each person chooses angles, sightlines, sees violations. They work together and when they do, no one notices them. Do they still make errors? Sure,but not nearly as many as a group that has never worked together. We saw this again on Sunday. From missed offensive interference calls to the pass interference/holding "no call" on 4th down near the end of the game ( a call even a Lingerie league offical can make) to the tackles of defensive linemen on the safety , the officials swallowed their whistles . Some say that the officials don't want to determine the outcome of the game by making those calls. Well, guess what? They determine the outcome by NOT making them. So perhaps this season will go down in NFL history as the Year of the Official -- from the gang of incompetents who started the season and influenced the outcome of several games (GBvsSEA,etc) to the guys who swallowed their whistles when it really mattered in the final game of the year.Too bad.

Another vote for a postgame chat. Maybe the editors will see this and arrange one. The guys covering the game were on planes heading home, I assume, but there are other options.

As for the officiating, I think you make a valid point.


Once the Super Bowl was done, it seems like none of the Sports radio stations in the area know what to talk about. This morning, after a heartbreaking loss by the US mens soccer team, there was no mention of it on my way end to work on either the Junkies show or Czeban's morning show. No talk about the Nationals. No talk about how the Wizards just beat their 4th division leader! (Yes, the Wizards have beat OKC, Mia, LAC, and now NY, all who are currently leading their divisions!) How about talking about Lindsay Vonn? Does it always have to be football or non-sports stuff on the radio at this time of year? How about talking about the Nats offseason? #dcsportsradiostinks

I'm not surprised there was no mention of the soccer game, but I'm surprised the Wizards didn't merit a shout-out. Yes, they are still not very good. But they are certainly improving. Sometimes that's enough.

Tracee -- Just thinking last night, and it occurred to me -- let's trade Ovechkin to Carolina for the Staal brothers. Leonsis might have to throw in some cash, but still, I think everyone's so burned out with Caps melodrama over the last two seasons, we need a breath of fresh Carolina air and Ovechkin could be reunited with Semin. Lady Fairfax

The Caps would have to find someone to take Ovechkin and his very large contract. That is a tall order.

Beck's Sapphire doesn't have an actual sapphire because adding blue to the label would cost more than using the red they already use. It sounds like a joke, but across millions of labels, production costs matter. Also, the reason for a lot of the low-tech spots is that budgets are constrained these last couple of years, for obvious reasons, and you're not going to run a 60-second spot in too many other places--so why spend the extra money on production? TBHitW

Thanks, TBHitW!

Available on the Sportsman Channel. Produced by Riggo. Caught an episode where he and Danny White went elk hunting AZ. Heck Riggo even gives cooking lessons. He would be a hit on the Food Channel. Bobby Flay would beat feet back to Mcds. Mario Batali would go to his room and eat Chef Boyardi ravioli out of the can. Great show. Would be interesting to get Riggo's opinion on RGIII and the injury etc.

I can't figure out why Riggo wasn't more popular on the radio, just because he's quite the odd duck. I will have to try to find this show. I assume the AZ means they went elk hunting in  Arizona?

Apparently you have more juice than you profess....

Ha! Happy the issues of last week have been resolved but it took some smart IT guys to do it, not me. Still no idea how it happened. Ah, well, onward and upward.

Until pitchers & catchers report. Baseball season is upon us, & I can't wait. I wish I could go to Viera. . .

Me too.

Last week I posted my reasons for wanting the Ravens to win: keeping Pittsburgh the leader in SB wins (6) and the only city with 2 championships in the same year. I am absolutely appalled at the anti-Ravens vitriol from some other Steeler fans, who would rather the "ratbirds" had lost and SF would have tied us in SB wins. So much of it is also anti-Ray Lewis. Why do some people have so much hate? I'd rather stress the positive.

The positive is so out of fashion, so last century. Or maybe two centuries ago. There is a lot of vitriol in sports fandom now because it's an area about which people have strong feeling that they can express anonymously. You had valid reasons for wanting the Ravens to win, as hard as it was for you to reach them, but others do not agree. Don't take it to heart. You'll make yourself nuts.

