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Jul 16, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Howdy chatters! Who says summer in the city is slow? We've got loads of dish these days, from ice-cream runs on Capitol Hill to a crazy break-in at the Kennedy compound to new evidence that the White House Correspondents' Dinner is the place to get a date.

And in a move that will be great for our biz, Kris Humphries is joining the Wizards! 

Got a burning question? Ask away! 

Seriously? Joining the Wizards? When did that happen?

Don't worry you haven't been living under a rock. The Wizards announced just yesterday that they'd finalized a "sign and trade" deal with the Humph. Tuesday afternoon he tweeted, "601 F Street NW. #work." At least he knows where to show up when the season starts. 

Do you pronounce your name HELL-ah-nah or Hell-LEE-na? Is that how Helena Bonham Carter pronounces her name? Is Emily's name pronounced with a long i and rhymes with Nile? Thank you, you two do a great job. Sally Francis Sally Francis PR Washington DC

My last name is pronounced "Hile" with a long i. My mom, who was an elementary school teacher for decades used to tell her kids that it was "Mrs. Heil, which rhymes with smile."  

Awesome question. I get this a LOT. It's Hell-LAH-nah. There's an accent over the second 'e' which I don't write because A) I'm not that fancy and 2) It'd just look weird. Fun fact: No one in my family calls me Helena. Everyone calls me Lena Dana. 

How do I balance my temptation to click on sensationalist or vapid headlines (illustrative example, currently on Huffington Post: "13 signs you're a hipster") with my desire not to encourage websites to continue posting them? I know I'm voting with my clicks, but sometimes I just can't help myself. You know, just to see what a train wreck the article is...

I'll let you know, just as soon as I finish taking this "Which character from Clueless are you?" quiz...

No, seriously. Resistance is useless. 

I can't wait until he's back from the Great White North (aka Syracuse!). If you ever pick the handsomest men in the DC/MD/VA area, he should be first on your list! BTW congratulations to the other Tyler (Clippard, aka Tyler 1) for going to the All-Star team and making two hitters fly out!

Your vote for Tyler Moore is duly noted. But I would actually encourage folks to take a closer look at the other Tyler, too --  the weird glasses and hat aren't doing him any favors. Every now and then, he'll do a shirtless, sans-glasses post-game interview that makes me think he's a bit... underrated.  

Speaking of the Wizards players, do any of them live in DC year-round? I feel like I don't hear much about them.

Most of Washington's pro athlete corps live outside of the city proper where you can get way more bang for your hard-earned buck. When Wizards player John Wall first arrived in D.C. he rented a 3-bedroom luxury apartment a few blocks from the Verizon Center. But after signing an $80 million five-year deal last September Wall escaped to a $4.9 million pad with 12 bedrooms and more than 17,000 square feet. All the more to ball out in I guess. 

cause of Dana Andrews ???? That's a seriously old-school movie star.

Close [Heads to Netflix to queue up all the Dana Andrews films]. It's because my middle name is Dareen and in some crazy backward way Lena Dana is short for Helena Dareen. And to think just today I was making fun of the Kennedys for having non-sequitur nicknames. 

Don't forget Zach Walters, who has one of the most awesome twitter feeds on the planet. Example - There is nothing peanut butter and a spoon can't fix. Plus he's totes adorbs.

Adding to my twitter feed right now. You are right, it is a trove of goodness -- I mean, "Putting your legs outside the blankets and feeling exposed to monsters."


Which leads me to ask, who are your other favorite twitter feeds in the DMV? Chatters want to weigh in? Right now, I'm digging Sen. Cory Booker (he's doing a project where he's selfie-ing with all 99 of his Senate colleagues)...

Any chance that Derek Jeter pulls a Clooney once he retires? I have some lovely, professional girl friends that I could introduce him to if it's been intellectual stimulation he's been missing all along.

By "pull a Clooney" I assume you mean hand in his "professional bachelor fo' life" card? If so I love the term and will be stealing it. Jeter's been linked to J. Lo, Mariah Carey, actress Jordana Brewster, super model Tyra Banks, super model Adriana Lima, and even Mrs. Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel back in 2007. So will he give up the playboy life at the same time he gives up playing ball? Perhaps. But I wouldn't count on it just yet. Jeter's only 40 after all. If we're strictly following the Clooney model he's got 13 more years of carousing left in him.  

I am right there with you. I know I shouldn't click on "10 things you never knew about George Clooney" or "22 amazing movie love scene moments" but I do. So weak.

I'd also like to ban the phrase "and you'll never guess what happened next... " 

If you see nothing else, see "The Best Years of Our Lives." And Laura.

Will do. The Reliable Source Live Chat: Home of the awesome old movie recommendation.

No one seems to care about him anymore. Is this story finally over?

Given Mr. O's penchant for drama -- bitter court fights, a baby announcement with an ex-gf just weeks after announcing his engagement to wife #2, etc. -- I'm not sure we should count on a lack of material. 

Now, the question of how long one stays relevant after leaving public like is another thing. Some people dine out on their status as a  "former" thisorthat for decades. I tend to think Washingtonians remain intrigued by Orszag -- at least for now. 

I mostly follow journalists and food trucks on Twitter (well, and the food trucks in real life, too).

Sounds like a good mix --  you're well-fed and well-informed! 

It's the summer time. I think its the perfect time to indulge in vapid tv, lists and music. Then you can go back to more "seriousness" in the fall.

And don't forget the trashy beach reads!  Which I don't actually only limit myself to during the warmer months -- I'm all for a high-low mix, no matter what time of year. 

Count me as NOT intrigued by Mr. Orszag

You're one of the few! Not too surprisingly everyone loves drama, even when it has no real affect on one's every day life. Folks might not recognize Orzag's name in a headline but the language of divorce drama is universal at this point.

Hi Helena!!! It's Martinique! First off, how awesome is this to chat with you this way??? Secondly, did you guys hear about the TSA agent who thought that a journalist's District of Columbia id was a fraud (because clearly DC isn't a part of the US) and asked to see his passport?

MART! Yes I did hear that story.  So a guy walks into an Orlando airport, shows his id, and the TSA agent, who'd apparently never seen a D.C. id, is not impressed. According to reports all the TSA agents were shown a D.C. license for future reference, which is great because I'm on my way to Californian soon and don't want any hold ups!  

And that's it for this week's Reliable Source live chat. Can you tell how much I've missed Ms. Heil? Join us here next week and as always send tips and sightings to 

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