Jul 29, 2010

Food editor Joe Yonan and deputy Food editor Bonnie Benwick offered their take on the sixth episode of Top Chef DC and took your questions and comments during a live video discussion.

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Welcome to another edition of our Top Chef DC analysis!

What do you think about the missing pea puree? Do you have any inside information that we don't know about?

Once again we were treated to politicians and the NBC reporters who cover them. Any chance Top Chef will focus on the non-federal side of Washington DC? And the Salahis don't count. I'm really surprised they're not filming at Eastern Market or working with local chefs, farmers and wineries.

If someone had brought up the missing pea puree to the judges, do you think anything would have been done about it? Would they have viewed tape, or questioned the chefs to get to the bottom of the issue? Or would they have answered with their usual, we don't care what goes on in the kitchen only what is put in front of us?

Other chefs keep complaining that Angelo always does Asian cuisine. But Asian seems like a broad category. Have you seen much variation in the dishes Angelo has submitted so far?

Do you think Alex stole Ed's pea puree just to remind us all he's still on the show?

Thanks for joining us! See you next week!

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Joe Yonan
Joe Yonan is the editor of the Food section, where he also writes occasional feature stories and the monthly Cooking for One column. He is the author of "Serve Yourself: Nightly Adventures in Cooking for One," which will be published in spring 2011.
Bonnie Benwick
Bonnie Benwick is the deputy editor of the Food section.
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