Why would anyone want to play for him? Not my kids! But fortunately they play soccer and lacrosse.

I'm curious as to what led you to this conclusion. Not disagreeing, but want to know more.

Hi Tracee, Last year I remember some Caps fan calling for Bruce Boudreau's head. And they got it. He was removed. Look at what he has done with the Ducks in one season. They are 7-1-1 and are playing solid hockey. Now, look at the Caps. Two Coaches later are in the cellar of the NHL. This looks like an example of a GOOD coach who lost the locker room. All in all I'm happy for Bruce and wish him all the best in capturing the Cup this season. Signed, Disgruntled Caps Fan.

The Caps are in trouble, no question. So what do they do? Can you really fire Oates after 10 games? I don't think so. Do you try to clean house? Doubtful in a short season. Do you fire the GM? Perhaps, but again, no point in doing it in the short season. You implement a new system and then trade for guys who also don't know your new system? I think this season is a wash. What happens after will be interesting. I liked Boudreau and was sorry he was fired but he was a victim of "We gotta do something, let's do this" thinking. I, too, wish him well.

Remember, the Tampa Bay Rays have been to the playoffs every year but one since they dropped "Devil" from their name!


San Francisco has two breweries of note, Anchor and 21st Amendment. Does Baltimore have any breweries?

I don't know. Anyone?

Can you name the last team west of the Mississippi to win a Super Bowl? They beat the Falcons in 1999.


3 teams have won at least 3 Super Bowls with 3 different quarterbacks. Can you name them?

I know the Redskins are one, but I'm too busy to think about the other two. So someone jump in! Apparently this is Thursday lunch bar trivia day.

Oh, wait, Dallas is one. And Green Bay. That one I should have gotten right away, since it involved my Chiefs. My mind is very slow lately, like worrisomely slow. Anyway, if those aren't right, let me know.

Tracee, The Caps are in a world of trouble. Yes, I know it's a new system and they have to learn it. However, I just dont see the talent on this team to overcome anything. Is a major trade in the works? We saw the Vancouver Canucks GM at the Phone Booth a few games ago. Who do you think the Caps are looking to trade? In my opinion they should try to trade 90, 74, 30.

Interesting. (That's Johansson, Carlson and Neuvirth for those of you who haven't memorized the roster.) Johannson hasn't done much this season and seems not to be progressing. Carlson ... something's wrong there. But Neuvirth? I don't think you can trade him while Holtby is in such a funk. Even if this season is a bust, you still want to be watchable. Poor Holtby -- he looked like a deer in headlines Sunday and afterward was devastated. As he should have been, it's just too bad to go from the great hero story of last year to this.

As a professional observer, would you consider the Wizards at full strength to be above average? What position most needs upgrading in order to improve further?

At full strength, yes, a little above average. They are now certainly interesting to watch. I think their bigs are playing well and obviously guard play has improved with Wall back. Their depth is still an issue -- they don't get much from Vesely, Booker hasn't played as much as they need him ... they just aren't as strong down the bench as they need to be. It takes time to turn over a roster and they're not there yet.

Ms. H: Two conference losses in a row? One at home? We NU fans take two losses in a row (or 3 - 4 -5, whatever) in stride, but this is ridiculous. College b-ball is really interesting this year. I see KU as one of at least 10 teams that could take it all. No dominant teams as in "the good old days," with every freshman planning to head for the pros after one year. I'll root for KU to go all the way, and you root for NU to win one game in the B1G tournament -ok? AHG

Deal. I agree about the tournament, which is why I just can't sweat the February stuff. Except losing at home and then at TCU? Yikes. But I have every confidence in Bill.

I sure like Gio Gonzalez, and want to believe him, but his excuse seems goofy - dad used PEDs for weight loss - what the what? - please tell me what you think will happen to those named in baseball's latest black-eye allegations.

Like you, I want to believe Gonzalez, but that excuse is not credible. As to what will happen, I couldn't begin to guess. I'm always surprised. They come down hard on some things and ignore others, so I don't know. Something will  happen. How big this will be I think remains to be seen.

