'Top Chef DC' analysis -- Review of Episode 3

Jul 01, 2010

Food editor Joe Yonan and deputy editor Bonnie Benwick offer their take on the third episode of Top Chef DC and take your questions and comments during a live video discussion.

Chat with the losing chef at 1:30.

Welcome to our weekly video analysis of the latest episode of Top Chef. What did you think of the third episode?

Is it just me or do the chefs seem a little bit more on edge and mean this season over all? There are a couple of specific examples -- Angelo, Amanda, and then the Arnold/Kelly feud. I'm sure these people will all be successful in their own right, but I have to believe the bump in business is directly related to how much people like you--not just the food. Since last season, I've been to Volt, but have not stepped foot in Zaytinya.

 I was giddy over the pie challenge and shocked at the ineptitude of the competitors. Haven't these "chefs" ever made a pie for Thanksgiving or another holiday? How could you make a blueberry pie without corn starch or tapioca pearls? And watching them work the dough was painful! They had zero technique. Last night's episode was fun to watch but in the end I turned off last night's episode having less respect for this year's contestants. I could have turned out a much better BBQ and far superior pie.

Is Padma ever nice?

I've watched almost every season of "Top Chef" and after three episodes I'm not getting into this season. The chefs just bad mouth each other during the interview sessions and I'm not getting any DC vibe from the show. So far, this season could have been filmed anywhere. Last season was the best to date.

There are a lot of talented chefs this season but also a few second tier contenders -- have you been finding it easy to pick who won't be able to stand the heat in the kitchen this year? Any favorites that you predict could go all the way ?

Thanks for watching. We'll see you next week.

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Joe Yonan
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Bonnie Benwick
Bonnie Benwick is the deputy editor of the Food section.
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