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Jul 02, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Holler! I'm flying solo this week, so there's that. And in the immortal words of the incomparable Will Smith it's "summa summa summa tii-iime" so things have slowed down a bit. But there is still plenty of gossip to go 'round. The Manning Bros were here last week--Peyton, Eli and Cooper. Chris Brown ('nough said). And American Idol Fantasia Barrino celebrated her dirty 30 at Howard Theatre--as you do. Also Tip O'Neill's granddaughter had the coolest wedding ever. Lots more happened or is happening, so ask away. 

Anyone interesting expected in DC for the 4th of July celebration?

Singer Jennifer Hudson, who's a friend of the Obamas (Chicago in the house!), just landed in town for a radio press day. No official word on whether she's performing at the White House's annual "Salute to the Military" on the South Lawn on Friday, but I wouldn't count her out. 

Don't expect any sightings lately. Her fiancé Cutter Dykstra has been promoted to Harrisburg. I hope she's not going crazy from boredom there! (I really feel for JoAnna Garcia Swisher aka The Little Mermaid, as she's in Cleveland!)

Jamie-Lynn, who famously played Meadow Soprano on "The Sopranos," was last spotted in New York with her mom and nine-month old son, Beau. I don't think she'll be moving anytime soon. So many athlete/actress relationships are long distance. 

Kind of sad US is out of the World Cup. I don't care about soccer, really, but the excitement sweeping DC was pretty cool. And I have to admit my heart was in my throat in last night's overtime. Were you guys watching? Is there a chance that soccer becomes the new cool sport for DC?

I'm sad too. Mostly because Tim Howard won't be a regular presence on my TV screen anymore. And, like you, I know NOTHING about soccer. Like less than nothing actually. But it's fun to feel like everyone you know is rooting for the same team. Reminds me of my days as a high school cheerleader. Also, I read somewhere that D.C. is the top American city for World Cup fever and judging by the amount of empty desks I saw yesterday that makes a lot of sense. But after the global sports phenomenon is over I doubt soccer will be the next cool thing--at least not for the next four years. 


Don't feel bad for Joanna. She is an actress and her husband is a major leaguer! Save your sympathy for the wives of minor leaguers (unless they are Jamie-Lynn Sigler) - those guys make like $50/per game. It's a tough life. Way worse than being a millionaire whose husband plays in Cleveland.

According to my Google searching super powers, Joanna Garcia Swisher (remember her from Reba?) is married to baseball player Nick Swisher (Cleveland Indians) who just signed a $56 million deal in 2013. Sooo yeaaah nooo. I'm not heartbroken she lives in Cleveland. And according to the actress's Twitter page she was just in my hometown of LA for a Dodgers game. Sooo yeaaah nooo. 

Will you be attending NABC::Volume 7 on July 19th in Rock Creek Park? If so will you bring a side?

Who is this? My friend Will? I think my invite got lost in the mail. And yes I'll bring a side. 

why dc

You know I have no clue. Firstly I didn't realize 'Tasia is just 30 years old. In a decade she's won one of America's most popular reality competition shows, released four albums, starred on Broadway, got booted from Broadway, started dating a married man... just. so. much. But Sunday's concert/birthday party was really fun. Her fans LOVE her. 

Did anyone actually see them at the golf event?

Not that I know of. But Tiger and Peyton have been friends for a while so it was our educated guess that he was in town to support his bestie. 

I feel bad for anyone who lives in Cleveland! She's also known for playing the Little Mermaid in Once Upon a Time last season; for two seasons she starred in Better With You, along with Tyrant's Jennifer Finnigan, and the very short lived Animal Hospital (or Animal Clinic or something like that!). I wonder how often Kate Upton visits her boyfriend Justin Verlander in Detroit, which is even worse than Cleveland? And I feel sorry for poor Tyler Moore up in Syracuse. . .

Again with the Googling and it looks like Kate Upton HAS been to Detroit (the local CBS affiliate called them Detroit's favorite "celebrity couple"--so there's that)  to watch her star pitcher boyfriend, Justin Verlander, do his thing. It's got to be easier to juggle schedules and travel around the country when you don't have a traditional 9 to 5--and a boat load of frequent flier miles. 

Turns 28 today. Somehow it seems like she's lived way more lifetimes than that.

Right! It's like if the camera adds ten pounds then maybe the scandal adds 20 years? It's science. There has to be a link between the amount of time someone spends living their lives under public scrutiny and how many wrinkles/grays they have. I mean look at the president?!

My uncle once told me he knew he was old when he was older than his sports heroes he was watching on TV. Today this chat is making me feel old.

Ha! And Lindsay is 28--let's make that clear. I'm 33 so I'm right here with you. 

And for her 28th birthday, she's suing Grand Theft Auto because they OBVIOUSLY used her as motivation for a character without her permission... which I read as she must be broke again.

I am proud to say I have never played GTA in my life. But a brief back story on La Lohan. She's suing the video game because apparently a character in the game resembles her and they even feature Chateau Marmont, the Hollywood hotel where she once lived. I don't know, kids, the whole thing sounds sort of sketchy to me. 

What are some cool things that people in the know might be doing? The mall is terrible. In the parallel universe where I'm a celeb, what would I be doing instead?

If you're a celeb--or say, me--you're going to avoid the Mall at all costs. The POV rooftop at the W hotel is where the UBER cool kids will be and I say that only because it costs like $75 per person and I don't know who else would pay that much. I will be at a friend's house in NE with an awesome view of the city. Also if you know anyone who works in the 101 Constitution building you should've started hounding them for a ticket to their rooftop on July 5th 2013. 

In ascending order, which of these gossip outlets are the most credible: Star, Enquirer, OK, Us, People. (The Tatums took issue with the Star's front page coverage of them last week.)

So after Star Magazine claimed on its cover that Jenna and Channing (who first met on the set of one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME, "Step Up") were on the outs the actors released a statement that said, "But this is our world—where mags can concoct outright lies about real people in order to sell it to you as 'journalism'. Hope we all think hard about what this means and start to demand better. I know we can. Love y'all." Classy and concise. I like. But why not just ignore it all together. But to answer your questions (sort of) I still read People and Us weekly on the regular. 

And that does it for this week's Reliable Source Live. Thanks all for having patience with me. Lesson No. 1 from this week? A lot of you apparently don't want to live in Cleveland. Got it. See you next time and in the meantime send all your sightings and what not to

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