Tracee, what do you think the answer is regarding Ovi? Has he gotten so predictable that other coaches no longer game plan for him? When was the last team he beat a defender on that curl and drag move that he tries over and over? I don't know if trading him is the answer but this season is quickly becoming a lost one.

He's aging, by hockey standards, and he's lost maybe a  second, and that's a lot of time. He has not adjusted his game to his changing physical abilities. He is predictable and therefore easy to defend, as you point out. If Ovie could realize that it's time for Phase 2 of his career, where he can't get buy on sheer ability, and start to work at it, he might be able to help this team. That's not happening yet.

What a crazy season in college hoops, do you enjoy it more when there are not dominant teams or when there is a small group of teams that are clearly better than anyone else? I think of 2008 (a season you probably remember fondly) when all four #1s made it to the Final Four. This could be a year when none of them do, not that anyone has any idea right now who the #1 seeds will be come March? Sorry about the Jayhawks recent stumble by the way.

I do like it this way, despite the fact that I'm used to my team being a dominant one. I think it makes March more fun, especially that first weekend. You're right: Who will be No. 1 and will it mean anything? Probably  not. It's hard to believe, watching us play this year, that KU is one of the best teams in the country, that's for sure.

If I am a owner, general manager, or a head coach, what should I learn about how Baltimore and San Francisco made it to the Super Bowl? The Redskins seem to be past the "winning the offseason," phase with signing aging free agents, but there is still a lot that separates the way they do business compared with winning teams. What would be your advice to them besides the obvious "don't kill your franchise QB."

It seems to be that both teams have made pretty consistently good hires, and that they've been consistent in general with their team building. They aren't trying a new approach every year. And ownership seems to keep its nose out, especially in Baltimore. Hire good people and let them get to work. Ozzie Newsome certainly is the key in Baltimore, I think.

A reader named Darcy passed this link along and I thought I'd share it with you. A season pass (no ticket stuff) from yesteryear. Pretty cool.

Hummm. I bet RGIII next season spends more time in the pocket than he did last year. Thats if he does make a full recovery. You never know. He cant afford another knee injury.

I think they'll tweak the offense to make him more stationary but they'll never fully take away his run option. His career may be shorter than some. That's why I have no problem with his endorsement deals, as some people did. Gather ye rosebuds -- and ye paychecks -- while ye may.

Yeah ... Yeah ... Yeah ... Taft is ready to be the 5th Beetle ... and the Nats are almost as good as the Giants. But more importantly I am going to Scottsdale for a week for Spring Training. (Much better than Florida as the stadiums are closer ...) Baseball is just around the corner. And most importantly its time to predict your 2013 World Series Winner ... The Kansas City Royals ... Let's Go Royals. (Compared to me when it comes to baseball ... Boz is a glass half full kind of guy.) Oh, and the Nats might be decent too.

You know I'm not going to predict a World Series winner. I think you mean Beatle, but maybe not. And yes, AZ is better than FL when it comes to spring training -- unless your team is in FL. But the closeness of the parks in  Arizona make it easier to navigate and see more.

is this one. Of course, I'm not a pointy-ball person, although I do watch the SB for the commercials - none of which really wowed me. But that game is sooo last weekend, and Spring Training is almost here. Yay. Go, NATS!! On another note, I was recently adopted by a cat. He'd been hanging around for some time, and he seems to have decided to make it official. He's a very sweet kitty (the vet said he's a feisty 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, but the vet was also poking and prodding - what's a kitty to do?). Anyway, I have a home office and this kitty seems to have an inclination to walk all over my computer keyboard, deleting an email here, copying several emails there, and other fun stuff. I've read about a utility called PawSense that can detect "cat-like typing" and lock up the computer until a human intervenes and proves his or her, er, humanness. Evidently, the utility will also cause the computer to emit a disagreeable sound, if desired. So, has anybody used said utility, or have other suggestions for dealing with this situation? Thanks in advance, natsfan1a.

