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Jul 23, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Happy Wednesday, party people. It's been a weird week. On Monday Hollywood and Washington "kollided" in the form of Kim Kardashian--sort of. And the Internet had a field day (doesn't it always?). In other "starts with 'k'" news, a stranger broke into the Kennedy compound (yep those Kennedys) and instead of calling the police right away a teenaged member of the clan gave the man a bowl of pasta. Talk about manners. Oh, and Maria Kirilenko and Ovechkin are so over.

Isn't it time he was relegated to the dustbin of celebrity history ?

The celebrity dustbin, the famous folks permanent delete folder, the infamous industrial garbage dump--all of that would work. But then what would we write about! In cases like Tareq Salahi, when someone seems to be constantly shouting, "look at me, look at me!" it's almost impossible not to look--even if you feel dirty afterwards.  

was he really smoking weed at the White House?

This story sounds so fishy to me. The short of it: Snoop Dogg claimed recently on his internet talk show (yep, he has one and no, I've never watched it) that he smoked weed in a bathroom at the White House after the "CIA or the FBI" gave him a napkin to set on fire in order to mask the smell of his bathroom business. Really? Does this sound remotely plausible? Also keep in mind that Snoop was smoking a joint WHILE recounting this story. Soo...

Tareq Salahi will always have a place at the Reliable Source, because it was one of the previous Sourcettes (Amy or Rox?) who busted him and Missy for crashing that state dinner!

Indeed, it was Reliable Source veteran Roxanne Roberts who first broke Salahi-gate wide open in the press. The woman is a pro. She can spot who's who--or in this case, who isn't who--from miles away. 

Saw the ex-mayor walking near the Thurgood Marshall building last week at lunchtime, looking like just another DC nerd in a ball cap.

Ha! I saw him at Peet's on M and 15th last week too. He had on a ball cap and a back pack. I think he ordered a small coffee and I got the tea. 

And here I thought they would follow in the footsteps of the Dementiava-Afinogenov pairing.

Okay I'm back from Google because I had no clue who Elena Dementieva and Maxim Afinogenov were. Blame my complete aversion to ice skates and tennis courts! Another tennis pro and hockey guy Russian pairing.

I don't know if I believe that a CIA agent helped him, but he would be far from the first to do drugs in the White House. Willie Nelson supposedly smoked on the roof. David Cross said he did coke at the Correspondents' Dinner.

Agreed that drugs and Washington are hardly strangers. But the Correspondents' dinner is not the White House. It's miles away at the Hilton and is run by the White House Correspondents Association, not the CIA. Now Willie Nelson taking a toke on the roof of the White House is another story. 

Is Emily on vacation, or just going to swan in to the chat late, the way Amy used to?

Emily will be back next week. I'll be sure to let her know she was deeply missed. 

There, there, sweetie. We'll miss you too when you're on vacation!

I miss Emily, terribly! And thanks for the kind word, friend! It's hard out here for a solo Sourcette. 

I have to think that if anyone was around to "help" him it would have been Secret Service - not FBI or CIA - not that Snoop would necessarily have made the distinction. Knowing the Secret Service's history with good judgement (ref: hookers in Panama), his story isn't completely implausible. But, honestly, a NAPKIN? Do you have any idea how quickly those flame up? What kind of an idiot would say "quick, light this" and not consider the idea that he was suggesting lighting a fire in an historic building? I'd love to see that incident report... "How did the fire that destroyed the Lincoln bedroom start? Right, a Secret Service agent suggested a guest light a napkin on fire."

What would the headline be? "Snoop Dogg burns down West Wing in napkin plus weed fiasco"?

Percentage of likelihood that the Obamas will follow in the golf-cleat-steps of former President Gerald Ford and buy a place in golf-haven Rancho Mirage? What other celebs live(d) there?

Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, La Quinta--the whole Palm Dessert area really--have been celebrity snowbird hot spot for decades. Old Hollywood heavyweights like Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore have called the gated communities in the area home. I also hear Barbra Streisand and her husband James Brolin have a house there, as does Bill Gates supposedly. 

Before Alex Ovechin and Maria Kirilenko, there was Orioles phenom Brady Anderson and South African tennis player Amanda Coetzer. They also dated, maybe got engaged, and then broke up. Brady, like Alex, did some tennis bag-carrying duties for sometime. Less close to home, Carolina Woziacki and Rory McIlroy broke up before they both went on a tear and won tournaments the same week. I guess it's just hard for two professional athletes to make a go of it.

"I guess it's just hard for two professional athletes to make a go of it." Not so! My favorite pro athlete match-up has always been surfer Laird Hamilton and volley baller Gabrielle Reece. I want them to invite me over to their house in Hawaii and put blond highlights in my hair. 

Are you at all excited that Kim Kardashian's ex is coming to play for the Wizards?

Am I excited? Like personally? Meh. Not really. I mean Kris Humphries is cool and all, but without that dash of Kardashian glitter he's a lot less shiny in that "ooo, a new celebrity penny" kind of way. Now if we're talking Blake Griffin, then I'm all in. Wasn't he great spoofing himself at the Espys on Sunday? I just want him to sell me a Kia so badly. 

I'd bet they go back to Chicago for at least a little while. The youngest won't be through HS for years.

I actually think the Obamas might stick around in Washington until Sasha graduates from high school. It seems fair. Sasha will be 15-year-old when her dad leaves office. That's a prime age for NOT wanting to leave your high school friends behind. 

Where would they live, that's secure enough?

The Underwoods made it look so easy on "House of Cards" didn't they? But yeah, finding a secure location would, of course, be tough. But every former-president has had to do it. I doubt they get a row house in Dupont or move into a three-bedroom condo on U Street. But there are homes in Kalorama and Upper Northwest or in the Palisades that house cabinet members, diplomats and the like. 

And that concludes our weekly chat, friends. Thanks for playing and come back next week (same time, same place) for more Reliable Live. In the meantime send all your tips, sightings and etc to!

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