Snowfall on D.C. - more to come this weekend? Video: The Weather Gang Lab

Dec 16, 2010

Capital Weather Gang's Jason Samenow digs into this week's big weather story. Join the chat to find out what will happen -- and why.

Let's talk about snow!

How much did we get? Why are we getting it? How long will it last?

Local Radar

Snow accumulation

Upcoming Cold and Snow Chances: How does the weekend look? Will it affect holiday travel? 

Next Snow Threat

Snow on Tuesday?

Questions from you

Assuming the forecast holds true at around 1-3" inches, what would you expect road conditions to look like during the evening commute?

Is there a chance that this snowfall could be considerably larger than the forecasted 1-3"? If so, what's the absolute highest estimate possible?

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Jason Samenow
Jason Samenow is chief meteorologist with the Capital Weather Gang.
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