Yes, please chime in, because I've never heard of this. Cats like an open newspaper (best place to plop down) and walking across keyboards to get humans to stop working and do something important, like ear scratching. One reason I got a laptop was so that the dear things couldn't walk on the keyboard -- and leave their hair in it, by the way. Another great thing about kitties.

Um, the Rams won in 2000. The stadium is a few blocks west of the Mississippi, as the bullets fly from East St. Louis. TBHitW

Right you are!

And the Caps are losing. Teddy quit the diet and start hitting the Old Country Buffet and eating donuts.

Well, that's another theory.

-- it means we're just days away from pitchers and catchers report.... Section 405

I wasn't sure if you'd be able to type this week, 405, or if your hands were trembling too much with anticipation.

Yes, there are leagues of all types, in which you can set your roster once a day, once a week, once a month, even just once or twice a season if you like. The good news is that baseball offers so many games that there are lots of possibilities. The bad news is that baseball offers so many games that it can be hard to find people who want to play exactly your way. But if you can gather a number of like-minded friends, anything is possible.

There is a fantasy baseball answer. Get busy with your Google button and find a league!

This year, I made pulled pork sandwiches for the firefighters' Super Bowl party (husband is a firefighter). I also made an almond cake, which the wives loved, but the guys--not so much. :) Signed, The Very Good Wife.

It all sounds good to me. I was at the Caps game and then came home and ate a frozen dinner. So tell the guys to enjoy it!

I have to vent about two of the dumbest beer ads I've ever seen: (1) Beck's Sapphire, which attempts to combine the demographic that drinks beer and the demographic that likes cute cartoon fish; (2) each of the Budweiser Black Crown ads, which (a) alienated Millenials by pandering to them and (b) alienated Boomers and GenXers by saying that they weren't cool enough to drink this beer. Drink it in poor health, you stupid hipsters.

I must have missed the Beck's commercial, but I certainly wouldn't drink a Black Crown if you paid me. What ridiculous commercials.

Look, its been 4 months since the Washington Post ran a story/column about changing the name of the Redskins, let's do another one! It's not like there are other sports stories out there - Lance Armstrong (anyone seen Sally lately?), Gio Gonzalez, Ryan Braun, Notre Dame's handling of a rape case as opposed to the Manti Te'o case, the Wizards playing well, the timeline of RG3's knee injury, Ray Lewis's PED use, etc, etc. There are millions of stories that the Post can cover, why keep harping on the Redskins' name? At this point, everyone has an opinion and it's not going to change and, as the owner has said, neither is the name.

First, unwarranted shot at Sally, who came back and wrote Armstrong. What, she's supposed to keep writing about him? She feels like she feels.

Second, I am assuming you're talking about McCartney's column. He's a columnist in Metro, so none of the topics you discussed are probably going to interest him.

I'm with you about the name. It will only happen under court order and I don't see that occurring. I like horses and don't prefer to beat dead ones.

They lack discipline and stamina. . .that indicates a coaching problem. Oates is on record as saying he doesn't believe in motivating players as they're all professionals. So he has acknowledged that he will do nothing about the problems except wait for the players to resolve them. That's a cop out. We need a coach, not a guy who is liked by the players. Your thoughts?

I don't know Oates well enough yet to comment on him -- and really, he's been a coach for 10 games. He is going to change. For one thing, players who become coaches often make the mistake of assuming that all players are just like he was when he was a player. And of course all players are different. They all have different motivations, different skill levels, different work ethics. I watched Chuck Daly with the Bad Boy Pistons -- as hard a group as there could be to coach -- and he did it by not making blanket statements about the players. They are individuals, not cookie cutter athletes. But I think Oates needs more than 10 games to get there. This is the problem any time you have a new coach. The combination of a new coach and a short season is not a pretty one.

If one listens to Ray, God wanted to Baltimore to win, so if they had lost after the blackout, who could we blame the black on?

According to the Super Bowl commercials, voodoo.

