Video: 'Top Chef All-Stars' analysis

Feb 10, 2011

Food editor Joe Yonan and deputy editor Bonnie Benwick dissect this week's episode of Bravo's 'Top Chef All-Stars'.

What did you think of the episode? Do you agree with who was sent home? Discuss that and more live.

Did you ever get his cacciatore recipe?

I thought Jimmy Fallon was all over the place with what he wanted. On the one hand he wanted Richard to bring out the blow torch and go non-traditional with Ramon noodles; on the other hand Tifanny was criticized for not going traditional with her chicken and dumplings. There seemed to be no consistency in the judging. Fabio's parting words were very sweet. It was hard to see him go.... Thanks! (you two should have your own show!)

She was a little crazy last night but it paid off. I'm always glad to see her style of simple but delicious (plus love) get the praise it deserves. Some of these chefs tend to over complicate their dishes and Carla's win last night just goes to show you that less is always more.

That cheese sauce Fabio made looked like the neon stuff you find on gas station nachos. That alone was the nail in his coffin.

Do you think Fabio's booger would have been okay had he asked others for advice? He said he had never cooked a booger before. As a viewer, I love it when the cooks help each other out.  What do you think of chefs helping each other like Richard telling Antonia to use the pressure cooker? Should they help one another or not?

As much as I enjoyed Jimmy Fallon last night, I was sad to see another "homestyle" challenge.  I want to see remarkable fine dining All-Star food. As wonderful as Carla's chicken pot pie and Angelo's unusual spice on his pulled pork, I would rather see something more exciting. In general I am becoming bored with this season and don't really care who wins like I have with other seasons.

Rumor has it there's someone quite unexpected in the final four: Tiffany? Mike Isabella?

If you were a Top Chef producer for this season, what kind of challenges would you have put them through? The show started out with some interesting challenges and twists, but now it's so predictable and lame.

LAST QUESTION: Is it going to be some sort of childhood nutrition push next week? Bor-ing.

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