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Jun 25, 2014

Washington Post columnists Helena Andrews and Emily Heil were online to discuss your favorite gossip, celebrity sightings and their recent columns.

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Sorry for techy glitches -- here we are, at the ready! Let's get  to gossiping!

remember last week someone pointed out how outdated the Lifestyle section of the website is? I followed up with some examples but failed to mention one of the most relevant to you -- it's still got your predecessors Amy & Roz next to Reliable Source. C'mon, guys... This is website content management 101.

You're absolutely right. But I took English 101 in college. We've alerted the folks who handle that sort of thing and they're on it. 

I don't really understand this story. Surely, having only good judgment in your personal life is not a requirement for employment even on the Hill. Of course, the whole thing is embarrassing, but It's not as if Kuhn posted the picture himself. Any gossip floating around as to what the thinking was that required him to quit?

Well, the thing about working on the Hill is that it's NEVER supposed to be about you, and anything you do that could potentially bring shame on the boss is a huge no-no. 

The congressman in question is quite the family-values guy, so I think the combo of the words "married porn star" alone were enough to make the staffer feel he had to resign.  And anytime you've done something to get your boss's name in a headline that also contains the word "naughty," it's a baad thing on Cap Hill... 

I don't agree with your summary of Gary Oldman's comments in his Playboy interview. Among other things, he was making the point that there's a double standard that governs who gets criticized for non-PC comments. For example, Mel Gibson, when he was arrested for drunk driving, told the officer that Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. He got ostracized and was heavily criticized. But Democratic Rep. Jim Moran (who wasn't even drunk at the time) ALSO blamed Jews for starting wars, although at least he narrowed it down to just the Iraqi wars. But guess what? He was not only forgiven, but he was re-elected to Congress multiple times after that incident. He was NOT ostracized like Gibson and tossed from polite society. His apology was accepted and his life went on as usual. THAT was Oldman's point: that conservatives are not forgiven for the same bad behavior as liberals are.

I agree that he was making a larger point about political correctness not cutting both ways, but I don't think it can be boiled down to conservatives versus liberals. He said that Bill Maher and Jon Stewart were comedians and satirists and THAT was why they were exempt from critique. 

Hello are you there? No chat software glitches please!

Helloo! We also were among the folks with e-mail outages yesterday. I actually picked up the phone MANY TIMES. And walked over to colleagues' desks. So novel. 

Anybody else have a retro kind of day? 

More technical problems??

Solved. Ask away.

hey, I was an English major too. Even got a master's in journalism. Wish I could've stayed in print but now I do digital content. I live in the SF Bay Area. I'm turning 46 on Saturday. I'm a dinosaur.

Happy Almost Birthday!

So ladies, any idea which honey Tiger is, ah......."spending time with" while he's here in town? You know, a girl in every port and all that.

Tiger's GF, Lindsay Vonn, was with him at the White House yesterday, when he visited with his golfing pal (that would be the president) and fellow golf-lovers like John Boehner and Joe Biden. No word on whether she's sticking around to watch his game (in more ways than one). 


Every time I see a pair of Steve Madden shoes, I think "hey, isn't that the guy who went to prison for stock fraud and isn't even allowed to be involved in running the company bearing his name?" So I don't have a problem with him not being allowed a photograph with the President. But, is there a precedent for this? Has it happened before to anyone?

It's pretty standard practice for donors, especially if they're going to be anywhere in selfie-reach of the president, to be vetted. It's not at all uncommon. What happened here was that Madden bought his table late in the game and assumed he'd be part of the Instagram crowd. So a very awkward convo had to take place just one day before the event. Madden was surprised but nobody else was. 

Speaking of presidents not wanting to be photographed with felons, Chelsea Clinton's father-in-law, Edward Mezvinsky, is also a convicted felon (he served several years for fraud, and still owes his victims loads of money). Can we assume that Hillary won't be making any appearances with him during her presidential campaign?

I think that's a smart assumption. Despite what they might do during holidays around the Christmas tree I doubt if Clinton does run in 2016 she'll do anything to damage her image. 

Who's she backing? She offers to write a campaign song for Hillary, but posts a pix with Biden and says he is a "Q-T."

My money's on Clinton. Perry is all about "girl power" and writing someone's "theme" song (wonder what that would sound like) and saying someone's a "cutie" are pretty different gestures. One says "we're in this together!" and the other says "I'm making a non-threatening compliment about a man twice my age." 

Was her departure expected? Never heard of the guy (!) replacing her. Sure is hard for a woman to keep an anchor seat on prime time news broadcasts.

Diane Sawyer had been getting buzz for her recent "get" of Hillary Clinton for her first sit-down interview tied to the ex-SecState's memoirs, so she certainly didn't seem like a lame duck. And yes, SIGH, her departure means no women in the major-network nightly anchor chairs. Paging Veronica Corningstone... 

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