Why is there absolutely no coverage in the Post (or *almost* everywhere else in the English-speaking media) of this event? It features some of the best baseball talent in the world playing at a high level just when die hard baseball fans are getting advanced withdrawal symptoms. MLB network carried it in English about 3 years ago, but not since. It's allegedly available in Spanish on some ESPN subsidiary which I have not been able to locate.

I do wish to commend the sportswriting website Sports On Earth, for the superb daily columns by Nusbaum and Robinson, the *only* English-language coverage I've found.

Section 405

We're selling our building and you really ask this question?

Stop it just stop it people who are talking about Bruce Boudreau (apologies if I spelled that wrong). The Ducks have DIFFERENT players than the Caps do. The Caps, as a team, stopped listening to him. It was time for him to go. They should have fired him before the season to allow his replacement a training camp to implement a new system. There is a major problem in the dressing room. Dale got as much out of them as he could. It's unfortunate Adam Oates got suckered into taking this team. He's a stand up guy who deserves better.

Agree about the timing with Boudreau. Agree about Hunter. And I'll probably end up agreeing about Oates.

To answer the other Steeler fan: this SB was about choosing the lesser of two evils. Having San Fran tie the record was the better option to me, since they seem to be a class organization. Ray Lewis is a deal-killer for me (and for the record, I am not a fan of Roethlisberger's behavior, either). I realize it's just a game, though, so I am not spewing vitriol about the whole thing.

That's the key. Everyone have an opinion, but don't be hateful about it. It's a damn game.

Hi Tracee, Given your track record, please tell me you have the Nats finishing 3rd and out of the playoffs. Can't wait for Opening Day!!

The Nationals will finish last in the NL East. How's that?

Heavy Seas (which used to be Clipper City) is just outside the city limits. There are some nice brewpubs, and Flying Dog (not great beer, but okay sometimes) is just to the west in Frederick. Heavy Seas is quite well-regarded as a purveyor of low-cost "big beers." Which fits Ballmer just right.

I knew someone would know, here on TOBCOTWP.

We will be in first place from start to finish. We will finish 20 games ahead of the second place Braves. We will cruise through the playoffs and make it to the World Series. I'm trying to envision the reality I'd like to see unfold. The power of positive thinking!


Check out this link. Sounds like you can watch games online, but only if your cable provider is a participant.

Heavy Seas is the biggest microbrew, and there are a bunch of others (Brewer's Art, Pratt Street Ale House), more if you include outlying brewers like Fordham and DuClaw. So they're there. But the edge clearly goes to SF. When it comes to big brewers, SF has Anchor Steam, Baltimore has Natty Bo. Again, edge to SF.


Isn't National Bohemian still brewed in Baltimore? My trivia team's biggest rivals are Tap It Like Boh!


All they have to do is host the visiting team over at the Stockyards, and they'll be in a beef coma for two days.

Naw, you can get as good or better steak in KC, and that's pretty close to Lawrence. We can't blame the meat.

I am inclined to believe Gio for the very reason that the excuse is incredibly lame. If you were guilty, wouldn't you come up with a better excuse than this? Also, would YOUR dad let you blame him if it weren't true? Mine wouldn't.

Well, that's true, mine wouldn't either. :) I'm not sure our dads are the norm, though.

I have never been caught up in the excitement of the regular season like I am this year. I attribute that to the strength of teams I care about and the possibility that any given team really can win on any given night. Since the best basketball of all is being played in the B1G, I am forgoing my usual trip to one of the NCAA regionals to watch non-stop basketball and am instead headed to Chicago in March to watch the B1G tournament. Even if you were inclined to pick winners, this is a season when it would just be foolish to do so.

And yet, I will have to do a bracket. Sigh. I think that's a good choice. Conference tournaments are usually pretty fun.

I'm not the original poster, but after his first year I was pretty down on him, too. But he seems to have loosened up a bit and he had a ton of bad luck last year.. I think the new recruits see a chance to put a rebuilding program back on the map and get more opportunities faster than they would get on an already powerhouse team.

