Video: 'Top Chef All-Stars' analysis

Feb 03, 2011

Food editor Joe Yonan and deputy editor Bonnie Benwick dissect this week's episode of Bravo's 'Top Chef All-Stars'.

What did you think of the episode? Do you agree with who was sent home? Discuss that and more live.

I think Dale should have gone home based solely on last night, but am glad he was spared. That's wrong, right? I also think Carla does not get the respect she deserves from the other chefs. They seem surprised when she does a good job.

Boy, what a bad showing last night. Everyone seemed out of their comfort zone except the girls. What is the deal with not using dried pasta. Do fine dining chefs think using dried pasta in competition a losing scenario?

What's with the attitude of the guys last night, especially Richard and Fabio, to Antonia's winning mussels? They seemed stupified and absolutely incredulous that steamed mussels could beat their much more complex dishes. Such poor competitors to diss Antonia with complete silence when she announced she won.

I had a fundamental problem with the quickfire. I can understand wanting to focus on the design of the plate, but even if they aren't tasting it, the food should at least PRETEND to work together....

What did you think of RIchard's dish in the quick fire? It looked like a little pile of ashes and sticks!

For those that watched Top Chef Masters, a while back, Michael Chiarello used dried pasta and seemed shocked that a judge questioned whether that was bad. Chef Chiarello defended the decision to use dried pasta. Rick Bayless agreed with him, saying the judge's question "was not smart."

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Bonnie Benwick is the deputy editor of the Food section
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