'Top Chef All-Stars' analysis (video)

Mar 24, 2011

Food editor Joe Yonan and deputy editor Bonnie Benwick dissect this week's episode of Bravo's 'Top Chef All-Stars'.

I'm so angry. Angry I tell you. Angry. Thought Antonia had it. What did they do to Wolfgang in the commercial break? He went with Mike? Yes, Isabella seems like a fun and talented person, but I was rooting for Antonia and just shocked. Were you two surprised?

Is the show boring now because the finalists aren't drama queens? Or because there are no villains? What would you have done to make last night's episode more interesting?

What would it be?

Did it bother anyone else that Mike Isabella called Michelle Bernstein one of the greatest female chefs? Why the gender qualifier? (p.s. -- I'm a dude, and it bugged me)

Can we just pretend that the Ellis Island episode was the finale, and forget the rest of this season is happening?

Wasn't the most compelling photo in the Last Supper book the one of Bourdain, who was mostly nude?? Which makes it even more odd that he's disappeared from the show.

If you were Mike or Richard, who would you choose as your sous chefs (from the cast this season). If they get to assign sous chefs to their competitor, who would be the most frustrating choice?

Hi, posting early. I know you two are all for Mike I but I will still ask. What do you guys think about producers letting Mike I pick who cooks for which chef. It's alrite for him to pick whatever in quickfire but in the elimination challenge? This is a cooking show, not some mind game on who is the cleverest. To make Mike pick Morimoto for Antonia was really wrong on the part of the producers. The finale should be all about cooking and the producers should've let them draw knives or whatever. And what's with the fish for Japanese cooking not being fresh. Seriously screwed up episode. Mike will be remembered as one of those "can't believe he won" contestants for a long time. Top Chef All Stars it ain't.

When Tom said the vote was close -- 4 to 3 -- I thought that Antonia had won because that was the count when Tom went around the table and asked the judges. He even said to Wolfgang Puck that he waas the tie-breaker and he said he liked Antonia's better. What gives????

congrats on your JB nomination. Your vlog has been more entertaining than the show. Will miss you guys, and hope TC season 9 is better than 8

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