I agree with that. I just wondered what specifically set off the first poster. Hope we hear from him or her.

You said the problem two weeks ago was your fault. Are you *sure* it wasn't evil sports-hating Chinese hackers? Section 405

Yes. The wiping out of the transcript was my fault. The appearance of the two old transcripts was NOT my fault. The  Chinese probably have looked in my computer and read ... past columns. I don't keep anything interesting there. And they spied on us in Beijing, which had to have been a terribly boring assignment.

They can finally find their stroke and put a decent season together. Oates has to go though because he's not doing anything to earn the great seats he gets each game.

Ten games? Not sure that would be the shortest tenure in coaching history but good gravy.

So I saw this shady Singaporean-looking guy talking to the ref before my 8-year-old's soccer game last fall, and then the guy called three penalties and they lost. NOW I understand what that was all about. I must've lost $50 on that game!

I lost a Benjamin myself.

is a shot of Crown Royal dunked in a pint of Guinness. Though I can't imagine why one would want to ruin a perfectly good beer that way.


I know that all the Superbowl broadcast talk is about the blackout, but did anyone else notice the video issues running up to halftime? The picture quality on my large, HDTV was awful and got worse, with the images developing doubles. Was this a Comcast issue or did everyone see it? Also: that blackout showed how much better baseball announcers are at impromptu banter than football announcers; wow, they had NOTHING to say! I couldn't believe the uncomfortable pauses! Also: go Hoosiers!

I noticed it as well, but on my HD channel it was not noticeable. So I'm not sure what that was about. There was a pink halo around the players, almost. I thought for awhile God really WAS interested in football. (And I don't have Comcast, so that can't be it.)

Is Maria Kirilenko the Yoko Ono of the NHL?

HA! Thanks for that.

What I Learned from Beyonce's Halftime Show: thank goodness she lip-synced the National Anthem at the inauguration because jeez she sounded terrible at the Superbowl.

But she can really sing. She lip-synched her own song. And she was standing still at the inauguration. I think singers sound much better when they're not trying to faint from lack of oxygen. Listen, I don't own a Beyonce album -- okay, that's funny, because what's an album, but you know what I mean. I am neither a fan nor a hater. But I do think she's tremendously talented. I don't think anyone sounds good in those halftime shows. Just a lot of screaming to me. If it had overlapped with Downton Abbey, I'd have been out of there like a flash.

Oh, Goddess of the Plains, why do the WP poobahs cut back on chats? They can't be terribly expensive since you all appear to be acting as your own producers? They are frequently very informative and far less vicious than the comments sections which are mired in hostility and juvenile name calling. As more and more chats disappear, I spend less and less time on the WP website, which can't be the result they're aiming for?

I can't answer that. They cost nothing, period, because we're not paid (well, maybe a few of the big timers are paid, but I'm sure not) and most of us do act as our own producers. This is why they haven't killed me yet, I suppose. Tom gets a little help from the office but has no producer either. I can't explain it -- I love chat transcripts and as you say, they are just not as mean-spirited as the comments, even on contentious topics.

"We're selling our building and you really ask this question?" Last I noticed, they haven't cancelled the AP. Sorry, don't buy the excuse. Section 405

Oh, I thought you meant why we weren't covering it. Why isn't in the paper? Can't answer that, but you're right, they haven't killed the AP. (Yet?) :) Sorry, 405.

Staubach and Aikman.

Okay, so which is the third team? Anyone?

The obvious joke answer you just gave, "The Nationals will finish last in the NL East" will probably become fodder for that same poster who manages to mention your error about the location of a Notre Dame game versus Maryland at least every other week. I hope you realize the danger of it. :-) -Handle Pending

Ha! Yes,  I love that guy. I did get it wrong. I only wish I could be perfect, like some readers appear to be. Alas...

I'm glad you brought that up. I said a couple weeks ago I thought the baseball players could choose what cap they'd have on their HoF plaques but I was wrong, as a reader (very politely) pointed out. The Hall makes the choice. I have meant to clear that up and forgot.

