'Top Chef DC' analysis -- Review of Episode 2

Jun 24, 2010

Deputy Food editor Bonnie Benwick and staff writer Jane Black offer their take on the second episode of Top Chef DC and take your questions and comments during a live video discussion.

Chat with the losing chef at 11:30.

Welcome to the second edition of our video analysis of Top Chef DC. What did you think of the second episode?

In his intro to the challenge, Sam Kass noted that school lunches often include dessert, but did not seem to require that the teams make one, yet each one did. Since the kids were not voting and the judges are so harsh on desserts, especially under these circumstances, why bother doing one? Make another vegetable or a healthy drink.

I was confused--Kenny's team was castigated for not including veggies in their lunch, which included a sweet potato puree. But another team was praised for including a dessert that combined chocolate sorbet and a vegetable--sweet potato! So which is it--is sweet potato a veggie or not?

Why do chefs not wear hair nets around food? It turns me off when I see hair dangling over the food.

Angelo is a jerk and I think he did throw the competition to hurt his team. On a positive note, I am happy they filmed at Deal Middle School! It's a well performing school, the kids shown were truly diverse (so many think that white kids don't attend public schools in DC) and they came across as fun, articulate and well behaved (for middle schoolers!). It was nice to see a DC school in a positive light on national TV.

I'm having a hard time identifying the chef the show wants us to like. Kenny and Angelo are obvious standouts talent-wise, but they both leave me cold. Who are we supposed to root for this season?

Thanks for joining us and see you next week!

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