'Top Chef All-Stars' analysis (video)

Mar 31, 2011

Food editor Joe Yonan and deputy editor Bonnie Benwick dissect this week's episode of Bravo's 'Top Chef All-Stars'.

What food from last night's show do YOU want to eat right now? I'm still thinking about Mike's halibut, and also Richard's pork belly and cod dish.

I'm glad Ritchie (I'm so sick of people referring to him as Blais) won just because watching his head implode on national television would have been gross. But please tell us you have the inside scoop that Graffiato will have braised pork with pepperoni sauce? Or just pepperoni sauce that you can carry out?

The Tweets, your next-morning recaps on the blog, and the video chats have made this the best-covered season of Top Chef any media outlet has ever done. Smart, clever, and many times laugh-out-loud funny -- thanks for making this such an enjoyable conversation with your readers!

Hi guys! Thanks for doing these chats! First of all, so sad that Mike lost! My real question is about the editting on the show. Basically I feel lied to by the way it was editted. Based on the comments and facial reactions they showed, Mike should have won. I know they try to edit it to build suspense, but it seems disingenuous to make the comments about Mike sound better and then have Richard win. I also thought Mike's food sounded tastier, but that's just me. Also, when is Mike opening his new restaurant and will it include peperoni sauce?

Joe, I know your book is coming out soon about cooking for one (a great idea!). Any chance you could do a recipe from last night's show, and scale it for one serving? maybe Blais's short ribs, or Mike's halibut dish? Thanks!

He did very well. I hope his new restaurant is a great success. Will definitely try it whenever it opens. Please wish him the best if you talk to him. May be you should bring him in for a QA session. PS: I am the same person who was terribly upset at him last week :)

I am glad that Carla won fan favorite. I was so disappointed that she didn't make the finale. I am so glad Richard won instead of snarky Mike. Do you think the coming in second phenomonon will benefit Mike like it has previous "losers"?

Loved your input on the episodes each week! I read your blog pretty regularly--as an amateur food blogger myself, any advice?

What do you think about the painful after-show last night? It was really difficult to watch. Did you happen to catch the teaser for next week's reunion? Will you be blogging that drama?

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Joe Yonan
Joe Yonan is the editor of the Food section, where he also writes occasional feature stories and the monthly Cooking for One column. He is the author of "Serve Yourself: Nightly Adventures in Cooking for One," which will be published in spring 2011.
Bonnie Benwick
Bonnie Benwick is the deputy editor of the Food section
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