No love for the Puppy Bowl? Though there were way too many pit bull mixes...

Every year, I forget to flip to the Puppy Bowl. My bad.

It's not an unwaranted shot at Sally. She screamed from the pulpit how Lance was innocent and how she believed him, then after writing a few books and making some money said "oh well everyone did it...." First she defended Paterno then Lance. Maybe she can write a book about OJ Simpson or Ray Lewis?

Everyone wanted Sally's response and she gave it, and it's not the response you wanted. But it's her response. Beating up on her (or me) about it isn't going to change anything.

Trac, I know you are far too diplomatic to say it, so I will: selling the Post building is one of the dumbest moves I can imagine. Obviously, the space that used to house the old presses should be repurposed; obviously, the space that used to house downsized reporters and editors can be rented out. But abandoning a historic building in the heart of the city, three blocks from two different Metro stops, is incredibly shortsighted. I do not like anything this publisher has done. Grumpily yours, Rico.

Well, the space where the presses were has been repurposed. A lot of the building(s) are rented out already; we have a pretty small piece of the property. They are closing our cafeteria, too. The writing is on the wall. However, if they try to move us out of DC or away from Metro stops, that will be a very bad thing. I don't think that is the intention. But you know what, I don't know anything about it. So I should just pipe down!

The Post needs to stop publishing columns saying the DC football team needs to change its abhorrent name until it mans up itself and refuses to print that epithet. How they justify that is beyond me, and their socialization of the term is a huge part of why the owners can continue to use it.

That's a fair comment.

It's brewed in NC and GA as part of the MillerCoors abomination.

TOBCOTWP. So impressed by all the beer knowledge. Seriously.

I thought it was damned nice to finally see an NFL game called loosely ... on both sides by the way ... the players determined the winner, not the refs. If that was a hold at the end of the game, which in real time it wasn't, then you have to call the interference on SF earlier in the game, and the out of bounds hit on Flacco, etc, etc. Let 'em play and they did.

Another voice on the officiating. I love this chat -- y'all are like snowflakes.

Just a question. As you mentioned Ben Roethlisberger, he is married with a baby. I'd like to think that he has reformed and regretted the things he has (allegedly) done. Couldn't it be the same with Ray Lewis? Could both men have "found religion," been "born again," or however you or they would phrase it? People can change.

People can change. And people can forgive. It's very hard to do and some folks can't. Some can forgive some things but not others. I admit there are a few things that happened in my life that I cannot forgive. But I do keep trying.


Terrible, terrible blow for the Cards. They always manage to stay competitive, but this is going to be very challenging.

Tough for the Cardinals, but good for him for recognizing the signs and putting the rest of his life ahead of the game. He's 38, he had a good run.

The reason those old transcripts appeared was because the URL for your chat uses a four-digit date format (MMDD). The new date, which would have been 0124, coincided with the date of an old FTF transcript from January 24, 2011. If your chats had a six-digit date format (MMDDYY), there would be no way that the January 24, 2011 chat would have the same reference as a January 24, 2013 chat. But I guess caring about the chats is preaching to the choir.

I get the date thing, but it's odd it's never happened before. Although I guess we're coming around the cycle on Thursday dates, with leap year ... yes, I see it. So I've got to add the "13" to the URL, but that will not prevent the old ones from popping up, and I have no control over that and no one to "kill them" when they do. Sigh.

but was it Pittsburgh, with Bradshaw, Stewart, and Roethlisberger?

I brushed off the Steelers because I thought it was just Bradshaw and Big Ben.

The New York Football Giants: Simms, Hostetler, E. Manning.

Okay, that makes sense. Thank you.

Added point on the HOF cap thing: it used to be the players choice, but Wade Boggs apparently took some kind of bonus in his last contract with the Tampa Bay (then still Devil) Rays to go in with their cap and the HOF changed the rule.

Ah, now that's interesting. And sounds very Boggsian.

Okay, I've gotta run. Thanks, everyone, for a lively chat as always. I will clone my chat for next week, watch my dates and we'll see what happens. Have a great weekend!

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