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Jul 30, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Happy hump day, folks. This week a tipster told us that actor Kevin Spacey posed in one lucky couple's "we just engaged" photo and we found them! Or should I say they found us. It's the power of the Interwebs, people. Also in the gossip goody bag this week: Apparently True Blood and Sarah Palin are NOT friends, Lionel Richie looks amazing for 65, and Stephen Colbert is now a "proud member of the Congressional Black Caucus." Let's dive in!

Please, Tom, take a trip to Pittsburgh and send us a Postcard from there. It's approximately the same distance as Philly. And while you're at it, why not take a trip south to Raleigh and Charlotte? I'm sure there are great restaurants in both cities, and the driving distance is doable.

I assume this is for the Post's amazing food critic Tom Sietsema, who I might add is the snappiest dresser this side of 5th Ave. I wholeheartedly agree that Raleigh and Charlotte are great food towns. But then again I reeeeally like the Waffle House. 

Not a single athlete on the list, just govvies (as my husband calls them). I do realize that Tyler Moore is in Syracuse (temporarily), but he belongs on the list. So does Lucas Giolito, who is playing in Harrisburg. At least give us links to these two gorgeous guys so other people can see some real eye candy. Who chooses these people anyway?

Govvies is my new favorite term. It sounds so Oliver Twist-ish. Oh hey Tyler and Lucas. Also, might I humbly add Kris Humphries

Maybe she's on vacation?

Emily is most definitely alive! And she will return. In the meantime "IIII haaaave the poweeeeer" (yellled in my best He-Man voice). 

OK so he wins the big lawsuit against the Navy Seal's widow, but the whole thing just makes me want to skeeve.... maybe Ventura is running for office again?

Alright for those not following this whole sitch. Jessie Ventura, former wrestler and governor, successfully sued the widow of a Navy SEAL in a defamation case. The Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, had alleged that he punched Ventura in a bar after Ventura disparaged SEALs in 2006. Ventura claimed it didn't happen and that he'd been defamed. But in 2013 Kyle was killed on a gun range in Texas. The suit continued and Ventura won to the tune of $1.8 million. Yep, it's skeevey. Though legal.  

Have there been any impressive celebvocates in town this summer? I realize Congress is going on vacation soon, so perhaps this is the time to summarize (or "summerize? LOL!) the celebvocates' recent input.

Morgan Freeman was just here but made his appearance very low key and under the radar. He wasn't acting as a "celebvocate" by the strictest definition of the term. But Freeman came to town specifically to support the National Endowment for the Humanities, an agency he's supported since 1999. 

With the He-Man reference. Thanks for that smile :)

You're welcome time a thousand. Who doesn't love a good "He-Man" reference?! I'm waiting for the day I can make a "Thundercats" reference in print. 

So Pookie, when will we see George Clooney in Washington, DC again? I have to admit I'm not liking this engagement thing with him at all.

Okay let's not hate on Clooney's love connection! The man needed to settle down. It HAD to happen sometime. Personally I love the fact that he's teaming up with a woman with some depth. Not that his other lovely ladies weren't up to snuff. Just staying that Amal (yes, we're on a first name basis) is probably the person you want to sit next to at a dinner party (and that's AFTER you prepped for it). Not sure when he'll be in town next. I'm assuming he might be spending A LOT more time across the pond. 

Worth mentioning that Chris Kyle (the alleged defamer of Ventura) wrote a book called American Sniper. That book will be a movie next year, starring the uber-hot Bradley Cooper as Kyle.

That is absolutely worth mentioning! Also, remember when Bradley had to go, um, commando (whole new meaning now, huh?) at the French State Dinner earlier this year? That's because he was packing on the pounds and muscles for his role as Kyle and couldn't fit his tuxedo pants. Also, booty shorts

Chris Kyle not only claimed he whupped Ventura in a fight, but far more defamatorily claimed the (nonexistent) fight was over some truly offensive words about Navy Seals that Kyle alleged Ventura (himself a former Seal, and a loyal supporter of them) had said. If you read what Kyle claimed Ventura said, you wouldn't be skeeved out over Ventura's lawsuit any more.

The lawsuit is one thing. I don't think most critics begrudged Jessie Venture looking out for his reputation. But once Kyle was killed, some critics thought the thing to do would be to drop the lawsuit, since the people paying now did not make those statements. 

Say it isn't so. Poor Tom, first another marriage crumbles, now this.

Wait did something ELSE happen to Tom? I know that a teenager from Florida tried to assume Kimmy K's identity and get access to her millions earlier this year. Tom Cruise was also one of his potential targets, but I'm pretty sure Cruise avoided getting schemed in the end. 

I gotta go with Sarah Palin on this one. She was asked to make a cameo on the show during the episode when a character used the term "Republic*nt," and the asterisk doesn't stand for the letter "a". Your story doesn't include that detail. Would you want to be insulted that way? I highly doubt it.

You're right I didn't mention that particular word because I found/find it heinous. I also didn't read the script HBO sent Palin or know if they did send her one. Who's to say that specific episode was the one HBO asked her make a cameo on? But even without knowing all that I agree that Sarah Newlin, the "conservative" character on "True Blood," is hardly anyone's favorite. She's a total caricature.

How stoked are you over Tony Bennett's upcoming American songbook duets album with Lady Gaga? (OK, so I'm a sucker for any fine singer doing the American songbook).

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm probably 9.75 percent stoked. Two worlds colliding! Head exploding. Also I did not know that Tony Bennett once sketched Lady Gaga nude. That changes the meaning of "cheek to cheek" for me a little bit. 

But was she wearing the Meat Dress?!

She was wearing her birthday suit, which arguably is hardly the most shocking thing we've seen Gaga in. 

I'm beginning to think Tony Bennett is a vampire. He was old when I was a kid and I'm 60.

The man DOES look good for 87, but I will not contribute to the proliferation of Vampire Tony rumors! 

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